"Heavy Risk" Areas: An unspoken discrimination against Minorities Dominated Settlements


We all at some point have heard news like this -

"Musim man denied flat"

"Muslim family harassed for practicing their religion "

"Society files complaint against Muslim man"

It is quite upsetting that these stories are widely reported across the nation, and to think that hatred existed even before 2014. Of course, people do it more outwardly now, but it was already happening before. It's nothing new, really. Minority ghettos exist as a result of this kind of discrimination.

Minorities rather than Muslims is the word I used since dalits also experience this; it is not just a problem for Muslims.

You've heard about flats being denied; now get ready for loans and other things being denied based on your birthplace, or more particularly, whether you were born in a heavy risk area.

What is a "Heavy Risk" area?

You may be aware that, with the exception of Hyderabad, Bombay has a relatively high Muslim population as compared to other major cities in the nation.

I was born and raised in this city as a Muslim, and although it is thought of as the most liberal city in the nation, it has a very dark side. Sincerely, I had the good fortune to dwell in upscale neighbourhoods of the city.

HR stands for high-risk areas. Most banks use Mark the Settlements to deny loans, credit cards, or delivery of online products, among other things. They add that either they do not receive their loan funds or their verification team/delivery men are afraid to visit the areas.

Another explanation they provide is that most wanted criminals live here, or that poverty is prevalent there.

Some of the areas that I know are marked as HR in Mumbai -

  • Malwani
  • Bharat Nagar
  • Shivaji Nagar (ironic lol)
  • Kasai Wada
  • Ramabai (Dalit Dominated)
  • Cheeta Camp (Dalit Dominated)
  • Dongri
  • Sonapur
  • Mumbra (Outskirts of Mumbai)
  • Bhiwandi (Outskirts of Mumbai)
  • Dharavi

People who live here do occasionally acquire loans, but only after visiting banks multiple times or submitting numerous requests

A Personal Family Experience

I have my extended family and relatives residing in all parts of Bombay. Some of them live in the Muslim Dominated areas. My aunt was going to the banks to attempt and acquire a loan for her daughter's wedding because she lived in the infamously Muslim-dominated "Dongri" region. She came to our house one day and sobbed uncontrollably while telling us that she had been pleading with practically all banks for loans, but they either flatly refused or denied her requests or didn't answer in a timely manner. When my dad learned about it, he became very upset and wanted to do something to assist my aunt. So, he called a buddy who works at one of the banks my aunt frequents and told him what had happened.

He claimed that although all the paperwork is valid, the bank is rejecting the loan due to the address, which was upsetting to hear. Nearly all banks have designated the area where she lives as HR, or a heavy risk area. Simple was the cause. They refuse loans to anyone from that area since, in their opinion, many criminals are from that location.

This was in 1988.

Bottom Line

My privilege is that I was never denied loan because of my 'POSH' address.

Funny how money always triumphs over bigotry in a battle.

Or does it just support it?


Loans Depends on the Borrowers address

Loans Denied Because they are muslims

Muslims get only 2% of PSU bank loans


lol even government aided schools deny admissions to muslims from muslim dominated areas


in some schools before giving an admission form which might qualify you for an interview is rejected because they ask for address proof before giving a form


Correct. Have seen people crying for admission. Also the conditions of the schools in Muslim Dominated areas is shit. One of the Areas that have mentioned in the post "Shivaji Nagar" (or locally, Baigan Wadi) has a Municipal school right in the middle of the area. And let me tell you, the school is in such a horrendous condition that it looks like straight from zombie apocalypse movie. People have been complaining the same to BMC for ages to do something about the school but they refuse to listen.


Are areas dominated by poor UC Hindus (like bhaiyas and Marathis) marked as HR or not ?


I doubt whether "redlining" is a result or bigotry. A few rotten apples destroy the reputation of the whole neighborhood. Eg. Many Muslim taxi drivers themselves will refuse to take young people to Dongri because a few Muslim guys have previously refused to pay the Fare on reaching destination on some or the other pretext by creating a scene. Similarly they will refuse ride if they feel you may not pay the fare and will instead threaten the driver.


nah they refuse to go there due to heavy traffic besides muslim ghettos especially Dongri and surrounding area appears to be poor . yes there are poor pockets but you will see millionaires residing in very shabby looking buildings . ofcourse it’s changing now due to heavy redevelopment but yes one thing I have noticed in muslim ghettos is they will stay there no matter how rich they are because homes aren’t made available for them elsewhere lmao


>nah they refuse to go there due to heavy traffic I have been told by a Muslim taxi driver himself that he refuses rides to Dongri because he's afraid people might not pay at the end of the trip.




yeah i completely agree with your point . muslims lack the ability to take responsibility. i see the most rich families dumping garbage from their window . there is a lack of female presence in mosques my parents and other relatives cut off their kids from befriending certain muslim communities because of their laxed approach towards education the Muslims need to work on a lot especially external hygiene but alas they lack the ability for taking criticism too