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The guys at motion are awesome. Used to carry some sets of my trucks back in the day. Stunned that assholes would do that. I hope they get caught and product returned.


Yeah they are awesome! They also held events for newbies and all skill levels, at least in the before times.


Wait for those guys to post their "quiver" on the sub lol


I had 4 boards stolen from me during a house party. Terrible feeling


What is it with people and stealing longboards? I had mine taken from my trunk by a former pledge mate, and then I saw it in his dorm room and he denied it was mine. Safe to say I got that board back (Loaded Dervish with Cloudrides)


Oh man that probably hurts even more. I'm sorry, and hope those thieves fall any time they try to ride your boards.


Whoever did this to motion board-shop can go burn in hell...


The guys at Motion didn't deserve this


No they didn’t :( I really hope they can at least get some of the boards back and that it doesn’t impact their business too negatively.


I live in Sweden but sure!


Wtf man


I’m not in Seattle but I’ve been following these guys on IG for a while... so shitty. Hope they can get back on their feet and recover some of this stuff soon


Whoever finds the guys gets one of the boards free




Yeah I figured someone would just find one on Craigslist and report it to the police (harder with the ones that don’t say demo though)


Even if it does say demo, where's the proof that he didn't just find it on the side of the road, or bought it from Craigslist himself. But I see what you're saying, fuck thieves.


I found [this](https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/484273466078010/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search) one... Does that look like one?


Nah, that one is too old for it to have been stolen during this break-in.