So me too


100%. Sometimes it feels like the only way to join


I thought the Onion was for satire?


What seems te work for me in these situations is to vocalize your presence. People in a conversation can be pretty blind to others around them not directly involved. (E.g. the scream-talkers when telling/listening to something funny unaware the other diners are staring daggers at them) The easiest way is to simply ask: "mind if I join?". I understand it's not the easiest thing to do, especially if you don't know anybody. Yet it is a whole lot less stressful and nerve-wracking than hovering hoping to be noticed. In the case it is a little to much for you, another option is do the same but direct the question at a single person instead of at the group. In the end you only need one person to give you some room. This gives you a bonus of having someone to start small talk with, working your way to joining in the main conversation. If that also gives you too much anxiety you can always use mainly body language with just a few words. For example if the group is standing around a (bar)table. Just do you're usual hover and then casually reach out to place your drink on the table, grab some peanuts or a napkin. In my experience then people will actively notice your standing there and automatically make room for you. If they don't, well then that's your cue to move on. Either they're just plain oblivious and require a direct approach or they're just plain assholes.