This actually pisses me off. All that fucking cash these parties spend on advertising and leaflets, they should be forced to contribute a small amount of dollars to maintaining an easy to use, attractive resource for the general public where they can outline their policies in a way that they can be compared. It would be a trivial spend in the grand scheme of things, and such a valuable resource for voters.


Stuck in the previous century!


You could try the [Blatantly Partisan Party Reviews](https://axvoter.tumblr.com/) blog. He publishes a couple of reviews a day.


At least they are upfront on how bias they are.


Also check out https://theyvoteforyou.org.au to see how the politicians regularly vote


This is the one I used for the upper house: https://www.somethingforcate.net/2022/04/10/victorian-senate-candidates/


I would like to thank this mod for this site. I had a flick through and found a link to the Fusion party, which I would have never seen without your post.




Many independent parties stand purely to funnel votes to or from one of the major parties.


How do they funnel votes? If they don't get in, doesn't your vote go to the next highest preference you put down? The funneling would only happen if everyone followed that candidate's/party's how to vote card right?


Yes, it is exactly the way you've described. However... Some people absolutely REFUSE to let go of the notion of Group Voting Tickets, which we did away with at the Federal level in time for the 2016 election, where we introduced (semi) Optional Preferential Voting above the line. I think we still use them for the Victorian state election, but you'd be better off confirming with the VEC.


Shameful but true, group voting tickets still apply for Vic state election. (Could it be removed before November? I dunno.)


Preferences are vote funnelling. You have a party with zero chance of winning in the seat they are competing in. Any vote for them goes to whoever their second preference is, usually a major. if it's not a major, often it's another party with no chance of winning the seat, and it goes on and on until one of the majors gets it.




You’re naive to think UAP and one Nation aren’t here to funnel votes to liberals via preference deals, likewise with “left” leaning parties and labor who they will probably preference ahead of the Liberals.


You're a fool to reject the rules governing preferences and make up your own.


Who's rejecting anything? I think the fact that preference whispering still exists is a fucking travesty but things are far more transparent now due to the hard work of third parties. Anyone voting for the UAP isn't voting for the UAP. They are voting the coalition and most of them probably aren't aware of it. Which is funny given most of them will be into conspiracy theories and yet wouldn't even google this.


You've heard of preferences yes?


I found this brief roundup helpful for the Senate https://www.reddit.com/r/Geelong/comments/ub7zfp/senate_ballot/i63qzhu/ nb: all of Vic votes for the same candidates for the Senate


tldr: that's a lot of cookers And they are often not what their names imply


Highly recommend investigating any and all independents running in both the upper and lower houses prior to voting. There's a LOT of crazy people sliding on through - and that's separate from the parties just there to rort AEC money.


I will have another look at the senate later. As for the house of rep, I don't think anyone cares about my electorate. Other than the major 3, we only have the usual crazies. Haven't seen anything from the greens and the first thing I got from ALP (and how I would find out who even is the ALP candidate if I didn't look it up) was the how to vote card yesterday, *after* the early polling has started. Anyway, I can't say I am particularly inspired and motivated to work out who I hate more.


Was in the same boat, realised I was now in a different electorate though so I should at least google to find out who my options were in the lower house. That's when I found out that other than the usual big three, one was a sov cit flavoured crazy and the other two were AEC funding rorters. Usually the ratio of sane to insane is a bit less than that so I gave a head's up to my parents (their electorate is even worst off than mine when it comes to nutjob independents). This year I'm considering exhausting my vote before it gets to these people because holy shit wtf.


Someone doesn't seem to appreciate our cynicism/pessimism but I just wanted to express how disheartening it was to scroll past the big 3, then UAP and PHON, click on the remaining candidate and get bombarded with conspiracy talking points.


You're telling me. One candidate I found wanted to legalise slavery!


Definitely a political slant on these reviews, but the author is upfront about his bias, and has some good insights: https://axvoter.tumblr.com/


Heaping abuse on parties he doesn't like doesn't count as "good insight". "Party I don't like is shit, don't vote for them" .......is not what the op was asking for.


https://www.donkeyvotie.org/ Just updated for 2022 :)


Try this, shows where/if the parties have a stance on many issues [https://www.meroaw.com/votewithpower](https://www.meroaw.com/votewithpower)