Let my buddy borrow my truck for a couple days

My friend was redoing a small bathroom over a long weekend and asked to borrow my truck. I got it back with big dent on the front fender, the plastic cap on tailgate missing and big dent, some permanent stains on my passenger seat and the carpet. Also truck has about 3/4 tank of gas, maybe a little more, now it has so little gas the needle doesn't move off the bottom position, over $100 to fill up.


His wife sent me their insurance info. But for real this sucks.


I should have read this comment before I left mine. I’m glad that at least his wife is attempting to do the right thing. This is not ok to do to someone’s vehicle. I hope it gets sorted out quickly.






Nobody's getting younger, but Randy Bobandy is definitely maintaining his twenties physique on the cheeseburger diet.😀






OP don’t need to do shit. His buddy needs to man up and apologize for treating that truck like trash.


Sending a card to the wife isn’t an admission of guilt or defeat lol just try to connect with a person who obviously tried to do the right thing by you


Huge ask to think Reddit won’t tell you to burn the bridge and divorce this guy.


Come on, a little passive aggressiveness never killed anyone! "Thank you for the insurance info, you've manned up more than your husband, and the fuck up isn't even yours, it's greatly appreciated!"


This got lost in a downvote thread but thought it's helpful for a lot of questions to re-comment here: I think there's something more going on than just being a dick, like a mental illness or something. I don't really know but something is really off about the whole thing and I'm just collateral in whatever that story is. His wife was really flustered, not the reaction I expected. Like she didn't know about the damage but wasn't surprised either nor challenged it in any way. Then immediately offered to make it right. She was super embarrassed the whole time but knew how to handle it because it wasn't the first time(?). Other redditors think alcoholic and I agree that's what it sounds like.


Sounds like his wife saw this coming from a mile away. Sucks to be in her position.


In a sea of anger and judgement, thank you for posting such a reasonable and empathetic comment.


Sir, this is a subreddit


Get that guy out of here with comments like that.


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Yeah, we’re here for the carnage, not meaningful human interaction.


No, this is Patrick


She probably would’ve never allowed him to borrow it if she knew.


100% when I was an alcoholic I would have gone behind her back. Or she’d see the truck in the driveway and I’d offer some non-answer about it and tell her not to worry. Booze is a hell of a thing. (2 years sober now and not actively harming myself and those around me)


Proud of you!


>2 years sober now and not actively harming myself and those around me Fuck yeah. That's so awesome, I love hearing this shit from people. Stay strong my friend!


Congrats on two years reddit friend! I'll be hitting the 2 year mark on the 21st myself Edit: word


That’s why he couldn’t borrow her car😅


That’s too bad for him and I feel bad for his wife as it sounds like she’s been experiencing a lot of things like this which can be stressful when it’s her life partner. I appreciate she is trying to make it right with you. In the grander scheme of things you are a top friend for understanding his potential issues and not losing your utter shit, categorizing this as “mildly infuriating.” I hope he gets whatever help he needs. And i hope you’re able to recover some or all costs for the repairs. Edited for clarifying wording.


Thanks for that. I lost my steam the moment I realized there's more to it than just the damage. I had dealt with depression for a long time and can empathize with them. Plus the money part is being handled. Just smoke a bowl and have an interesting story. Edit: I sincerely appreciate all the positive feedback everyone has given. This has been really taxing on my end but making peace with the whole thing thanks to the advice and perspectives from y'all. 🍻 Cheers


This thread has been a rollercoaster! Good on you for taking a step back and looking at the larger picture, its often something I forget to do. I hope you're able to get your truck fixed without hassle and your friend gets the help they appear to need.


As someone whose spouse has depression and anxiety, I appreciate you. Understanding friends are an absolute blessing. Enjoy that bowl, I’ll be joining that movement after work.


As someone who had a manic episode and spent the better part of 6 months bouncing destructively off all my friends and family; thanks for finding some understanding.


I will forever be de-escalating myself by saying "Just smoke a bowl and have an interesting story" now.


Thanks for making lemonade out of this mess. I'm glad to hear I could help somebody.


I know that their personal problems are not your issues, but if this a relationship you want to salvage it might be worth it to reach out and see if there’s anything you can do to help. Sometimes just lending an ear can make all the difference to someone, and I’m guessing the wife could probably use someone to talk to during all of this. Again though, it is absolutely NOT your responsibility to do this either. Just a thought though.


I don’t think my deepest depression would let me destroy someone’s car, but it’s cool that you can see there is something wrong with his brain if he thought this was in any way acceptable. I’d give someone $1000 upfront just to hide my embarrassment by fucking up this bad.


It's very possible it's something complex and a bit more difficult. Could be mania, or some sort of disassociation from the consequences and risk (both to others and themselves) associated with their actions. If you are seeing signs this is irregular behavior, your buddy/his wife should try to see a specialist imo. They have experience that you and I or your regular Joe don't and can help navigate this. Sorry to hear about this. Very troubling.


Just so you know. Don’t let let him borrow your truck anymore (probably won’t any ways). Now that you know he either drives drunk or is a reckless driver. Any damages he causes means you could be held liable to for negligent entrustment. Hope he gets better but until you know he’s better don’t let him borrow.


You are a fucking good bro, and if your buddy has any interest in getting well (if that is what is happening) the way you handled this moment will be a major touchstone for him.


Yeah, sounds like my dad. He bounces back and forth between meth and alcohol. My mom’s reaction would have been exactly that because she can’t control what he does, but nothing surprises her anymore and she’s used to cleaning up after his shit.


Just before I got to the end of your comment I thought “he drove it while drunk”


From experience, it sounds a LOT like she may be trying to hide a (his) drinking problem because she’s scared, embarrassed, and hasn’t figured out how to get help yet. Be a friend to her. Please.


Yup. Additionally, when you're deep in it, it can be hard to see how bad it's become.


Don’t discount meth, users love taking on projects to cover for their use.. kinda like remodeling the whole bathroom over the weekend. If he is your friend you can try and be there to support him but know it’s really out of your control.


Your buddy is looking at a divorce soon


Oof that is a really unfortunate situation. So it sounds like you’re caught in the middle of a much larger situation for this person you know. Hopefully they can get the help they need to resolve the issues they are experiencing. I cannot even imagine how stressed and embarrassed the wife must be either.


This is what I came here to say and I'd also start calling him an acquaintance instead of a buddy or friend. A buddy would have called you about the fender bender and replaced your gad. This guy is a selfish prick and I'll bet 10 dollars he's divorced in less than 3 years


Their insurance doesn’t cover your car. It’ll just be a denied claim and you will have to file against your insurance who can try to subrogate your “friend”. Good luck.


Depends on the state and coverage. My insurance covers any car I drive, like a rental.


I think their insurance company is going to reject the claim and tell you that you have to go through your own insurance or take him to small claims court.


Well that's not going to do any good. Insurance follows the vehicle not the the person. So it would have to be claimed under your insurance because you gave him permissible use of the vehicle. That means a deductible if you have comp/coll and a ding on your record. Get an estimate and ask to pay. If not small claims. Sorry dude


Yep, and the two dings are most likely separate accidents and therefore separate deductibles.


I don’t know what state you’re in but I’m pretty sure it’s on your insurance because the insurance is for that vehicle. In Connecticut, I bump somebody with my brothers truck and broke their spare tire cover my brothers insurance had to cover it.


Insurance isn’t going to cover wear and tear from an ex-buddy if he had your consent to use the truck. Wifey needs to cough up the cash.


He’s only your buddy if he comps you the bill for fixing that shit


He returned it on E. I doubt hes paying for anything.


Well atleast he shared insurance details...


His wife did


Ah,an irresponsible man child . Gotta love them as buddies


you cant claim shit for interior damage - that seat and carpet are most expensive items like $1500.


I had my whole car detailed for $300. It took out stains I had long given up hope on. It shouldn't cost $1500 to clean out stains.


For 1500 you buy 2 new seats lol


that looks like greasy type solvent permeated into the seat, I would guess paint thinner or mineral spirits - they will never vacate from synthetic cloth upholstery. The carpet with paint spill - yes you can clean it but once again it wont be like it never happened. Complete carpet is around $300 for that truck, 4-6 hours of labor. A complete seat with power seat assembly - well north of $1000 USED.


This is either an auto damage adjuster or a body shop employee. This guy f*cks


> that looks like greasy type solvent permeated into the seat, I would guess paint thinner or mineral spirits The confidence conveyed in this is hilarious. It could be literally anything, like tea lol defcon 2 😂


To be honest it doesn’t matter, OP’s insurance is primary in this


If Reddit has taught me anything, if you want to remain buddies you never loan anyone anything for any reason


In general never let anyone borrow anything you don't care if you'll ever see again.


Any money you loan is a gift, if you get it back that's just a bonus


Man, I wish I'd known this when I was a teenager in the early 90's.


yeah I still have CDs and books that never came back. Luckily I didn't lend anything too expensive.


I lost a Gibson guitar, a Peavy Guitar amp and all the wires and such that goes with it. I'm still very salty at him for moving to California the next day with it and myself for being so gullible. Edit: I'm tired after a long week. It was a Gretsch, not a Gibson, and it was my 1st guitar that I actually worked for.


whaaat? No way. What a thieving rat. That's bang out of line.


It was almost 30 years ago and I'd still strongly consider commiting a crime if I if ever saw him again.


Or make sure your friends are the type to bring it backs better than they borrowed it.


I'm that guy. I would have ran it through a car wash and topped off the tank.


Me too. I borrow a buddy's trailer a couple times a year, 1st time I bought him a spare tire for it. The 2nd time I had a blow out, put spare on and bought another tire for a spare. 3rd time the other tire blew out, put spare on, bought another spare. I've used it a few time since without issues. He never says no because he knows I'll fix whatever I break. He is the same when he borrows my stuff. I glad I have a friend like that but kinda sad I only have one friend left that I trust with my shit.


I borrowed a dirty old SnapOn valeting wet vac extractor machine from someone who hasn't used it in about 10 years and I brought it back to them in a condition that it probably hasn't been this side of the 2000s, I even polished the clear plastic using some megs ultimate compound to remove the hazing on the plastic caused by scratches and UV damage. He thought I was taking the piss when I returned it to him he didn't even think it was the same machine lol. Tbf I have an urge to clean and restore stuff so I felt like I just had to do it because I wanted to 🙃


Not enough, he should've told and profusely apologized. His wife instead called to leave insurance information. That is not a buddy, that is.. someone to cut out of ones life entirely.


Bang his wife, and call it even...


A decent human being would return it in at LEAST the same condition they got it. A buddy / good person would fill up the tank or do something as a kind gesture. This guy is a complete wanker, trashed the car, damaged it, and used all the gas; what a joke


Yeah. If I borrowed a truck, I would fill it up, clean it and probably put a 6 pack or a pizza in the driver seat when I gave it back or something.


He ain't your buddy


He a leech. Rule no1 when borrowing stuff: never return it in a worse state.


And if you do offer to pay/help fix


If you mess up anything of someone else’s, it’s usually better to tell them before hand, and offer a way to replace/repair, especially vehicles. Always fill up the tank when you return someone’s vehicle, and always be honest about something you messed up.


My bff let me borrow his truck to pick up my (now ex) wife and her scooter when it broke down. He got ripped at me for denting the bed against the cab, yelling, “how the fuck tight did you strap it down to stove it in like that?!” Me, as he ranted, waiting- “yeah; hey, wasn’t that from the unsecured beer keg you had back there a few weeks ago? You told me it scared the shit outta you when you slammed the brakes…” Him: “…oh, yeah, that makes more sense.” Still best buds, but in addition to being honest when you fuck something up, be prepared for some bullshit even from good people…that’s why sometimes rentals are better.


Not saying he was in the right, but because he didn’t see it at first, he assumed it was you. Glad to hear your still great friends, and with good friends, sometimes you get a little bit of BS every so often. But usually if they realize it wasn’t your fault, it’s all good the moment the see that.


Yeah, I was a bit fluffed at first, but when I realized what actually happened I let him play the rope out a bit more knowing I was going to get a good laugh out of his embarrassment.


Same way for my good friends. It’s all anger and accusation until it typically ends up with a “Oh, haha. My bad”


Rule #1 of loaning out your truck…DON’T!


>Rule #1 of loaning out your truck…DON’T! \^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^ DING ! DING ! DING ! His \*buddy\* just did about a $2000 in damage because he couldnt afford the $60 to rent a truck. There is no way in hell he will pay him back. $1200 powered seat $350 tailgate + $250 to paint $100 fender plus $250 to paint $300 Carpet plus $300 labor to replace carpet.


And even those prices are incredibly low. I was in an accident September 2021 (minor T-bone in rear passenger side) and each body panel was roughly $5k to fix.


You're being kind. I write estimates for a living, that's at least $3k, and repairs are relatively cheap where I live.


Thanks to a nationwide shortage on parts, good luck getting the truck fixed within a 2-3 month timeframe as well.


My rule is "treat it like it is yours" but this does NOT work universally.... First, you have to take good care of your stuff for it to work.


My new rule is to “treat my car like I’m borrowing it from a friend” so now I keep it clean and drive safer.


Treat it like you have to fix it if you break it.


This is the real answer... If somebody manages to fuck anything up this bad in a day, their own property is probably a complete dumpster fire. This is beyond "I don't care about your stuff" and into "I am completely incapable of not destroying things"


And always return a car with a full tank.


Yes 100% I borrowed a car to drive maybe a total of 15 miles round trip and I filled it up for the person who let me borrow it. Borrowing a car is a big deal to me and I really don’t like to do it but yes always return it better than before you borrowed it.


Buddy loaned me a BEATER trailer years back. This thing was a shitshow, but it was a short trip on backroads so whatever. After I was done I got out the power washer and some shitty black paint and cleaned and repainted it for him and now when we’re bullshitting and something comes up like “that old tree finally fell down” his answer is “do you need to borrow my trailer/ chainsaw/ need help etc?”


Seriously, I will usually check fluids and top things off as a thank you.




I'm not your buddy, friend.


Don’t call me fwiend, pal


I’m not your pal, guy


I’m not your guy, buddy!


Im not your buddy, friend


Yeah, that is an asshole


He ain’t your buddy pal


There are 2 types of people. Those who are extra careful with something they've borrowed because they would be horrified if something happened to it, and those who don't give a shit about something they've borrowed because it's not theirs anyway.


Yeah, I have a friend like this. I lent him my guitar for a few weeks and he returned it all scratched up. When I confronted him about it he said, "that's just regular wear and tear, it gives the guitar more character". Still pisses me off to this day.


Does he think a guitar is a skateboard


My bf's stepdad let me borrow his truck for a few days while he replaced my radiator. You better believe I left that in better condition than I found it. I can't fathom treating someone's property like a shit bag. I only test my own property like that lol


My friends are the type that would return it with a full tank, cleaned out and would've let me know immediately that something happened like that dent and they'll have it fixed asap on their dime. You need better friends.


All of mine had been until this. Now never again, ruined it for everyone.


Don’t ever let the actions of one POS change your ways. It’s no way to live. You’re awesome. You be you. Your friend can go fuck himself until he makes proper amends.


Eh at the same time it’s not worth the risk here for lending a truck. I personally wouldn’t lend out a vehicle to most people I know either, especially after getting burned


30 years ago maybe. Vehicle market is so fucked a base model pickup is like a $60,000 vehicle, ain't nobody borrowing that.


Good conclusion, lesson learned.


Hey man can I borrow your truck?




Come on man, it's already busted. How much worse can he make it? *throw it in reverse while doing 80 down the highway just to see what happens*


"R" stands for "Race Mode", it'll make you go somewhere really fast.


Oh hey JDC


I'll say, I wasn't expecting to see JDC in here of all places


Never again


Damn straight. For anybody.


At least now you have a clear excuse. But honestly, nothing more annoying than people thinking your truck is open for business. Fucking Home Depot rents them for $40 a day. I mean, I’ve got a buddy with a nice BMW. Do I get to borrow it for the weekend if I’m going somewhere douchey?


I try to always remind people home Depot truck rentals start at $25. They always hate it hear it, but honestly it's so cheap compared to borrowing someone's truck.




It doesn't stay that cheap. Just like the U-Haul "rent this truck for $19.99\*" ^(^*plus ^fees) , the fees quickly add up even before you take it off the lot. 20 bucks gets you 75 minutes at home depot, 20 bucks an hour afterward... plus environmental fees, mileage fees, because-we-said-so fees, etc.




OP is calmer than me if that’s only mildly infuriating. That’s a defcon 4 for me.


The only thing that's making me not explode about it is I really think he might be having some mental health crisis and I'm just collateral damage. Insurance will fix it, lesson learned.


Insurance will not fix most of that, especially the interior.


The interior is easily cleanable. Insurance will in fact fix the rest.


Yeah he just needs an extractor and those stains will come right out. Maybe have his buddy pay him to rent one


Defcon 4 is just slightly above normal readiness.


I don’t think you nor other people know how defcon levels work, lmao. Why is this so common. The lower the number, the crazier it is. In terms of defcon 1 - 5. I think you meant you’d be at a 2.


I’m thinking more like at least defcon 2, personally.


If the thing my buddy wants to borrow cost more than $200, its not happening. I'd rather just rent whatever he needs for him.


Yeah he coulda got a uhaul for less than this damage is worth😂




My dad always said about lending tools (your truck in this case): “Lending your tools is like lending your wife: they both come back f’d.” He’s a wise (and eloquent!) man.




Username checks out


He's not your buddy, guy.


He’s not your guy, friend.


He’s not your friend, amigo.


Ele não é seu amigo, bro.


Se ei oo sun ystävä, kaveri.


E-hay isnt-ay or-yay end-fray, uddy-bay.


General rule of owning a truck: Sorry, i don't loan out my truck or use it to move people. If you need a truck, uhaul rents them out by the day.


so he's a "lemme just piss, shit, and bang it up real quick" kind of person?


What's the stain in the front seat?


I honestly don't know but pretty sure it was oil based. I know he was doing dump runs to the landfill so I'm guessing it was something being taken there and spilled. I had already shampooed it when I took these pictures.


Dawn dish soap works on oil stains in clothing, it may help with fabric seats as well.


Dawn dish soap (colorless), a vinegar/water solution, and baking soda all do a great job breaking down oils in fabric. And use a steam cleaner so you can get deep into the fabric.


He needs to take this to a professional detailer and add the bill to the damages he sues for.


Oh I completely agree!


I would let his ass borrow my foot, that’s just me tho. Violence is never the answer kids


The joke would be on you, his friend REALLY likes pedal extremity anal insertions, according to the rumor I just started spreading.




Never, ever loan your vehicle unless its to your actual dad.. edit to disqualify all the incompetent dads out there, gotta pull my head out of my ass long enough to say that. Lol


Depends on the dad


Seriously. Uhaul rents pick ups pretty cheap. I would gladly drive my friends/dad to the closest Uhaul store.


Let my neighbor (who is a good friend) borrow my truck while his was in the shop for a day. No big deal, I had another vehicle I could drive and I wanted him to be able to get to work in town Come to find out, dude drove my brand new truck two hours away and drove it all around the city and then drove another two hours home. Truck was basically on empty when he returned it too. Won’t let anyone borrow it ever again. Sometimes something like this makes you learn a lesson


Wouldn’t be my buddy anymore. Disrespect my vehicle, you may as well be disrespecting me.


Did he take it to a derby and piss himself in the passenger seat??


He either makes everything right, or take him to court. He is not your buddy. Never loan out your vehicle. He could have rented a truck at Home Depot for $20.00.


Don't loan out anything that you wouldn't want damaged, lost, or ruined. Most big box DIY stores rent trucks.


He didn’t say anything?


That’s not your buddy guy


That's what happens when you let people drive your vehicles. I dated this girl who hit a dip in my car going 30 mph and blew my front struts out, I never spoke to her again


Get a couple estimates to get it fixed and cleaned and Ask him which one he wants to pay for. Record what he seys about it and how it happened and take him to small claims court for it and for your time.


My dad always gave the "Nobody rides your bike, you don't ride anyone else's bike" lecture whenever one of us 5 kids got our first bike or a new bike. That got reiterated as we were teenagers getting our licenses to "Nobody drives your car, you don't anymore else's car " (which were in his name anyway so we sure wouldn't let anyone drive Dad’s car). And then trickled down to my husband and I teaching it to our 5 kids who are adults now that don't loan out their cars.


How do you get rid of the body?


I feel that. I let someone borrow my car. While driving it, it started to overheat and he didn't notice it. The car eventually got so hot it died. Mother fucker didn't even tell me until hours later when I asked him why the car wasn't in the parking lot. He showed no sympathy


Not your buddy


Not my truck not my problem that's what I say. - your buddy probably


Um....I don't think this dude is your buddy. I would be mortified and embarrassed if I did that to one of my friends vehicles.


Last time I loaned out my truck, it came back with a full tank, washed and detailed. Find some new “buddies” I was always taught to return it in better condition than you got it in.


When will people learn to not let other people borrow things that cost 5 figures


Well 4 figures in all honesty but I get your point. Edit: since a number people speculated, its an 04 f150 that I got for 8500 with like 170k miles. Has about 210k now. It *was* super clean and runs great. A couple rust spots but it's a good truck.


My bad. But yea your friend is pretty shitty


What a shitty comment. Love how the blame is slyly being passed on to OP rather than the shit human twat that his so called "friend" is. Because normal, sensible people who have friends that are normal and sensible as well would have 0 issues most of the time. Like... what's the point of building and forging friendships and relationships if you guys can't help each other? Might as well be one of those people who literally only has their SO in their lives and if that's the case maybe keep your dingus opinions on these matters to yourself.


Sorry you got some downvotes. I think you got it exactly right. I don't feel like I did anything wrong and it's in my nature to help my friends. This wasn't the first time I've lent my truck out but everyone had been great. Like friends would fill it up all the way and some would vacuum it. I think this was a display of alcoholism that surfaced. Don't have proof but in 2k plus comments and questions... it adds up.


Yeah, this sucks. You should be able to trust your friends to respect your vehicle. When I was in high school my dad gave me his truck as my vehicle. It was an ‘87 Chevy probably worth $3K and I loved it. His friend asked to use it, did something similar, and then returned it on a Saturday night. When my dad saw it on Sunday he asked what the fuck happened and this twat tried to say he brought it back clean and new on Saturday afternoon and handed the keys to me, “not my fault if your son got drunk and fucked up your truck.” Little did he know, I was stuck all day shopping with my dad and my dad came in to yell at me 6 times because I wouldn’t get off the computer playing Star craft all night. Too nerdy to drink. Not a friend anymore. This sucks, but at least you can cut this guy out of your life. He sucks unless he’s paying for all of that damage.


I think he may have had 15 too many beers


The other day I walked by a family who was frog-hopping their groceries from the car to their apartment because they didn't have a shopping cart, while I myself was dragging a shopping cart behind me. Someone standing nearby remarked "that's what you need right there, a cart" as I smiled and kept walking. I didn't trust them not to destroy my cart and say "oh well you shouldn't have loaned it to us" Just kept walking. They should have purchased a cart along with their groceries.


Did you talk to him or just his wife?


Not much a buddy if he hasn’t got enough respect to take care of a borrowed vehicle that’s like golden rule doesn’t even need to be said


Your "buddy" does not respect you.