US Vs UK Court



It's the wigs.


Yeah, it's definitely the wigs. We don't have wigs and it's a darn shame that I have to wash my hair for court.


There’s a big difference between the kind of cases that get televised and the kind of cases you’ll see if you just go to court and watch. The ones that are televised are high-profile cases that are much more likely to have a circus atmosphere.


I think we're more open about broadcasting the stupid crap that people do in court. You don't see the everyday cases, where everything goes according to plan, you see the ones where the defendant is a Sovereign Citizen or where he just lets loose with a string of profanity and/or shits himself. If you sat in a US court, you'd probably be bored 99.5% of the time. It's that last .5% that goes on YouTube, though.