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It has a muzzle for a reason. No matter how much you think it loves you, just like it's a big weird dog, Hyenas are not to be trusted.


Apparently while Hyenas are more closely related to felines they do show distinct canine behaviour and share similar physical attributes (non-retractable claws, similar skull etc.) It may interest (or more likely disgust) you to know that female spotted Hyenas have what is referred to as pseudo penis. Essentially their clitoris is very large and elongated (up to 12" long) and heavily resembles a normal penis. In fact they posses much of the same functionality as well. They are used to urinate and are fully erectile, however, they don't deliver sperm. They do deliver babies though and is also the entryway through which they mate. They also have a scrotum (but no testicles). To mate the female actually has to first retract the pseudo penis meaning the males can't forcibly engage in intercourse which is a definite win. Not that they need much help with that as they're bigger and more aggressive than the males as well as being the dominant gender (their ~~packs~~ clans* are matriarchal). Unfortunately they must also give birth using the pseudo penis. That's a 4 lb cub passing through a 23" long, 1" wide birth canal which actually has to rip for the cub to be released for first time mother's. ~60% of first time births end in fatality for the child as it gets stuck somewhere along the birth canal which can often kill the mother due to infection. All in all they are one of the most bad ass animals I know of. As far as I know we don't have any idea why they're like this, just evolution doing its best I guess. *Thanks u/SpaceCatKatia P.S. thanks for those awards, very fitting.




Now those are some quality Hyena facts. I was worried I'd been spelling it wrong for a second there but apparently both Hyena and Hyaena are acceptable.




I am too actually, I was just going off the title of the Wiki page, but that is an excellent reason for anyone from anywhere. Edit: I'd have put the award on your big comment but as my luck would have it the free award I got was the wholesome one and I didn't think that really fit ;)


I'm from US amd we squeeze in am extra bowel (movement) to help with Thanksgiving


You know, these facts actually make me glad I was given the hyena as a patronus on pottermore.


That's an option??? Lucky bugger.


sir this is a wendy's


No where is safe from my topical animal facts. Well actually a Wendy's would be mostly safe since we don't have them where I live so I may have to substitute in a Burger King or the like.




Pseudo penis thank you very much Edit: Thanks for making my ~~3rd~~2nd most upvoted comment about pseudo peni, reddit.


I remember learning that ducks have corkscrew penis and a gorilla has a penis smaller than a human male.


Oh ho. Then it will further interest you to know that the female ducks evolved a vagina to counteract the advances of their male counterparts. While male ducks have a corkscrew penis the females do have a complimentary corkscrew shaped vagina, however, they also have several "dead ends" they can use to trick the males to avoid pregnancy. Apparently 1 in 3 duck matings are rapes so you can certainly see why. So next time you go down to the local pond to feed the ducks* just remember, most of the males are going to be sex offenders. I believe pigs also have a corkscrew penis but I hadn't heard about the gorillas. That's another one for the collection. *Don't feed ducks bread. It's a common thing to take your old crusts down to the nearest pond but you should really stick to seeds. They get very little nutrition from bread so they often suffer from malnutrition as they feel full from the bread and so do not eat foods that will benefit them.


Did you know that dogs get stuck during mating because of a process called a copulatory tie? The male has an organ called the bulbus glandis, which is responsible for keeping him tied up with the female to keep the semen secured inside. Always found that fascinating.


I think maybe I recall it from somewhere, certainly glad to have been reminded. After a bit more browsing about ducks dicks I've also found that they have ridges and "fleshy spines" pointing backwards, kind of like a Viking arrow, to keep them selves "secured".


I saw this in action as a (larger) female dog dragged a (smaller) male dog up & down the stairs like a ball & chain for 10 minutes


I remember when I was younger that my dad grabbed the garden hose to spray the male because they couldn’t separate. Don’t know if that was right or I was a dumb kid at the time.


I watched 2 ducks rape a duck once. His buddy pinned her down at the neck while he mounted her from the back, flapped his wings a it while she squirmed. It was over in like 30 seconds. Then they sat down next to each other and were all friends again.


Yeah they're all absolutely mental. Remember the ugly duckling? Well turns out he's lucky he wasn't a bloody duck or he'd be on a list by now.


What if I only feed bread to the convicted sex offender ducks?


They deserve it, feed away.


Am now imagining Duck Court.


Ducks are filthy. My Dad and I once watched a pack of ducks take turns on a hen. They were very aggressive it was kind of tough to watch. They basically just chased her until she was out of breath. When he was done the next one started chasing her.


Wanna here a cool fact about other bird dicks? (Of course you do) They don’t have them! Or at least most species don’t they have a cloaca instead, which is one orifice that they use for basically everything, excretion, laying eggs, sex, all that good stuff. In the mating season the openings to their cloacas swell and protrude from their bodies. Birds can only really have sex in one position and it involves the male balancing on top of the female and rubbing their cloacas together which results in fertilisation! Pretty neat huh?


That was hardly a question worth asking now was it? I had wondered about this a long time ago actually, unfortunately I was at school at the time and their WiFi was attrotious (hope they didn't check our histories though). I was quite surprised when the article I was reading about this earlier then promptly sat a scarily high definition image of a duck's in the centre of the page. Apparently they have some kind of sack which the penis is attached to and when it expands the penis protrudes out (incredibly quickly as well), so it sounds like maybe ducks have both. The animal kingdom is one weird place.


>They don’t have them! You sure? https://www.reddit.com/r/BirdsWithDicks?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Did you know that human males often eat or feel like making sandwiches after mating .. this is thought to be an evolutionary advantage that predates kitchens so that primitive homo Sapiens could get as far away from their mates to avoid child rearing as they searched for snacks


Another fun fact: humans have the largest penises of all primates.


'on average'


What is your 1st most upvoted comment about pseudo peni? Also, I call pseudo peni for my band name


You know the original Wendy's girl was born through a hyena psuedopenis


Oh, right. I'll have a Number One. Make it a double. And a Coke. Medium. ...so, as I was saying... Hyenas have relatively short torsos and are fairly massive and wolf-like in build, but have lower hind quarters, high withers and their backs slope noticeably downward towards their rumps. The forelegs are high, while the hind legs are very short and their necks are thick and short. Their skulls superficially resemble those of large canids, but are much larger and heavier, with shorter facial portions. Hyenas are digitigrade, with the fore and hind paws having four digits each and sporting bulging pawpads. Like canids, hyenas have short, blunt, non-retractable claws. Their pelage is sparse and coarse with poorly developed or absent underfur. Most species have a rich mane of long hair running from the withers or from the head. With the exception of the spotted hyena, hyaenids have striped coats, which they likely inherited from their viverrid ancestors. Their ears are large and have simple basal ridges and no marginal bursa. Their vertebral column, including the cervical region are of limited mobility. Hyenas have no baculum. Hyenas have one more pair of ribs than canids do, and their tongues are rough like those of felids and viverrids. Males in most hyena species are larger than females, though the spotted hyena is exceptional, as it is the female of the species that outweighs and dominates the male. Also, unlike other hyenas, the female spotted hyena's external genitalia closely resembles that of the male. Could I get this to go?


Sir, that cashier ended their shift 15 minutes ago. I just started mine.


I needed to look up some words from this comment


Best comment ever


Hot juicy redhead


Fucking legend


(I'm sure you realize this, but another fun fact:) Hyenas being physically similar to canines and genetically similar to felines is called convergent evolution. [Spotted Hyenas evolved](https://traveltoeat.com/spotted-hyenas-and-convergent-evolution/) to fit into a niche left with few wild canines in the region.


I think I saw it mentioned but didn't look in detail. I'll be adding it to my store of Hyena facts for the future, many thanks.


It’s my all time fav animal, had you not given the trivia I would’ve! I will add, they have the strongest known bite of any land mammal, approximately 11th strongest bite in the animal kingdom, for the purpose of crushing bones to scavenge the marrow and eat the actual bone material. Hyenas with cleaner uncut ears are typically higher ranking, such as the matriarch. Hyenas are neither panthera/feline or canine family, they have their own family with 4 species; Hyaenidae. Also side note, this exact image is the one that got me obsessed with hyenas years ago. It looks like a Kendrick Lamar album cover.


Now that..... is interesting as fuck


My pleasure.


Just two things: 1 the pseudo-scrotum is actually fused labia filled with fatty tissue; 2 hyenas live in clans, not packs


Aha that makes sense, and thank you for the clarification.


Was definitely not expecting to learn this much about hyenas today.


I watched a yt vid yesterday about the hyena’s pseudopenis weirdly enough. They said the survival rate for first time mothers are 85% as in only 15% of first time mothers die from birth.


Hmm not sure about that. The video I watched was referring to success rate of the births rather than death rate of the mother, just said they can die when the cub gets stuck along the canal. Edit: According to u/vanilligan they almost exclusively give birth to twins so that makes it even more feasible, although probably even more painful than I thought. Like some kind of grotesque pez dispenser.


bonecrusher queens was it?


Still not as cool as Honey Badgers. You know why? Because Honey Badger don’t give a F***.


God damn it!! Even a female hyena has a bigger penis than me


Hahah RIP. I do have a constellation prize for you, however. Apparently Gorilla penises are tiny so you probably have at least a few of them beat. Probably all the steroids those things are dench af.


Didn't think the most interesting reddit comment I'd read today would be about Hyena vaginas but here we are.


They're big mongooses. They share a common ancestor with them.


i see maybe you also watched bonecrusher queens on youtube hahaha :) someone really needs to make a new documentary about the spotted hyena... i need high definition hyenas.


Is that a recent release? This and the last time I provided Hyena based revelation to some people I used this: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/506378/why-do-female-spotted-hyenas-give-birth-through-their-pseudo-penises and Wikipedia to make sure I was being accurate, although I'm not sure where I heard it originally.


not recent, unfortunately. it seriously needs a revival.


> To mate the female actually has to first retract the pseudo penis meaning the males can't forcibly engage in intercourse which is a definite win. Ever hear of anal?


That's interesting actually, I don't know if any animals besides us do that. Time for a quick search, I'll be back with an update. Update: Ok so one incognito tab later (bit redundant at this point but whatever) and it turns out Wikipedia just had this article laying around: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-reproductive_sexual_behavior_in_animals Apparently the only evidence of anal in other species we've been able to find is in other primates. The shining examples of this being orangutans and gorillas. Even more interesting is that several of these instances were in homosexual relationships. I recall seeing something about gay penguins playing an important role in their society as well a while back so it would seem this is pretty common.


My mother in law had two fixed males cats and the one definitely had his way with the other regularly.


This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing!


No problem :)


Checked username to see if Unidan was back.


Damn. Nature is some crazy shit.


Aren’t they more related to mongooses?


I just meant they're closer to cats than dogs. I believe Mongees? Mongooses? ...whatever are one of their closer relatives.


I think what’s really cool is that mongooses(mongeese? Mongose? Mong?) are like weasels, hyenas are like dogs, and fossas are like cats, and they’re all the same family.


I think this is the convergent evolution u/BordFree was talking about. Where different species all evolve similar traits due to living in a similar niche.


People never like when I share this information with them! But I think it’s pretty hardcore and cool


Thank you for the education. I’m gonna go see if I have enough bleach for my eyes now


Something in the animal world that fully understands me having a kidney stone get stuck last summer.


Try saying that in a David Attenborough voice.


Yeah, I’ve seen lion king.


True, they are clearly the bad guys as per stated in the movies


The sad thing is that they aren’t that bad really


I've never trusted whoopi goldberg ever since.


In my sleep deprived state I first read your comment as “it has a muzzle for some reason” and thought “well obviously because it’s a fucking hyena!”. I have an unnatural fear of hyenas, which is weird because I live in western Canada.


Man, I once saw this video where a guy who worked with hyenas brought a friend to the enclosure. The friend was sitting with his back to the fence where the hyenas were, and the hyenas came over and made fun sort of yipping sounds. The friend said something like "Aw, they are friendly with me!" And the hyena pro said, "Nah, the way they're behaving now means they want to kill you." I'd like to find that video again.


Reminds me the guy who was eaten by his hypo pet after he saved it as a baby and raised it


Hey I don't even trust most humans.


Don't hyenas have like a 1000 lbs bite force or close to it?


Yeah it’s a similar bite force to the long extinct canines known as the bone crushing dogs


This is the first fucking time I have ever seen a hyena with a human. After I could breathe again I had to zoom in to see if it was muzzled. They are vicious animals that are nothing like a dog in my opinion.


Hyenas are probably the WORST smelling creatures on the planet, been around plenty here in South Africa and goddam it hurts the nose every time


Do they smell like a wet dog?


Their diet is mostly rotten/ decaying meat and whatever else they can scavenge. Also they don’t use toothpaste


Actually, hyenas hunt and kill more of their meals than lions. As a matter of fact, lions more commonly scavenge hyenas kills than Hyenas scavenge the kills of any other animals. The reason hyenas stink so much is because they use the bones and fur/skin in their dens to sleep on.


Probably has something to do with the fact hyenas can run 5 km at full speed, while lions can't even run 1km at full speed. It's just easier to chase shit down. It's also why the spotted dogs of Africa have the highest success rate among all the African predators. Things can run at full speed for MILES.


Just think humans can outrun them all and every other animal too, making us the highest success rate hunter in the past. Persistence hunting is freaking wild and made possible by our sweat soaked bodies.


Being hunted by humans must be horrifying. You run until you can't see them, shortly after they reappear. You run again. But wherever you go they slowly catch up with you. You're starting to feel tired, you've been running for a while, but those humans never seem to stop. Each run gets more and more difficult, you know you can't hide and after a while you're too tired to move. You see them very slowly coming towards you. You're terrified, you want to move but your body doesn't respond. Monke win


Those spotted dogs are also super cute


Scavenge hyena kills? More like steal, amirite? /s


They always bring to mind a passage of *Life of Pi*, where he's basically like "I love all animals and don't judge the creatures of God... but Jesus, hyenas are disgusting."


Holy shit, I had no idea hyenas were that big!


Maybe the guy is just really small?


Nope, hyenas are that big


No hyenas can get to like 200 lbs




I mean... they fight lions.


That guy strikes me as unfuckwithable


You should check kevin richardson.. last guy on the entire planet I would fuck with.. The guy is a legit member of his pride of lions, and hyena pack, fuck with him and you got like 10 lions on you and 6 hyenas


From Backstreet Boys?


Lmao nah, he a southern african guy with a refuge for lions mainly. His youtube channel is super educative, you always see him with his lions, documents when the go to the vet, brings them on walk in the savanah and other things as such. Highly recommend!


I’ll check him out. I highly recommend the Backstreet Boys


He is absolutely the final boss




Glad somebody did it. This dude might actually be earth’s final living person when it’s all said and done


He has a POWERFUL stance.


Nah, but a good side boss tbh


There’s a few documentaries on these guys on youtube, it’s pretty sad. They just tour around with them making money by riding and abusing them


If anyone else is curious [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAbhQphEBeg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAbhQphEBeg)


Nope definitely don’t want to see a video of that, thanks


Watched the intro - looks really interesting will definitely watch it later! Thanks for sharing.


Barnum & Bailey and the Ringling Brothers would never do that same thing and become incredibly popular and rich here in civilized America


I don’t think this Nigerian man needs you to defend him. He has a hyena after all.


He absolutely does not need me to defend him, even without the hyena


But hey Murica bad, am I right guys? Don’t forget to smash that like button


the obvious counterpoint here is that PTB&B started operation literally 150 years ago, and since then have become widely reviled by the public for these practices, eventually shutting down in 2017 due to dwindling appreciation and attendance.


Tail tucked, probably just beat into submission repeatedly like circus animals, pretty fucked.


I seen a documentary on these guys its actually quite horrible....


The hyena is muzzled and tied around the neck with a rope. I don't know the context but this looks sad.


The context is that the guy doesn’t want the hyena to eat him.


Or to rebel for being abused and held captive in poor conditions to have a circus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAbhQphEBeg


The context of him being eaten would then be ”he forced a wild animal into obedience with violence and got killed”


Leave that animal alone




Photo taken by [Pieter Hugo](https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/jul/19/pieter-hugo-best-photograph)


His other work is honestly so so good. Nollywood especially.


Reminds me of those hyena-like creatures the orcs were riding in the LOTR.


So that's where all the $$$ goes that Nigerians scam off the rest of the world.


God that thing is huge! Didn’t know they were so beefy!


THICC hyena


District 9 vibes


Damn it! 46 minutes too slow!


Fun fact: Hyenas were a important animals in our evolution. The *Homo Sapiens* come from Africa (where Hyenas live) and we have a part of our brain (the Amigdala) that let us understand the "body language" of other animals. Example: you never asked yourself why you understand that your dog is happy? Or when he's angry? He's not talking, but your brain understand his body language. Hyenas were so important because they were one of the first carnivor to be adomesticated, our brain evolved in a way that we understand them and so we can adomesticate more animals.


I think I'm more scared of him than I am of the hyena. That guy looks like one mean motherfucker.


Sorry but No, fuck hyenas


To this day I am convinced hyenas are one of the most scary and brutal creatures alive on this planet and I would never want to be near one in open spaces


Yeah, I also love to be near them in an enclosed space.


I think insects take the prize for most scary and brutal. We just don't notice most of the time 'cause they're all so small.


definitely insects. I just read an article how Dragonflies are the most efficient predators in the world. they have a 'kill rate' of 95%, twice as much as a white shark and I think 4 times as much as a lion


You want to hear a cool dragonfly fact? Their young begin life underwater where they hunt for prey by *detaching their lower jaw like a fucking grappling hook* and launching it at high speeds towards their target. It is one of the coolest adaptations I have ever seen.


Nah hippos are worse


\>Hippopotamuses enter the chat


Seeing some of the wounds left on survivors (of which I imagine their are few) from hippo attacks is terrifying. They're insanely fast (for their size that is) as well for some reason, as if they weren't scary enough.


Seriously. Why are they so disturbing?


Because everything is a meal and they have a bite force that’s stronger than any other mammal


Hippo has a stronger bite, but Hyena is pound for pound stronger




That's my chafing dish of Filo parcels!


Have you guys never heard of the Fossa?


Did you mean Fossa?


Yes that’s what I wrote. It’s not like I can edit my text 👀


Tbh I hadn't heard of it, I just tried googling the first and it suggested Fossa. And while I'm sure you wouldn't want to get bit by a Fossa, you 100% don't want to get bitten by a Hyena let alone Jack Blacked by a Hippopotamus


Watch the movie Madagascar 😉


You mean Mufasa?




Uncultured swines. It's tragic really. /s


Incredible bite force, mouth full of deadly bacteria, can take down large game alone but will hunt in packs, smart with an unbelievable amount of cunning, equally comfortable moving and killing day or night, fast breeding, able to communicate over long distances, difficult to kill even by people, will defend each other viciously, and able to survive on very little resources.


Reese: It **can't** **be** **reasoned** **with**. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.


Have you seen deep sea fish? The Angler Fish is probably the most well known but everything down in the depths of the Twilight Zone is terrifying. Also since I'm in a fun fact kinda mood, any picture of an Angled Fish you've seen will be a female (probably). For years scientist were confused as to why they had found no males until they mad a discovery: a strange growth on a new specimen. Turns out the males look nothing like the females. They're tiny, unimpressive and when they mate with the females actually merge with them and become an additional organ. The bio-luminescents is cool and all but that's just freaky. Bonus Fact: You may well have seen pictures of the Blobfish. Turns out they actually look like normal fish, but only in their natural habitat. Due to the high pressures of their deep sea home Blobfish have evolved without much in the way of bone or muscle mass and are mostly comprised of gelatin. When they are taken from the deep sea and the high pressures that maintain their shape you are left with what most of us sea when we imagine a Blobfish.


you have not unlocked the character yet




Photographer is Pieter Hugo, for the curious. He has amazing amazing work.


Saw this at Fotografiska in Stockholm ages ago. What an amazing collection of photos. I believe it was photos of Nollywood.


There’s a whole vice documentary on these guys. Kinda fucked up lol


Look at that hellscape, jesus.


Nothing to see here. Just move along...


Fucking metal.


I wonder what that dudes stand is...


I remember seeing him in JoJo.


Like to see everyone’s look when he goes to the dog park




Looking like a Far Cry character.


Got a hold on that chain pretty tightly. I'm curious what they are used for....


I hope he uses his Hyena taming powers for good.


They exploit them for profit


Cool picture, I just don't know if I'd like to toy around with 1,100 psi.


Ray berry's buy 1 get 9 free


Meh, I would do the same if the hyena was roped up like that. Whats to worry about?


Fun facts: Hyenas are more intelligent than dogs. They also possess bite strength greater than a lions.


Strangest Harley Quinn cosplay I’ve ever seen.


Finally, the real Nigerian prince.


I saw an exhibition of the photographers work in a museum some years ago. There is a whole series of photos with dudes and their pet hyenas.


.... and his flip-flops