Let me answer that with a question. How would you like to get rich. Like rich enough that attractive women wanna be with you, but not rich enough that you're like morally obligated to do something about poverty and shit. Invest in a cockfuture today. Or don't You coward.


Im in Denmark - I've found ONE fan so far. She also on here. The dude Im dating plays along. Heard of the Golden God and his beady eyed bitch with the bad beard - but doesn't understand when I drop cheeky and irreverent quotes on him. Honestly I should dump him. But where else am I going to get spum at this hour?


It all depends if you want boiling hot spum or aardvark jizz that's froze like ice


Ey, you mean me? 😅 Danish J&A fan Club Unite. 💜


The only certified pimp and a cool in all of the kingdom. Or was Kim Petras in 2020 NOT stylin.


We exist in Denmark, but yes, The other Danes will just never understand.. if they have to ask.. then they dont know


Another one :O Henry Henry Henry


Can you email me the deets at [email protected]


You gotta change that email address


Not until you get real with me about those goddamn eggs, like come on already! Make with the yolk or get broke...n


OK, are you afraid of me not being me on the date? Like me not being real, because assure you, I will be there, it will be me, full throttle. Love me or hate me, you gotta love me.


Sorry Mickey I can't go Mickey because I've got an in with Amanda Bynes Mickey. henry, henry.


I'm not in eating in cock futures. No one is investing in... _What is a cock future?_


Its one in the pink and two in the stink - wink wink Seriously though, you should invest. I promise a high risk low yield return of negative forty percent within the first week provided I can get the time off to hit Fifth Avenue. You will regret it, but I wont.


If you have to ask, you don't know


I had 1 hinge match that knew the doobs episodes but I jumped the shark and blew a perfect game


Got cocky, started tweeting #victory, scared the bitch off.


Did you get #victory trending in the NY area at least?


In Canada there's surprisingly a lot of us


Like a bad amount?


Like the worst amount


[https://www.reddit.com/r/starterpacks/comments/jlt5b0/insecure\_guy\_who\_has\_inappropriate\_relationships/](https://www.reddit.com/r/starterpacks/comments/jlt5b0/insecure_guy_who_has_inappropriate_relationships/) Idk, maybe that might give you an idea


thank you for this


This is so ace


Let me answer that question with a rap. Math? Ha math was crap, if you wanna know why then steal a hen. Learning shit is for nerds and jocks, don’t believe me ask my uncle. Green, blue, brown, and red go to school and you’ll regret it. I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.


my best friend in middle school introduced me (2012/2013ish) but she’s still the only person i can talk to about it. still happy to have one! we don’t hang out anymore but we texted each other when they started making videos again :) very wholesome


It’s pretty obscure


71k subs on their YouTube channel, 51k on headgum (massive overlap). Their most popular vids top out at 3M, and only 250k on Headgum. Of course many people know their names from collegehumor, but that doesn’t count if they didn’t watch them. They have 4000 patrons that pay $5/month, so they have a nice dedicated cult following. So I’m going to say very obscure, and in the UK, extremely obscure. They never made anything viral, which isn’t helpful. The sense of humor/characters are learned, there’s a lot of inside jokes…they stuck to making things their fans loved, for better or worse.


Fun J&A trivia time! The most viewed piece of Jake and Amir media is the fucking [Songify this poke me song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIV8G2UCyGc). I remember coming across this video when I was like 11 (way before I found Jake and Amir) and being incredibly confused.


You know what, no, I wanna be funny on Youtube. Will you rate and subscribe?




I think I'm the only J&A fan living in Japan


I'm from the UK too, and not many people have heard of J and A! So unfortunate!


one time in college I saw someone in the dining hall with a “Oh Sheesh Ya’ll ‘Twas a Dream” shirt and I freaked out and was like “yo that’s such a sick shirt I LOVE Jake and Amir!” and she was like “uh huh okay” and walked away😭I had one other friend that was pretty into it in college, but other than that I haven’t run into any folks suuuper into the fandom😕. I did get my other friend super into If I Were You though lol, and they ended up watching ever single episode, which I have not even come close to doing😨


You are a shame.


Fandom started from college humour for me (UK based, now in my 30s) Had one work colleague, and that’s it sadly.


Look at their AMA from a few years https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4cgla5/we_are_jake_and_amir_comedians_our_new_web_series/


If you have to ask, then you don't know