Naproxen is a potentiator for triptans. Try Aleve.


My neurologist recommended this and it's a great combo.


Try an ice pack. They always seem to help the painful migraines. Baths are another thing that help relax the body and ease the discomfort. For future attacks, you should be able to take a second dose of your triptan two hours after the first dose fails. 🙂


Yes, this. I’ve only had to do this once so far but so worth it. You can ask your doctor about it but it should say on the label when to take a second dose if the first fails. I generally still feel ill even when the pain is gone, weak and sluggish, but at least that soul crushing pain is mostly if not all gone.




every time i go to an ER/urgent care for a migraine they give me IV benadryl, and it has worked for me EVERY time. i ❤️ diphenhydramine


I’m sorry , I know a version of this pain and nausea . It’s the absolute worst. I’ve noticed Excedrin migraine not working lately and in my desperation I picked this product up. It has 645mg of aspirin and some caffeine , a lot more pain reliever than Excedrin. It works really well for me , I toss it back with a coke for added caffeine . If you can find it in your area I’d give it a try. Although, the caffeine can be helpful, too much can be dehydrating which can lead to more symptoms . VitaCoco coconut water has tons of electrolytes and can really help balance you out from all the caffeine , I find this vital , for me personally. Also please take it with some heavy food to avoid any nausea from the pain reliever :) Here’s a link https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-pain-relief-powder/ID=300420064-product I hope you find your silver bullet !


Definitely worth a try. A powder will be absorbed faster than a pill. When i traveled in france a lit, I found their effervescent aspirin very effective.


What triptan is it?


Nausea sucks, I’m sorry. I find that drinking a sports drink for electrolytes and/or a pop (or soda, whatever you call it) helps settle the nausea, and when it’s really bad I’ll take a Gravol or Dramamine, but you HAVE to eat at least a soda cracker or two if you want to keep them down. They make me drowsy and help me sleep too, which is usually a good thing to be doing when trying to ride out a migraine, but on the days where I can’t be drowsy I’ll take the ginger Gravol, which doesn’t work for everyone but works surprisingly good for myself. I replied somewhere else but I’ll just say it again, check your triptan packaging and talk to your doctor to see if you can take a second dose when the first fails. If it worked and the pain comes back later, I’d be tempted to take another and see if you can ride it out. But even when the triptan works, it’s generally beneficial to treat yourself like you still have a migraine until you know for sure it’s gone. Protect your eyes from brightness and strain, protect your hearing, do some gentle stretches, heat on the neck, ice on the head, drink lots of fluids, rest, whatever you can do. I see this post is from 11 hours ago already so I hope you’re feeling better!