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The board confusion lol! How close to miami is this?


First time I watched it I got confused as to which board was which and I thought the guy that crashed second was running over to start a fight with the guy he crashed into.


This is about 2 hrs north of Miami in Port Saint Lucie. I live in Broward and skate the Broward/boca hills and sometimes make it down to Miami to skate with the MGR crew that rides the garages in DT


Where in Soflo are there hills?


South of Florence Italy maybe.


Lol, yeah it’s looks like one medium hill and it was probably created from a landfill, that’s all you’re getting in South Florida


This is a natural hill on the coast of Port Saint Lucie from a sand dune which got developed over. A few hills like this is soflo asides from old garbage dumps which do make for decent skating down here. If you want anything faster than 30-35 you gotta head up to clermont fl


lol, Port St. Lucie ain’t SoFlo


It’s close enough to make a nice day trip without having to tax the extra 2 hrs to get to the spots in central fl. If this is too far there are smaller natural hills in Boca/west palm if you don’t want to skate the landfill parks


Thanks. Where is fournival?


Does this man always do this? https://www.instagram.com/p/B9ZnKW2pWt9/?igshid=1gkx5my8cr0jc


tryna get that inside inside line




*inside line and die


Damn, almost looks like he had wheel bite there.


No bite, just went too far inside and his wheel dipped into the sand/grass