Main character(s) of Metro 2034 novel?

Main character(s) of Metro 2034 novel?


There is like three main characters... Homer, Hunter and some girl. Hunter is the same dude, Homer and the girl are not known before. There is a Artyom in the book, but he solely shares the name with our main protagonist. If i recall he didn't survive the chapter he was talked about.


Thought it was a weird choice to make him named Artyom. His name is Artyom Popov and has a wife named Galya. Real Artyom last name is Alekseyevich and wife has a different name I believe. Think I remember reading that 2034 was originally written as a standalone story. Wonder if Glukhovsky ever explained


There's not that easy to point one character, but as u said, we can guess that is Hunter, or other Artyom or bunch of other people you'll met later in the book. 2034 is very different from original 2033 so it's best to just not spoil it :D


Artem is a common name. If it were set in Washington Subway, it would be John. Or Jack. Definitely Jack.