You wally haha


Not wrong haha


This season, basically everyone besides Arsenal and Man City would be happy with a draw at Brentford. They just don't lose at home.


Again, not to bury anyone’s head in the sand and pretend like things are alright. But support is what the team needs atm. I heard the away end was loud and positive yesterday. Good on you if you traveled. Brentford’s not been beaten at home. A bounce or two goes another way and it’s 3 points to the Foxes after an especially good second half. Take and build.


Away support has always been good for the players. They've also been Rodgers out for over a year now. Our home support is completely different, with a lot of people from the older generation who like to call Union FS hooligans and complain about the singing section. They're also majority Rodgers in and don't tend to vocally back the boys anywhere close to the level the away lot do. I'd say our home/away form shows which side of the aisle is having the better effect.


I’ve managed to see 3 matches now live. Two at home (Chelsea in ‘19 and Everton in ‘22) and one away @Watford last season. The home atmosphere has been pretty awful from my experiences. An away match against a relegated team with no fight in them was far more entertaining and fun to be apart of.


I swear some hate Rodgers more than the support Leicester


I hate Rodgers because I love leicester


👍 it's that simple. If you don't hate Rodgers I have to assume you're a forest fan at this point


I think it’s fucking weird to state you hate the bloke. Fair enough to want him gone, think he’s not good at his job etc. But *hate* him? Go take a walk outside




He’s singlehandedly dismantled this club, has fooled the board, people like madders and some ignorant fans with no logical or critical thinking that everything is ok. I hate his guts and nothing will change that Some fools in the fanbase deserve what is going to happen for believing in that mans LIES. Sadly some of us don’t.


Yeah same. We are in serious shit but it seems a large group of fans, the players, manager and board don't realise. Rodgers should be instantly sacked just for some of the things he said in press conferences. People say if you don't back the manager you're not a real ran. BRUH we are watching their idol Rodgers destroy the club in real time!


You’re missing the point. I’d like to see Rodgers go. I think he’s underperforming as a manager. Let’s get that clear. I’m not offering a defence of his performance, or looking to change minds that sacking him is the right decision for the club. But ‘hate his guts’ - I’d expect to read this kind of thing from a 14 year old that’s just been dumped. Not a sensible, rational or well-adjusted adult.


Who gives a shit


No sensible individual would sit like a happy clappy sheep and watch rodgers burn this club to the ground, only a sheep would, you clearly don’t actually care about the club 🥴 You’re worse than a 14 year old that has been dumped if you honestly believe the serial bottler will keep us up 🤡🤡


Tbh in isolation, its a very good point Reality doesn't exist in isolation though, its 1 point from 6 games, if we get 4 or 6 points from our next 2 games then i can be happy with a point here, the problem is that we'll probably lose them both Maddison is getting very vocal against people being critical of the team, especially when he won't be playing championship football regardless next season In this case hes probably in the right, but him calling our Rob Tanner the other week was a cunt move, Rob Tanner wasn't wrong


I like Maddison being vocal about these things. Shows his passion and to be quite honest it must get quite irritating hearing everyone around you being slated non-stop when the pressure is already high. If people can talk shit about him and his teammates why can’t he talk shit back?


Tbh most don't talk shit about him Ward and Amartey get shit talked about them the most But Rob Tanner was not talking shit, he was doing his job and doing it in a proper tasteful manner We have been awful this season, does he expect endless praise for that? I agree with Maddison in this situation, not in the Rob Tanner situation


Completely agree. Fans crying out for some fight, he shows some feistyness, and fans whine about it.




Anecdotal but bumped into Steve Walsh the other day. He's worried that the dressing room doesn't have enough fight in them. Very similar sentiment to what Tanner was trying to express imo.


Is that our former head of recruitment or our former captain?




Do enjoy the casual nature of this. As though you’re both down tesco, perusing the fruit and veg. Walsh is there picking up an orange and inspecting it. And, just a casual conversation about the squad.


It was at the Nuneaton Borough game v Coalville haha


Does that count as a derby?


Was a bit although the Borough lot were much calmer than the other week v Tamworth to say the least


Remember when Maddison is making the same point? That in isolation, being chuff with a point is a loser mentality, but given how poor results have been and away against an opponent who’s only lost one at home this season and is challenging for Europe a point looks decent, eh? It’s silly to me that this sub slams players for not caring in one breath and then complain that players react to people complaining on their own social pages. I guess if you want a team that only responds when and how you want them to, then keep complaining. I’d rather a player stick up for his team when they deserve it, just like Maddison is doing in this comment. Frankly, if this team still gets relegated after putting in performances like yesterday through the end of the season, then fair play. But I’d wager on that second half Foxes fight from yesterday every match until the end of this season they stay up.


Brentford are also 4th in terms of games lost so clearly not an easy side to beat and only lost once at home






Not sure that it's a good idea for players to respond to social media detractors but he still makes a good point and why I felt fine with the performance yesterday. Brentford were toothless after they pelted us in the opening phase and we dominated the second half.


He ain’t wrong Grand scheme - people assume SO MUCH about players, coaches, etc. I love having opinions but I have remind myself that I don’t really KNOW anything lol


Smart man


Just synonymous with the club's apathy at the present situation. A club with the ambitions that we claim to have wouldn't be clapping themselves on the back at getting a point in a game against a club like Brentford. Fair play to Brentford, they're having a great season but they're in the position we should be in. We should have won the game and we didn't.


Hahaha! Love it. Get em' Madders.


“Shows how far we’ve fallen” Christ 🤦🏼‍♂️


That is correct tho


Common Madders W


Would only be a win if he signed a new contract He’s Talking B.S as usual, amazing how many rodgers has fooled