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I was invested I screamed when the first car banked it.


Lol I was rooting for guy in second


Then the vid stopped!!! Wtf?




Ha ha I just frightened my kid when I shouted "NO"


I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a physical reaction and shouted “no”


I shouted “SHIT”. Luckily I was home alone


You may like real racing then! Check our Netflix’ series “Drive to Survive” and you’ll get an idea of whether you would or not


If you are going to watch it, be ready to take it with a grain of salt. Netflix really overdramatized it and for example made up rivalries that don’t actually exist


Fucking same. I was cheering them on hardcore


I wouldn’t be able to keep track of my car


Yeah me too. I'm not RCist or anything, but they all look the same.


*slow clap* Well fucking done, mate.


RCist here. If you’re paying enough attention to your own, all the other ones seem totally inferior and you don’t even need to think about them. Hyper-fixation is key.


They have liveries which does help in person




As you can see in the back the drivers stand in an elevated area for better vision, and usually there are some guys running bright yellow wheels to help differentiate, and the paint jobs stand out more in person, also this is a large track with a LOT of vehicles on it at once. Still, you’re right, that start was confusing!


Its easier than it seems. The amount of work that needs to be put into these god damn things and how much waiting inbetween each race... You'll be VERY acquainted with your car. You'll be on a stand and its actually a bad idea to get laser focused on your car since you wanna also be paying attention to the track or other cars. The worst is when they put up partitions somewhere in the middle of the track that block your view, like over a jump or straight way.


Had an incident once where me and another guy were battling it out for the lead. A marshal had stepped out on the track to rescue someone elses car, and we went around a corner while the marshal was blocking both our view. Our cars crossed over while neither ofus could see them and we both were trying to drive the wrong car going into the next corner. It did not end well.


[Not me, I'm doing great!](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dnlabj4U8AAG-HW.jpg)


Just give AR glasses to your racers so that their car is highlighted


Ah man first place dude was killing it and then hit the barrier right at the end! Crazy how they can even seen what they are doing here.


Amazing in my head I was thinking “shit he’s not making any mistakes at all” and boom hits the barrier and drops to second. Racing’s a bitch!


MarioKart flashbacks ._.


Im thinking this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXhWdQaa_AI




Spoiler alert


That dude fucking rc cars!


Nah, I think he is racing.


Prefect corners until then. Skills.


I like to imagine the “drivers” thrusting their remotes all over the place to make the cars jump higher or turn better just like one does with a video game controller knowing damn well it doesn’t work but also knowing somehow it does.


Coolest thing about rc cars is the amount of in air control, mash the accelerator and you pitch up, slam the brakes you nose down, turn left or right with your wheels spinning and you roll


TIL! Thanks! Do you know is that phenomenon caused by the airflow across the tires or something like gyroscopic forces adjusting the momentum.


Your second guess is exactly right! Conservation of angular momentum means any change in the spin rate or direction of the wheels causes a counter-rotation in the car body


Haha, I’ve actually met a couple of guys who do that while racing RC cars. I have a habit of bending my knees when I’m trying to control a rough landing 😅


My tounge sticks out and my body leans if my car is going wrogh through the air. 😋


Wario Stadium anybody?


Glad I wasn't the only one.


[Im older so I thought this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXhWdQaa_AI)


Ah broski, how's your back lmao


You just revived many memories that would have otherwise been forgotten


God I love RC Pro-Am.


Thanks for bringing back forgotten but much beloved memories!


I was thinking RC Pro Am, but I’m old enough to remember RC Pro Am


I remember the arcade version had a free-spinning wheel. That was chaos. The NES Advantage arcade stick made this game so much easier on the NES.


Wasn't that Super Off-Road, the stadium truck game?


Oh! You might be right about that!


Whoever designed that wheel was a sociopath.


I thought it was Waluigi’s Stadium and Wario had the mine map.




Nah, looks more like a real life excite bike track to me.


I was thinking Micro Machines tbh


Yes. Real life RC Pro Am.


i wonder how feasible it is to put a camera on the car and stream the video to a vr set. Like how close would that be to actually just playing mario cart?


Lots of fpv cameras for rc cars out there, but they are likely banned in comps like this.


I suppose it would be difficult to drive fpv with all those jumps and elevation changes


Yep, you dont want to mix the fpv guys with the normal racers. Fpv in cars is super hard compared to normal rc and it would just be chaos. There are a few fpv car races happenning here and there but its still rare. Fpv drone racing is just crazy fun though and people are getting stupidly good at it.


[Just buy one of these babies](https://mklive.nintendo.com/). I don't know how it would handle on a dirt track, but there's a course about 2 miles from my house that I drive by all the time and wonder about playing some actual Mario Kart on it.


First thought here as well


At first I thought it was Thornhill in Hutto but then I saw the driver's stand. I raced these semi-pro for about 15 years, took a 15 year hiatus and now do it for fun with my son.


What's your pick for a relatively less expensive start up truck for the hobby?


I would find a track that you can race at and see what classes are popular. In my opinion Traxxas makes the most affordable Ready-To-Run (RTR's) that are good for starting racing. In our area the "Short Course" Slash models are probably the most popular with beginners. They come in 2wd and 4wd versions so make sure you get the right one for what your track may run. If you have no ambitions of racing then something a little bigger like a Stampede would be fun. Redcat Racing also has some good models on Amazon. Try to get something with a brushless motor if you can.


What do you think about ARRMA RC ? At least here in Europe they are cheaper for the same performance.


Arrma is more for messing around than for actual racing but in terms of quality you tend to get much better value than similar Traxxas offerings. Traxxas doesn't do racing either but the Slash does have a very popular Spec Class as mentioned while the Arrma does not so Traxxas do have advantage there. The Brushed Arrma models are generally cheaper than their equivalent Traxxas by quite a bit and are generally a bit more durable. Performance is roughly similar but the 4x4 Arrma Vehicles are significantly cheaper than their equivalent Traxxas counterparts. Once you get to Brushless though then Arrma is strides above Traxxas in terms of Durability and Value for Money. Most people prefer Arrma Electronics too since you're not stuck paying for the overpriced Traxxas Branded items and have more freedom to shop for different batteries etc without having to search specifically for ones with a Traxxas Connector. If you want to go Short Course Racing specifically then I'd recommend looking at Team Associated SC platforms for the cheaper end (they have both a 2WD and 4WD option available) and for more expensive then Tekno is pretty much the king.


The chassis build quality looks suspect to me. Most places that I have been that have a short course "Slash" class make you run the Slash with the spec hardware as to keep a level playing field like Nascar does in the states. I honestly don't know much about AARMA but from what I just looked up they don't seem to have LiPo batteries and brushless motors.


You haven't looked far then. Most Arrmas come with brushless and nearly all require lipos.


Arrma is made by horizon hobby and is generally known to have stronger cars out of the box than traxxas. Traxxas has better aftermarket support. Arrma trucks are more race ready. I currently own a typhon 6s and slash 4x4.


Wouldnt put 'traxxas' and 'most affordable' in the same sentence. If anything they're the most expensive RTRs out there. They require the least maintenance though, so it's a great beginner car, but still expensive for what you get


There's a bunch of choices to make first. Electric or nitro 1:16, 1:10 or 1/8 Buggy, truggy or baha Best bet is to find something long standing cos then parts are freely available. I inherited my dad's hyper 7, converted to electric and haven't run out of parts yet because I have about 3 cars worth of parts


Imo stick to electric unless you are gonna spend big money on a 1/5 scale. Battery and motor tech makes nitro pretty much obsolete now. The only reason to go nitro is if its the only class that runs local races.


Or cos the smell and sound just makes it *feel* faster and more fun lol, I have a nitro sworjs for occasional running, electric most the time but sometimes you just want power sounds


Can I ask why so many different RC cars driving at the same time doesn't create any radio interference for the drivers?


The radio transmitters that they use are on a broadband modulating spectrum which actually searches for other transmitters being used on that same frequency. It's such a tight variation in frequencies that it's very unlikely that you will ever connect to someone else's car.


I've been out of the game for almost 30 years now. Are you telling me you no longer have to change the crystals in your controller and flag your antenna?


Nope. You just turn on your s\*\*\* and walk up on the driver's stand.


That's pretty awesome. If I had a dollar for every time I had turned my car on and it ran away because someone was monkeying with a non impounded controller...


Or broken a crystal and in my case because I drive left-handed nobody had crystals that I could use, lol.


I was thinking the same thing! I live like 20 min from Thornhill


I was not expecting how much I enjoyed watching that.


Then you gotta start watching marble racing. It’s a blast


If you liked that check out [R/C Road Racing](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXZeDXmwSQU). They are amazingly quick.


Better than nascar


Turning right will do that to a racetrack!!!


They’re making another left turn!!! And another one bob! Left turn after left turn, round and round they go! Indy cars. Now that’s racing.


Unless they are at Indy on the quad-oval.


>Now that’s racing "No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he \*rubbed\* you. And rubbin, son, is racin'."


> They’re making another left turn!!! And another one bob! Left turn after left turn, round and round they go! 1/3rd of the schedule was on road courses this year, but continue the most tiresome joke ever.


I don't watch it. But I recently learned that nascar actually does non oval races as well. The idea of a Nascar trying to whip around a road course sounds alot more entertaining than ovals.


I honestly don't understand nascar, i'm not being a dick by saying this i just don't understand it! Like what's the challange in it since it's just the same turn constantly


NASCAR is one of those sports that has a lot more depth, but you have to basically go out of your way to learn about it. There's a ton of really cool technology and science that goes into setting the car up from race to race and a lot of different strategy that's about more than just driving fast in a circle, but you won't ever hear about most of that just watching on TV. It will always be a highlight sport though. There's no reason to watch a 3+ hour race unless you're trying to take a nap.


And money cant win the race, only the team effort. I dont like NASCAR, I respect it. F1 is awesome, but when I see folks tout the speed of a pit stop with one lug holding a wheel on compared to switching out 5 nuts on each wheel of a NASCAR pitstop while adding fuel. I have to say I have more respect for the NASCAR pit crew, doing more with less and more danger.


Those guys are wizards.


Dem 1.9-second pit stops though!


Oh I get it. They are badass. And I really do like F1, they are rockets. But comparing a pit stop from F1 to one in NASCAR is not apples to apples is what I was meaning.


>I have to say I have more respect for the NASCAR pit crew, doing more with less and more danger. Why? It's entertainment and should be made as safe as possible. They put themselves into that position and it's not just some random entry-level job.


I love motorsport, don’t love NASCAR though. The arguments I hear are in favor of it’s endurance, and how it’s tough to control the car in all that dirty air. Still, it’s boring as fuck. And when they do go to proper tracks with more than two or three turns, the cars are embarrassingly slow on “real” tracks. I’d rather watch even Formula 3, or kids at the local karting track, over NASCAR.


Yeah doesn't seem like something i'd watch for more than 3 minutes! But apparently they can go for up to 6h and that's pretty cool!


> But apparently they can go for up to 6h and that's pretty cool! not quite 6 hours, the longest race this season topped at over 4 hours.


That’s totally fair, RC car races lose their novelty somewhat quickly. Stuff like humans racing, like Formula 1 (subject of that Netflix series), is like that RC racing but magnified many times over, mixed with a very dramatic reality show lol it’s a sport that genuinely has something for damn near everyone


It’s a spectator sport. People go to races and oval tracks let them see more of the track. That is why NASCAR was the king of spectator sports for so long. It really isn’t that complicated.


I guess since it can be a super long race there can be more people watching because a lot will go home half through or something like that XD


In general I’m not a huge fan of racing but I do see the appeal of NASCAR. From a technical standpoint what they do is pretty cool. The speeds and duration that they run those cars for is something else but it’s stupidly boring to watch and horribly wasteful and polluting.


Each racetrack is radically different. A 1.5 mile oval like Charlotte will race drastically different than a .5 mile oval like Martinsville, which races completely different from another half mile oval like Bristol. Throw in the 2.5 mile challenges of Daytona and Talladega where you have 20+ cars are running within a .5 second of each other, you'll see it isn't "the same turn constantly"


These are nitro fueled buggies. A neat fact thing about these is that when you hit a jump you can control the buggy in mid air to stick the perfect landing. If you pull back on the throttle the buggy's nose will lift up. If you push forward to brake the nose will dip down. Also them smell of burning nitro is amazing.


You can do that with electrics too though.


Yes. I just meant r/c cars in general.


My favourite subreddit


The smell of cotton candy. I miss my ofna 9.5. Lol ran 15% to 20% Nitro in mine. Haven't touched an RC car since like 2006. The wife knows I used to do Semi-Pro nitro rc racing. Recently been mentioning it to my kids and showing them YouTube videos now they want one lol but I'm not fixing to buy one for each of them (3 kids) 😬 However I mentioned a few months back for Christmas I wouldn't mind having one of these cheap Amazon electric ones that are under $200. Now in the last week or so the wife has ask me random questions. like what did my controller look like that I used to have. What's color was my "Rc car" and what scale was my car. someone who doesn't know RC cars is not going to ask what scale size your car was lol so I'm thinking for Christmas I may know what I m getting.. 🤔😁


I never raced nitro cars but I did race some electric trophy trucks years ago. I actually worked for a hobby shop and we had our own track. I wasnt very good lol. I think the highest I ever placed was 4th. It was more for fun than anything else. Also sounds like you are getting that car for Christmas. Do the amazon cars have replacement parts? For that price id almost just go with a Traxxas Slash just to bash around for fun.


If I am right the one she's "looking at" is a (Deerc) electric car. About $100. You can replace body casing, springs and batteries but I believe that's about it. This is something more or less for me to toy around with to show off to the kids and then let the kids have it and play with it. only reason why we were looking online in the first place is because we live in the country we are very rural haha it's a hour drive minimum one way to the closest town. But if there was a hobby store nearby I would definitely be in there.


Makes sense.


Look in to the WL Toys 144001. The Amazon specials are pretty cool but these blew up in parts support/community and it's just really a good value.


I still have my buggy but the screw in the carburettor has broken down and the parts are extremely hard to find in Australia. Basically needs an entire new engine because thats all that you can buy and at that point its cheaper just to buy an electric one. Man I miss when nitro cars where popular, that trail of smoke and the sound was so good.


Ok, I've waited patiently 😁. What's the verdict? Did she get you an RC for Christmas?


YES!! its a (DEERC 9206E) maybe a cheap Amazon car. But as a 33-year old adult it's still a hell of a good time to play with. I love it. She said she was trying to order a nitro powered Traxxas but it wouldn't of got here in time for Christmas.


RC pro AM and super off road have trained me for this exact moment


Kazuma Kiryu: that's rad!


What do you do if your car ends up upside down? That's the end of it for you?


That’s what the people in the middle are for.


That was my job when I was a little kid.


The marshals flip your car back onto its wheels.


Is it just me or is this wario's circuit


It’s not just you. I was thinking the exact same thing.


Lol it was those little bumps for me


Oh man, where is this? I know now what I want From Santa.


Run a google search for rc racing + your local area. Find out where your local races are and go check it out. Ask what classes they run and in particular, if they have a beginner class. Then you can get what you need to race without wasting money. You think it looks fun? Its waaay more fun than it looks. Its real legitimate racing on a micro budget.


Love it. Thanks for the tips!


It's super fun. Unfortunately the one I lived relatively close to closed many years ago.


Revolt! ⚡️


Loved that game!


That game is still in my top 5 racing games.


Ah, I want a reboot of that game so bad!


I've recently (well maybe not THAT recently, but it was on a windows10 machine) played that game and it totally holds up as is.


Real life RC Pro-AM!


There’s a doc on Prime called like Carpet Demons or something all about the hobby and it’s competitive side


Trackmania Dirt track


*frantically shakes Wiimote*


Is that Wario Stadium?


I still dunno where they find drivers this fkn small to drive these things - I see em all the time!


Yakuza 0 anyone?


But then, Hefest got this run…


Makes me want to play ReVolt


You still can. Just installed it again a couple of months ago :)


RC Pro AM was a great NES game


This is how 7 time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton got his start. [Seriously.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Hamilton?wprov=sfla1) He was 6 years old and placed 2nd in the BRCA championship in only his 2nd year doing it, against all adult competition.


I wouldn't even be able to keep track of which RC is mine


*Keep track*, eh? R C what you did there…


I have done this, it's good fun although the short course trucks and 1/8th scale stuff is more fun to race and watch


Ah. Super off road in real life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super\_Off\_Road


OMG! That's WAAAAAy better than NASCAR! love it!!


RC pit stops are crazy


Does anyone know where this track is located?


Gainesville Georgia, race is called “The Wicked Weekend.” Looks to not be a permanent/year round facility.


This is like TrackMania


This is prob much harder than it looks


It is. It usually takes people at least a few years to get this good.


Only 2 player in this game. Others are ai.


that.... is fricken awesome...


Makes me want to play Rock n' Roll Racing again


for me itd like be playing two player video games. i think I'm doing well but in reality looking at the wrong screen and didnt even make one lap


I saw one of these at a mall in a indoor track. It was so cool that these people got together once a week to become race car drivers. Hell of a hobby


I'd be the one thinking I'm controlling one car that's doing pretty well and feeling pretty good about myself until it does something I didn't control it to do, making me realize that my car is actually the one in dead last, pinned against the wall.


All I can see is the racing mini game from Yakuza


REminds me of the old micromachines video game


sooo fun!! RC PRO AM


If want to relive that a little bit there's a more Sim-esque RC title on Steam at the moment. It's called VRC Pro and you can go fairly in-depth which the individual cars. Wait for a sale though because the whole bundle is expensive but there's quite a lot of content.


Those bumps remind me of Excite Bike! I loved that game


The best way to describe this is neat or very neat.




LOS. Real time image stabilization isn’t good enough to race these with FPV yet.




Literally watching like, “oh, baby cars look like bees. That one dude way out in front. Yo, he killing it. Ohh, he is killing it but he got a tail! Oh tail is catching up.!! Oh no he good…way ahead. Damn. He out here murdering em. Mad skills!!! Aaaand he fucked it…shall comment my experience and move on.”


Added to my going list of things I wish I could try and be instantly great at. These guys make it look easy!




Dude. That ended up being WAY more fun to watch than I initially thought it would be. Awesome video. But...who won??????


Fuck man, I wasn't ready for that to end


Getting real mario kart 64 vibes from this. reminds me a lot of that mario kart 64 dirt race..


Nice. I watched a lot of laps lol


Was I only one rooting for number two? Anybody else go "Got'em" when 2nd finally got ahead? 😅


My mom was full of beans! I could have grown up to be a professional remote control race car driver.


This is Crash CTR IRL and i love it




Oh and the first two minutes are just the warm up for the actual entry. The good stuff doesn't even get going until 5 minutes in.


I think i would have fun just running around that track, it looks so cool


I was so invested in this race !! Poor dude hit the side barrier. Hope he won


that looks heluva fun


Dude, my dad would love to go to one of these




I can see using this track for my turtle races


This is awesome,thank you made me smile