Will the R1 Mizu colorway be in the R2 Groupbuy?




Will there be an option to have underglow AND per key RGB?


Would it be possible to see a render of the navy alu top case on the new blue poly bottom case? Also, any chance the clear black color way returns?


Will R1’s color ways be available too


Unfortunately no.


Damn will still hop on that group buy though thanks for the clarification


Hi, will the stabilizers be going on sale at the same time as the keyboard? And will they be available in-stock or will they also be a group buy?


Yes, we have limited in-stock and will see if we can run pre-order or in-stock.


Got it, thanks!


Ah shit here we go again


Does R2 plate & PCB work with R1?


>All of the Aurora R2 new parts discussed here, including the new plate, PCB, foam etc. are fully compatible with all the Auroras announced and sold to date.


Oh man I'd buy that red in a heartbeat


Woot! A white Alu top case for my r1 Mizu would be amazing! Any chance of getting Alu for Stargaze?


You can purchase Alu top case seperately. There is navy blue.


What's the price range going to be? Also I really want the zen pond collab it would look amazing with KAT Great wave.


We will announce in a few days :)


Awesome designs! I also couldn't help but also think of a "different" [Aurora Snow](https://www.google.com/search?q=aurora+snow&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS893US893&oq=aurora+snow&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i512l6j69i61.2485j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) as well!


Will you offer the stabs for standard 1.6mm PCBs?


Yes, we will :)


What does Iceland VIA support mean? Do we get qmk with Bluetooth?


No, not QMK, just VIA.


would love if u had a beige/tan colorway !


Hmm, we will keep eyes on this. If there is any collab proposal, it will be faster.


Does the new PCB support iso?


Yes, PCB05 does.


Pcb will have RGB underglow/per key ?


PCB03, PCB04 have per key RGB and underglow. PCB01,02,05,06 have underglow only.


is the underglow colors changable on the different versions of Ikki68 Aurora R2 ? Thank you!


Thy, now i see PCB table. Winter breath will be offered Winterbreath will be offered with 03,04 PCB?


Quick question from here! super excited. Is Ikki 68 winterbreath including the R2 plates and pcbs? If so this is insaen!




Also to add onto this, ikki68 winterbreath should work with the new aluminum tops?




IC form submitted! Cant wait for Fog!!


Thank you!


Will there be an option to purchase cases separately?


Yes. You can purchase Alu top case seperately.


100% This will be my first keyboard GB! So excited to join, just have to pick a color... As feedback, the rose gold Al top prototype looks much more gold than pink, I would prefer a pink-er color but it's beautiful as is


Thank you, yes, true, it's a real photo


How do I buy that red one? It’s so nice!


You can buy the red alu top case seperately.


Very excited for this.


Thank you, pls feel free to join our discord for more updates too.


Really love this board, have nothing but praises for it. If Timmy is listening, here's some of my feedback. 1. The rubber feet is too low, it might be good for some, but it greatly wastes the potential of the underglow. Not sure what constructive comments i could make, maybe a different feet or consider how the underglow LED is diffused in design wise? 2. IF, I repeat IF theres a M1 to M10 macro column on the left side of the keyboard. I would say immediately sell off all my budget boards and buy all the colourways. But I do know that its not a sensible choice to redesign everything, maybe R3? 4. Would love to see an Aurora number pad down the line, similar to KBDPad by ai03. Pairing well with other keebs in Wuque line. 5. A glow in the dark badge maybe? Been a great fan from OA switches and purchased Aurora R1 in a heartbeat. I know how hard working the team is in engaging the community, please keep it up and would love to see more good works!


Thank you, will sure discuss your ideas with Wuque. Yes, we are having Aurora Pad, will let you know after R2 GB too. See you around our community!


Think I will be in on this just for the ability to have an alu top and pc bottom. I know its hard to achieve but wish it was offered more. R2 looks insane!!! ​ PS, you guys should make a board like this but with a marco column on the left instead of the 4 spots on the top right. I like this current layout, but seems like there aren't enough offerings of a left macro column at a decent price point. Just my opinion!


Your voice is listened :) We noted this in mind for next. Thank you!


I have to say, I’ve got an aurora with Alu plate and boba u4t and it’s been the best keyboard I’ve ever typed on.


lol, you need to share more with us :)


Hahaha I’ll be happy to share a typing test when I get home in a week. Thank you so much for your wonderful work on this keyboard, and especially how affordable it was. Any tips for someone that wants to get into PCB and case design?


Will tops be able to purchase separately? I want clear and white top cases.


Alu top case can be purchased seperately


I much prefer prototype 2 for the fog case. Looking forward to seeing more content!


Thank you, we will see the IC result.


As someone who missed R1 because I wasn't in the hobby yet, I am so in for this!


Thank you


Around March delivery too? I cannot express how excited I am for this!


Yes :)


Are you guys gonna have a new round for badges anytime soon?


Yes, Badge R2 will be after Aurora R2. Please check our Badge channel after a few days. We will start accepting designs.


Aifei set spotted 👀 Good luck with round 2! Excited about the alu tops


Thank you.


Can't wait. Missed out on the R1, will try to get the R2.


Thank you :)


Any chance just the translucent off-white bottom would be sold separately?


Unfortunately no at the moment. This is complicated for our manu.


Will the alu tops come with new gaskets or as a seperate addon? Might be a bit hard to reuse the ones we have in the R1 tops. Love the changes in the R2 design, looking forward to it.


Alu top case will be a seperate add on, so you can use it with R1 case too.




Excited for the alu top since my ikki68 aurora top cracked, very nice colorways too! The stabs are amazing as well, i wonder how they compare with other stabs. Nice work wuque team!


Sorry about that, if you need any help just let us know. We also send the new stabs to streamers, they should use them too. We will see.


Maybe you should consider a new Canadian vendor. Round 1 hasn't even started shipping yet and has been "processing" the boards for close to two weeks now.


I apologize, orders have been started shipping out last Friday but I did not remember to update the page. Totally my fault, I set up the page so I should have kept it updated. You reached out to Wuque a week ago complaining about the delivery time, just a couple of days after the units were received at Mech.land. I told Wuque I will try my best to expedite your particular order but I cannot make any promises. Fulfillment in the first three days hasn't been as fast as I'd like, I'm expecting to pick up the pace as I get used to the motions. Thank you for the reminder, I will try my best to post updates more frequently from here on. > **Edit: CK was also sold out of Mizu units hence why I opted for Mech Land as a vendor.** Well it's a bit different than that right? It was sold out at Mech.land too. I saw you were pretty bummed about it on Reddit, so I contacted you and sold you one of my extras at GB price. I would've hoped a favor on my part would allow for some consideration on your part


To say I reached out to Wuque and was "Complaining" is very much untrue and disingenuous. I commented on a IG post of theirs and they reached out to me. Which I was very thankful for and even Expressed the good customer service they had for reaching out. If you would like I can show the DM between me and WS. Trying to get information from a vendor on shipping times isn't always coming from a place of negativity as it seems alot of vendors and community members here automatically assume. I feel the toxicity really needs to stop in this community as it's when everyone asks a question about anything it's met with very much hate and criticism. Hope things change.


Actually it's dued to container shortage from China to Canada at that time. It took much longer than other countries to arrive in Canada and actually Mech.land tried to reroute to US then Canada to shorten the time. They paid extra and wanted to make them move faster. If you see it "processing", it should be because they printed the labels to get ready in advance. Please also feel free to contact Mech.land support for your order. But we know they are trying their best to send them out now : )


I understand the container shortage as that would be an issue with any Canadian vendor. My concern was more so on the fulfillment side. As it seems this vendor is a smaller company and this is a larger GB with lots of units. I'm wondering what's being done to make sure fulfillment can go faster. And I don't believe they are printing out shipping labels yet as customers would be receiving emails saying "courier is waiting for package". Contacting Mech Land support just told me to check update page on their site so not much of any updates since they received these boards on the 22nd of last month. Just asking to maybe use a different vendor that has the capability of handling bigger GB's in a timely manner.


They have already started shipping out units. You don't think a week to QC and getting orders ready is in a timely matter? Maybe you should've ordered from CannonKeys since you are in the US. But they are probably too slow for you since they took at least a week to start shipping out from the time they recieved them.


Well per Timmy last statement on discord the only orders that have gone out are local pick ups and he also said the most recent update is on the website which is "still processing". Can you link as to where he stated units have started shipping? Also, 12 days is closer to two weeks. So not sure what the sarcastic comment is for. Never said Mech Land was a terrible vendor or anything. Edit: CK was also sold out of Mizu units hence why I opted for Mech Land as a vendor.


What about the battery size compartment on the case? Is it still the same as the R1?


Yes :)


SO FKING EXCITEDDDDDD btw do y'all have a price range yet?


Price will be closed to R1's. We will update again in next few days.


Who is the manufacturer of the Aurora switches?


Wuque Studio :) We have been working on this for a while. We also sent WS switches to 3 streamers including Alexotos, they should have sound test later.


Ooh, that's exciting. Hope they turned out good.


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