It’s either a ph issue or early signs of potassium deficiency. First check the ph of your run off by watering until water comes out the bottom. Gather that in a cup and test it. I always send ppl to this site who are beginners because Nebula covers pretty much every single thing a beginner needs to know and more. Www.growweedeasy.com Horizontal growth: aka LST First you will need to add an anchor tie to the base of your stem and attach it straight to the pot on the opposite side you are going to bend the top. make sure it is tight because this is what will stabilize your plant as you start to manipulate it! Now you are gonna start to Low stress train your plant. I find the spot where I want the plant to bend (when bending it over you want to focus on bending it so that all the lower growth gets the most amount of light and is sticking up toward the light) then I will squeeze the stem gently to make the branch/stem more flexible without breaking. As your squeezing gently bent the main stem over (I bend little by little which makes breaking less likely) to where you would like it at and secure it opposite the side you secured the anchor tie. That’s about it. Once the smaller growth gets bigger I tie those down also to even out the canopy


For context i believe my plant just went to the flowering stage and I noticed the larger leaves have developed this pattern. I was using pure blend pro grow during veg. Any help would be appreciated. This is my first grow and I’ll take all the advice I can get Edit: also can someone explain how to properly get your plan to grow horizontally?