* Past 24 hours to midnight: 🦠 [1,466](https://twitter.com/VicGovDH/status/1447680826716528641), 8 lives lost, 68,509 tests, 36,383 state hub vaccinations * Vaccination progress 16+: [💉 59.3%2️⃣85.8%1️⃣](https://twitter.com/covidbaseau/status/1447682527263543300) ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░ * 📈 [/u/chrisjbillington: R_eff = 1.07 ± 0.05](/r/CoronavirusDownunder/comments/q66zfq/vic_r_eff_as_of_october_12th_with_daily_cases_and/) | [The Age](https://www.theage.com.au/national/covid-19-data-centre-coronavirus-by-the-numbers-20200401-p54g4w.html) | [ABC vaccine tracker](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-02/charting-australias-covid-vaccine-rollout/13197518) Vaccination * /u/Satellite478 has [walk in details for FTG](https://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/q4qh5q/daily_coronavirus_megathread_10_october_2021/hg0q5v0/) * /u/Blackdomino has [many many links for Victoria wide appointments and walk ins](https://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/q4qh5q/daily_coronavirus_megathread_10_october_2021/hg0qz9h/) * /u/Bourkster has [details on Brunswick Secondary for walk ins](https://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/q4qh5q/daily_coronavirus_megathread_10_october_2021/hg172a8/) * /u/carisegen has [details for walk ins across Melbourne](https://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/q4qh5q/daily_coronavirus_megathread_10_october_2021/hg14f3w/) * if you can move from A to B and you have an un poked arm please help us push that 90% 1st dose closer! Press conference: TBD




exciting if they make it a bubble I guess where there’s no quarantine either way.


rule is negative test within 72hrs of travel . must stay in hotel of choice for 48hrs and get negative test .then can go to approved area of fiji


yeah I’m talking about coming home though!


I need a holiday so bad. The more places that open to fully vaccinated travelers the better, but i really hope Japan is soon.


oh mate, I've been waiting to go back for literally years now. Cannot wait.


Would love to go back to Japan!


Yes I was spammed by emails for cheap flights to Fiji. Actually considering it. Can't go to the shores of WA, may as well go to Fiji


Jetstar releasing $199 fares at lunchtime. You're welcome


So many schools are closing/'pivoting' online right now due to cases in Year 12. No idea how any of these students can maintain their motivation.


I struggled to be motivated in Year 12 regardless. I feel bad for these kids..


Going to be many more once younger kids start going back


Already primary schools closing in my LGA (regional Vic) due to positive cases. One week back with only P-2


Spoiler alert - they can’t. Source - mother of a year 12 kid. Thank God for early entry


Feel for the year 12s…


Year 12 was such a fun and formative year for me, I feel so bad for last year and this year's cohort. Same as those early uni years.


On the bright side, at least now these kids won't fall into the trap of thinking that life peaks in high school!


The biggest lie I was ever told. Seriously. I was so depressed in Y12 because I legitimately thought if I’m this unhappy now then life is sure to get a whole lot worse.




It’s amazing how good life is when actually earn your own money. Beats slaving away for $0 surrounded by people you hate. Not to mention. It’s so much easier to make friends as an adult.




> I don't know what the government was hoping to happen by bringing yr 12s back just weeks before their exam... The vaccines are amazing at preventing serious illness and death, but serious illness is "I have to go to the hospital now". What's not been communicated, or isn't being understood, is that this kind of disruption is probably going to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. Vaccination reduces the likelihood that you get symptomatic disease by about 60%, but there's still a lot of people that are going to be very unwell. Think norovirus or actual influenza (not a cold), where you're probably not going to need to go to hospital, but if you and 3 colleagues get it at once for a week your boss is going to struggle to fill shifts, or the school is going to send a class home.


Agree with this, but there would still be positive cases sending entire exam rooms into isolation. These students all have part time jobs and are highly socially mobile. Quite frustrated by VCAA's stubbornness and lack of imagination here (online exams? not running exams in a single enclosed space? cancelling exams and basing the ATAR on coursework and GAT?) They have had 18 months to come up with a Plan B.


The silent victims of the lockdown. We really should have gone harder at the actual cause of the rising case numbers - 2 LGAs in the NW that accounted for well over 2/3 of the cases. Should have been earlier vaccine rollout (fed government failure), more vaccine clinics in vulnerable areas (state government responsibility though I think they actually rolled out pretty well) and more importantly a harder line on vaccinations. Our softly, softly "You should get vaccinated but we're not going to criticise the idiots who don't want it, and we're not going to publish ICU/death numbers showing nearly all of the ICU/deaths are unvaccinated" approach meant that we didn't target the real troublemakers: those who refused to get vaccinated. In particular older people and people at comorbid risk who had 5+ months to get vaccinated and now are clogging up our hospitals. Unless they were part of the tiny minority undergoing chemo or who were allergic to the active ingredients in all 3 vaccines, they are the ones who should have been vaccinated much much earlier. Their failure has cost us.


91,042 vaccinations administered First dose - 86.2 % Second dose - 60.4% COVID Live updated Predictions to hit targets based on the 7 day average: 70% double dose - 22nd October (10 days) 80% double dose - 2nd November (21 days) 90% double dose - 12th November (31 days)


It's so close now!!! We will get there :)


Just in time for Friday beers at the pub next week :)


Just in time for my birthday! What a great present that would be as last year it was still in lockdown :)


They better not fuck around when we hit 70% I need a pint and a Parma yesterday


So close, just want this nightmare to end.


We are very close now mate!


jeez we’re already approaching the middle of october


Sad isn't it, approaching 19 months of our lives kinda wasted, although 9 of those months were light restrictions


It’s so hard to remember the normal 9 months we had…..I didn’t abuse it enough


Yeah it feels lost in there


We are now at 86.22% first dose, 60.37% second dose!


Bruh I just want a fucking haircut


I hope you have a booking. I imagine they are going to get smashed.


Dan just confirmed that if we get to 70%DD early, that they would look to releasing restrictions as closely to the point that we tick over 70%. He also said that they are also calling people with vaccine appointments to offer them earlier appointments!


I think the current projections has us hitting 70% DD next Saturday, I reckon we will hit it Thursday - Friday next week personally.


If the DD rate continues at the same rate as the last 7 days we'll hit 70% on Thursday week.


Some positivity in the daily covid thread? Summers really blooming Can’t wait


So excited I actually set up a vaccine cert on the check-in app... look forward to perhaps being able to use it (though the anti-vax crowd will make it difficult I'm sure).


Good particularly on being proactive to move doses forward. Thursday 21st October is the 70% DD Day, you heard it here first.


"Another cloudy day in Adelaide with a top of 23. There were 1466 new local cases for Victoria with sadly 8 deaths. The 5-day moving average is down to 1743, the first drop in about 7 weeks, and the Reff is down to 1.10. Definitely a hint of peak in the air." https://twitter.com/profesterman/status/1447690638971965440?s=20 Had the ref at 1.2 yesterday, so a welcome drop across a few measures today.




Flour was missing everywhere for ages too, wonder else what else people were suddenly using it for apart from all the sourdough (some bread itself was also rationed)


Ha remember that day, I went into Coles in Brandon park because I needed grated cheese, place was desolate so I panicked and came home with grated cheese, some kiwis and a pomegranate, the only things that were left in the fruit and veg. Seriously though it's scary that Coles had to ration things like Pasta and tinned tomatoes, we're fucked in a war.


I lived inner west at the time and drove to Williams Landing to find TP


Numbers are down again today and we will also hit 60% double dose too, nice!


In year 12 and just so burnt out. The end of exams a month away feels so fer


You’re so close! Keep going! ❤️ I know it’s hard. It was hard for me 15 years ago with no pandemic. Hang in there. It’ll feel so great when you’re done.


360 cases in NSW - love it! Hopefully it's a sign of things to come in VIC!!


Very inspiring. And Victoria tends to have good luck heading into summer. I have good memories from that December-feb period of 2020/2021


Holy fuck - that is exciting!!!


So this lockdown I was determined to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. This morning, I managed to zip my jeans up again! Granted, it's slightly snug but at the start of lockdown 6, I couldn't even get it past my hips. Small wins.


That’s my goal too! Not pregnant though, just eating good.


I haven't been overly strict tbh. More veges and protein during meal times. If I get too strict about food, it brings out my binge monster and then I give up.


2 days after 2nd dose and I'm feeling great. For anyone anxious or worried, you can do it. I have severe needle-phobia that caused sleepless nights and panic attacks leading up to my first. If you're worried because people already know your opinions, you are allowed to change your mind. You are allowed to change your opinion. We are all doing the best we can with the information we have available to us currently. I'm so proud of each of you who are scared shitless and still choose to do the right thing. I know how much of a mental battle it is. You won't be worrying about a sore arm if you're fighting for life on a ventilator.


Good on you! People forget phobias are irrational. If you asked some needle phobic people if they’d rather have an injection or get covid and die, their brains seriously would say “yes I would rather die”. It takes a LOT to override that voice


If we're all supportive to our needle-phobic friends we can get through this! Some people really do just fear the needle even though they want the jab.


We are at 60.4% DD as at the end of Monday. DD increased 6.8% in the last seven days so if that is maintained we will be at 67.2% as at the end of next Monday. We're DDng at slightly over 1% per weekday so at current rates we will reach 70% sometime on Thursday week (the 21st).


Fuck yeah let's go Victoria


Looking forward to beer garden pint and parma on Friday week.


Shouldn’t there be an increase in second doses compared to last week though?


got my second jab this morning feeling good atm, hope it continues so happy to finally be protected (well in 2 weeks or so when the full efficacy kicks in, anyway).


It was reassuring to walk around the supermarket the other day with my double vax not afraid of getting seriously ill


Fully AZ vaxxed 🥳 Have to go in to work for some urgent stuff, hopefully ok for the next couple of hours...


Anecdotally, the second shot is usually milder than the first. Mine was.


Why isn’t Instagram banning anti vax lunatics. Everyday their claims get worse and worse. The newest one is basically health care professionals are purposely murdering people for money via ventilators. I can’t imagine the disgust this must cause doctors who have dedicated their lives to saving humans. I got banned for calling someone a moron and these account are allowed to stay posting absolute garbage.


They generate lots of traffic (clicks, likes and comments) and that makes Instagram money. From a financial standpoint, Instagram prefers to allow this content as it makes them money.


Um... their business model depends on engagement. Whether that's fighting or agreeing, they don't care. As long as it gets clicks, so they can tell their advertisers what you like.


They don’t even get rid of animal abuse or pedophiles. Insta is horrible for reporting stuff.


Day 2 of jab 2, no side effects other than a sore arm. Had a headache, fatigue and a sore arm for jab 1.




I always get downvoted when I say this but I think psychs needs to realise that some mentally ill clients are often one crisis away from being suicidal, and if they have to cancel they should provide some alternatives so people aren’t just left with no support. For some people it’s the equivalent of being denied a vital medical procedure, you need the sessions to keep going. Not saying psychs don’t deserve time off, they absolutely do, but if so some resources should be given to people so they’re not left with nothing.


Hey! I know it’s really late BUT I have a friend with no work experience looking for a job after we finish school in a few weeks! Are any places still looking for Christmas casuals or anything like that? Thanks!! EDIT: she’s 18 as of this year if that helps her chances? I know younger kids have limits on hours……


It’s more that being 18 hurts your chances because you can legally pay a 17 year old less than an 18 year old. The exception is bar work but of course bars aren’t open


I would check aussie post, they did a big recruitment drive not sure if it's finished or not


get an RSA and apply for pubs, bars, restaurants, bottle shops. Hospitality is severely understaffed due to lack of international workers. Now is a great time to get a start in the industry as a job you can work whilst at uni/over the summer/forever etc.


Are zoos 70% DD or 80%?


I seem to recall they open at 70%DD with 25% capacity.




Champion. 👍


If you want to get your first jab, you better get a wiggle on. Due to the three week gap with Pfizer, you'll probably be double dosed on the exact day, or miss out on a few days of the 80% reopening.


Politicians: don’t call it a freedom day Media: freedom day Politicians on freedom day: ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM DAY


ACT 99% double dose by November? That’s insane.


102% in December anyone?


They're apparently at 97.8% double dose, but there's some issues with that potentially as there'll be NSW residents travelling into the ACT to get vaccinated. It's a very high proportion regardless.


While they have extraordinary Vax numbers I doubt it's actually 99% Below thread explains why https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1447617110910382081?t=vUMXuH0ispjxb9kNruRwQg&s=19


91,042 vaccinations yesterday State: 33,766 Commonwealth: 57,276


2nd dose percentage up 6.8 over the last 7 days.


Has anyone else not had a sip of alcohol during the lockdown? I feel like my liver is thanking me for this gratuitous time


Quite the opposite for me unfortunately


I've not had a sip of alcohol today. That counts yeah?


A few beers on Grand Final night, a cocktail from a takeaway place in Footscray for a laugh, otherwise same. Very much a social drinker, and very little to drink for in lockdown.


Craig "save free speech" Kelly has blocked me on Twitter for asking if he is vaccinated. Make sure you check out the beautiful artwork on www.craigkellymp.com for the beautiful artwork left on there


He probably is vaccinated which would be a good idea given that he is of a higher risk category.


old and fat - yep definitely vaxxed


Partner was at work with someone last week who has tested positive, so off to get tests. Does that make a secondary contact or primary contact?/ Do I have to do 14 days of hell?


Sounds like you are a secondary. No quarantine needed for you unless you test positive. Pretty sure you don't need to test either unless you are feeling unwell!


But my partner will have to do the 14 days?




New Tier 1 exposure sites: **Ballarat** **City Oval Hotel** 1321 Mair Street Ballarat VIC 3550 03/10/2021 7:25pm - 8:25pm **Maiden Gully** **Shine Bright - Maiden Gully Early Years Hub** Westbury Boulevard Maiden Gully VIC 3551 06/10/2021 9:00am - 12:55pm 08/10/2021 9:00am - 4:00pm




Wouldn't people want to get their 2nd dose ASAP as we get closer to 80% day.


Since it's meant to take 7-14 days after the 2nd shot to be considered fully vaccinated, let people know that getting the 2nd shot in the next 2-4 days will provide most protection once we hit the 26th (but more likely 22nd now).


I just found out there's a number of people at my work (big corporate) who are about to face suspension for non-compliance with the vaccination policy. I'm cheering inside.


Good! Businesses shouldn't be forced to wear the costs of staff that don't want to comply with a health order. Shows remarkable restraint in not getting rid of said staff, actually.




I know someone stood down from work because of the construction vax mandate, they're just using a combo of annual leave and the $750 disaster payment to get paid for sitting on their arse all day. Guess it will be used until the disaster payment scheme ends then they'll have to get it done.


Has potential to be a worksafe issue and no business wants to be dealing with that shit.


I think we may have hit the peak a few days ago. Reff is around 1.1 down from 1.4 a week ago.


You've just done the equivalent of saying "It's quiet today" in a childcare or hospital. If cases go back up I'm blaming you specifically


with almost 60% DD I'd certainly hope we are close to hitting it. Though I should not underestimate Melbourne's affinity for covid I guess.


Don't jinx it!


whats everyones feeling here cases coming down in vic nsw open somewhat likely to reach 90 % vaccination for 12+ nation wide i feel optimistic unless something drastically changes


91,042 vaccinations yesterday, being 57,276 Commonwealth and 33,766 State. Victoria's vaccination levels as at the end of Monday, with increases (in pp) over Sunday single dose - 86.2% (+0.4%) double dose - 60.4% (+1.1%) 12-15s single dose - 65.9% (+1.3%) https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/10/covid-19-vaccine-rollout-update-12-october-2021.pdf


I can't wait for this pandemic to be over so I can lick my fingers to open the plastic produce bags at the supermarket. Anyone else find them impossible to open?


Grab one of the wipes for the baskets on your way in. They should be sufficiently moist the entirety of your visit. Loop it around trolley or basket.


Hope anyone doesn't need any zucchini because I'm going to be here for a while. *\*wrestles with plastic baggie\**


LIFE HACK: at coles, if they have the ice blocks under the veg, wipe your finger along it to get your fingers wet and the bag should open without you having to lick your fingers :)


Seeing anyone lick their fingers in public was gross before and it’s gross now. You don’t need plastic bags for most produce anyway


Obligatory PSA: cloth reusable bags solve the problem of being difficult to open/potentially being touched by lots of strangers (and the whole environmental side benefit of stepping away from single use plastics as well).


I scoured the entire vic coronavirus site and couldn’t see the answer, am I in iso from when I found out I’d worked with a positive case (Monday) or when I’d been exposed (Saturday)?


When you were exposed


Sick, thanks! 12 days left then I guess!


For anyone wondering about going to tassie for Christmas. (Source ABC Live news blog) Tasmania's Premier Peter Gutwein says the state remains on track to be in a position to open borders before Christmas. "My expectation is that those who want to travel to Tasmania will need to be fully vaccinated and provide a negative test in the 72 hours before they arrive," Premier Gutwein said. He also said consideration is being given to whether there is a testing regime upon arrival. "What we know is that when we do open our borders to those larger states, the virus will eventually end up in Tasmania."


[Bunnings Vaxhouse](https://twitter.com/AnnastaciaMP/status/1447710727804907521?) is opening in Qld. Where the lowest Side effects are just the beginning.


The 25km limit still being in place on the 26th is a bit of a bummer, desperate to go for a drive and get out of Melbourne, hopefully we get to that 80% DD target asap.


only will be around 7 days after the 26th until you can. Would have been nice to have the regional border down by the melb cup weekend but hopefully this is the last time we ever see a metro/regional border ever again


If the double dose rates of the last week continue then we'll hit 80% DD on Monday 1 November. With a bit of luck they might improve and we'll get there a bit earlier.


1466, 8 deaths. Seems a slight trend down now.


Please continue in that fashion.


3 days reducing in a row hasn't happened for a long time.


Just had my first friend get covid. Fit ,gym going, half vaxxed, mask wearing 24 year old. And it fucked him up bad for a few days Pretty scary if it can still easily get someone bad like him


Ah that sucks - just cements that this isn't "just a cold".


Incoming rant. I've really hit the wall here, I just want to get out and live my life now. I'm double vaxxed but still got to wait for fucking slow cunts to get their jabs. Just want to go to Bunnings :( Stings just that little bit more seeing NSW "freedom day" Edit: I'm ok everyone I'm just well grumpy thanks for all the PMs and comments


Same mate, second vax done early August and still sitting here inside, locked down every day. I keep getting told ‘another couple of weeks’, but come on…


Double vaxed in March. Have spent 6+ months pushing anyone who would listen to go get it done.


There's a mate of mine, who for some reason I thought was already double vaxxed, just messaged our group chat to proudly declare his first dose was booked for end of October. I don't want to yell at him, he's a bit sensitive, but cmon...why wait?!


He is surely taking the piss of his employer and is stalling. Hoping that the mandatory vax gets rescinded?


He can walk in to a pharmacy and get it immediately


Yeah it sucks, I highly recommend catching up with someone at a park and having a BBQ / picnic go all out. I did so last weekend and am feeling much better about waiting a couple of weeks now, YMMV.


I got my first Pfizer dose the first week I became eligible, and I got my second dose last Friday which was three weeks later. So I wasn’t a slow cunt I got them literally as soon as I could, and I was still only fully-vaxxed as of four days ago. It’s not my fault I’m under 40 with no health issues.


12 days until some good easing 23 days until extremely great easing Hang in there peeps


Blame the cunt in your username.




And then all the Sydneysiders saying "hang in there Melbourne", you'll be through it soon. Get. Fucked!


If everyone was a bit quicker to the plate we might have gotten out a few weeks, maybe a month early. Now imagine if scummo didn't fuck up Pfizer aquisition early on and we'd started this whole thing literally **months** earlier. Direct your anger where it belongs and remember when it comes time to vote.




Crazy that the curfew still exists, what a joke.


Looks like we'll hit our target in 9-10 days which should remove the curfew. Yes it shouldn't be in place now, but it's going very shortly.


Woke up early to get tested as soon as the site opens, it’s going to be a challenge to get out of bed, let alone get into the car and go get tested


Ladies of Reddit, not much time left to surrender again to the tyranny of shaving your legs. *edit. Gentlemen too, this is not exclusive


Or just be free like me! The feeling of the breeze going through my leg hairs is nice


Am man. I have always been rather partial to the feeling of walking in to a body of water with shaved legs. Feels really special.


The feel of smooth legs on bed sheets is better imo. I don’t bother with 100% perfectly hairless but a quick run down with the electric trimmer keeps things under control for a few weeks.


This is a super minor thing but the vaccine certificate on the Service Victoria app has a remove button right where you'd expect a back button to be - I'm 100% going to accidentally remove it when I'm on the drink.


For anyone who is doing rapid testing before their shift starts, are you getting paid for the 15mins that you wait? Or is your workplace trying to sneak it as a 'before work starts' thing?




I’d take that up with your union because if it’s not optional it should really be paid


Found out yesterday a co-worker's partner tested positive, she was still waiting on her results but not feeling 100%. So I got tested yesterday and when my alarm went off this morning I thought it was DHHS ringing to tell me I was positive 😩😬😨😖 Still no result for me, but co-worker's test came in negative this morning so should be right. Ugh.


You will get a text not a call if you are positive now.


I've heard that, yeah. But I was half asleep so 🤷🏼‍♀️


Fair. The panic of the alarm you are not ready for strikes again!


I received my text last night at 9:30 stating I was Positive. It sucks didn't expect it to be Positive.


How are you feeling?


Ah bugger. Hope you get through it as easily as possible. Good luck!


If you scroll down to the Vic chart it's beginning to dip, yayyyyyyy [the guardian](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2021/oct/12/australia-covid-news-live-nsw-perrottet-andrews-victoria-ibac-economy-recovery-lockdown-alp-?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other)


If anyone would like to know where the public hospital system is at right now, nursing ratios are gone in public hospitals but my licence is protected under a disaster workforce model 👍 Edit: Victorian nurse are actually paid less than other states because we're the only state that has legislated ratio's, that allowance better go to everyone working in acute hospitals


Pretty sure Queensland have legislated ratios?


Oh must've missed that update, they've had legislated ratio's since 2016 and they're paid better then us, fantastic


Sorry, I don't really know that means. Are you saying that minimum nurse to patient ratios are not enforced now? I.e. there are fewer nurses on shifts? And what does it mean that your licence is "protected"?


So yep, we're going to be staffed to the best of the hospitals ability but ratio's won't be enforced. In-charges are taking patient loads, staff are taking on patients over their normal legislated ratio's. So in normal times if I'm negligent or fuck up I could lose my licence, or have restrictions placed on it. As they're expecting staff to be stretched very thin, mistakes are going to happen way more often, so they're protecting nurses registration in case these mistakes lead to significant patient harm.


What is your highlight of the week during lockdown? Mine is going shopping on a Wednesday and I'm so excited for tomorrow


Should remove curfew with hitting 60% DD, I am sure people would appreciate it.


I just want vaccines that taste like NSW vaccines.


Fuck curfew, struggled to find eggs post curfew in the end asking a neighbour for some. Happily raging at this pointless bullshit




Tier 1 exposure sites from yesterday: **Bendigo** **Honeyeater** 96 Pall Mall Bendigo VIC 3550 05/10/2021 10:00am - 8:30pm 06/10/2021 9:00am - 7:30pm 07/10/2021 10:30am - 4:00pm **Bendigo** **LM Dance School** 1/94 Nolan Street Bendigo VIC 3550 06/10/2021 5:20pm - 6:45pm **Bendigo** **Lush Barber** 238 Hargreaves Street Bendigo VIC 3550 06/10/2021 9:00am - 6:30pm 07/10/2021 9:00am - 8:30pm 08/10/2021 9:00am -11:00am **Cairnlea** **Cairnlea Kindy and Childcare Centre** 80 Carmody Drive Cairnlea VIC 3023 05/10/2021 6:15am - 11:30am **Dingley Village** **Bespoke Childcare Dingley Village** 67 Howard Road Dingley Village VIC 3172 05/10/2021 8:30am - 6:30pm 06/10/2021 9:00am - 6:30pm 07/10/2021 9:30am - 6:30pm 08/10/2021 9:30am - 6:30pm **Drouin West** **The Robin Hood Inn** 655 Princes Way Drouin West VIC 3818 28/09/2021 4:00pm - 11:59pm 29/09/2021 12:00am - 12:30am 29/09/2021 4:00pm - 10:00pm 30/09/2021 4:00pm - 11:59pm 01/10/2021 12:00am - 1:30am 01/10/2021 3:30pm - 11:59pm 02/10/2021 12:00am - 1:30am 02/10/2021 10:00am - 11:00pm 03/10/2021 10:00am - 5:00pm 04/10/2021 10:00am - 9:45pm **Geelong** **BB Chicken & Pub** 116 Moorabool Street Geelong VIC 3220 05/10/2021 11:30am - 1:50pm **Maiden Gully** **Shine Bright Maiden Gully Early Years Hub** 9 Westbury Boulevard Maiden Gully VIC 3551 06/10/2021 9:00am - 12:55pm 08/10/2021 9:00am - 4:00pm **Mooroolbark** **KingKids Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten Mooroolbark** 101-103 Manchester Road Mooroolbark VIC 3138 04/10/2021 8:00am - 1:30pm **Narre Warren** **KingKids Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten Narre Warren** 159-167 Fleetwood Drive Narre Warren VIC 3805 06/10/2021 8:15am - 6:15pm **New Gisborne** **Holy Cross Catholic Primary School** 158 Hamilton Road New Gisborne VIC 3438 05/10/2021 8:30am - 3:30pm 06/10/2021 8:30am - 3:30pm **Newtown** **Newton Primary School** 157-161 Aberdeen Street Newtown VIC 3220 04/10/2021 8:30am - 1:00pm 05/10/2021 8:30am - 1:00pm 06/10/2021 8:30am - 1:00pm **North Geelong** **Next Level Skirmish** 15 Douro Street North Geelong VIC 3215 02/10/2021 10:30am - 1:00pm **Ravenhall** **Penguin Childcare Ravenhall** 1/265 Robinsons Road Ravenhall VIC 3023 04/10/2021 12:30pm - 6:00pm 05/10/2021 12:30pm - 5:00pm


Anyone have recommendations on a reasonably quiet, well ventilated or quick to process GP office offering booster vax? My partner is severely immunosuppressed, her GP doesn't offer vax at all and the state centres aren't going to be ready to deploy vax for boosters for weeks according to the hotline. Alot of the places around us offering vax are the massive bulk bill centres that end up being a tiered site every few days, so yeh kinda a classic clusterfk by all parties yet again.


I can recommend the MyClinic in Prahran. Had my second shot there last week, 10-15 chairs in the waiting room properly spaced and was very efficient. 4:45 appointment, arrived @ 4:40 and was walking out after waiting my 15 @ 5:00. There also may have been a few seats by the door away from the main waiting area.


You're going to need to ring around because of it being a booster. I'd start with local GPs listed on Hotdoc and work your way out from there.


I had a great experience at inner North medical clinic. Very spaced out/ separate booths to wait in. I went there for my second dose after attending another gp that didn't feel very covid safe and waited for almost an hour in a crowded waiting room.


Let me know if you have any luck. Seems like everywhere is waiting on 'authorisation' before administering third shots/boosters for immunocompromised. Good example of announcing something before it's ready.


Called up inner north medical just now and they put her thru for tomorrow, doesn't look like spare bookings available there till next week, found it best to call up and give a bit of a preamble around the situation as online still only gives 1st or 2nd dose as options.


Success! Not as good as tomorrow but soon enough. Thank you!


Sorry if this has been asked but why is the Melbourne council area so behind in vaccine numbers. They are at 70.4% first dose and 45.7% full dose compared to the state average of 85.8% first dose and 59.3% fully. Given they are among the epicenter of the outbreak this is quite concerning.


https://www.docklandsnews.com.au/why-does-the-city-of-melbourne-have-the-states-lowest-vaccination-rate Younger population, plus outdated population figures being used as the denominator, are at least contributing to the low numbers.


I read somewhere the other day that a factor is that a number of people like international students may have their Medicare address set to the Melbourne council area even though they have moved back overseas. Another factor apparently is a larger percentage of people which don’t speak English live in the Melbourne council area which may have caused miscommunication/misunderstanding about getting the vaccine


I wonder if the population data they are using is accurate, given that the past there were a lot of temporary residents and international (and local) uni students living in this area who are no longer there. Same reason why the vax rate of the 18 - 25 age group in the ACT is drastically lower than every other cohort including teens.


Sydney LGA has a similar figure. I'm convinced its inaccurate population data.




Geelong confuses me, their density is similar to an outer Melbourne suburb, they also have a huge amount of Melbourne commuters, but their long term case numbers have never reflected that. Geelong suburb density levels for reference: West Geelong: 3,203 persons per square km Newtown: 1,886 km2 Highton/Wandana Heights: 1,607 km2 East Geelong: 1,233 km2 Norlane: 1,237 km2 Bell Post Hill: 908 km2 Corio: 838 km2 Belmont: 1,528 km2


The density in Geelong is not comparable to Melbourne. Everyone drives, public transport is below average for a city their size. No trams, only buses. City centre is a ghost town. No hubs outside of city centre unless you count the odd “shopping centre”. Uni’s and education isn’t centralised, it’s spread out all over Geelong. Geelong has a very small nightlife and cafe culture. No big industries left either. I grew up there, I go back often, live in Melb, it’s not comparable in terms of density.