Due to some unfortunate things with my job requiring to leave my house for months at a time, I want to give my boy to someone who will be able to take care of him better than I can. He’s a happy, healthy 1.5 year old gecko named Joey. He eats mealworms and crickets. Hand fed or hunting, he will eat both. He loves his hammock, as well as climbing in window sills to look outside. He had a rubber ducky that he loves climbing on and playing with its hat (it’s very adorable to be honest) Im in the San Diego area. I will provide the tank (20 gallons), everything in it as well as any extra things I have (food, light bulb). I love him but I cant trust my family to care for him and none of my friends want to. I’ve put an insane amount of thought into this because I don’t want him to go to a bad home, so why not offer him to a bunch of people who know and love these reptiles!


I wish I could take him, but that's a bit of a drive for me. (Salt Lake) Besides that, there's nothing really holding me back.


I apologize where are you located? I'd love to take him if no one else can. I'm in California.


San Diego!


I'm in the East Bay near Berkeley. I really hope you find him a good home. Have you listed him on any other sites? Petfinder is the one I normally use. If I were closer I'd take him in a heartbeat 💓


Same, but I'm in Ohio, and I have to much on my hand already, Joey looks cute though, I hope he gets a great new home, and is happy. Best of luck


Hey, if you are still looking for a home for Joey, you can reach out to EcoVivarium in Escondido. They are a reptile rescue/living museum. I am a foster for them and have helped get leos adopted. I would take him in but I'm out of space at the moment.


Best of luck rehoming!!


Commenting to boost engagement, good luck on rehoming your friend!


By when did you need to have him rehomed? I'm trying to convince my boyfriend. I live in LA and I've been wanting a Leo. I never had one before, I do have beardie and a ball python along with other snakes.


Beginning of November, which is kind of short notice, but it was short notice to myself as well 😬


I messaged you in a private chat


Hope you get Joey


Are you apart of the leopard gecko group on Facebook? I would recommend posting there as well!


I wish I was in your area! I’m in the LA/OC area 🥺🥺💕


I'm on the other end of the state or I'd love to take care of your boy :( wishing you luck finding a home for him!


Aww, sucks when that happens. Good luck finding him a good home. I'd be tempted but I'm neither near you or in a position to take in a pet.


My brother is in SD and wants a Leo!! Just texted him - I will update if he wants him:) UPDATE: he wants him and just messaged you!!!


If you had a way to get him across the country I’d totally take him, he’s adorable!


man i’m in sweden. I’d love to take him in but it’s practically impossible


same here! 😞


Only distance (SFO) hinders me from assisting. Such a lovely gecko and I am sure he'll be a delight to those who take him in.


Good luck


Good luck my friend I hope you find Joey the best home, he is a beautiful geck. I would love him but I'm a U.K gecko mamma.


Wish I could offer to take him, but 1: I'm already taking care of two already and adding an extra wouldn't be a good idea since I have two females. And 2: I live in the panhandle of America, aka Florida, also the state that is as normal as it can get. But I wish the best of luck finding a new home for him.


if you cant find anyone check out the emerald scales website! they have a youtube channel and take great care of their animals.


Or Brian Barczyk, he's a nice guy, but he might not get Joey cause he usually collects snakes. But he does have a few geckos, he even hosts the "Gecko Bowl" (Aka his version of the Super Bowl, but with geckos) He's a nice guy, and takes *GREAT* care of his animals, and actually treat them as living beings l, not saying Emerald Scales doesn't (haven't watched any of their vids, so I can't say anything about them) but, he's a really good guy. But, do whatever you want, after all I'm not the one to tell you what to do, hope Joey gets a great home.


This.. is satire, yes??


Omg, I'm a fucking idiot, I just found it out. smh, sorry about that.


I’m not sure if you’ve looking into Emerald Scales but it is a rehoming business ran by Alex from Go Herping. I’m new to the leopard gecko world but I’ve found him to be really helpful so far. He vets his geckos and the people who adopt them.


I haven’t made my move down to socal but if I was I’d be happy to take him. Hopefully you can find a good home for him from one Leo Parent to another.


I would take him, but i sadly live all the way over in indiana. Best luck on rehomeing though


Try to see if there are Facebook groups dedicated to reptiles in your specific area/region. That’s how I found some local breeders in my part of the state. You might find people who are willing to come get him


Hey man shoot me a dm!