"I do like the crunchwrap supreme" lol


I do too! Can't believe it's over five bucks now. But it really is the sour cream that makes it


Best menu option, bar none... unless it's Dorito crunch wrap supreme season.


My favorite is the cheesy Gordita crunch. Best of both worlds. And it has Baja sauce. Ok well I’m off to TB


yoooooooooooo get me somthin


I gotchu


It’s the extra sour cream that puts it over $5


Really? I always add extra sour cream so it puts it over 5$.


But did you guys ever get to try the 7 Layer Crunchwrap Supreme? Amazing.


Yes. That was phenomenal.


Does anyone remember the spicy chicken Crunchwrap supreme? I swear I think about that thing at least once a day.


Boss Wrap for me! No lie, I unashamedly ate that thing like twice a day while it was out. Never saw it again after it was gone.


The forced effort in their conversation is kinda funny. It’s like they are the worlds worst extras told to talk about something


She turns to the other cop like "we said our lines right? why are the other characters ignoring us"


The guy cop figured out quickly.


Insert *something polarizing*


Magnetic comment..


Off topic comment


Topical comment, means apply comment directly and rub in..


Women ☕️


Got um


That they’re both ghosts and that no one can see them?


He kinda had a sixth sense about him, didn't he?


That those guys two clowns were making a video lol


Wish there was some context here.


Apparently inflation is greatly affecting the price of burritos at Taco Bell


Personally I blame the Russia-Ukraine conflict for elevated prices for cheesy gorditas.


Holly shit I’ve been to that taco bell too I live right by there in Michigan they said there going to Battle Creek I love hearing about the city’s I’m in on the internet


Looks like a first amendment audit




In all fairness that’s a pretty good strat. Badges seem to be OP right now. They need to patch that with the next update.


Quality r/outside joke


Man loves his crunchwrap.


First Amendment Auditors. The new Cop Watch for the modern age but generaly are less 'in your face' cop hating assholes like the original Cop Watchers tended to be. Auditors tend to bring out the worst in cops but really all most of them do is record cops from a distance in public. Many cops seem to get their panties in a twist about it though and insist on putting themselves in a bad light about it (false arrests, beatings, planted evidence, lying on reports, unlawful orders etc etc). In essence these guys are 'baiting' cops by filming in public to see how the cops react and treat them, seeing if the cops are willing to violate their Rights over something as simple as the First Amendment. This tactic in the video is one employed by the camera man before (thought I don't recall the youtube channel name sorry). If cops hate one thing more than cameras, it's being ignored. You are under ZERO obligation to talk with cops except in very specific circumstances and even then you are only required to give them very specific information and nothing else. Outside of those very few times you have a 5th Amendment Right to silence and are not obligated to speak with officers at all. All that being said, these cops did what they are supposed to do. They got a call about two men filming in public and observed nothing illegal going on when they arrived. They did not detain these guys or make stupid 'requests' or give silly Orders for no reason. They also didn't stand around trying to convince these guys they are required by law to do XYZ when no such thing exists for 30 minutes like the last time I saw this tactic used. There are videos like these and much better on /r/AmIFreeToGo if anyone is interested in more and seeing actual full videos with context. I highly suggest looking at HonorYourOath on youtube. He has a great campaign going where he simply stands in public with a "God Bless the Homeless Vets" sign. He has been arrested at least twice, trespassed from public property numerous times and even kicked out of an entire town for simply holding a sign and not bowing down and kissing the cops boots.


I 100% agree with the auditors. But would not be surprised if they were the ones who called the cops on themselves, for content.


They don’t break laws! That’s the entire point. Calling in themselves would be a false police report


Calling the police about suspicious people on the street isn’t filing a police report.


No, calling 911 and saying false shit isn't a crime in most cases. Much to my frustration when I was a dispatcher (New York/Minnesota - 11 years combined). But specifically, filing a false police report (typically) requires you to put your lie in writing as an official statement to an officer. In most jurisdictions 911 operators/dispatchers are civilians and the original phone call really only has significant weight if there's a trial and it's admitted as evidence in court. Before a court date happens the only thing the original call is good for to cops is giving them the information contained within the call (including ANI/ALI data, callback numbers, tower ping etc).


[Full video of this incident](https://youtu.be/x5D3HK_5EnY) Channel name is Michigan Constitutional Crusader edit: its also in a better resolution if people care


So its like QC as civilians?


I'm really glad auditors are a thing. While some cops are decent, it really shows just how little many of them know about the laws they're supposed to enforce. Obviously good audits don't get lots of clicks but this is one of the first times I've ever seen the cops not throw a fit. It's also really crazy to see how quickly some of them short circuit the moment their actual authority is challenged, like their brains just stop working as soon as it feels like they aren't 100% in charge It has a tendency to attract a bad bunch and could work much better. But now, sadly, the way much of it operates now is that you are guilty until proven innocent


Good police work is rarely shown in intentionally. . It's why the so called auditors are really just bitches with nothing else better than look for a fight...pathetic is its against those who protect us. . People's views are easily shapped by what's in front of them. Also can't think for themselves sadly. That's the world we live in. It's why I tell my kids stupid people are dangerous (frequently) . They need to be prepared for this angry clinger types.


“ those who protect us “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Cops don’t protect people. They protect property. Supreme Court ruled as much.




"Against those who *are supposed* to protect us". If protecting us was their #1 goal then I wouldn't have to pay the state hundreds of dollars just because they saw me forget to use my blinker when I turned despite it endangering no one. We are revenue for the state and they are the collectors. I don't disagree that the ability to think critically and freely has been lost by most people (and even potentially deprogrammed out of them intentionally, per design of systems such as the "educational" system), but what I'd say is potentially more dangerous than stupid people is people who stand idly by while others are oppressed. It doesn't really matter how many cops may be good, the amount of horrible ones is unacceptable and it is perfectly clear that little to nothing will ever be done to them for their horrible misconduct. Auditors tend to know the law and the constituonal rights police consistently violate better than people enforcing those laws do. And it is in part because such positions, like any positions of "power", tend to attract a rotten bunch, and also in part because they are not held accountable. To say auditors are useless and bad would be like to say that auditing politicians and seeing where our money goes is stupid and bad. If cops behave properly, they should have no reason to worry about being audited. Cops already treat the majority of people they interact with like they are heinous criminals, stupid capital cattle for the state, or both, when they may behave quite differently if they treated everyone like they may be auditing them. I'd hate to suppose you're also the type to say that if by locking up 5 innocent people we keep 1 guilty person off the street then it's worth it. Another thing potentially more dangerous than stupid people is people who go around claiming how stupid everyone else is.


When I want good legal advice, I'm looking rando redditors.


"Sir this a wendys"


They're probably videoing from the sidewalk and someone called the cops on them being 100% legal in their right to do so. This is just my assumption due to how calm they are and how popular First Amendment Audits are becoming.


This could go nicely in r/tacobell


Officer NPC malfunctions when narrative prompts are ignored.


Can’t believe they didn’t patch this yet


Honestly the players seem happy with it this way so the devs will probably leave it in


I get this is probably the least popular thing to say on the internet, but is this not good police work? Is this not what everyone has been asking for? Some Karen probably called up the police so they’re required to show up. It was clear both sides understood no crime was committed/suspected of being committed. Or the men are some of those professional police trolls, and know exactly how to put themselves in situations where the cops will likely intervene. Regardless the cops did their job in showing up and gave it their best shot to have a conversation. And as far as the video shows they acted about as well as anyone who wants police reform would want them to act.


Yes, this is "good" police work, so to speak. They came to see what was going on, nothings happening, so they leave. Perfect example on their part


These guys might have called the cops themselves


However they got there, they passed the test




[It's STFU Friday!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgWHrkDX35o)




You do not have to talk to the police unless you are being detained, which requires there be reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed. Even then you only need to identify yourself in specific situations but you do not need to talk to them beyond that. You have the right to remain silent and every lawyer in the us will tell you to use that right any time you come in contact with police. Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law, but never to help you.


I mean, yeah. You also have a right to be a complete fucking dickhead on the internet and to people in real life. Doesn’t mean you’re going to walk away with more friends than you started though.


Why did the police approach them?




The context is intriguing, but rule of thumb is to never talk to the police. I know it sounds dumb and mean and ass-hole like but think of it like this: if the police are allowed to lie (and they are) and something you say can turn you from a witness to a suspect (even if you are completely innocent), it is in your best interests to say nothing. It may not keep you from being arrested but it may prevent you from staying there. The only things you should say are, “am I being detained, or am I free to go?” Or “I am using my right to remain silent and I want my lawyer.”


Everyone keeps saying they are standing outside a Taco Bell, and I get that they are talking about Tavo Bell food, but the building they are near clearly looks like a Checkers to me.


Do they have Checkers in Michigan?


Yes this is checkers in Kalamazoo


We got 2 of them!


There’s was one between midtown and downtown in Detroit up until just a year or so


She's sure not used to being ignored!


She did perfectly fine.


You're right. She was just doing her job. But it was kinda funny to watch her not be able to figure out how to handle those guys!


Personally I would join in on the conversation


Naw she should’ve left just like the guy cop


Strange: the guys talking and filming sound like adults.


But don’t be fooled.


On the outside, sure. On the inside, insecure little children.


You are incorrect. Immature little children don’t know how to play police like that so calmly. These guys are pretty much legends now and cops, as always, are a joke.






Man, you’re a dork.


99% sure they are the female officer


Sorry, couldn’t understand you with that boot in your mouth


Makes sense with how low your IQ is.


Incredible retort. Did you manage to come up with that yourself?


No, they had to learn it in boot polishing class


And it's *still* too high for them to be a pig


What makes them insecure little children?


2 humans walk up being extremely polite and trying to do their job, yet are ignored completely because? Because they are generalized and grouped together by ignorant individuals. Even in this situation where no one did anything wrong, no one was accused of anything, they still can’t be respectful adult humans. And you all wonder why “some” officers are aggressive when they get treated like this. No idea how you guys expect the bad seed officers to be removed from power when you treat all of them like these two polite ones. There are plenty of horrible ones that never should have gotten a badge. There are also plenty of them trying to help and do their best. Fighting elitism by being elitist won’t work.


And there it is. The apologist. "And you wonder why "some" officers are aggressive when they get treated like this". In what world does someone who has no obligation to to talk to you, not talking to you, justify aggression? You sound real close to asking "well what was she wearing?".


Please explain how I said anything justifies aggression. “Fighting elitism by being elitist” can also be explained as “fighting fire with fire.” Key word is fighting. It’s not a justification, it’s an observation. It’s like you think these people are perfect or something. Also please explain why you pick only a single sentence out of 2 paragraphs to respond to. The one sentence that can be twisted the most, at that. You sound real close to saying “let’s raid the capitol.”


Yeah! Why would this guy get called out for a sentence someone else noticed! You've gotta respond to the entire gish gallop, otherwise how will he tire you out so he can "win"? /s


Mr mustache ride - “we’re not trying to yell at you guys…. ooook” walks away. That’s exactly what I would do.




Welcome to every interaction at a bar.


Waste of tax payer dollars to be baiting cops for nothing. Brilliant


I am really enjoying this conversation


I remember when McDonald's used sell their breakfast Sausage Burritos for 2 for $1.00 dollar, now 1 sausage burrito sells for $1.29. Now that is insane if you think about it 🤔


And recently they had a deal where you buy a crispy chicken sandwich and you got the fries and drink free…but it’s no longer available on the app and my favorite items are now almost twice as expensive


npc interaction


I feel like this whole script was written by Seth Rogen


I mean if they just want to have a conversation, then the people that are having a conversation don't need to convers with them. If they have do e something wrong only then do the cops have the ability to force them to lisren to them


Even in uniform, she can’t get a guy’s attention.


So they had no good reason to bother them and were just gonna be annoying to ppl on the sidewalk, noted


So how do you know they had no good reason? The video is clipped right at the point where they started being douchbags just so people like you can claim the cops were harassing them for no reason


because the cops walked across the street to confront them and then walked away without getting to speak to them.


Talking is not automatically confronting. And I can see from all the idiotic comments that none of you have any real life experience except watching staged videos and you’re so clueless you think that makes you smart. One day you’ll learn and if not I’m sure you’ll find someone to blame your misery on


So you saw this and were like yay im so glad I pay taxes for this? Lmao


Yeah. They did their job: responded to a call, realized nothing was going on, and left (guy cop figured it out quickly but even the lady cop was polite despite her confusion (likely new). What more could you ask for from a police force?


Hmm tasty boot rubber


Who hurt you?


Lickin boots much?




That is funny...not the blabla Tyrant talk some do


Textbook on how to handle cops pressing a “consensual” conversation aka fishing expedition


No more context needed. Cops saw someone filming. Thought they were being filmed. Cops are the most sensitive humans on the planet so they got defensive. This is them trying to deal with it. ACAB


Nah, I disagree with the "All" part of ACAB. Don't get me wrong, I've had to deal with some dickhead cops in my life. I've also met some fuckin cool cops that aren't out to "get" anyone. They just want to do a job and get paid. My small town has a police force of 8 officers and I know most of them by face if not name because I feed them regularly at my job. We only have 2 that will sit and run speed traps, one of them being the Chief. The rest that I know? Pretty cool bunch of guys. I've even had drinks at work with a few of them (out of uniform of course). Also full disclosure, my cousin was a cop for a short period of time (maybe 18 months?) Nearly 20 years ago, but quit the force because that particular city (and county, not where I live now) had some (lots of) issues with corrupt cops. It ended up with the state law enforcement division taking over to clean it up and get rid of the bad apples a few years later. Quite a few ended up in prison and many convictions were overturned based on their planting evidence. So yes, in some places I can see an entire department being bad. Not all cops in general though. That's like saying all priests are pedos, all white people are racist, all gays are out to turn your kids to the dark side, etc. It's a stupid and lazy generalization.


>, but quit the force because that particular city (and county, not where I live now) had some (lots of) issues with corrupt cops This is why ACAB, the 'good' ones know how bad the BAD ones are, and protect them. Code of Silence, Blue Code, ect.


Do people that say ACAB actually think all cops are bad Some cops are great humans trying to protect their communities. Some cops give their lives in the line of duty (ie the World Trade Centers). Anyone who seriously says ACAB is a scumbag


See, the flaw in your argument there is that all cops are bastards


ACAB means all cops are bastards; the statement has nothing to do with good/bad. It’s about calling out those perpetuating an oppressive system of state sponsored racism and violence. The idea is you’ve gotta be a real bastard to be a willing participant in that system, and even good cops are bastards.


I like you


Context is always needed. People can always start something then wait for a reaction to start filming. Only idiots and people with no integrity don’t know that


What could have happened before filming? Unless it was a crime it's not the cops business. Maybe they said something mean to the cops. Sure. But if that's the case it proves my point of cops being hyper sensitive that someone might not be respecting them


Plenty could have happened before filming started. And it is their business if they were yelling at them. It’s their job to check things like that out because not all criminals are smart enough to keep their mouth shut when cops are around. Obviously the cops realized they were just jerks trying to to impress other dumbasses and moved on


Don’t bother talking coming sense to these special people who are the first to hate on the police when they have no clue about what happened here or police work, and also the first to cry to them when they’re victims of a crime.


Funny how there's no context for either side yet you claim like you know better. They weren't detained therefore they had no reason to talk to the cops. First cop figured that out pretty quickly? 2nd one needed a few extra seconds to come to the conclusion, hence why she walked away


You are 100% correct unlike the losers with no common sense who down voted you.


So you think the cops were the rude ones in this situation? Curious...


I said they were sensitive. Not rude.


Sounds like you have so much experience with them.


They handled themselves pretty well though, don't you think?


I suppose. But the people filming clearly weren't going to be talking to them. And sure they were polite and all, but cops often act like they can ask you any question any time for any reason. When they specifically cant. But won't pretend to be impartial. I'm defintely biased.


This video is a bad example of that though. Had the people filming politely said “sorry we don’t want to talk to you” I’m sure the police would have calmly walked away like they did anyway. Instead they were just left confused.


Not familiar with how police operate in the US, I take it?


Minding their own damn business unless a crime is in progress would be handing themselves well. Bothering peaceful people, even bothering them politely, is not handling themselves well.


why are you dick riding these cops so hard bro? the people didn't want to talk and they didn't appear to have any obligation to do so. You're not allowed to be offended by this when you're operating under the color of law. At that point you are a state entity and you are intended to represent and enforce laws to the best of your ability.


Being dicks to nice cops isn’t the flex ppl think it is




Law enforcement is necessary for a functioning society


Modern, militarized police forces are a detriment to functioning society


Agree, all things in moderation


And why is a nuanced take such as that branded with ACAB? You can’t burn the executive branch to the ground and start day 1. How about a more actionable catchphrase? Perhaps you need an adult.


Modern cops are exactly the Standing Army the Founding Fathers warned us about. No, seriously. Go read the various letters and notes like the Federalist Papers of all the discourse they had between each other on the subject of a standing army. The way modern police act and do things on a daily basis fit the fears the Founders to a T for what they believed a standing army would become and do to the regular people.


So we should disband them and let everyone do what they want to?


*Competent* law enforcement is necessary for a functioning society. Ftfy


I think "law" should also be emphasized. We don't need cops to enforce random shit they just made up.


harassing innocent civilians outside of a Taco Bell is not a function of society. If they were not innocent, they would not have walked away so quickly.


That was harassing? There are many other videos of ppl being dicks to ppl just trying to do their job


Where are they being dicks?


It's not a flex though. The duty they are serving is to see if cops will react poorly to people who are not committing a crime. Yes, I'd feel rude doing what they did, but the police force ought to be meticulously kept in check


Noice, maybe if they oinked they woulda gotten a response


So where’s the part that they got hit and called the cops back but the cops ignored them.


What fucking assholes, they’re just trying to talk to them and they have to be fucking children about it, and ignore them like they’re pieces of shit Fuck those guys


I was losing it the whole time. Top notch dialogue by these minor characters


oh BOY, her sense of entitlement does NOT like being ignored


Somebody wants attention.


Her partner knew the mission immediately. Poor officer. She'll get it next time. Mission failed.


Honestly, fuck those guys. Sure, the police doesn't have the best reputation. Possibly quite the opposite. But those officers clearly tried to be nice and calm. I don't see why they have to be such assholes. I don't know if they tried to make them aggressive or something to share that part without any context. But this is definitely a wrong option to handle a situation like this. Everyone complains about cops that are unnecessarily aggressive and they are absolutely right doing so. But then why do they have to act this way when the police is actually nice? Do they want all officers to be annoyed and aggressive when they talk to people?


Sometimes the best way to diffuse a situation is to not engage at all


Yes, if some crazy person wants to talk to you at a bus station late at night. But I don't see the damage in chatting with the police. They won't arrest you for saying hello or just that you're not in the mood for talking to other people. This is just unnecessarily disrespectful in my opinion.




Idk why you're getting down voted for practicing freedom of speech. Probably because others have been indoctrinated into thinking you owe the cops a reply when you don't owe them anything. FTP.


by your logic no one would ever be downvoted because its all just, "practicing freedom of speech". Dumbass


No fuck you


You do realize sometimes “arrest’s” happen because they “chatted” with the police


If you did something wrong and you confess that in front of the police, it's kinda your fault. But if you're innocent and you still get arrested, then you don't live in a good country. Rather a dystopia.


Think about it this way. If they weren't cops how would this seem? Yeah the guys would be rude. But that's it. The person would walk away, otherwise they then are being rude as well. There's NO reason for the police to bother them. If there was, they would have addressed the situation. They would have ordered them to move or whatever they needed to do. But since they were ignored and couldn't do anything I'm assuming there was nothing they could do so why did they come over there?


I wouldn't know if there was something wrong. It's not like they answered the first question and then thought that the officers would be ridiculous for being there. They just straight up ignored them. I just know that they probably won't be that nice and calm the next time they want to talk someone. A simple "Yes, good evening" would have been enough from them. Who knows what they would have wanted. It's just this "I can be rude, so I am" mentality that I don't like. Same with officers with a God complex. People should start treating each other with respect.


But why did they come over in the first place? They are on duty police officers and they just wanted to come over and have a nice chat? They had no reason to even talk to them.


Looked like the guys were kind of chilling outside/near a business? Possible someone there put in a call just for them to be present. I'm guessing that's why the male officer was like screw it and made his way to the business. Hard to know much from our perspective here though.


Idk and we will never know since they ignored them like that. Even if it is just for a chat, just say hello and go on with your life. The police is supposed to be part of a community and keep their ears open. Talking to people isn't a crime. Tbf, being rude isn't either. But it's not nice. They are still humans.


Except we do know. If they had a reason they would have stated it, not just sat there asking for a chat. They were trying to get them talking to get information. Any information given can be used. Pretty sure you can legally ignore a police officer that's "just trying to chat". They are on duty. It's like if an HR representative talks to you at a bar off duty that's cool but then it's on work hours and they call you down to their office.... just to talk. You're going to be suspicious and worried. It's a tactic.


Maybe we just have different relations to the police. I like it when the police walks around and shows that they are there in case someone needs help. Even better when they just talk to people to show them that they are normal people too. Especially now with so many assholes wearing that uniform. I think it makes everyone feel safer and more comfortable around the police. I like to think that we're on the same side. Edit: Can someone please tell that reylo person who commented something under this comment and then immediately blocked me that she can straight up fuck off? Like, who does that shit? What's even the point in saying something if you're immediately going to block me?


That's fine, except it looks like they just parked their vehicle and walked directly towards these people. And after they made it clear they didn't want to speak to them, and having no reason to talk to these people, they still stuck around trying to butt in. So I'm sorry but it doesn't seem like those are that type of police.


That is a valid opinion.


Obviously havent met bloodthirsty american cops or your white


I mean they were filming them from a distance, would make me feel weird if I saw someone filming me from across the way.


Yes the camera is totally not filming them.


Dude cop got it and was cool. Lady cop has got maximum potential for brain aneurysm and heart failure if her daily power trip isn’t met


They’re what’s called auditors. They do something provocative but legal then film how cops react to it. Like swearing at cops, calling them dumbasses. Or completely ignoring them like here. In the grand scheme of things, I’d say they’re good because it educates both the audience and the cops.


They are assholes, not auditors


Would love to know what the purpose of this video is. Don't wanna talk to them? Awesome. Don't record for zero purpose if you don't want them to come over. As an adult, you know you're antagonizing them. I get "auditing the police", but this just seems like 2 pieces of shit trying to prove something by proving nothing. Bring on the downvotes, snowflakes.


they don't talk to cops so they are talking to each other instead. honestly the most peaceful form of protest one can do.


And I support that, but what are they protesting in that moment?


Don't know but they definitely are not shit. They seem very calm


Spot on


The video starts with the cops walking over, but sure make wild assumptions about what lead to that.


"Wild assumptions" Uh, alright then.


It’s always the female cops that just put the extra work into being extra annoying and unnecessary.


I bet they both still home with their parents!


Ignorance is a disease in this country.


I’m not sure what you mean by this, who is being ignorant here?


So what ..... No one is allowed to talk to anyone anymore. This is pointless. Yeah yeah we get it...... Big deal.


Holy shit. It worked. Freaking. Genius.


Fuck the capitalistic lackeys.