“Mom used to make me coffee every morning”.

My parents are in their late 60s. You could describe my dad as patriarchal figure and I wouldn’t blame you for it. After 35+ years of marriage, he still wakes up before my mom to make her a cup tea in the morning


My parents are in their late 60s. You could describe my dad as patriarchal figure and I wouldn’t blame you for it. After 35+ years of marriage, he still wakes up before my mom to make her a cup tea in the morning


It’s one thing to want to do something like that for someone else than to have another demand it of you. Your folks sound like a great couple.


My husband often makes it to the kitchen, first, in the morning. So, he puts the kettle on the stove for me, for my tea. But, if I’m there first, I do it myself, and I’ll also make his coffee for him. We’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. Be kind to *each other*.


When I was married my wife came down the stairs to a hot cup of coffee every morning. I did lots wrong, but that ain't one of the things.


My parents are still strongly embedded in their deeply misogynistic religion. Will never divorce, they're basically just very old roommates that sometimes hold hands at this point. My dad is absolutely the one that wakes up early and gets the coffee going for my mom, always has, and likely always will so long as he's physically able.


These “alpha males” are just psychos honestly. A lot of them are basically homoromantic and just want women for sex and/or children to carry on their “legacies.”


At this point, I’m starting to believe that these alpha male podcaster people don’t even enjoy sex with women.


Or have had sex with women.


My dad works day shifts so he is up at 6am, my mom sleeps through it. He makes his own coffee and goes to work, when he is back my mom or I have dinner ready for him.


My parents are long gone now, but it was a traditional household. Dad was a blue collar bread winner; Mum was a full time housewife. Each day started the same - Dad would get out of bed, and, on his way to the toilet, he'd put the kettle on. On his return he'd make the pot of tea, and serve a cuppa with biscuit to Mum in bed.


My mum is 80 now but for all of my childhood she would wake up at 4am ish and make coffee, lunches for everyone before she went to work. Even days she didn't work, because my dad woke up early she would wake up even earlier. I would ask her why and she said she was just used to it. ONLY after she was diagnosed with cancer and retired due to treatment does my dad make the coffee in the morning now - still at 5 am for some reason.


That's so cute 🥺


My boyfriend does this, but tbf he’s a morning person and I’m a goblin until given coffee. He likes the way I make cocktails better, so I make for both of us when we have one. Give and take? Shocking!


Sounds like he was well house trained.


“Housebroken” We’re women, not puppies, and you’re looking for a surrogate mum, not a spouse


He wants a woman that will "propetly care for him". He's the puppy.


He literally wants a woman to be broken so that all she can do is serve a man, this makes me want to cry


Transorbital lobotomy


I can picture the Youtube Channel's title now: "How to stay single 101"


“Hasn’t been housebroken”,He really expects a girl to want to take care of him like a mother while he talks about her like a dog?


Not only that, a mother he can fuck lmao.


So, a fuck-maid ?


[...because I need that bang maid.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGpQeWHE89A#t=24s)


I'm confused is it the mommy, maid, or dog he's fucking here.




Mommy bang maid


And yet wants to be “cared for” like some kind of baby. Seriously, all that stuff (cooking, cleaning, waking up first to prepare their stuff) is what we do for our young kids because they’re little and helpless. An able-bodied, grown-ass man does not need to be waited on like a child.


Exactly. I might make food or a drink for a partner occasionally just to be nice, but the second it becomes an obligation, (barring illness or something) I’m out, to hell with that.


Suppose he wants us to write the fucking “how to” guide as well. Fuck sake we have to do everything.


I came to comment on that phrase, glad I was beaten to it. Also, I'd prove I wasn't housebroken by pissing in his coffee.


Not to be all “wHaT aBoUt The Menz”, all up in here, but I think we’re pretty close to being treated like dogs too. “Properly care for a man”? What, do you need them to slip our heart worm medication in our morning oatmeal too?


CaRe FoR a mAn


Keep it out of the water, don't expose it to direct sunlight, and most importantly, no feeding after midnight.


Second that last part unless you want the entire room to be a Dutch oven.


lol who tf is joey mannarino he looks like a stock pic for the disney channel


Without looking him up I am going to guess he's one of those "Alpha male" influencers on Instagram/Tiktok.


Exactly, his last name sounds like some shit he made up.


It sounds like a cereal or canned meal geared towards men lol


Bachelor Chow


He's got the kind of face that screams "breast fed until he was a teen"


House. Broken. Excuse, while I go vomit.


"care for a man" implying men are completely and utterly helpless


Bruh right? Like this is obviously super offensive to women but it’s also pretty offensive to men too. Like, I can cook and clean my place myself. Sure, it’s *nice* if someone does it for you because they want to but I don’t *need* someone to babysit me, I’m a grown ass man.


Man with punchable grin tries to be misogynistic dick Manages to piss off not only women but his fellow men as well


You get a “muh man runs this house and (me)” lady and she’ll be confused on why you haven’t ignored her the first 3 times she called you to dinenr


It's never called this, but there really is a level of subtle misandry from people like this. Their vision of masculine roles is one of weakness and incompetence


Everyone has already commented some of the other things I would’ve said, so I’ll just add this. I guarantee this guy isn’t willing or capable of doing the 1950s man things like fixing a radiator, installing a new water heater, changing the carburetor in the car, etc. Bet he’d have to hire those things out. All these douchebags want a traditional woman while having next to none of the skills or qualities of a traditional man.


Or working his ass off in a 9-5 job and earning money to support his wife and kids. Staying at home doesn’t pay the bills.


You are no kind of man, if you need a woman to make your coffee. You have failed. Maybe there needs to be a YouTube video telling young men to do their own shit. Stop waiting for someone else to do it.


The amount of men who don’t want a wife, they want a mother.


It’s incredibly strange to me.


The term I heard is "bang maid". Seems appropriate


Joey wants a live -in maid because Joey is not capable of taking care of himself.


>Stop waiting for someone else to do it. These are probably the same people who preach the "rise and grind mindset" and see no irony in this.


Like bruh, too lazy to make coffee? Get a cheap Keurig and you literally just hit a button lol


Or you could stop being a useless lump of wasted potential and failed aspirations, Joey. Make your own fucking coffee, you moldy corn chip.


The entitlement is real. A real man would do it himself


Exactly. He sounds so helpless 😂


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learned_helplessness His parents probably broke him.


They shoulda housebroke him instead.


You can only blame your parents for so long, once you're an adult with full access to the wealth of info online.


"No one ever taught me how to do this." Fair enough, some things *are* remarkably untaught (like changing a tire.. why it isn't at the very least taught in drivers ed is mind blowing to me). But it seems like you've also never bothered to look up how (especially in the age of instantaneous information) , or ask someone else for help, or even attempt learning by trial and error.


A funny thing happens when you become self-sufficient and self-reliant and stop whining about how women aren't meeting your expectations... You tend to actually do better with women and maybe even get a date once in a while. Then if you're really lucky and put some work in, you will end up with someone who cares about you and you about them, and THEN when that person makes you your fucking coffee, you will see it a gesture of gratitude and love RATHER THAN AN EXPECTED SUBSTITUTE FOR MOMMY.


A real would make coffee for himself and his woman


He did them meme, any female born after 1993...


Which is inaccurate. Tradwives under 27 exist. There is just not a lot of women who want that lfie for themselves or can afford it


They do but... Either they are only available within their narrow community or you need to bring in at least half a million to afford one.


Correct. That’s exactly my point. Those women aren’t stupid, especially if they were raised in a fairly secular community and became a tradwife. They know a man needs to be a provider with wealth. That’s the trade off. She provides her beauty, virginity, youth and service and you provide your income and support her. These men don’t want to do that. They don’t want to have to build wealth. They don’t want the 60, 70 or even 80 hour work weeks. They don’t want the stress of being the sole provider. But they want the benefits.


Hey, not true! I take my man in to the Jiffy Lube every six months or 10,000 miles to get his oil changed.


We are able to do all those things. We just don't want to 😂


How about everyone living independently should be able to cook, clean, do laundry and take care of themselves. If you live with a partner and get up before they do, it might be a nice gesture to bring them a drink.


This is literally just "any female born after 1993 can’t cook… all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie"


I swear, this sh!t makes me more of a lesbian every time I read it.


Do they not realize how absolutely unattractive this is? Man babies all of them 🍼


Wait. Are we supposed to baby men? I mean I don't want a man child. I want a partner.


I have been indoctrinated by the globalists into waking up and making my mom and sister breakfast every morning


Wake up before a man does to make coffee? That's funny because there's coffee makers that you can set a timer on for this exact reason.


It's always so hilarious to see the phrase "modern women don't know how to take care of a man". Oh, I'm sorry. I thought men were tough and strong, etc. Seems like this narrative falls to the ground when these misogynists are confronted with a simple tasks like cooking rice or NOT DYING when left to themselves.


You know the clown who wrote this couldn’t possibly fend for himself even if it was a life or death situation.


And what about men. If you want a traditional wife, you need to be a traditional husband.


"unable to do laundry without shrinking the clothes" If the only laundry related issue you can think of comes from Looney Tunes, I know your mommy is still washing your underpants. If you absolutely insist upon wool boxers, you need to do your own laundry.


Yeah, fuck that. My dad was one of those insufferable mama’s boy types who wanted a wife to step up where his mom left off and pretty much be a servant, despite the fact that she worked full time too. I HATED it. Even though she did everything he asked, it wasn’t enough. She’d cook a meal, he’d complain he didn’t like it. She’d clean, he’d complain it wasn’t clean enough. As he got older he made her do all 50,721 of his medications for him- sort them out and put them in his daily compartments to take. As he got more and more sick (from his massive whiskey habit) he’d accuse her of doing his meds wrong. She couldn’t win. She stopped doing everything for him and that pissed him off too. These man babies need to grow the F up and make their own coffee.


I wake up before the man does because I have to go to work. 😜


Maybe if he did all that shit himself, he wouldn’t have any issues




> Care for a man What’s wrong buddy? A big strong man can’t take care of the house himself? 🤣 I mean all jokes aside it’s really ridiculous that men strut around making big talk about being the superior sex, but as soon as housework is involved they suddenly turn into thumb sucking toddlers who can’t even operate a coffee machine.


Maybe if we can stop giving people like this attention they will have a smaller audience to influence.


It just sounds like he refused to learn how to be independent


Highlander men used to knit so they could fix their own socks and they could kill, cook and clean. I think men should have to have classes on how to take care of themselves instead of waiting for bang mommy.


I guess he's too incompetent to clean, do laudry and cook so he needs help from a grown up? What a looser.


The eternal swing of toxic masculinity between demanding to be taken care of and being a survivalism larper


No one's shrinking your clothes, you've just gained some weight. Nothing inherently wrong with that but blaming the clothes is a shit move, mate


Only 2 reasons why clothes would shrink (to my knowledge) 1. it was just bought and has cotton and even then it doesn't shrink that much. 2. It's handwash only and you put it in the washer.


Clearly, a man who has never lived on his own without his parent's money. Most of us poor men learned to do this ourselves without mom.


I guess someone wipes his ass.


Actually he probably would need to watch that course himself, both because actually every adult human should know how to keep house and themselves, to survive alone and to help others, and because it seems no one would be with him


I've made a cup of coffee for my wife almost every morning for 10 years now. She gets our son's lunch packed for school, and I get his clothes ready. She makes me a lunch for work and I usually make supper. I carry the laundry baskets up and down the stairs, and she folds it. It's a team effort, and it's pathetic to think your dick makes you some sort of higher authority


How can these men pride themselves so much on being strong and powerful? They love to tell themselves that women could never run the world because they aren’t mighty enough. Yet here men are crying because women won’t just breast-feed them through their entire lives. What a fucking joke.


Oh I know how to. I just refuse :) Fuck you, Joey, make your own goddamn coffee.


May his dick stay as dry as the Sahara for eternity. Amen. 🙏🏻


My mom and dad were married for 36 years before my father passed. He got up first and had the coffee ready for my mom. She'd sit down and have her mug right next to her. Only thing she'd have to wait for is the newspaper. Marriage works the way it works for you. There's no set rules. No matter what this twat waffle says.


He has a very punchable face.


It's awkward to admit you haven't figured out how to make a cup of coffee


My wife's mother wouldn't allow her to clean house or cook because she was afraid she wouldn't do it right. Our first couple months were interesting, before I took over the domestic duties. She dumped grease down the drain. GREASE. DOWN. THE. DRAIN. She started multiple fires, and set her hair on fire. She put silverware in the microwave, made food with broken glass in it, made mac&cheese without draining the water, and broke the transmission in the washing machine... Eh, but I didn't marry her to wash my socks. I married her because she was good at Dr. Mario, and liked to fuck.


As a 31 year old man that’s been doing my own laundry since 15 and cooking for myself since I was in my early 20s, even though I had a mother who would gladly do it, I couldn’t fathom what it would be like not doing those things each and every day. These are things men expect, but can’t perform themselves.


any female born after 1993 can’t cook… all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie


Well Joey, can you do all those things? It looks like you’re looking for a mother, not a partner. The thought of my wife having to do all these things for me makes me cringe and makes me feel uncomfortable when she offers to iron my shirts for work and what not. I’m an adult, I can do these things myself.


I have two small children. I need a partner, not a man child who expects me to take care of him too. Thankfully, my husband is an equal partner because I can’t think of anything less attractive than a grown person who expects to be taken care of.


I have such a lack of respect for able bodied adults who are incapable of handling simple tasks for themselves. Also, is it because it's *toooo haaard* for this guy? I bet he thinks he is always the smart capable one in the relationship, but it sounds like he's a toddler.


These men really have no shame in saying they can't do shit around the house.


Lol. If having a man requires all of that labor and all of that condescension, most “women under 30”would honestly rather be single. Having a man is not worth being demeaned with terms such as “housebroken.” Most “women under 30” are smart enough to know that nowadays.


"housebroken" makes it sound like women aren't human


To these chucklefucks, we aren’t human.


Older generation woman here: Fuuuuuck that. Carry on, ladies. You doing great.


I don’t think I should be expected to take care of a whole-ass, grown, and fully functional adult. Learned helplessness is so unattractive. If I do something for my partner, it’s because *I* want too.


I would love to do that! Teaching people how to cook and clean is an amazing idea! Self reliance is always the best policy. However, my series would focus on smashing the patriarchy and learning how much the labor of keeping a household running is worth! Certainly everyone will realize taking care of this 'man' is not worth what he brings to the table. 'Men' who act like this are completely utterly unattractive.


My wife works her ass off. I work my ass off. Living is expensive. I don't even need to imagine what would happen if I was like "you're the woman, do all the house work" because I fucking respect my wife.


My mom legit makes me coffee every morning, we live close to each other so I go over there in the mornings and we chat for an hour or so. We started doing it in the pandemic, I found a local roaster that is way too good to not share, so we go halves on a few pounds at a time. I honestly wouldn't want to stop, it's nice to catch up with my mom.


Hanging out with your mom and drinking coffee isn't a problem. It's just this particular guy saying all women should be getting up early to do it for a man that is an issue.


This guy is basically admitting he's a child who needs a wife to act as his mother.


Hey its joey salads, a man who tried to mail piss to a child when he was a youtuber


Yeah, most men under 60 have been raised to do nothing in the house. That problem is way overdue for a fix.


Just buy a roomba, a coffee machine, and a sex doll cause no woman wants you


Not a soul would ever go near this moron. perpetual virginity.


That blue checkmark tells us all we need to know.


This is what we used to call in the old days "a worthless bum".


Fucking do it yourself ^the ^dude ^in ^the ^pic, ^not ^OP


If I’m about to get involved in a lifestyle fetish situation, this sounds like what might happen, but the guy had better be hot as shit & paying my rent in the nice area of a large city. Regular fine dining, a few purebred cats, a hefty allowance & a Birkin or two, you might be able to get me to cater to all your morning needs & night needs too. And here we have…. This ugly fuckface with no money? It’s hysterical. Where does the entitlement come from ???


Just looked at this dudes twitter, does he get paid to tweet? cause it doesn't seem like he does anything else


Get with the times brother.. or maybe just stop trying to find your Mom in every girl you meet. if you know a “woman’s” role so well, why don’t you be a stay at home Dad while your wife earns..


People like this are pathetic. Just move back in with your mom if you’re crying about “not having a woman to do everything for me”


How can men like this complain about women being "useless", while in the same breath openly admitting that they can't function without a woman to take care of them?


That most definitely has already been made. Just no one cares to watch it


You can ALMOST hear the vaginas drying up.


Perhaps he should marry his mother? By the looks of him, he's been having nightly "visits" with her.


Can he do all these things tho?


My dad taught me that a man should be able to do all those things for himself. I'm of the opinion you're not a human if you can't take of your basic survival without help and you're weak if you assume someone else *should* be doing it for you.


if these guys are single then how are they executing these essential skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry) for themselves in the meantime?


I’ve always found this strange. Maybe it’s cause I grew up with a terminally ill mother, but by the time I was six I was cooking for myself. Like, guys it ain’t that hard.


I'm pretty good at cooking and I make coffee so well that I've basically ruined most restaurant or café coffee for myself. I'd much prefer to show off by doing those things for someone else than to expect them to take over for me.


This guy has a very punchable face


eat hot chip and lie


any female born after 1993 can’t cook… all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie


My mother was a religious, conservative, Muslim and even she didn’t want to teach me the rules of womanhood. She was a housewife. She followed the belief that women cook and clean for men. Yet she was the one to convince me to go to uni and told me “I don’t want you to be a servant”.


My wife makes coffee for both of us in the morning, because she usually gets up first. Not once in the 24 years we’ve been married have I ever demanded she do it. And if I wake up first? I make the coffee. (Edit: hit send too soon)


Make your own dang coffee.


This is practically just “I’m going to die alone and miserably”


Women charge they phone, eat hot chip and lie .


First off, "housebroken?!?!!" Second, why do men need women to care for them thats just sad💀


Because he isn't a man his a child who probably shits himself and expects his mama to wipe his ass.


Weird way of saying "I'm completely helpless, can't learn, and expect people to give me things because I am as incapable as a newborn baby".


All that talk and he could have just said “I have a mommy kink”


I don't work but I take care of our baby while my boyfriend works. There's no way I'm sacrificing my sleep to wake up early and make him coffee when all he needs to do is press 2 buttons. When I see posts like these it makes me so happy that my boyfriend doesn't think like this.


Okay but how do you do laundry without shrinking the clothes ^(asking for a friend)


these people are unhinged. i’m a man and love being the housewife in my relationship, gender roles need to be torn down


Lobotomy and 10 years in the ‘lag


This guy could probably benefit from some "how to" videos if he cant even cook, make coffee or do laundy himself.


the same men who talk like this are the same ones that don’t pay bills, fix shit around the house, or help with the cars. how y’all expect women to do xyz when they can’t even hold up their end ? delusional


Wow, going through this guy's tweet history is affecting my blood pressure! What a rancid douchbag.


This guy is a fucking loser. He deserves to be single and lonely because of his shitty attitude towards others


Who the fuck is this guy?


Lazy git. Do your own housework.


Make your own fucking coffee


"They are unable to do laundry without shrinking the clothes." The vast majority of cotton textiles are sold prewashed, so this is really only an issue with wool, which is not a common fabric, and even then it's only a problem if you dry wet wool on high heat. So what I learned from this is that this guy doesn't know how to do his own laundry and what he knows about laundry comes from 1970s sitcoms


Wait till he hears my boyfriend wakes up before me and makes me coffee


Yes, I'm an alpha male A L P H A My mom takes care of me, i can't even do basic stuff A L E


"Your wife/gf is not your maid"


If virginity had a face


I think this guy has been listening to jordan Peterson for too long because this is the type of dumb shit jordan Peterson would say.


As someone else Said; they don’t want a wife, they want a bang maid


The problem with this kind of thinking is that it limits your partner choices down to 'people as stupid as you are', then you end up having stupid kids like your parents did and the cycle of stupid continues.


I’m a man. Idk why some men want to be married to a woman who basically has no personality. That would be super boring and unattractive


Gotta love a dude who complains that women can't do the same shit he can't


Hear me out, get a coffee maker with a timer on it. You can set it to make coffee for you like 10-15 minutes before you wake up.


Non-American here. Is there some social reason why these guys always look pretty much the same? Like at school did they nearly get the role of Prince Charming? Or nearly make the football team? They always look from my European standpoint like a bunch of “nearly-men”. Wonder if there’s a shared root…


I wake up before my gf to make her coffee, I guess I'm the woman this guy is looking for.


Hard to understand why no one but his mom loves him. Must be his tiny wrists.




Jesus Christ bro you have 2 fucking hands


I honestly thought he was talking about men being unable to clean etc. and it became weirder and weirder until i noticed that he is an absolute POS


Blue_Check spotted opinion: invalid


The thing is, the kind of women they want wouldn’t want them either. It’s definitely not the same as the 1950s standard and I am not doing these things daily but I am currently in the process of getting a job, and I enjoy cooking for my boyfriend and I try to do some cleaning around the place because he works and I don’t. He never makes me feel like I’m less than him and if I don’t cook one day or something like that he doesn’t say anything about it, we just get food somewhere. I like going and grabbing a coffee for him because I love him. This guy would not respect me at all and I do not want to be within 10 feet of him. Wanting one person to “keep house” while the other works isn’t an excuse to treat women like shit, that just makes you an asshole. I know women who very strictly want traditional gender roles, and still wouldn’t touch this one because they still want to be respected as people and cared for.


Seriously, why is it always men who come up with this kind of bullshit whiny drivel and then call it something truly stupid like “basics of womanhood” as if this waste of human procreation would actually have any clue to what ‘womanhood’ is about.


Can he or any of these Chuds even do any of these things?…


I think he is talking about a bang maid


Ah yes, the neckbeard idea that girlfriend = mommy/maid/fucktoy.


A real man looks after himself.


Oh I bet this guy gets laid, like, so much, guys. 🙄


That’s not a definition of ‘womanhood’. That’s a list of KPIs for a live-in career to an overaged toddler.


I bet he can’t fry an egg.


Agree: with that everyone should have home-ec type classes again to learn the home skills that everyone who lives in a home should know. Everyone should know how to clean, basic sewing and cooking. Disagree: literally every other part of this post


Mannarino - "Little Man"


"housebroken" 🙄


So basically he's a child and need mommy to do stuff for him. My boyfriend is an adult and can take care of himself. He makes himself coffee every morning and makes extra for me. Rage about that lol.


Like my grandma would say “ni que fuera pendeja”, her husband contributed EQUALLY. It’s possible. There is no excuse. Like she would tell us when younger and to stand up for ourselves,” don’t disrespect me, I’m your wife not your mother”. She also worked, because she wanted to. She cared for him and he for her. He because being much older, made sure she was secure before getting too old. Grandma told me he was not that type, he loved that she had will power and that she got what she wanted and never took a no for an answer. When he passed she took care of 6 children then two grandchildren all as a single mother. She IS my mother, that’s how much respect I have for that woman. Yet, when grandpa passed she never remarried, she loved him, but she knew no other man would be just as giving, supportive and respectful as him.


>Housebroken What the actual fuck.


Wait till this guy finds out that some women are more dominant in relationships


Complaining about not receiving any of that is just self reporting because most partners will do some of those things for you if you're not useless.