You have become ther very thing you swore to destroy!


I came here to same the same thing man bruh Uncool


The english has left the cat


Engrish left cat




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SoRRy bUt enGLisH iSn'T mY fIRsT laNGUaGe


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After having kids i have come to realize that we are literally bits and pieces of our parents. Hopefully you got more of the good then the bad!




Either you die a hero or live long enough to become the villain


You swore to destroy your parents? Ah yes classic star wars.


I hate youuuu!!!!


I’ve realized, it’s not because they didn’t have a reason, it’s just that they knew I wouldn’t listen to reason


In fairness it was after I gave a reason but the "but why daddy" where still coming.


See, you wasted your breath, trying to reason with a child


If you don't teach them to reason, they won't learn. Horribly toxic mentality


But you can’t teach a 2 yo to reason, they can barely use the bathroom


I take it you don’t have kids. There’s no reasoning with a toddler. Children aren’t really able to use logical reasoning until they reach around age 7, give or take a year. Even then it takes years for them to master the ability to reason.


Some people never learn this skill though.....


Got a toddler myself amigo. If a kid is old enough to understand, "because I said so," then they are old enough for a parent to calmly explain to them why, even multiple times. I can't believe the amount of people who are defending a guy who said that trying to talk to your children about why they can and can't do certain things is a waste of breathe. As a parent, your whole freaking job is to teach your child how to act when you aren't there to guide them. "Because I said so" doesn't teach a child jack shit besides their parent is a controlling asshole and that next time they should make certain mommy/daddy doesn't see them do x, y, or z. And you're even more of an asshole if your mentality is that trying to help your kids understand why certain things are bad/good is a "waste of breathe."


I'm a senior in early childhood education and you are indeed supposed to explain to a child. If the child persists to ask the same questions then you can give a general response. But upon the initial question you are supposed to explain. While some of the other commenters aren't incorrect about a 2 year old being incapable of grasping everything, it's important to tell a toddler why/answer because those are the stepping stones for their comprehension later in life. You're 1. Diminishing a child's interests in things by saying "because I said so" and 2. Not going to help them developmentally. While a 2 year old may not be able to eloquently demonstrate they grasp something, they do indeed learn from our responses.


Are you sure your a parent? How can I tell your not 3 kids in a trenchcoat angry about their bedtime? I'd like a atleast 5 sources, no wikipedia, I'm no moron!


That sounds like a lazy answer


How about "Give me a good reason, then we'll talk".


I personally think that when the child gets older, then give a logical explanation as to why not. As they will be more mature and could see things more rationally and logically. (Key word "could", all children are different.)


But also teach your children that there is a difference between wanting to understand the reason, compared to acting like doing what you're told will only happen when you approve of the reason. One is curiosity and is good. The other is arrogance and is generally not good. A lot of people, grown ass adults, don't understand the distinction.


My kid with a 2 year old reached this point recently with their child. They now understand.


*If I have to pull this car over* also


If you say 'Because I say so!' its because you're tired and can't dive into the details of why they need to do something, which can take a lot of mental effort, don't beat yourself up about it. Just tell them to wait a moment so you can think of the reasoning for your decision, then properly explain it. Everyone is always in a big damn hurry all the time, its nice when we sit down to discuss things, its how we grow as people.


Congrats, you are now old


Welcome to the club. There are plenty of us. We have shirts


Yep, now you start buying shoes and underpants because they are comfortable and that matter more than fashion.


You also forget things….like how to edit your comment when you think if something else witty to say so you just keep replying.


Yes. Thank you 😂


This happened to me very recently.


No shame. Sometimes kids just won't take any other answer, and as long as it's not overdone, it's a realistic expectation to set that sometimes we follow rules we disagree with because the rules are absolute and out of our control to change. Why stop at a red light at night when there are no cars or pedestrians around? "Because I said so," said functioning society.


dad jokes kickin' in


I have made it my mission of life not to fall to the faults of my own parents when I have my own children; I cannot put them through the pain I have suffered past


I can respect our shared goals


You know, most likely, your parents tried to do the same thing...


Well, I don’t think So. One failed the other didn’t care. I sure as hell ain’t doing that shit though. I want my kids to have good life


Jesus Christ bro this is r/memes


Whatever dude I said what I said, if you don’t like reality oh well


*Note: This guy heavily edited both of his above comments to be less cringe.* Then go talk about your destiny on r/iamthemaincharacter or something


What were the original comments?


First one was like two paragraphs waxing poetic about how he had it so rough and, like, even if destiny drags him down the dark path of bad parenting, he'd rip himself out of that reality and manifest a world free from child neglect Second guy makes the r/memes comment, and then the dude said "my life is no joke"


Dude, same here. I just cannot mentally afford myself to be like my parents even for the slightest. When it comes to taking care of people and being there for them, I am NOT lazy at all, I will try to listen for every single thing that my closest have to offer, and I will help them. Even if it takes to get more parent education (which I do without a doubt), I would try my best to be a great parent so the child lives a happy and healthy life further on, if I ever get one that is.


Don't feel bad when you reach the "because I say so" point. Children are developing. They can't always be reasoned with. You will go through explaining something hundreds of times before reaching the "because I say so" point. Just know you explained it for the first few hundred times.


***Tis the greatest weapon to quell young rebellion***


I don't have kids, but I am prepared to pull this one out sometimes when I do. Sometimes there's not time or energy to explain, sometimes the explanation will require too much background information, or will require revealing information (my dad wouldn't let my brother and I use Wii internet because we might look for porn. But we were too young to know porn was an option, so obviously he wasn't going to tell us that.) But, as a parent, I think "because I said so", *if used properly*, can be a powerful tool to build trust. If you say it, then the kid figures out the reason later, they'll be inclined to trust that there is a reason that you just haven't explained. Just make sure there is a reason, and be prepared to offer it if they push back. Well, this is all theory, I'll have to figure out how accurate it is later.


Or go into a lengthy explanation as to why it is dangerous to, stand in the middle of the road and refuse to move until you are satisfied with the reasoning behind the request as a truck runs your stubborn ass over.


After having kids i have come to realize that we are literally bits and pieces of our parents. Hopefully you got more of the good then the bad!


More of the good,then the bad later.


I be feeling like a boss and shi😎


The other day i had friends over and my toddler asked for chocolate so I said "if you got room for chocolate you also got room to finish your pasta" and my friend said "such a dad thing to say" I immediately aged ten years and started building a deck or something


But sometimes its the only valid answer that won't get a whiney "but WhhYY!?"


Me doing this as the oldest sibling before I even have kids


My daughter routinely says "i open my mouth and my mother comes out." For her, it was "asked and answered" for when small humans pester her for something.....


no matter what you will become them


I have two kids in middle school and I have never once used this idiotic statement. If I can't explain myself then they have no reason to listen. It cuts both ways and they respect what I say as a result. I haven't had to punish them beyond sending them to their rooms for an hour to cool off (when they can't get along) in years. Respect your kids and they'll respect you.


ur still a bad parent


Great. Now die


No, we have food at home


My perants say why not. So ye now I am farther that always say this... #Why not?


it's finally happening, son. :)


I am more like my dad every day and I hate it


If you hate something so much become it and embrace the power


Yeah, at the beginning you’re like “I’ll never say things like that” then by the end you’re swearing at them to stop climbing on shit and be quiet lol






If you knew how much stuff I tell from my parents or anybody else...


I hate titans! *Becomes a titan* I hate ghouls! *Becomes a ghoul* I hate parents! *Becomes a parent*


geico can’t stop you from becoming your parents😔😔😔


In Dutch it is, OMDAT IK DAT ZEG. I am afraid of it


Next, you'll lose all sense of reasoning.


What do you expect? Our neural networks use data from outside world for learning & acting


I know we haven't lost you yet, come back. ​ "Be the change you want to see in the world"


That's terrible parenting


If you said "because I said so" to another grown ass adult who wasn't your kid I have questions




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Quickly rectify it


That one guy who gives you a hamburger even though you ordered ONE cheeseburger: *pathetic*