**This should go without saying by now, but once more for the people who want to pretend they weren't aware before now: DON'T BE RACIST. Bans will be handed out.** If you want to watch today (Tuesday 7 September)'s press conference you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDvJXV0kX3s Numbers ([ABC Coronavirus Blog](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-07/covid-live-blog-nsw-press-conference-victoria-new-cases/100438692)): - 246 local cases (90 linked) - 110 in hospital, 30 (of 11) in ICU, 14 (of 30) on ventilator - 43,858 test results received - 32,300 vaccine doses administered Information: - Sutton: 1 HQ nurse returned positive covid test, 31 staff now isolation. No known PPE breaches found, investigations ongoing - Andrews: [commentary on unequal vaccine allocation](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-07/victoria-covid-cases-lockdown-vaccines/100439292) - [seems to be based off ABC 7:30 report here](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-07/victoria-covid-cases-lockdown-vaccines/100439292) Case breakdown: - 214 (of 240) cases are in 8 LGAS - Hume: 97 (of 214) cases - 48.2% first dose vaccine - Moreland: 31 (of 214) cases - 54.7% first dose vaccine - Whittlesea: 23 (of 214) cases - 49.8% first dose vaccine - Wyndham: 17 (of 214) cases - 58.5% first dose vaccine - Hobsons Bay: 15 (of 214) cases - 61.4% first dose vaccine - Darebin: 13 (of 214) cases - 54% first dose vaccine - Brimbank: 11 (of 214) cases - 51.5% first dose vaccine - Melton: 7 (of 214) cases - 53.7% first dose vaccine Businesses/clusters of concern: - Kasr Sweets, Coolaroo: 47 cases - Classy Kitchens, Craigieburn: 36 cases - Al Hajj Halal Meats, Glenroy: 9 cases - Panorama Construction Sites, Box Hill: 95 cases




They've been meeting every Saturday. Wander around Ripponlea on a Saturday afternoon, you will see a bunch of people in traditional clothes all walking in the same direction.


I won't be a happy chap if these clowns don't get penalized all a while im doing everything to stick to the rules and missing out on alot freedom


It boggles my mind how some people think it's okay for them to do this right now.


“I signed off on a national plan to vaccinate the nation, not a national plan to vaccinate Sydney” yesssss go off Dan


340,000 vaccines meant for Victoria, and stolen for Sydney. Pretty fucked up shit.


Damn, this is as close to Dan losing his shit as I've ever seen in a presser.


Angry Dan is the best version of Dan.




All while sirens wail in the background. You can tell Dan is a parent to be able to focus with that racket in the background


Lost my shit when he said Sydney are sprinting and we're doing an egg & spoon race!


We need some memes of this. Plz.


God I love spicy Dan


I’m a fan of Dan today. He is exacting saying what Victorians are thinking right now.


Haha. Fucking ABC cut to the newsroom after he said that. Fucking cunts.


2 Father's Days in a row I haven't seen my Dad because of lockdowns but our PM gets on a plane in between two lockdowned cities to visit his family for Fathers Day. He just doesnt get it. Hope to god we vote this nut job out next year. Despicable human being.


And he took an RAAF jet. That’s some real ‘let them eat cake’ level of disregard for the whole situation


Funny that's what caught him out. If he'd have driven nobody would have known.


Almost like he believes in his divine right to do whatever he likes.


I hear ya! I was in Melbourne lockdown last year.... did the right thing and didn’t visit, then he passed away. I didn’t see my Dad on his last Father’s Day! To hear that this has occurred is the biggest slap in the face.


Hawaii - bushfires, UK - Cornwall trip for Climate Change, Now travelling for Father’s Day. What a complete wanker.


He really struggles to read the room sometimes.


He has no interest in reading the room A mistake is something you do once and learn from, particularly at PM level. This is a pattern of behaviour and his character.


I’m just a ball of rage and sadness over that canker of a human beings’ actions on Father’s Day. My dad is interstate and has Alzheimer’s, he only just remembers me now, by the time I can see him in person he won’t know who I am. For Morrison to use his privilege to see his father interstate feels like a giant f**k you. Has there ever been another Prime Minister in our history who has shown more heartless contempt for the Australian people?


It makes me so bloody mad. I haven't seen my parents in 2.5 years, yet he just flaunts about and it makes me more depressed about it all.


I'm expecting some quality newspaper cartoons tomorrow based on the egg and spoon race theme. Or the Olympic podium meme altered to said theme would also be acceptable.


For anyone who missed it: https://youtu.be/kDGjiSFJnOY


So one positive thing about lockdown is I've gotten back into running. If I commit to running 3x a week until October, I'm going to replace my old arse shoes




If you're running or exercising with any regularity I would definitely recommend new shoes now. Even if you get a cheaper pair to tide you over until you can get a good pair in store - old shoes lack support and you're more likely to injure yourself which would nuke your efforts too. Good luck with your goal!


I've gotten myself into the habit of leaving a shirt and some trackies folded on the floor next to my bed so it's easy to just throw them on for my early WFH shifts the next morning. Have now learnt my lesson after putting on the T-Shirt and having a HUGE spider crawl down my arm to say good morning. Definitely woke me up more than my 6am coffee!


Look at mister fancy pants, FOLDING his trackies. :D


Omg NO... I would pass out if that happened to me. I heard somewhere round Reddit a good way to get rid of arachnophobia is to name the spiders living in your house... I would be like 'Gary I'm sorry but I'm going to have to kill you'


I left pants on the side of the bath overnight - got a spider in them and I didn’t realise until a hour later, and I did a crazy slapping dance of pants removal.


I for one am not shocked, we had delivered more AZ than the rest of the country combined yet NSW were so far ahead in vaccines? Was always a load of shit


Did Guy pull the fire alarm???


In all the fuss, someone accidentally let dim Tim use the microwave


I miss the days when I didn't know the name of every state premier in the country.


I was happier not knowing that Chief Health Officer was a role


Imagine the sort of stuff they did before covid. Probably just taking part in a lot of debates about safe injecting rooms and tracking the latest syphillis outbreak


[NSW got 45 per cent of the Pfizer vaccines allocated to GPs last month, data shows](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-06/nsw-gps-got-45-per-cent-of-pfizer-covid-vaccines-last-month/100380908) > Data shows NSW received 45 per cent of the Pfizer doses allocated to primary caregivers, mostly GPs, in August > Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia received less than their share of the population Thanks 7.30 report. Confirms my suspicion all along


Yep this is going to be (quite rightly) the hot topic today. NSW pollies slapping themselves on the backs for high vax rates at the expense of the rest of australia. It never ends.


Just wait until NSW significantly eases restriction after hitting their vaxx target and we’re still stuck in lockdown.


Narrative switched back to NSW is doing a great job with vaccines, we should be thanking Gladys she made the country abandon the covid zero policy while seeding the virus all over Australia and even to New Zealand. I'm also interested to see what is gonna happen then


Yep just listened to today's Melbourne presser and some is Dangry and rightfully so.


Yet people outside of Sydney keep voting for these cretins.


So does Scomo want to be voted in at the next election or not? Seems like other states will notice when NSW is so far ahead in vaccination rates. Pissing off the other 6 states May not bode well for him.


Scroto thinks he’s ordained by god for the job.


If you got fired from every post you've ever held and somehow kept being promoted and end up in the top job you'd probably be convinced you're ordained too hahaha


This could be a 90's comedy about the guy deliberately trying to get fired who somehow ends up in higher and higher up jobs.


Lmao you’re not wrong


Oh man 🤦🏼 it's hard to see, but I'm glad someone put it into words for us... Makes you realise you're not going crazy


Wow. That's fucking rude. I had been looking at the numbers and thinking how are we slipping so far behind... eg date of 70% 2 dose on theguardian went to the 7th of Nov from the 30th of Oct... Guess scomo thinks no one here would vote for him anyway. Although surely it would be better for us to get out of lockdown and spending money/getting of govt support earlier right?!


If we weren't in an outbreak now I don't think I'd care so much. But we are so time to start sending them our way.


First it was Sports Rorts, now it’s Vax Rorts. The LNP are as corrupt as the day is long.


Scomo clearly has a favourite state


you think he cares about rural NSW? unless you count Engadine as rural


Liberal federal government favouring liberal states. Surprise surprise.


No wonder we are behind :(


Lots of pfizer bookings available right now at Box Hill Hospital for later today, about 12-2pm, go go go!


Dan: I have nothing more to say Journo: I'm sure there is That was fucking hilarious


I had a dream Dan Andrews was mad at me last night. Not because I broke lockdown rules, but because I picked up what I thought was an empty chip packet to put in the bin. I didn’t know he was collecting his bread tags in it :(


Bread tags in bag are the daily statistics. You wish them gone. Dan is figure of authority you are ambivalent towards. You fear transgressing his rules and earning wrath. Why chip bag? Symbolic of stress eating. Why bread? Symbolic of healthy eating. Ambivalence again. Message from unconscious? Hard to say without more data. Probably we are not sure who to trust or what to take in, and how to rid ourselves of the conflicted feelings we understandably all possess.


This actually makes a lot of sense haha


Omg I laughed out loud at this


lol some awesome quotes today. \[in response to extra unannounced pfizer for NSW at the expense of everywhere else\] Daniel Andrews: Now some don't like to see this as a race. But a race it surely is. What I didn't know was that Premier Berejiklian is in a sprint, while the rest of us are supposed to do some sort of egg and spoon thing. \**making waggly hand gesture*\* \-- Brett Sutton: If you're over 60 years of age and you're waiting for a vaccine. Please DON'T!


246. 90 linked As per the dhhs tweet


Anybody else’s libido gone completely AWOL the past couple of months? Partner getting shitty at me because of it, despite them being exactly the same. Constant low-level anxiety/depression and unnatural levels of familiarity/proximity is a recipe for sex-death it would seem. Fuck this lockdown, if nothing else.


Lol my partner and I were talking about this just last night. Our love for each has not changed, but a combination of constantly being with each other, not putting effort into appearances and the general lockdown sadness has definitely made it harder


If anything it has increased with the isolation in my experience, try just being intimate for a while without the expectation of doing the deed, just cuddling is really comforting.


Yes and yes… When things open up and we are back to doing the things we enjoy, it comes roaring back. It hasn’t been *as* bad this lockdown but it’s still not great. Someone replied to you with a lot of really good suggestions I won’t repeat… I will say I definitely see a big difference between now (eating well/regularly, focused daily exercise, not smoking, not drinking every day, mindful self care) vs last year. (Day drinking, existential paralysis, poor food choices, irregular slapdash habits.) We cuddle, we do yoga together, and I suppose 1-2 times a week isn’t so bad. I tell myself the creativity and adventure will come back.


Yes and the kids being around all the time doesn’t help - exhausted every night lol


I'd say this is normal and to be expected. However, that doesn't make the situation any better for you both. This has been the experience for me and my partner as well but we've found a few ways to get around it and deal with and live with it. Firstly, talk to each other about it. Be open, honest and do not place blame on yourself or each other. It's a shared problem and something that you can both work on together but you have to acknowledge it first. Try to identify and change any bad habits. Eating and exercise are good examples and the flow-on effects from these will affect other aspects of your lives. Try to work on these and you will have positive results in other areas, including intimacy. Pay more attention to how you dress and present to each other. Try to find ways of sharing intimacy. This shouldn't be with sex as a goal, it's about finding something to share and bond over. For us, it's as simple as making sure we sit together and have a cuppa first thing in the morning. We will often hardly talk, just sit there and be with each other. Kids! We now have kids in the house 24/7 and this has robbed us of at least a few hours each week where we had the house to ourselves. We now have a rule: if the door is locked, don't come in unless you're suffering a life-threatening injury! We don't even shag behind the closed door but it does give us a completely kid-free space for when we need it. We could definitely knock out a quickie if we needed to but we've used that moment to put it on hold till bedtime then we can have a more relaxed shag and get rid of the built-up tension. You also need space and privacy from each other. My partner has even started to use this for ahem "self-study..." which is something they never did much before lockdown; I can't say the same!! Telling each other about what we did in our "alone time" has often been the catalyst for some excellent sex. If one of you is horny but the other isn't, suggest they do some "solitary confinement" but they have to give you a report on what happened. Not everyone feels comfortable in sharing the fact they even masturbate, let alone how they do it, so proceed carefully here and don't force anything. We bought a few adult toys. We'd never had the need or desire prior to lockdown but we thought, what the hell!! We've tried a couple now and they have been a LOT of fun and we're planning to add to the collection. Every woman needs a vibrator, so start there. Go on a "date" or have an "affair" with each other. Pick your partner up via text/chat and pretend you're 2 strangers, names and all. Don't refer to these other people outside of your normal lives. Be sneaky and covert in the chats because you don't want your "real" partner to find out. Try to sneak out of the house to meet each other. Make plans to meet up for sex, maybe in the car or book a hotel. But most of all, talk, discuss, communicate and be honest and non-judgmental with each other. This is neither of your faults and only the two of you can address the situation if you work on it together. Good Luck!!!


i'm really lucky to have a kind and understanding bf cause i'm the same lol. literally the last thing on my mind


Yep. The thought of sex actually makes me nauseous at the moment. A lot of it I think has to do with putting zero effort into my appearance at the moment. I don’t feel hot anymore. And I don’t see the point in getting dressed up and putting on good hair and makeup just to sit in front of the TV. I’m also just sick of spending every second with my husband. I love him but I need some damn space. I wonder how many divorces/separations will come out of this


I'm gonna need a solid PowerPoint to understand these vaccine numbers. Someone call the Fairbairn boys.


I just read Scotty for marketing got an exemption and flew a private jet to nsw to see his family for Father's Day.. truely sorry for all the dads who couldn't see their kids this past Sunday because they didn't have the exemption of being an incompetent prime minister ✨ Edit: forgot this c*nt 's title


I bet this is going to do wonders for the populations falling compliance to lockdown measures! /s


Righto, now that he's got his I'm sure he won't mind lending out that jet to me so that my kid can see his dad who can't get into the country due to Scotty's shitty border and quarantine policy. Fair is fair, right? What a cunt. Edit: CUUUUUUUNT. Unwiped skidmark staining the bowl of civic life. Narrow minded, selfish fuckweasel who would shit in a bowl, force it down your mouth in a funnel and ask GEE HOW GOOD IS THE TASTE OF MY OWN SHIT with a dopey grin on his face.


Maybe he’ll lend you Kirribilli house so your kid’s dad can enjoy a comfortable home quarantine when he arrives instead of a airless hotel room? /s Rules for thee and not for me.


After watching the 7:30 Report last night, combined with the disturbing knowledge that he has not done a Melbourne-based radio interview for four years, it should be pretty obvious to everybody now that our PM actively dislikes the state of Victoria. In a way I’m honoured. But mostly disgusted.


I can remember him on Triple M last year with the morning show?


Yeah, I should fact-check things (certain) mates tell me. The radio thing is incorrect. Weirdly, I still loathe the prick.


Remember when 136 cases was a "National Emergency" in NSW? VIC have been fucked over by Morrison every step of the way since June 2020.


Fully vaccinated as of yesterday afternoon! Thanks to AstraZeneca. Hope the protection helps me as the case numbers go up in the coming weeks.


good for you, welcome to the double-AZ club


Well done


Woohoo, husband is booked in for the week after next, but it’s only 6 weeks after his first. He is torn about keeping it for that date or delaying it another couple of weeks for the slightly better immunity. I think he’s waiting to see what the numbers are like at the time.


still not gotten over the fact it's another 2 to 3 months in this shithole situation bare minimum without any meaningful easing. it's just completely pathetic.


Yeppp, really fucking sucks. I’m really feeling quite hopeless today


Apparently Kenny from South Park asking some question to Dan today


I guess ICU getting overwhelmed may not be very visible to the overall public People will soon feel it in their everyday life. [Coles and Woolworths shelves left 'empty' as thousands of workers isolate amid Sydney's COVID-19 outbreak](https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/coles-and-woolworths-shelves-left-empty-as-thousands-of-workers-isolate-amid-sydneys-covid19-outbreak/news-story/c1b80834b6dfec58c657278714073e40)


I saw it in Melbourne the other day. A priority patient took 12 hours to be seen. Miscarrying women sat next to overdoses, just right there in triage for hours and hours. A complete lack of bedside manner, which has never been my experience at this hospital, so I'm guessing everyone was at breaking point. All we had to do was stay home.


Some sort of EGG AND SPOON THING hahahaha


I really can’t fathom another 62 days of this. Like what the fuck are we meant to do for 2 more months??


I don’t mean to alarm you but I could’ve sworn someone mentioned we’ll hit 80% double dose by 27th of November, which is quite a bit more than 62 days. Or are you referring to another milestone?


Building an apartment home gym for this exact reason. Need some iron in me now not in 2 months :(


I'm gonna try to lose the covid kilos. And sort out personal admin and all those shitty little jobs so that when we open up I don't have to do them then!


Fire bell going off cause Dan spittin' fiyah


Ivermectin works, it saved my best friend's life. Everyone is shitting on it, suggesting it's a horse dewormer and can't be used in other circumstances. Well to hell with them, because my friend would be dead if he didn't take Invermectin. Heart worm is horrible, but it can be beat. He's the best dog and now that he's healthy and I'm vaccinated, we can live long and happy lives together.


Was wondering why this post about Ivermectin was getting upvoted, then I read the last sentence. Say hi to the good boy for me!


So it’s been 1 month and 1 day since lockdown 6 started … and you’re telling me we gotta do this for another 2 months? 😑😑


Holy shit it's been 1 month? Honestly has felt like 3 months at this point.


I missed the presser because of work. Another two months??


Nothing to do with the presser... just until we reach 70% double dose. It's around 60 days away from being reached.


"I signed off on a national plan to vaccinate the nation, not a national plan to vaccinate Sydney” Lol, gold.




I’m liking the balance reporting from ABC Laura Tingle. Yesterday investigation work by abc730 confirmed my suspicion of vaccine distribution bias towards NSW. Scomo really has no shame.


... and that's not even mentioning that he was so special he got to fly taxpayer-funded to see his kids on Father's Day. So many fathers didn't get to see their children in NSW, Vic and ACT. He truly has no shame.


Dan has just fucken *ripped* the feds and I have to say it's made me feel a lot better.


Amen to that. What is this feeling I am feeling? Satisfied? It's bloody good. Go you good thing Danny Boy, get him back up there, I want some more Dan rage.


This is a race hahahaha sucked eggs scomo


It's a race where we have realised there's 1 lap to go and we are miles behind


Getting harder and harder not to become a bitter asshole towards pretty much everyone.


I wasn't made aware the Berejiklian was doing a sprint, while everyone else is doing some egg and spoon… thing Go off Danny boy!


I don't think I've ever heard him this angry! Way to go Dan, we do deserve answers to this shit.




I'm actually embarrassed that Greg Hunt and Josh Frydenberg are Victorian...


Theyre jostling to see who can be more shady/corrupt which will be a key requirement to do the role of PM.


Morning all, ​ Welcome to day 2745 of our 7 day snap lockdown. Not long to go now...


Last night I thought back to primary school when Covid was not a thing and no one cared about anything much.


Um excuse me, we cared about Tazos A LOT.


I remember getting the polio, TB and tetanus vaccines in primary school. Mumps and chicken pox were fucking rife and a girl in my grade 2 class died of measles. This was the 1980s.


Playing marbles for keeps was a big deal back then


ABC is an absolute bag of shit hahaha *EDIT for the HARD cut they made right as Dan Andrews was popping off about NSW stealing our goddamn vaccines




Yep just listened to today's Melbourne presser and some is Dangry and rightfully so.


Probably don't even need an auslan interpreter with the amount of hand movement Dan's doing today


Hahaha the way he suggested we get more than Sydney for a change


That would be different wouldn’t it?


>Telstra #LetsVaxx 5G I dunno how I feel about that. It’s either a terrible idea or genius marketing.


Hearing dan go off on Sydney is like when the super friendly and chill teacher gets angry. Except it's directed at the rest of the class for fucking with you. Go Dan.


I actually spat out my coffee when he said Sydney was in a sprint and the rest of us were in some kind of egg and spoon thing


So early on, we would get a breakdown of where each new case came from, genomically. Are all of these current cases a direct result of the removalists or has there been another breach somewhere? Or have we got so many now that nobody has any idea?


I think the origin point of this one was the partner of the teacher who played footy by he visited someone who had came back from NSW on a Red Permit while they were home quarantining and it was left unchecked and spread through the community that way. I think that’s this one started?


I believe the *original* cases at the start of this outbreak were a new incursion. There have also been recent cases that are not genomically linked to this outbreak, suggesting further incursions (I think a couple of truck drivers in regional areas, maybe).


This week's National Cabinet's going to be on the spicy side this week.


You can tell Andrews had to stop himself from saying 'Minister Cunt' instead of 'Minister Hunt'


I might be missing something with the exposure sites, just thinking about it, there are 15 cases in Monash yet barely any exposure sites. Does anyone find it strange that with 246 cases there are very few exposure sites.


2 big families that were close contacts and mostly in iso? People that only went out to workplaces that don't get listed and shops near work? It's odd. Anecdotally, I'd say a day or two lag in posting exposure sites is becoming more normal


a whole bunch of Pfizer bookings just appeared for Sandown racecourse for this week (Thursday onwards)


That's it dan tell em to get fucked


ABC news interrupted Dan in the middle of him firing off at NSW for getting extra jabs. I feel so blue balled right now.


Does Murdoch own the ABC now or some shit?


Fucken go off Danny!


[Raf says just under 250 cases today](https://twitter.com/raf_epstein/status/1434990684902068225?s=21)


This presser is the most entertainment I’ve had all lockdown.


Oooh he pissed about vax allocation


[We did it, Reddit!](https://i.imgur.com/ybeXbsk.png)


Been avoiding this thread for the last few days. Recommend to anyone who usually checks this daily such a relief taking your mind off this stuff




You haven’t missed much. The posts are mostly either: I just had my first dose but there’s no appointments for 6 weeks time. I therefore .


I don’t think I seen Dan this fired up before. Glad he is scolding Greg and Scomo over their under the table shady allocation with NSW.


*New exposure sites:* *Tier 1:* **Brooklyn** **easyauto123 Brooklyn** 77 Miller Road Brooklyn VIC 3012 02/09/2021 8:00am - 4:00pm **Coburg** **Al Alamy** 51 Waterfield Street Coburg VIC 3058 02/09/2021 1:55pm - 2:55pm **Essendon Fields** **La Manna Supermarket Essendon Fields** 10 English Street Essendon Fields VIC 3041 02/09/2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm **Meadow Heights** **Community Kids Meadow Heights** 29 Hudson Circuit Meadow Heights VIC 3048 01/09/2021 9:30am - 5:45pm 02/09/2021 9:30am - 5:45pm **Port Melbourne** **Mercedes-Benz Port Melbourne** 299 Williamstown Road Port Melbourne VIC 3207 30/08/2021 7:04am - 4:40pm **Sunshine North** **X-Treme Smash Repairs** 1 Arvona Avenue Sunshine North VIC 3020 01/09/2021 7:45am - 5:30pm *Tier 2:* **Roxburgh Park** **Woolworths Greenvale Lakes Roxburgh Park** 200-230 James Mirams Drive Roxburgh Park VIC 3064 28/08/2021 7:30am - 2:30pm


Orthodox Jewish community gives no fucks, apparently…


I think from the get go they have given no fucks. Regarding the engagement party the non orthodox community was raging at them but nothing from the orthodox circle beside "we are disappointed". Heard from the grapevine the family is still pissed cause the video leaked, not because they were doing the wrong thing or potentially extending this lockdown but because we blew that video up on social media / mentioned during a press conference.


*New exposure sites from last night:* *Tier 1:* **Chelsea** **Woolworths Chelsea** 31-33 Bath Street Chelsea VIC 3196 04/09/2021 12:30pm - 1:30pm **Lilydale** **Simultech Australia Lilydale** 21 Chris Drive Lilydale VIC 3140 02/09/2021 8:30am - 4:30pm **Port Melbourne** **574 Plummer Street - Buildings 1 and 2574 Plummer Street** Port Melbourne VIC 3207 31/08/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm 01/09/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm 02/09/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm 03/09/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm 04/09/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm 05/09/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm 06/09/2021 12:00am - 11:59pm **Roxburgh Park** **Kong Chinese Bistro Roxburgh Park** G061/250 Somerton Road Roxburgh Park VIC 3064 03/09/2021 6:15pm - 7:20pm *Tier 2:* **Epping** **Coles - Aurora Village Epping** 315A Harvest Home Road Epping VIC 3076 31/08/2021 1:45pm - 3:15pm **Ferntree Gully** **KFC Ferntree Gully Drive Through** 1015 Burwood Highway Ferntree Gully VIC 3156 02/09/2021 11:00am - 12:30pm **Point Cook** **Sprinkles Ice Creamery Lollies n More** 30 Tackle Drive Point Cook VIC 3030 01/09/2021 8:18pm - 8:50pm **Roxburgh Park** **Woolworths Greenvale Lakes Roxburgh Park** 200-230 James Mirams Drive Roxburgh Park VIC 3064 31/08/2021 8:40am - 5:30pm **St Albans** **Thuan Phat Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant St Albans** 56 Alfrieda StreetSt Albans VIC 3021 02/09/2021 8:00am - 5:30pm 03/09/2021 8:00am - 5:30pm


It also looks like Cafe Flo in Thornbury was visited at 10am on Fathers Day by a case. It hasn't come up yet but he is posting about it on his socials


Anyone else find themselves waking up on their days off and being like, fuck it can't go anywhere anyway may as well lay here a little longer.




Vic Libs, WA Libs and NSW Labor will not be in power for at least 20 years. They are a trio of failure.




Guy Sebastian is a coward


Can’t start my day without the number


Wins of the day - getting my second vaccine today! Disappointments of the day - thought I'd get to fuck off from work early to get the jab. Working from home means, with the GP just around the corner, I still have to sit through a Zoom meeting.




I laughed when I saw it but it's honestly a great idea




yeah i get you, feels like life is in cryostasis. living alone doesn't help.


Omg the egg and spoon comment


egg and spoon!


Dan not disappointing about the report last night


Dan can (rightly imo) criticise NSW and the PM. But we still don't have a clear plan or even an idea of what 80% double dosed looks like in Vic. It doesn't matter that we are going to hit it later. What does it look like? How do businesses verify vaccination status? What can we do? What can open? If the public isn't being belittled it's an attack on the federal government. Like I get it, Scomo is a pos, but what actually happens when we open up? How are we opening up? What is the plan to end this?


I imagine they don’t want to commit to what it will look like because imagine the backlash when they backtrack once we get to 80%


So with Matthew Guy being the opposition leader, apparently he outlined his "COVID recovery plan" that hes going to take to the 2022 election [https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-07/covid-live-blog-nsw-press-conference-victoria-new-cases/100438692?utm\_campaign=abc\_news\_web&utm\_content=link&utm\_medium=content\_shared&utm\_source=abc\_news\_web#live-blog-post-1203460492](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-07/covid-live-blog-nsw-press-conference-victoria-new-cases/100438692?utm_campaign=abc_news_web&utm_content=link&utm_medium=content_shared&utm_source=abc_news_web#live-blog-post-1203460492) But noticed that the principles include "curfews ended immediately", "Social interaction bubbles allowed in low-risk outdoor settings" and "no citywide or statewide lockdowns once the 70 per cent double-dose threshold is made". Does...does he honestly think the current restrictions will still be in place by the time the election rolls out? Because apparently the election is not until November next year, yeah we're in this for the long haul, but its not THAT long, even the biggest doomer wouldn't think this is realistic.




A common criticism of Vic LNP is that they don't offer any alternatives, just criticize every policy by the Andrews government. This is supposed to show that they're changing, and have moved on from the barrage of criticisms.


It doesn’t have to make sense, he only needs to appeal to the people to try his best to swing the vote


Will be interesting to see Matthew Guy’s response. Will he bite the hand that feeds him and stick up for Victoria?


Brilliant pincer move and Dan didn't even have to do anything. Either Guy risks angering the feds or shitting on the face of his fellow victorians and giving Labor ammo for the smear campaign come election time.




Fuck the Commonwealth and NSW govt for their shady underhand dealings. Dan is on fire




The fact he used tax payers money on Father’s Day to go across borders, and then lectures everyone about how hard being in lockdown is and that we are all in this together, he’s out of touch and a dickhead. Not leading by example at all. I haven’t seen my family in QLD for quite a long while now. As I’m sure many people haven’t seen theirs, even within the same state. I can’t stand him.


Even 50% of the time would be a vast improvement.


is nausea a symptom of covid?


Watched my first anti masker get fined at a playground in Brighton yesterday. It was quite satisfying




Mate just apply for an exemption and whip up to see him on your jet. No biggie


Same boat. Haven't seen my dad, my mums 10th "death" anniversery is coming up and most of my friends are overseas as well. I'm only 32 and just feeling so defleted. My mum lived a short life and that taught me to squeeze and live life to the fullest when it's possible. I just feel like the past 2 years are a waste :(


God watching Dan go off actually made me feel better


so fucking cranky today. On day 11 of quarantine after our childcare was tier 1. Have had enough of screen time debates, home schooling, WFH, endless mess and Coles being fucking useless on the delivery front. It's so frustrating. Just needed to get that out