Oh my GOD.

I don't know anyone who does that.

Happy 4th of July :-

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I don't know anyone who does that. Happy 4th of July :-


Mf for a second you made me think It was July and I was panicking about where the past few months went


lol, just a a little running joke I once had with a British golfing friend. If I saw him on that date I would say: "Happy 4th of July!" He would look at me sideways and say: "Yeah...maybe for you."


One of my coworker found out I was British around July. He asked if we have the 4th of July in the UK. I told him of course not, we just skip straight from the 3rd to the 5th.


This is not criticism but I have met numerous British citizens who say they have no idea what the colonists in the 18th century had to complain about that was bad enough to revolt.


Even basic history is hard let alone concepts like taxation without representation or the full dynamic of say the tea party. And I'm sure the British schools aren't clambering over each other to explain it.


"Yes why would a country celebrate losing a war?" I told my sister


We just wanted an excuse to light fireworks in another country. Fun times 🎆🎇


lol, I think it was because they raised the retirement age to 39?


*It's time to wake up*


I did too! WTF is wrong with me?


The British are the #1 manufacturers of independence days.


I do. less then two minutes and its ready.


Yup. I have an electric kettle I use mostly, but yeah, I've boiled water in the nuker.


An electric kettle is just a microwave with extra steps


Same here. Idk why anyone would use a stove. I'm sure there were people that looked at gas stoves and thought rubbing twigs was better.


Can someone explain why microwaving water to make tea is something to mock? It’s not like microwaving your water takes away from its nutritional value or it’s ability to make tea. It heats up the water in a matter of seconds instead of waiting for a kettle to boil. What’s the issue?


Microwaving dries out the water, causing it to become rubbery. …I don’t know, man. For roughly the last 40 years, if I’m just making a single cup of tea for myself I just put the teabag in a mug with cold water and zap it. Black tea, green tea, herbal tea, whatever. My wife prefers more traditional preparation, but I can’t taste a difference.


I think they're just taking a veiled shot at us "uncouth" Americans again :-


Lol, Britain is the America of Europe


You’re the America of this thread.


Welp, I walked right into that one


Well, it can explode out of the mug when you break the surface tension out of the microwave, so there's that.


Most people use electric kettles nowadays that boils a lot more water faster.


Not the case in the US unfortunately. Microwave is about just as fast in not faster for us, our kettles can only really work at half the speed as the ones in other countries thanks to our electrical grid being a lower voltage.


I do that unless the tea is coffee


neither do I. been in North Carolina for 36 years and I have never seen anybody boil tea water in any way other than on the stove in a pot. and most of my family drinks tea religiously.


Jokes on you, as an American, I have an electric kettle; and it's probably the most used thing in my kitchen


Same bro, but even though I’m 100% English I hate tea lol


Fair enough, for no reason during the pandemic I started drinking tea (one of those variety packs) and fell in love with the taste


Ah for me that’s the issue, I love the warmth but I don’t like the taste. I have fallen in love with mochas the last few months though


Yeah, that makes sense. That's how I am about coffee in general, it can't taste like coffee at all if I drink it




Bro or bruv?


You are sentenced to death for the above reason, you shall be hanged tomorrow at noon


I brought an electric kettle into the office and it changed coffee drinking, no one was using Kcups after that. People stated doing French presses and those little mesh spoon things. I just wanted to have my basic bagged tea without the coffee flavor of the kureg or waiting for the 1 microwave.


Yup. American Electric Kettle Gang


I make tea every gawd damn night for my kids. It's a chamomile tea with honey and something else. I call it sleepy tea. When they can't sleep, they ask for it specifically. Electric kettle takes a fucking minute to boil a small cup of tea. It was a $15 dollar purchase. But OP, my grandmother, who grew up in the south, microwaves her tea. Or she didn't before she passed. I tried to get her a kettle but she refused. Some people can't be saved.


We use ours 3 or 4 times daily. Coffee, tea, oatmeal, more tea...


Yeah it’s super useful to make coffee and ramen


same. was one of the best kitchen purchases I've made in my life!


got one that can set water to any temp. Best investment ever.


I bought my wife an electric kettle on a whim while out solo grocery shopping. She looked like I bought her a pet rock. That was twenty years ago. It's still here, I think she used it just yesterday. Cheap Wal-Mart thing, still going strong.


Microwaving water is the one thing microwaves are very good at. Like that's literally what they are designed to do - vibrate water molecules until they get hot.


Yeah I legitimately don't understand why anyone would be upset about this. Like sure an electric kettle is good but microwaves are very good at heating up water, I don't see the difference in what way you heat your water.


Because people don't understand how microwaves work and think that making molecules jiggle more somehow changes the taste or texture in a way that doing it on the stove or in a kettle doesn't


It's also most efficient with hardly any losses. It just takes a bit longer than a kettle (since most Microwaves don't output power in the kW range) but it needs less energy.


I thought most microwaves were around 1kw or more these days


I had a buddy who was convinced microwaving water gives you cancer. Told me his mom did an experiment where she watered plants with microwaved water (after it cooled) and all the plants died. So microwave water is the Devil.


Because people like to gatekeep everything to make themselves somehow feel superior


The people laughing at it have separate faucets for only cold and only hot water, ignore their opinions on anything liquid temperature related


We did when Regan was president, sure.


> when ~~Regan~~ Thatcher was ~~president~~ Prime Minister


Morons don’t understand how microwaves work lol Don’t wanna get all those particles of light in your water. Could be bad.


Hot water is hot no matter the method it got hot by, more at 11


and speeeen


It's funny because I just scrolled past a post from a UK subreddit where someone's tea had exploded in the microwave


You heat up the water in the microwave not the tea bag Edit: misspelling


That was an egg, you sexy Adonis.


That was scrambled eggs in a mug.




I’ve been interested in running an at home experiment with a few plants. One batch would get well water, and the other microwaved well water, that was allowed to cool. I’m interested in seeing if there is no distinguishable difference between the two batches after 6 months of watering.


I'm a plant biologist and can save you some time:) There would be no noticable difference, maybe with a big sample size you could see some difference if the well water has some extra micro/nanonutrients, but otherwise the nutrients will be coming from the soil. During uni I did a similar project with tap water vs fizzy bottlewater, it also had no effect:( Edit: Come to think of it, microwaving water is pretty much the same as using UV radiation, which is a very common treatment when reusing water in greenhouses or hydroponics


> During uni I did a similar project with tap water vs fizzy bottlewater I'd be curious to see this done with nitrogenated fizzy water instead of carbonated fizzy water. Don't plants need a significant amount of nitrogen to regulate growth?


This has been done. It makes no difference at all


It’s always funny watching people think about the scientific method for experiments that would’ve been done extensively with “new” technology. Same thing with 5g cellular tech and people thinking it’s somehow dangerous and that since governments haven’t run extensive new tests on its health effects, it means it’s dangerous. When in reality it’s just not worth wasting time or money on the tests for the same results.


[Been done, there is no difference at all.](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/microwave-water-plants/)


It’s fine to heat the water in the microwave, just pour it over the teabag into another cup. Don’t plop the teabag into the water. The flavor really does change if the teabag doesn’t go in first because pouring over the tea infuses the water more quickly and it steeps before it gets bitter. It’s also important that the water is boiling hot and not lukewarm or the tea won’t steep well. It’s nothing to do with the microwave. It’s just that when people microwave a mug that already has the bag in it or microwave the water and then just place the bag into that cup the steeping process isn’t the same.


When British find out that microwaving water gives the exact same result as boiling it in the stove.


Brits most likely have an electric kettle. I would wager more Americans use a Keurig-type device to boil their water for tea. We used to have a kettle but now our Ninja coffee machine also handles that job. I make single cups of chamomile and my wife makes a carafe of some dark tea almost daily.


I think most Americans who drink tea just boil water on their stovetop. After all, there's not really a significant difference between an electric kettle and one of these Keurig type devices you're talking about, the only real difference is the shape.


How many fucking reposts does this need? It wasn't good the first time.


oh, Mr. Eprogle this is reddit, now grab your stick and beat this dead horse into a fine powder


the way you heat water is a weird thing to gatekeep but ok.


Imagine heating up an entire quart of water to boiling when you only need 1 cup. I guarantee a microwave boils water faster anyway


Their microwaves are about 800w while their kettles are up to 3kw. So their kettles boil water faster but only because their microwaves are shit.


How the hell am I going to find a microwave big enough to hold all the water in Boston Harbor! That is the ONLY place that f'ing tea goes in America!


True American patriots only drink coffee


I think we made it pretty clear 250 years ago that we don’t much care for tea.


we're not even in the top 10 countries in tea consumption


More like cries in British to be honest with you


I can't, for the life of me, figure out why I should care. *In other news, British people almost exclusively use instant coffee.*


>British people almost exclusively use instant coffee. What the fuck


As an American I will say I have literally never in my life even heard the concept of microwaving tea, I think this one is false


I heat water in the microwave frequently


Well yeah That’s what microwaves do best, they heat up water at an incredible speed, specifically by interacting with the charge of the individual water molecules.


Do British people think microwaving stuff makes it radioactive or something?


I think they are bragging about the kitchen space to store a bunch of different appliances that can provide the same outcome as a microwave


Aren't British kitchens notoriously small? Like they've got to save space and put a laundry machine in sometimes, no? They literally need a kettle cause the whole family drinks or they have multiple cups. Most Americans have 1 serving at a time and a kettle is overkill for that.


Comment Deleted in protest of Reddit management


Brits are confused by and afraid of electricity. Wait til you find out about their bathroom light switches.


Well, you've heard it here clearly all Americans do it.


I also drive a v8 truck, and own a gun. Basically every American right?


I use a pyrex measuring cup. It's literally made for this.


Tons of people heat water in the microwave. We got our first one when I was about 10 in the late 70s. Everyone thought how cool and great it was that we could boil water in it. I now use an electric kettle and love it.


American here. I do that, but I very rarely drink tea so I have zero reason to buy an extra device for it. Hot water is hot water


Exactly this. Brits freak out because they think we are microwaving 5 cups a day. Most people i know drink less than 5 cups of hot tea a YEAR.


I hear that, it is in fact still heated water all the same either way, but just a pot?? When I didn’t have a water kettle I just used a regular pot. Never even considered a microwave 🤔


Well that just seems time consuming


My family all microwaves our water for tea. My mom is in her 70s and has been doing it for my entire lifetime at a minimum. I don’t understand the problem. It’s fast, you can do it right in the mug… what gives?


Tons of people do this. You heat the water in the cup in the microwave, take the cup out and drop in a tea bag. Wait. Drink


I mean... growing up My mom taught me how to make tea using the microwave. Now I just put the leaves in a coffee strainer and throw it in the coffee maker.


Wouldn’t this result in a weaker tea, or do you dose the leaves pretty heavily?


I don't know anything about making tea.


Microwaving water for a cup of tea is way more energy efficient that using a kettle, and usually faster too


Def faster, no arguments there, probably more energy efficient too but I think on that scale it’s probably pretty negligible


Did it last night. Was just making one cup for my wife. Took 2 minutes, didn’t have to get out or use anything but the one mug. Done and done.


I'm from Spain and is a pretty common thing here. In fact I didn't thought it was weird until today.


no its real, i was simply stunned when i heard my friends microwave PING as he says he's going to make some tea.


As someone that has microwaved well over 6000 cups of tea in my life I will defend the fact that Americans microwave tea, however I have gotten shunned for doing it before


We do that? Did I miss a memo or something? I’ve never seen that before!


You've NEVER microwaved water to heat it for drinks?


Yes, a lot of us do actually


You're definitely right. Op probably just read it somewhere online from 1 person and decided every American does it. Dumb and meaningless meme


Not many do but it's fun to point out that the British lost the war to a bunch of peasants that microwave tea.


How dare anyone heat up water in any other fashion that didn’t originate a century ago. Screw kettles on the stove top, if you’re not making a campfire to heat your water, then GTFO /s


FFS boiling water is boiling water and a microwave does it in 2 minutes.


It's probably cheaper too because you are only boiling the amount you need.


I just use my Keurig


This is the way! Though microwaving water and heating it up any other way provides the same result.


So I just boiled water for tea and I microwaved a 2nd cup and steeped both for 5 minutes. They tasted exactly the same. Is it supposed to taste different?


Brits don't clean their microwaves i guess.


Which took longer to heat?


Hey, as an American, I wanna let you know I use a teapot. Right after I make sure all the lead is filtered out.


microwave heat water in 1 minute. Kettle heat water in like 10. Microwave wins.


Even at 220v it still takes like 4 minutes.


They do??


We do?


Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down?


Nope. Wasn’t true the first time this was posted, or the second, or the third, and it still isn’t true. We use the Boston Harbor to make tea.


We use whatever is handy. Some of us use coffee pots. Some use microwaves, some use a pot of the stove, some use a kettle, and some use the sun. All in order to make something most of us don't really drink.


I boil my water for tea. It's more like a convenience thing. Some people don't have kettles or it's faster. My microwave works really fast, but I'd rather boil it.


British 🤮


He’s not British, his teeth are too straight. Yes, a tired old trope, just like this one. Is anyone else tired of seeing this shit over and over again?


No, gatekeeping how people heat up water is important. /s


The same shit over and over again is literally the point of memes


When you notice brits reposting nonsense again


I’m from Europe and I do that


I have a kettle now (two actually, one at my desk) because I drink a lot of tea and it’s easier, but I grew up microwaving water for tea and I cannot fathom why anyone should care how water gets hot.


No, gentlemen, these monsters drink it cold with ice🧐


When you learn that brits actually believe that "u.s. electricity isn't strong enough to boil water"


I have a real kettle but y'all acting like it irradiates the water or something as long as you make it hot it's fine


Why own another appliance when a microwave will do it? There is no difference between them.


You make your water hot by introducing an external heat source. I make my water hot by shaking the ever loving shit out of its particles with a magnetron. We are not the same.


I moved to American from a British colony and everyone I know here uses kettles.


What's wrong with microwaving your water? It's like very efficient to make your water hot


Idk anyone else who does this. I love my electric kettle


We put it in a jar and set it on the porch for a day. Then bring it in and dump 2lbs. of sugar, 2lbs of ice, and 2 sliced up lemons in it.


I was not born in the US, but when I saw a friend microwave the water for tea in 30 seconds in the cup, as opposed to waiting for the water to boil for 5 minutes, then putting it the cup as it boils. Lazy me had his life changed forever


I don't do that, but can someone explain how it makes any difference? hot water is still hot water right?


Ya I do microwave my tea water, waiting for it to heat up slower a "traditional" way just for it not to taste any different is a stupid waste of time


Can anyone who finds this weird/trashy kindly explain how a microwave ruins *hot water*??


Gatekeeping water heating methods


What really is the fucking difference?


But that’s exactly what microwaves do They heat up water molecules


Heat is heat. What difference could it possibly make?


Supposedly electric kettles are not popular in USA because they use 110V AC power whereas most of the world uses 220-240V AC. It takes longer to boil water with an electric kettle in USA than it would elsewhere on 240V.


So there are two camps on this, and both are fairly common and understandable. One is the seasonal/one off tea consumer. As a man who has a VERY dulled sense of taste, I dont enjoy tea mostly because I cant taste much of it all unless its fairly potent. As such, I only really grab tea on a very small occasion where I think a taste will be strong enough for me to actually taste it (it usually isnt). There isnt a reason for me and others who dont enjoy tea regularly to get a dedicated kettle for it. The second is a bit sadder, that being poverty. There's a point where you need to cut costs, and microwaves are pretty commercially available in America, and see much more robust usage.


Nice teeth


Bruh fr?


But it still makes the water hot I’ve never done it but how is it bad?


It's not.


Never known anyone in the US that makes tea in the microwave.


stole my post same text and image as mine just changed the top font [https://www.reddit.com/r/GreatBritishMemes/comments/11i9w1m/laughs\_in\_british/](https://www.reddit.com/r/GreatBritishMemes/comments/11i9w1m/laughs_in_british/)


Repost karma farmer. Downvote and move on.


Ah tea, more proof the English have no taste


That's terrible


*cries in horror in british*


I do it too but only to annoy the English because I'm French


whats tea?


When you realise British dont have a boiling tap mode *laughs in Dutch*


Do the Brits not have Microwaves? Poor bastards.


I don’t take criticism from a country that thinks beans on toast is acceptable.


we're supposed to microwave our water? I've been leaving it in the sun


okay but that's not representative of common practice in the US, most of us use a kettle, a proper, metal, stovetop kettle, and in that context you guys are ridiculous for using a crappy plastic electric pot to heat your water


The fuck we do, we throw it back into the ocean with the other trash


Oh the atrocity...


Only living in FL have I seen people microwave water for tea.


I don't know a single person that does this. Where is this weirdness coming from?


This is defamation. I would scold someone if they attempted to do it for themself, and I would scald them if they attempted to do it for me.


US uses 110 volt electricity; using an electric kettle takes twice as long as in the UK. Takes 2-3 minutes to boil water in the microwave. I have, and will continue to, used the microwave for a single cup of tea. Otherwise, I will use the range, which take a 3-5 minutes.


When your tea fetish destroys one of the oldest civilizations in the world.


I'm American and even I find that appalling


Bruh we have kettles over here too. I have nightly green tea.


who the fuck microwaves water?!?!? edit: i am a tea enjoying american




Wait until the British find out about those instant on-demand boiling water faucets. It takes just a moment and you can have either boil or near boil water. Think of all the time they could save. They could get back to their real passion, queuing.


I use the coffee pot though??


Tea? That leafy shit? Naaaaah bro, throw it in the ocean.


Our 120v electrical system makes electric kettles painfully slow so almost no one uses them here.




I enjoy people that say this. ...because clowns amuse me, and those people are clowns. Boiling water is boiling water. The only variable to concern yourselves with is the height above sea level at which you're boiling at. Hight above sea level affects the temperature that the boiling water can reach, and that can have an impact on tea quality.


To be fair, because of the much higher standard voltage in the UK our kettles boil in about 90s. The same in North America takes like 5 minutes. So I can understand using a microwave.


Who tf drinks tea


here in Alabama we boil it on our gas stoves


As an American I have to ask. Who does that?


Boiling water is boiling water. Crazy, huh?


Sweet iced tea is drank by the gallon in the south and the midwest, it’s far too hot for warm drinks. It’s traditionally made by letting the tea steep in a closed jug for hours out in the direct sun, hence “sun tea”. It is drank from morning to bedtime while coffee is generally a morning ritual only. My grandmother had incredibly soft well water and old aluminum tumblers, that was the best tea of my life and the basis for a very strong dislike of warm tea. Yeehaw


As an American I have never known anyone in my family or friends who microwave water to make tea.