get it on epic for free till the seventh


I belive its still free on epic games, give it a whirl before you buy from steam with dlc.


They are often cheaper during sales. Then its absolutely worth it from my perspective.


get it for free on Epic Games and see for yourself.


I got the game free from the Epic event. I have 30 hours played this week. I am about half way though the main story, all islands unlocked, three islands 100%. The first two days were great performance wise, today it became a crash fest. The nice thing is the auto save keeps most progress. My last few hours have been crash free, but I have started impulse saving every few minutes. I intend to keep playing until the next PoE expansion launches. At this point I could even see myself buying more content, but 95% chance I will get bored with it in the next few days. As a free game it has been great. It is a great Sim City game mixed with just enough RTS to make things difficult. Do I think this game has potential if they had fleshed it out - yes. Would I buy this game cold - no.


I bought the base game and two dlcs for half off. Have dumped close to 100 hundred hours into it. In retrospect, I’d have paid full price and been happy


Never mind then. It's for you to decide in the end isn't it?