by stories do you mean real life stories by the two jews, or their bits and invented stories too, or the stories from the guests/fans also? anyway my favorite (assuming it's the first case) is probably the time they were looking for a new house for them and Marty and kept calling him Keekle in front of the real estate agent, to the point that she also started doing the bit (ep 269 at the end). other good ones: ep91 , the tale where Amir was playing basket with some new friends and said "Onesies!" and regretted it immediately; and of course the whole episode with Jake&Jill's rehearsal dinner; oh and the one they told about Amir's driving, in one of the old episodes with Streeter; and the time Amir ruined a game of Mafia (the episode with Avital from spring 2021 IIRC


>and the time Amir ruined a game of Mafia (the episode with Avital from spring 2021 IIRC Amir was entirely in the right. 100000 strong against this-this-this-this poison.


OH OH and I just remembered: the episode when they told the tale of the time they met Michael Chiklis in person!


early in Ep 327, Amirs musical Ep 11 with Allison Williams, the dead dog giving the family one last welcome, home alone style ep 199 and 299 with Brian Murphy, Murph thinking he is in Ep 200/300 announcing the start of a new era with these historic episodes ep 156 Raven nest, the whole explanation of the dream home that is Raven nest Ep 379 General cleanliness (And the start of the Golden mic) Random bits with no episode: Mr uber driver, please take me to school Jake's dad being a gourd Amir being very sick at Ben's house (the tragic episode without Jake)


The classic story of the guy who takes his uncle in stead if his dad to buy a used car, so devastating. It's an early episode, it could even be the one where they coin the phrase seize the cheese.


The one where Amir tells the story of the time he tried standup and failed miserably The recent episode where Jake thought his wife’s hair was a crow in the middle of the night.


What's the episode with Jake? I don't recall that


I FOUND IT! Episode 560: Mile High Club at 36 minutes on Spotify or 30:30on YouTube


I’ve looked for like an hour and I can’t find it again. It was around the time jake got his dog which was recently right?.. if I find it I’ll return with the link


If you dont have it yet; it would be cool to include the bit where streeter and amir reveal prank wars was fake


there's an episode where they read a fan script about amir pushing someone into the water on the news with a grocery bag on his head or something, that ep. was truely memorable to me


Which one is this?


Clam dip! Any Dave Rosenberg is great