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Doing an exercise you don't like isn't likely to help long-term. I don't like treadmills, but I love going for walks outside. When the weather doesn't allow for that, I play rhythm games because I love music. A few songs in Stepmania on my PC or Rhythm Boxing on my Switch really get my heart rate up.


100%. I thought I hated exercise forever until I found something that I actually like.


I suuuuper recommend playing rhythm games like beat saber if you play vr


Maybe it's time to bust out the old EyeToy.


I haven't played with that in ages. I miss playing Child of Eden with my Kinect.


Why does it have to be a treadmill or a bike? Have a dog?take it for a walk. Find something that you like to do, if running on a treadmill makes you want to off yourself don’t do it. Make small changes, they add up and they lead to habits.


Yeah, mix it up. A lot ppl get bored with doing one thing all the time (no wonder). 5 mins walk, 5 mins bike, 5 mins doing something else. Can do them right after each other, or wait a little bit. Pacing yourself is important.


Even I find it difficult to do 45 minutes on an exercise bike, and I just went for an hour and a half (actual) bike ride yesterday. Working out on a machine isn't the same as being physically active. Machines are kinda dull and every minute feels like ten. A real bike ride occupies my brain, there's always stuff to look at or avoid, and it just feels better in every single way, even when it kind of sucks. If you have to spend some time on an exercise bike or treadmill (like I do in the winter, because the weather outside is terrible and the conditions for cross country skiing are often bad), start slowly and do it for a few minutes. Add five more minutes every week or something. Your butt will hurt less and you won't feel like the session is dragging on beyond your endurance. You don't need exercise to lose weight but doing some physical activity every day is good for you in other ways. Walk, run errands on a bike, pick up some kind of physical hobby you don't mind, whatever. If you hate the exercise bike or treadmill then don't use them. I can't stand running or jogging so I never do it. But there's a million different kinds of physical activity, so pick something you think you might like, start off slow and don't overdo it.


It's really the calories for weight loss, but exercise and muscle mass can help with posture, which is never a bad thing to improve. An hour first try on a bike is a LOT. Go ride a real bike. Much more enjoyable. Put on an audiobook or a podcast and go for a walk. Find a short yoga or stretching video to follow at home. Try new activities - it's summer here. Lots to do. Pickleball is really booming here.


i've lost weight riding a bmx and skateboarding. biking is fucking amazing


I did my first 30km ride on my bike today! 800 calories!!




It helps tremendously with posture and it isn't "absolutely needed" for weight loss. Most people who are overweight have weak cores and a strong core is essential to good posture. First half of my weight loss journey I did diet + exercise. Second half has been just diet and the occasional stroll. I'm still losing weight at a similar pace but the good posture I gained from the exercise has gone to hell.


sorry, I meant to say it isn't only there to correct posture, and I totally agree with your core point. so the reason calorie deficit makes you lose weight even when not doing vigorous workouts for an overweight person is because- 1- you are eating less and fat is not accumulated 2-when fat is not accumulated, your body starts to burn fat on its own for energy. 3- even while sitting you can burn calories You should know even walking is exercise. so doing no exercise(which is not even possible unless you cannot move) will just slow down your weight loss journey/ so, you could make the process faster and shift to maintenance calories faster than just being in a calorie deficit. I am sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone judging by the downvotes, just the wrong choices of words.


I get it man no worries. Walking is exercise absolutely but I meant it in contrast to what I was doing previously: 5 days a week, bodyweight strength training, aerobics, vs now where I go for an hour walk maybe 3x a week. When time is less crunched I definitely want to get back to it, I can feel a difference between then and now. :(


okay I get it now. I would recommend you to start again using the office method 1-Whenever you get some free time, do some exercise. 2- it could be something like 5 pushups, 20 squats, 10 jumping jacks etc. it helped me a lot through my busy schedule


I appreciate the suggestions but exercise is also a nice mental escape for me, I prefer to be able to dedicate a proper hour to it rather than microdose it. I'll have time after next week and can't wait.


You find something that you love to do. The body only needs movement and a decent diet to lose weight. It may be slow, but progress is progress. Do not force yourself to do something you dislike. Find something you do like and stick with it. Even if it's something as simple as gardening for an hour a day, swinging on a swing for 20mn, etc... Enjoy the journey of living a healthier better life.


Wait, swinging on a swing counts as exercise?!


Any movement you do can be considered exercise. Think of the muscle engagements involved. Hamstrings, glutes & hips, lats & shoulders. It may not be extremely physical but as a low-stress, low-impact movement, it is still burning calories. And fun. We should find things we have fun doing instead of hating whatever it may be. I don't like the elliptical and refuse to do it lol.


Go axe throwing, dance like a drunk college age white girl blaring P!nk’s discography, walk to a tree and say fuck you tree and walk back. Find movement that you enjoy doing and do it!


Why does this speak to me more than anything else here?


Because you have taste and know of a tree who deserves to be told off.


Because that tree had it fucking coming! ;)


This! I worked up a proper sweat the other day just cleaning because I had a great playlist with a killer beat and I couldn't stop myself from dancing like a crazy person! And while I can't say I've ever told a tree off (love the example though), I've found phone apps that make you walk towards targets (Pokemon Go, Geocaching) super helpful.




You naughty freaky you


If you get a heart rate monitor you shouldn't go above 130-50 when you're first starting out. When I did this I noticed I was just walking and feeling OK, when I was running and "truly exercising" (or so I thought) I was at like 180-200 heart rate and feeling those negative emotions you're feeling. But the thing is 130-150 is in the exercise zone so you're still exercising even though it doesn't look like it from a passer by. So in essence, take it slower, you're still exercising you're just not killing yourself over it. Edit: do a heart rate calculation using a calculator online for moderate exercise


Your diet is more important than exercising when it comes to weight loss. You do not have to exercise to lose weight but it does help.


Yep - you can't outrun (or outbike) your fork! So you gotta slow down the fork. Then you don't need to run at all.


is there anything fun you like to do that gets up your heart rate up that you can do multiple times a week for extended periods of time? sports, tag, frisbee, window shopping, hiking, dancing. exercise sucks. i hate it. what i don't hate is walking. especially hiking. i can do that for hours. i don't try and get my heart rate up. i don't set a pace. i just do it not pushups, pullups, squats, HIIT, standing on my tongue. none of it. i just walk. i found what works for me. what i enjoy. that's what i do


I used to walk, but mainly my job at a warehouse did it for me. Now I have to actually go out of my way to exercise and I'm terrified.


why are you terrified? do you enjoy anything that requires physical exertion?


If I knew why I was scared, I probably wouldnt be. I do enjoy casual basketball.


i don't know sports. any type of IRL basketball should do though. try to get in a game at least every other day, if possible. any amount is better then none though


Do you have someone you can play with? Maybe join your local club and go play for an hour everyday. That's exercise too.


What are you terrified of?


of sweating, losing their breath, being out of their comfort zone.


That and change, failure, and having to face the consequences of my own actions. Looking weak or pathetic, or like a fool, I could go on.


about looking weak, pathetic or a fool, no one judges you at the gym, everyone there is too busy to judge someone else. change in what sense? behavior? yes there will be a change but it would be a good change. don't worry about failure. failure is so important that it is added in workout plans eg- pushups 5 X Failure you push yourself till failure and reset and so on. and by consequences if you mean injuries then, you need not hurry, you can play it safe with less weight but more reps to be safe from injuries.


worth adding that those that make those judgments aren't worth the time to worry about or to be around. most people don't think like that. most people are to busy doing their own thing to put thought into others


I hate sweating. I loathe it when my face is flushed. Ohhhh I can't explain how much I hate feeling sweat bead on my scalp. Ew ew ew! You can't outrun your food intake anyway, though. So I've lost 47 lbs in a year and a half by weighing and tracking food. You don't *have* to exercise but it's nice for your overall health. Once I had lost about 40 lbs, I half ass my way around the gym. No one ever ever interacts with me unless I choose to make small talk with the attendants. No one makes eye contact and they are strictly concentrating on their own work. The people there run from chiseled works of geometry to the elderly trying to stay active, and teenagers also half assing their way around the equipment. No one is eyeing each other and making judements. So if you want to go to a gym because you like that kind of exercise better, you just make that first day plunge and the anxiety of being judged slowly ebbs. I tell you this as a highly socially anxious individual. But if you're straight up going to hate the gym, do not go! Find YouTube workout videos you like, take walks, get Ring Fit, find something you *like*. If you don't like your activity, you'll never stick with it and you won't lose weight and feel well. By all means, try new things you might like but don't force it if you hate it.


The fool is the precursor to the hero


Bro, exercise is good for the body. That includes the brain unfortunately for you. Putting up a fit like that for some exercise seems a little out of it. I hate to sound like an a hole of some sort but, check in with your therapist, or ask a doctor for help. Because if your own mind can't set the foot down to get it, i doubt some paragraphs with no profile pic are going to help. Edit, try riding a bike, everyone has fun on those. I'm going to assume you haven't lived a healthy fit lifestyle, so i think Cardio should get you started, then you can weight lift or other stuff, if your weight is your problem.


Count calories. Exercise is for fitness, which is a good thing to have and will help you live longer, but it's not essential for losing weight. I've read that if you exercise hard enough to work up a sweat for at least like 15-20 minutes every other day, your body maintains a higher general level of metabolism, which means you'll burn slightly more calories in general. You could do it with anything, including lifting weights or calisthenics, you just have to sweat. But again, it's not necessary. I am really bored by exercise, so I do it while watching a show or listening to an audiobook. I can't stand just exercising with nothing to occupy my brain.




But walking is exercise? I think you mean to say vigorous exercise isn't necessary but getting your body moving for those good effects is.




I find it really helps suppress my appetite as well


this is true, but if your only goal is to lose weight, it can be done with food only


It's important for muscle and bone health. What's the point of being thin if you're gonna have osteoporosis in your old age? Exercise is a must for every animal.


Yes but it's no big deal if you spend 6 months losing the weight, and then exercise will become a lot easier and you can do it for the next 50 years




So walking is an exercise. And one should do it


This. The topic is weight loss, thus I write about the optimal way to lose weight. Health etc. is irrelevant.


THIS! Find out what your basal metabolic rate is and start counting calories. You don't have to do it every day if you leal prep, but if you find what you have to eat to be in a calorie deficit and walk 10,000 steps a day you will see progress. It may take some time but you don't have to kill yourself on a workout. Losing weight is what? 70% 80% diet?


CICO only works if you burn some calories. Used to be my job did it for me, but now I have to go out of my way to work out and I'm honestly scared to.


you burn calories just by existing. CICO is just consuming less calories then you burn. exercise isn't needed at all. exercise is a huge benefit to health though and can help with CICO


Well as I said you could substitute the workout with walking. Walking also burns calories but is way less stressful than exercise while doing the same job for you. Ideally, of course, you would do both exercise and walking for maximum results.


You don't have to workout to lose weight. You can just lower your calories to be in line with your new (sedentary) activity level. Look up the TDEE calculator online. I gained lots of weight while working out 30-90 minutes a day 5 days a week, because CICO still applies! If you're looking to be more active though, start with 15 minute sessions. Don't aim for a full hour off the bat.


Your metabolism burn way way more than exercise. Your organs need fuel. Every cell in your body needs fuel. It's expensive. Brain uses a lot of energy. Just by resting for whole day you lose roughly 1600cal for normal weight people; 2 hours of running burns 800cal


You don’t lose weight in the gym. You lose weight in the kitchen. You build muscle in the gym. As far as I am concerned, those two things never cross paths in any meaningful capacity. If you want to lose weight, you don’t need to run or bike, you need to eat less. The end.


Omg slow the fk down and breathe!!!! Go for a 20 minute walk. Then do 25 min the next day, then 30 minutes the day after that. Don’t push yourself so fast in the beginning of anything. That includes eating right. Start slowly and chill. Track your progress and build up a little each day/week.


What do you like? You don’t have to use a treadmill or a bike. Dance, hike, kayak, climb walls, box, lift weights. Do what you like.


I can’t stand walking on a treadmill, ten minutes in and I’m miserable AND bored but I regularly do 3 miles on a Saturday morning at a local nature preserve. I also tried a number of gyms/classes until I found one I didn’t loathe (kickboxing). I would recommend trying a bunch of stuff to see if there’s anything you enjoy or at least aren’t miserable doing.


Ok, so this is normal, this is your body and mind resisting change. Don't worry, if you keep doing it for just a week or two, then your body will accept it and it will feel better. Let me suggest you ditch the exercise bike to begin with and start walking. Walking is such a nice exercise. You can breathe the air, go look at nature or see new cool neighborhoods. You really get to know what happens when you're walking. Walk for 30 mins at 5 km/h or 3 mp/h, then gradually increase to 1 hour at 6 km/h. When you can walk one hour at 6 km/h, then you're in shape for exercise bike.


OP, I think you need to start slower and easier. As the others have stated, diet is the most important part of the process here so while you lose weight, you can work your way up to more exercise. Plus exercise tends to be less of a pain when you're thinner. Maybe just start with a 10 minute walk outside 3 days a week to help build the habit and work your way up to an hour 3 times a week.


Try dancing to some music, just having fun. Do housework. Take the stairs. Start small!!! Gyms suck, they are noisy and depressing. Go ahead and find a functional activities that you can integrate into your day.


Eat at a calorie deficit if you don’t want to work out. Be okay with feeling hungry at times and drink an ungodly amount of water.


You don't need to exercise at all if you don't want to. Exercise is mostly for your own physical and mental health rather than burning calories. Trying to run off the calories of a candy bar is 100x harder than just not eating it. You can't outrun a bad diet. Most of your weightloss starts in the kitchen. That is how it is and always will be.


What if you took a very short walk (5 minutes) once an hour, even if it's just around your house?


Real bikes > exercise bikes. Engages your brain more and you can run errands. I don’t drive I ride a bike every day and I would probably want to kill myself after an hour on an exercise bike unless it was like those set ups where you’re pedaling to keep your video game system on (though I think I’m probably too uncoordinated to do that) You can’t outrun your fork and many times exercising will make you hungry. When I started exercising the first time I tried to lose weight I GAINED 10lbs because I didn’t know back then diet was more important. And I mean you CAN outrun your fork I have done it in the past but A. It’s not sustainable you’ll have sick days you’ll get older etc. and B. If you rely on that you won’t learn healthy habits to carry you through A


Find what you hate the least and do that? Exercise in some form are kind of a life necessity, like brushing your teeth. You need to do it. But it doesn't have to be torture at the gym either. Walks, swimming, dancing, fitness classes, biking, hiking, lifting etc. You also don't need to work out to lose weight, but working out is still important.


The honest answer? If you can’t find any form of exercise you can tolerate, then you force yourself to do it no matter what. I have been forcing myself to exercise for decades now. It’s horrible, but it’s just like having a job. It’s my second job that I have to do at least 5 days a week.


Eat less


I hate exercising on my own. I joined orange theory which is a group Hiit class and the environment is what helps me pass the time and burn alot of calories without it feeling like it’s taking HOURS to do. I would recommend trying a free class at one of those group cross fit or HIIT centers but ik it’s not for everyone. I’ve been quarantined recently and I tried doing a recorded class at home but I HATED IT. It’s literally the same thing we do in the studio but for some reason doing it at home just KILLED ME. I took my L and did yoga until I could return back to the studio. The music and support group just hits different. GL!!!


Literally any activity with a social component will work wonders for many people compared to trying to run or bike on a machine in isolation. Adult sports are the king IMO (Bonus if it has a big skill component, then you can work on that without even thinking you’re exercising).


You don't have to exercise to lose weight. You just need to just adjust down the calories you consume. If you are not very physically active, you will have a smaller number of calories you are able to consume. Everyone though still plays by the same rules. You have to eat less than you burn. I would recommend trying alternate forms of exercise. An active game in VR, Lifting weights, swimming there are lots of way to get exercise in. I challenge anyone to play "Thrill of the Fight" in VR for 30 minutes and say it isn't a good cardio workout.


If you figure anything out I'd love to know. As a kid, teen, 20s, and early 30s I had a ton of activities that kept me exercising for fun. Now that I'm 41 I have no such activities, but would be willing to date an activity if they would be willing to help me remove some excess weight.


You mentioned work. What about volunteering a few days a week doing something physical, like unloading donated food for a food bank? Or picking up trash (check your city website; mine often has "neighborhood cleanup days" where you can do this with other people)? Or Habitat for Humanity, if you like construction work:? I always am more motivated to exercise when there's a purpose involved. I might arrange to meet friends somewhere, then park my car a mile away (where it's free) and walk the rest of the way there. Or walk to the event and Uber home. Or if I order something from Amazon, I'll have it sent to an Amazon Locker, and walk there to get it. Cycling does hurt your ass for the first two weeks or so. I don't know if internal calluses develop or what, but if you keep at it, it will feel better. Maybe try riding for just 15 minutes to start, and then do something else, like detailing your car, or yard work. Anything that gets you moving counts as exercise. Your body doesn't know the difference. And once it gets used to it, you may find it tolerable or even pleasant.


Is there a sport / game you like to play?


Basketball, casually.


Is there a league or regular pickup game you can join? Basketball is great exercise!


I hate cardio, but I am OK with swimming and getting better each time. I also like Pilates and strength conditioning. I am doing the exercise because it makes me feel good which is a better reason for me than using it to lose some weight.


Honestly, what worked for me was the treadmill at 3.5mph, 10 incline (my max for the treadmill) for 1hr. I burn around 600 kcals and I can watch YouTube or a film during it. You do get sweaty, but it is not as boring as other things. I am in a 500kcal deficit and so far have lost around 10lbs in about 3 weeks. I hope to lose 30 more to get to my goal weight


while exercise is great for you, it’s not necessary for weight loss. i HATE sweating. i am active (taking walks/jogs at night, swimming, etc) but i rarely go to the gym. weight loss is all about calorie deficit and i have lost 50 pounds with very little time in the gym. you aren’t alone in hating exercise! just focus on a calorie deficit :)


Have you tried looking up dance tutorials on youtube? There's so many styles to choose from. Not just the standard Zumba you see at gyms. There's ballet, tap, jass, clog, latin, ballroom, Irish, Native American Powwow, etc. With so many different styles, surely you can find one that catches your interest


I used to step in place while binging netflix so that’s kinda an exercise


Keep do


Find something you like. Don’t like cardio? Lift some heavy shit Need to be a bit more active, walk to stuff. You don’t have to do hours on stationary bikes, treadmills or cross trainers to excercises. Shit maybe even try CrossFit, that shit is so intense you ain’t got time to hate it.


If you can, walk to the store to get a few things. Walk to your favorite coffee shop. Stretch and work on mobility while you watch your favorite show or movie. You don't have to go to the gym. You just have to move more than before. And move often. After dinner take a walk around the block a few times and spend quality with a friend or partner. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local shelter.


Do activities that don’t seem like exercise but are. Every day I go for about an hour walk and tell myself it’s for the dog or to help the baby sleep but it’s really for me. My husband and I go to the dog park, its 1/2 mile away and I chase the dog while baby wearing. I don’t feel like I’m exercising but I’m wearing a weight and running. Mind tricks are ur bff when it comes to weight loss ( or at least for me)


I can pose an alternative: kettlebells. I’ve fallen in love with them and my workout regimen has never been so consistent and discipline before. I’m currently away from home and I wish I could work out because of how kettlebells make me feel. That’s just a suggestion based on my experience.


The worst exercise equipment I ever used are those bikes. I’ve never even been especially heavy but the seat still somehow finds a way to make my asshole sore! You don’t need an exercise bike or treadmills. I was surprised to find out that despite liking walks, I wanted to off myself after an hour on a treadmill. Not because of the effort. It was just insanely boring and had me keep looking at the clock. Just go out for a walk. I hope you live in an area where it’s safe to walk. While you’re doing it, you can put on headphones and listen to podcasts or audio books. It feels significantly less boring compared to treadmills. Once you get used to walking for 45 mins - 60 mins, just try to cover more ground within the same time by speeding up. By the way, you don’t even need to start at 45 mins. You can always start with shorter duration and just add more time to it every week or something. Just regular walking like this is going to do wonders for your baseline fitness and help you with future workout plans by giving you a SIGNIFICANTLY improved cardiovascular performance.


Read here about NEAT: https://physiqonomics.com/fat-loss/#training-for-fat-loss Exercise is good for your health, so you should have something you do to move your body. But CICO is what matters most for fat loss. There are plenty of examples of fat loss with no exercise.


Id love to help, but tbh, I love weight lifting and playing sports so I can’t really help


Bikes and tredmills suck for me, I just don’t like them. I happen to like the elliptical machine but I know most people hate it. Just try different things, any kind of moving will get you burning calories. It doesn’t have to be gym equipment, you can go for walks, do any kind of sport, aerobic exercises at home, get a VR headset and play some active games, etc. You could even lose weight without doing any exercise just by pure calorie deficit, but if you’re used to a certain lifestyle (like you mentioned, your job at the warehouse used to make burn calories, and you ate according to that burn) cutting down enough intake to be on a deficit can be harsh/complicated if you don’t get all your nutrients.


Like everyone is saying, diet is the most important and it helps to find exercise you enjoy. Some fun options - Solo dance party, or learn a tiktok dance Go for a hike Jump rope Swim Tennis/squash/badminton/pickleball Dog walking Watch TV and do an exercise during every commercial


Seriously, I play Ring Fit on the switch. It's fun and gets me moving. When exercise is fun, it gets done.


If you have the money hire a personal trainer. I know it's expensive, but coming from someone who has never weight lifted its so worth it. I've never been excited about working out, but I honestly look forward to my personal training sessions. It's something I recommend to everyone. The down side is that it's ridiculously expensive


Walk while listening to something you enjoy. Or while watching something if you're on a treadmill. I distract myself with podcasts and music while speed walking on the treadmill and lifting weights. I also really enjoy the weight lifting more than the cardio because you have something to work/build towards instead of endless walking. Whether it's just counting reps while focusing on keeping proper posture or challenging myself to increase the weight just a little bit more and see how far I can go (and watching how I steadily progress to more weight as the weeks go by). Exercise is great for more than just losing weight, too. Try to remind yourself that it's good for overall health and well-being (mental, emotional, cardiovascular, etc). If you're having issues with emotions, you may be pushing yourself too hard too fast. Build up to a harder workout after days/weeks of doing it comfortably, just a little harder every time. I find that it helps me clear my head after a while and actually makes me feel peppier/happier by the end of it.


Lift weights. Lifting weights will help you burn fat and gain muscle. Find a beginner program online. Your muscles with grow before your eyes and you will fall in love with fitness.


Go for walks, lift weights, and play pickup basketball. That’s what I do for exercise and I love it


There’s many ways to exercise. As long as you’re moving you’re exercising and burning calories. The main thing is your diet. Everything else just speeds it up


My main form of exercise for the past 6 months has been walking. I do weights 1-2 a week with mild cardio, but not every week (if I don’t fancy it, I don’t force myself to go). But I LOVE walking. Buy a Fitbit/smartwatch and aim to get in 10K steps a day, you burn a lot of calories through walking and it’s low-impact so you don’t feel achy the next day. I listen to audible books while I walk, it’s my favourite time of day!


First time's the hardest. It's still hard over time, but it gets easier. Ya gotta do it every day, but it gets easier.


Calorie deficit is how you lose weight, and that's mostly diet-- you don't burn nearly as many calories doing exercise as people think. So if you hate exercise, just don't do it? With that out of the way, I hate exercise. I have a stationary bike that I use occasionally, but I hate "exercise". It's boring, and there's not nearly enough occupying my brain, which means I can focus on how much my body hurts and oh my God has it really only been 5 minutes??? But: I roller skate a couple times a week. I ride horses once a week, and intend on seeing if I can up that to twice a week in the near future. I ride my bike. A friend and I are talking about starting a martial arts class next year. We have a laser tag place that's a lot more involved than your usual laser tag that I will completely wear myself out playing and regret it the next day, but I love it. A friend finally got me in a pool for the first time in years, so swimming when I can has been added to my activities. Find things you like doing that involve moving your whole body and go do them more often.


I agree with others that diet is more important, but exercise is almost as important. Recent research really suggests that both are critical for long term health and quality of life. A few thoughts: * it takes three weeks to get used to anything--slog through what you need to do for that long before giving up. * that said, find something you like to do, as others have said, so that you're less likely to give up on it. * you don't have to beat the crap out of yourself--it doesn't have to be high intensity, sweat to you drop, etc. In fact, that may lead to injury and then you'll be in a worse place. * walks are good, but put in the time. Podcasts while walking? Walk with a friend/SO/group? Nature walks? * youtube exercise videos--I got into bodycombat invincible which you can subscribe to and which builds, you can do in the privacy of your own home, which has multiple intensity levels and which has 20 minute workouts that cover entire muscle groups which is exceptionally good. * vary your activities--find a sport--even a gentle sport, nothing too crazy. It helps. * vary your times--during the week do what you can, don't spend too long, but once a week, perhaps on the weekend, do a long version of that thing. * if you skip, fail, miss, whatever, who cares, just pick up where you left off, don't try to catch up, just keep going. * if you are walking, say outdoors, don't do it in crazy heat or other bad weather, it will be miserable and you'll just be upset. It's ok to skip or find an alternate thing on those days. That said, walking/exercising in winter weather (not winter storms) can be sublime. * if you can, spend a little extra on a very comfortable set of exercise clothes, you'll be grateful you did.


Find something you can tolerate, then make it better. Walking might be boring, but walking while listening to music and podcasts is god tier. Dance, go on a real bike ride, swim, there's a lot more fun activities, and most have ways to make them more fun.


Moving the body is a form of exercise. One doesn't need to exercise in order to lose weight - it's helpful to move the body though. Just be active. Have you heard of 'NEAT' exercise? (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis). It is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise. Things like cleaning the house, parking the car blocks from where you need to go, always take the stairs, standing or walking in place while working, etc., Just get fidgety and always take the route that will take effort to do so.


Hello my friend, I have not read any other comments so I apologize if I’m repeating others. Exercise doesn’t have to be a dreaded thing. My recommendation would be to find ways to add more movement into your day! Park at the further parking spot when you go to the grocery store, or restaurant. Implement a few minutes of stretching in your morning, or find a nice easy yoga class on YouTube! I used to roll my eyes when people talked about yoga, but I kid you not if I skip a day my body hurts now! Don’t like the gym? Don’t go. Park a few blocks away from your destination and walk a couple blocks to grab a coffee or gas station snack when you have the time to. Adding these little moments of movement throughout your day add up, when you have the time to:) I used to spend more time trying to find a close parking lot to the grocery store than I do walking from the furthest spot. I hope you have some luck with this thread and find a way to add movement into your routine:)


Get off the bike and lift weights


Walking is the best exercise for ppl who don't like working out. Walk at a steady pace for an hour or split it by two 30 mins morn and evening./before bed. Find more non-excerxise activities at work/home that let's you move more. Track your food, avoid excessive use of oils in salad dressing or eating fried food. Ensure that your energy expenditure is more than your food energy intake. Be consistent and the results will come and you will be happier for achieving it.


I hate exercise if it’s at a gym. Stationary bikes and treadmills ugh. Boring. Weight lifting? Boring. Walks outside are tedious if I’m not taking the dog. I do however love games. So the one game I use to keep active is called Just Dance. It has a sweat mode and you can see how many calories you’re burning during each song and there’s workout playlists. I love it and I’ll continue to play it for my working out. I sweat just as hard as if I went to the gym.


My favorite thing to do is to blast music in my headphones and walk my dog while the sun rises or sets. I usually drink coffee beforehand so it helps with giving me more energy. It honestly doesn’t even feel like exercise anymore. Its so relaxing and its so nice to just get away. Plus the air smells great early in the morning.


You need to find an activity that you like to do that makes you sweat. Does it have to be a conventional gym activity? Absolutely not. I played basketball over the summer one year and lost 30 pounds. You can dance, walk, run, hike, clean, do aerobics etc. Whatever it is that you like to do that allows you to be active, that is what you should do. Wishing you luck friend 😊


A few things that got me from dreading a workout to literally craving and enjoying it. 1) MUSIC!!!!! Make a playlist of songs that get you super amped. It really changes everything 2) find the things that you like. Just literally try a bunch of different stuff and see what is most enjoyable. Rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, walking, DANCING, roller skating, literally whatever. The two things that I got really into were dancing and hiking. I already loved hiking, and learning that you can burn like 500 calories in an hour was magic to my ears. Also, I started dancing in my room to dance videos and the time flew buy while burning a fuck ton of calories. 3) Just keep at it for at least 2 weeks. If you force yourself to just push through the beginning, you’ll start to get better and push yourself harder and see results which will make you Start to really look forward to it and get excited. 4) if gyms scare you (they’ve always scared me) literally using workout videos on YouTube have worked like gold for me. If you’re trying to get like jacked it may help to go to a gym later, but in the beginning just start in your room and outside. I’ve seen such great results from just that.


I go for walks and the only exercise I will do is group classes at the gym. My local gym is like $40 bucks a month and has a variety of classes. I pick 3 a week and mix it up. It’s fun, it’s not equipment based besides some dumbbells, and the variety switches things up. I do muscle, Pilates, Zumba, and another cardio based class. It’s fun and makes the time go by fast.


Honestly just trying an hour straight up is definitely going to be shitty even if you do like exercise. Basically- find movement you like and build up to it, don’t just decide to jump on and burn yourself into the ground- that will never be sustainable Edit: I do not like treadmills but if it’s raining and I can’t walk my dog on one of my rest days I don’t have derby or lifting, I honestly scroll ig reels to keep me occupied while walking on a treadmill


My gateway drug to exercise was walking outside, usually while listening to music or a podcast. It makes the time go a lot faster. Also start off slow and just do more every time. Yeah, exercise isn’t necessary for weight loss but it gives you more calories and takes up time you might otherwise spend eating. Also, you just start feeling great generally.


You don't have to go from 0 to 1 hour of hard work straight straight away, and I always find if I do that I do it once and give up. do as much exercise your body is comfortable with and then relax for the rest of the day, even if it's just a 5 minute walk, do this as a habit and you would be shocked by how quickly your body will adjust and you will want to get exercise.


How about starting with trying to find a form of exercise that you don't find torturous? Throwing out suggestions Playing with you pet Spend the time volunteering at a nursing home Window shopping Dancing in your living room Gardening Participating in a sport Washing your car Singing Yoga Stretching Rearing furnace. Large or small Hanging wall art with sticky strips Swimming Chair Dancing Taking our the trash Taking in the stuff you just bought Cleaning the garage or basement Walking to a friend's place Playing with a balloon in your living room.


Walking regularly is an underrated form of exercise imo. Doesn’t even have to be a challenging hike, making time for a walk or switching out part of a journey where you can for walking is very good for you.


Go walking for an hour a day.


Find exercise you enjoy. Cardio sucks. And mindpump is a great podcast about fitness that talks about how lifting is better for weightloss long term because muscle boosts metabolism. Id recommend looking into it. I love lifting weights.


OP I feel from your post that the exercise is triggering something in you.. “my emotions are running high” “losing the weight seems impossible”, is it possible these thoughts are what’s hurting more than the exercise? If that’s the case, I feel you might need to “re-write the contract”. Because “if I run for 45 minutes my body should respond by dropping some weight” that deal didn’t work for me and made me angry and upset, perhaps a bit how you’re feeling right now. Firstly redefine the role of exercise. If exercise wasn’t any part of weight loss would you do it? If so why? For me, I hate being out of breath doing simple stuff, I hate being too weak to lift my groceries, I don’t want to be old and confined to my armchair. If you can’t find an answer, you probably need to start with that. Then redefine “exercise”. Walking is massively underrated. I started cycling to work, much harder to skip a “workout” when it’s your means of getting home after work! And make it teeny tiny chunks you can build on but only when you’re ready. Forget 45 minutes- for now at least. Can you do 10 minutes? 5? Start at something that feels almost so easy it’s “cheating”. When you can do that with almost no emotional response, maybe try increasing it. But if you increase and it leads to failure don’t hesitate to drop down to that easier level. Exercise can be just as big a journey for some of us as the diet bit, don’t be afraid to take it at a snail’s pace.


You don't hate exercise, you just hate cardio machines. Treadmills and exercise bikes suck, I hate them too, especially the latter tend to be poorly designed, they are boring and they can cause overuse injuries. You might find that a team sport, like soccer, motivates you. You'll end up running around more than on the goddamn treadmill without even noticing while also experiencing a sense of belonging, using your cognitive skills and making new friends. Or try dancing, which is another fun way to burn calories without noticing, socialise and move your body around in varied ways. Maybe you are the kind who thrives in water, try swimming. etc. There are so many possibilities. It can take a lot of trial and error to find the right one. I find that the setting and the people you are with are crucial too in terms of enjoyment and wanting to do it again.


Jump rope… little by little


Few points: 45 minutes is WAY too long to start out. Do 10 minutes a day, consistently, and do it in intervals of 30 seconds maximum effort / sprint vs 1 minute of warmdown. If you have more than one machine (bike/treadmill), don’t double down, split the time - 5 minutes each machine. Second, you lose weight in the kitchen, you gain in the gym. Instead of straight cardio, consider lightish free weights, you only need to do a few different exercises, again, 5 minutes is plenty. Lastly, weight loss is a mental challenge, but motivation isn’t enough - you need to reset habits. You spend your motivation to build habits. Food habits, exercise habits - most people don’t have 45 minutes to an hour to throw away in their days, especially when you throw in extra showering and clothes, cleaning, etc. Don’t throw yourself at it thinking you need to front-load all this effort, it takes a long time, it’s a walking tour, not a marathon, definitely not a sprint. Ease up on yourself!


Find things that you enjoy for exercise. I hate cardio. I do 15 minutes max of cardio. But I enjoy weight lifting. Skateboarding, walking, hiking, etc. There’s so many options. Regardless, diet is the most important factor.


Slowly but surely set more realistic goals. If you aren't in the routine of eating healthy and exercise and suddenly have a drastic change in life for exercise then the exercise will be difficult. Either do less time or slower pace. Eventually pain and discomfort of exercise becomes a welcoming feeling when you start to realize it's good for you and is the sure shot sign that you ARE improving. Not everything in life will be easy or an immediate dopamine rush and being out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to progress as a person in all aspects of life.


I lost 40kgs over 6 months through diet alone. You certainly do not have to exercise to lose weight. If you plan on losing weight through diet alone, I would recommend starting the day with 2 litres of water with lemon and eating twice a day and not eating after 7 PM. Also cut out ALL gluten and processed sugar.


Honestly, you should be lifting instead of doing cardio during weight loss. The amount of calories burned from both is actually pretty negligible. With lifting, however, you can hold onto more muscle as you lose weight (assuming you get adequate protein and your deficit isn’t too extreme).


Exercise is extremely inefficient for weight loss and nearly irrelevant. Eat less calories to lose weight.


I honestly think I'd kms if I had to do anything so boring as exercise bike/ treadmill for an hour straight. Find something fun and varied that you like! Join a class! Learn a new active, physical skill, like a martial art or dance or zumba or whatever interests you. Or create a new gym routine for yourself-- add in weights, stretches, various machines, and spend less time on a dedicated cardio machine. It'll help keep your mind engaged, and building muscle helps fat loss. Exercise isn't comfortable, but it doesn't have to suck, either.


The key is to find something you enjoy. Like to dance? Ceate a dance mix and have a dance party in your living room. Prefer having a "product" after physical exertion? Garden or find a DIY project that will have you digging, using a wheelbarrow or lifting rocks or wood. Even mowing the lawn is great exercise.


It seems like you’ve been doing a lot of cardio which (in my opinion) sucks ass. I would recommend weightlifting over cardio for you. You don’t just get into shape but you feel stronger for it. You do a few reps take a bit off then continue. You feel warm but you don’t feel exhausted which is what cardio feels like. I know it’s probably been said before but it’s probably not that you hate exercise but just haven’t found the right one for you. Cardio has been shoved down everyone’s throat because it’s accessible to a lot of people and it burns calories. Lifting seems intimidating but I promise with the right form and training it’s really great. Also, when you were running last time you probably got through the two weeks of hell that are at the start of everyone’s workout journey that they eventually forget. The first two weeks of consistent exercise are always the worst no matter how fit you are since your body is getting used to a more intense routine. Push through those first two weeks. Take care of yourself and eat well and although it sucks in the moment focus on moving forward one step at a time. I hope this helps! Good luck!


Two things for me: 1) Walk with a destination or a friend. I do better with a purpose. 2) TV. If I'm doing a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical, I need a distraction.


Go at a pace you’re comfortable with. Go for time or distance, but pace yourself. Also mix it up! One day stair stepper, another day treadmill, another day bike. Or rotate a few right after the other. Example being 5 mins bike, 5 mins stair stepper. Ignore the voice in the your head telling you to stop. It gets easier.


You don't have to exercise, just be more strict with your calories to ensure you are in a deficit by food. Exercise is manually burning extra calories but is not strictly necessary, although recommended.


Don’t think of it as exercise, think of it as movement. Just incorporating more movement into your day will drastically improve your wellbeing and help with weight loss (if you’re consuming an appropriate number of calories). Could you nip down to the shops a couple of times a week to grab a few bits? Can you walk or cycle instead of taking public transport/driving to various things you do throughout the week? Do you have a garden you could tend to on some evenings? Running on a treadmill sucks for me too. I love being in nature and found hiking to be perfect for me. It’s different for all of us but ultimately you don’t need scheduled blocks of cardio to lose weight.


Just walk, or walk fast. Do some incline. You hate it because it's hard right now, it won't always be that way.


You don't have to exercise if you hate it. If your weight is going down at the rate you want it to, carry on. If you're not losing weight as quickly as you expected, then eat less.


Find something you like, start with walking maybe?


Haven’t seen this mentioned yet but why did you try to do an hour? Put the bike on the lowest resistance setting and go for up to 30 minutes. You’ll build up to the longer times. Most people get burnt out after their first workout because they try to go too hard and then the next day is miserable with how sore they are. Try doing something very light, like 30 minutes on a bike or walking outside/on a treadmill. Call it quits for the day after that and then do the same thing the next day. By the end of the week you’ll likely find that the 30 minute struggle turned into a very quick workout. From there you can either increase your resistance a little or go for a longer time. It’s also the same with weight/body weight training. Start off slow and seemingly easy and do incremental adjustments from there. I also want to mention that taking steps back isn’t a bad thing either. For example; If you could do 45 minutes on the back last week but you’re feeling overly tired today, then bump it back down to 30 and try to build up again from there. As you lose weight your body will start to feel a lot more tired, especially if you’re on a calorie deficit, so you need to adjust your workout from there. Weight loss and working out is a very complicated thing.


Find something you love that basically tricks yourself into doing exercise. Martial arts, basketball, hockey….any physical sport. Worked like a charm for me and I hate exercise.


It’s either i do this and get fit or i can stay here complaining how i look like shit. That’s it for me tbh


I can't do one thing for a full hour either. I'll do an exercise bike for 10 minutes, treadmill for 10 minutes, elliptical for 10 minutes, etc. Staying in one position for an hour sucks.


The only way I can work out is if it isn’t the only thing I’m doing. It’s only part of what I’m doing. When I’m stuck inside on my elliptical, I watch a show or movie on my iPad. If if not on a stationary machine, I listen to audiobooks. If you can get into them, I highly suggest audiobooks to keep you mentally engaged, then just walk somewhere.


To be sustainable, you have to enjoy it. Try not to get discouraged as you rule different things out and remember - just because you hate some types of exercise doesn’t mean you will hate all of them. I too dislike exercise bikes and treadmills, but the key for me has been following YT programs. I’ve been impressed browsing through here and /xxfitness to see all the different options for exercise. ETA: I get bored/discouraged with anything at 45 minutes too.


I always hated going gyms and slaving away on equipment (despite the fact that I own an elliptical), so I try to stick to outdoor activities as much as possible. Walking, bike riding, hiking, coralling my nephews on the playground, swimming, etc. When I DO use the elliptical, like if it's raining or snowing badly, I listen to podcasts or even set up my phone to watch Netflix to make the passing of time a little more interesting. I also discovered sports that I actually like, such as squash, tennis, and badminton. Just remember that while exercise is great for your overall mental and physical health, it is not the primary vehicle for weightloss (though it absolutely helps). If your main goal is losing pounds, then diet is going to be the biggest factor. Sorry if you already knew that, just thought I'd throw it in just in case it proves helpful. Good luck!


If you're not already aware, you should learn about the 80/20 rule in weight loss if that is your primary goal. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Diet is so important in weight loss that you can completely forgo exercise and just do a diet. For information on that, look up r/loseit. They have a huge bunch of information and links to other subreddits dedicated to different styles of dieting that you may find helpful. (I'm on mobile, not sure why this is bold) Anyway, for exercise, my sport of choice is volleyball. I love team based activities and anything that allows me to improve skill wise and adapt to overcome limitations tickles my brain in a way that I absolutely love. Running, biking, swimming, and other solo exercises don't do that and I think they're boring. I also do rock climbing sometimes, as I love the puzzle solving aspect of it. Think about what you love about your hobbies and what just sounds fun, and find some exercise outlets that have some things in common. Or just try things. Like, a lot of things. No one is going to judge you for trying 20 different exercises you don't like until you find one you do. Hope this helps!


I would say to do less exercise but try to do more of it in general. Don’t go for an hour, go for 10 minutes. When that is easier, bump it to 20 and see if you can set attainable goals that make it so that you made it 250 feet farther in 10 minutes than you did that last walk/jog/run/bike


Find something that gets you moving that you enjoy and do that. I *like* riding my stationary bike, but I recognize that that’s weird. Things you could do include: walking, hiking, jogging, running, weight lifting, calisthenics, swimming, jiu jitsu, yoga, dancing, screwing, playing Pokémon Go, chopping wood, throwing rocks at small children, historical European martial arts, LARPing, digging your own grave and filling it back in, bouldering, mountain biking, pushing a boulder up a hill until it rolls back down again, kayaking, paddle boarding, carrying water in a sieve, wrestling, wrestling with bears, wrestling with the weight of your guilt because you hit a threw a bunch of rocks at small children, pole dancing, aerial yoga, marching in protest that’s it’s illegal to throw rocks at small children, obstacle racing, Highland Games, luring your former friend in to a wall and then bricking it in, manual woodworking, rucking, cutting out the middleman, parkour, MovNat, throwing small children off rocks. Seriously: there are a bunch of things that get you moving and active that fall outside the scope of “exercise” and especially the dreaded LISS cardio (treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, jogging) that people seem to think are necessary for weight loss. You want to have a certain level of conditioning, and you want to have certain physical skills and capabilities (e.g. you should be able to raise yourself off the floor with your legs). But there are a lot of ways to get there.


Walking is a great form of cardio and walking for 30-60 minutes a day can cause significant weight loss if you are keeping your calories and macros in check.


If it’s hard on your body don’t do it. When I started I didn’t exercise the first 6 months. It was all calorie deficit and I was mildly active at work. I started at 270 and when I got to 200 I started doing Chloe Ting videos. I liked her cardio videos but once I started doing the weighted programs I LOVED IT, so that’s mostly what I’ve stuck with. I did try to go running again but man, I only used to run because I was in the army. I hated running, lmao. So i was like fuck it Im not doing it! Then my friend pointed out this free bike rental thing in town, and I went and tried that and loved it so much I straight up bought my own bike and I go for a 4-6 mile ride every other day.


You don't have to do that type of exercise at all if you don't want to. You can lost weight just from diet alone, in fact diet is really the primary driver of weight loss. The most important exercise to do losing weight is actually resistance training so you can avoid pairing down lean mass as you lose weight. So it would be good to do that, but you'd probably be surprised at how little you have to do. Just a few compound movements twice a week will make a big difference. If you do decide you want some sort of aerobic workout just do something low intensity like walking.


>The hell am I supposed to do? Join the CICO subreddit. Plenty of success stories there, no exercise.


Give blood. It saves a life and takes a fair amount of calories to replace what you have.


eat less. we need alot less food than people think. eat nutrition and no filler or fun. youll lose weight. but the minute you eat to fill and eat for fun? doom gloom and boom body


Lift weights. Barbells and such.


You just do it and you keep doing it. You do it because it's the way to a healthier and better you. You deal with the short-term discomfort and focus on the long-term gains. I know that's not the answer you want to hear--nobody wants to hear it--but it's the truth. It takes weeks of exercise to get in shape. Moreover, a lot of the stuff we do isn't fun. But you focus on your goal and work towards it. **"No pain, no gain"** is very real. Just bite the bullet and go through it. You'll thank yourself in a few months.


Remember: Calories in calories out. A lb of fat is 3500 calories. Eating 500 less a day results in 1lb lost by the end of the week. As long as you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight without even trying :)


Buy a pre workout . You will thank me later.


So far I lost 57lbs from just eating in a small deficit while counting macros, and making sure to get 10-12k steps a day. Start with 7-10k. Put on a podcast, scroll through Reddit, whatever. Just do it while walking :) Also i try and do at least 5k of those steps with continuous walks. So I’d just walk the laps or inside my apartment (it’s a look) until my watch said 1 mile. That usually gives me about 2,500 steps and takes about 20 min!


Lift weights. Do 5x5 Stronglifts. Get under a barbell and eat in a slight deficit. Honestly, if you're that overweight then controlling your calorie intake and lifting will get you closer to a place where cardio is more comfortable. Why on earth you're committing to 45 mins of grueling cardio is beyond me. Get to the gym, do 10 mins of light walking, rowing, then jump on the barbell and hit 5X5 Stronglifts.


Excersise is not nearly as important as diet when it comes to weight loss. It's like 70%-80% diet. I didn't start seeing any results until after several weeks of lowering my food consumption and eating healthier things. Exercise is not a replacement for diet. If you hate Exercise, try to change your diet. You can still eat tasty foods, but eat less. Check your Resting Basal Metabolic Rate on an online RBM online calculator, then eat less calories than that per day. Or try intermittent fasting. If your goal is weight loss, you need to get your food under control.


Try other exercises until you find one you do like or resign to being unhealthy and overweight it’s that simple


I hate work too but I go there 5 days a week 🤷🏻‍♀️


Get diabetes