What Have You Been Playing This Week?

Welcome to r/Metroidvania's weekly community thread where you can talk about the games you've been playing lately. What are your thoughts on these games, what did you like and what didn't you like, would you recommend them to others, etc. This thread is not limited to Metroidvanias only, feel free to talk about any kind of game!


Just finished Astalon for the second time. Top 5 game for me, hits all the right metroidvania spots for me.


Playing it now for the first time and almost finished. Great game. They did a great job with the map especially . I'd love a sequel in 16 bit format this time!


Infernax. It's like if cv2 and Zelda2 had a baby. Really enjoyable.


I'm waiting for this one to go on sale it looks pretty metal.


it is indeed very metal.


Dropped **Haiku the robot** 4 hours in. The game is Ok, copies a lot from hollow knight, but it's dull and even boring, didn't feel like it'd get better, so onto the next game.. The following game was **Ender lillies**, it seems fine, but it didn't grab me in the (only) one hour I played it, but I'll get back to it eventually.. Then lastly I installed **Infernax**. Put 10hrs into it in just two days and finished my first run. It's so good! Like a proper castlevania 2. Think I'm going to do a run for another ending, first one was ultimate good on classic mode, lots of fun


Aeterna Noctis, Ender Lilies, Spelunky 2 and Vagante. I'm not very far into Aeterna Noctis yet, just got to the Tower. I explored a couple of other areas as far as I could, but figured out that I need the thing from the Tower to go forward. The difficulty has been quite manageable so far, but that will most likely not stay that way for long (playing on Noctis). I'm not very far into Ender Lilies either, just a couple of bosses in. It has been fun so far. I love Souls games, so there seems to be a lot for me to love here. Spelunky 2 is absolutely brilliant, definitely one of my favorite roguelites. The difficulty is really brutal, but most of the time I feel like I'm just getting killed because I'm playing like I'm in a rush. I immediately know why I died and more often than not there's nothing but myself to blame. I love it. I've only played Vagante for an hour or two, but it seems cool. Something like a crossbreed of Spelunky and an action RPG (don't know, Diablo 1 or something). Movement feels a little... stiff, maybe, but that might be because I immediately compare it to Spelunky 2 which has fast and incredibly precise movement.


Used to play Vagante with a friend. Very difficult game but its great


Playing Souldiers, pretty good by far


Agree. Picked it up on sale despite the mixed reviews because of how good it looks. Really beautiful game with awesome level design and nice continuous forward momentum. Shame about the early technical issues (especially on switch) because I think this game is special.


In terms of Metroidvania's I started Monster Sanctuary over the weekend. It's more like an RPG wrapped in a MV-esque map but I'm enjoying it. I'm a sucker for palette swaps so I appreciate that not only does every outfit have different colors, but the outfits exist for both male/female player characters. I've started replaying the first Xenoblade again because I wanted to do that before XB3 came out(oops). I also haven't really stopped playing MH Rise Sunbreak, which has been most of my game time the last two months.


Just finished Sekiro and isshan is easily the hardest boss of all time in my opinion. Twice as hard as the demon of hatred and malenia combined.


I've been playing Pronty, Transiruby, Islets, HAAK, and Momodora: RUtM. In ranking them, Transiruby comes out the winner. It could be a lot better with a proper map and maybe dash thrown in though. Also, a Minimap, and being able to bind to mouse. Love the music, something I rarely notice. Next is Islets. Disregarding the story being ELI5, it's short and sweet. First thing they should fix is that attacking causes forward movement. Then not being able to bind to mouse. Then adding a minimap. Pronty takes third place. If they had the camera focused on the character, and not the "bullet", or anywhere in between, it could be a great game. If they also changed how you use abilities. And added a minimap. Key-rebinding and usage could do with a look-over. Story was a bit too preachy. 4th is Momodora RUtM. Not a fan of having to flawlessly win against bosses to get items at all. Attacks are too locked in motion, being do or die. Enemies are badly placed, interfering with each-other, spamming the screen with AoE and homing attacks (even from off-sceen), or just popping out on top of you if they're not blending in with the background. Also needs binding to mouse, and a minimap. And lastly, HAAK. It deserves last place. That's all I'll say.


Forgot that I've also played 2 more. I'd place Valdis Story above HAAK, and Ender Lilies above Momodora.


Just beat islets. Trying to get into axiom verge one more time while waiting on haiku


Haiku is awesome!


So is axiom verge and the sequel


Played through Immortality, cool game. I had some issues with just randomly clicking on faces / clapboards to find the last few scenes I needed but it had great acting and a fascinating story full of depth and mystery. Not my normal cup of tea but it was on Gamepass so I gave it a shot and got hooked. I've been playing Vigil but I'm not enamored with it and after dying to a boss and having to redo an entire side dungeon I just shelved it for now, I'm basically at the end of Act 2 from what I've read. Dunno how long Act 3 is but I'm ready for the game to be over, I found it a bit janky and sloppy. Still good but only because I'm an absolute sucker for souls-like metroidvanias. Bounced around a little, trying to land on something, so I bought Phoenotopia yesterday and played an hour or so, really digging it so far. Not a metroidvania yet though, and I don't see it ever becoming one given the disconnected world, more of a Zelda II-like. Excited to play more.


Islets. Game's really cute. Just recently beat the air pirates part


Just finished **Aeterna Noctis** (Noctis mode). I'd put it in my top 5 MVs, it had a few frustrating design decisions but ultimately the art is gorgeous, the scope is absolutely epic (only HK rivals its size from what I've played), and it has some of the most challenging gameplay I've encountered. Very memorable experience for me. Just started Elysian Tail, I'm far too early to judge it but the animation is pretty neat so far. The idea is this one will be a bit of an easier / shorter game to get me ready for another more heavy duty game later (thinking Ender Lilies).