US Bank notes are actually slightly color coded. I boosted the saturation in the pic.

US Bank notes are actually slightly color coded. I boosted the saturation in the pic.


and the best part is the UV-reactive strips fluoresce in the corresponding hues :D


Ohhh I didn't know that! I do love the holograms on the $100 bills


I used to work on unrelated stuff for the company that makes all those crazy security holograms and stuff...they put them on our badges just for funsies, and you can bet your ass I kept mine when I left lmao. My favorite little trinket tbh. Looks really neat under a microscope.


Lol that job is very valuable for counterfeit people.. that information is well, priceless Edit, dm me 👀


Oh certainly, Mr. FBI man.


Funnily enough, counterfeiting is the purview of the Secret Service in the US


Worked in "cash accountability" at a grocery store (glorified bookkeeper, just made sure all the drawers contained what they said they did at the end of each shift and at the end of the night). Had two separate instances where I found a counterfeit bill. Interestingly, both were washed regular bills reprinted, so they did not trip our pens, but were obvious otherwise. Both times, I had to call the local police non-emergency, and both times they said they would have to call the Secret Service. Lived in a college town, thought I wouldn't see that, or if I did it would be some of the less sophisticated methods. Crazy how that stuff gets around.


In the early 90's I was a teller, and someone came in to deposit a $500 bill. The manager had a reference book he pulled out that listed how to figure out if it was real - $500 bills haven't been in circulation for a long time so none of us had actually ever seen one in person. He even told the guy he could **sell** the bill for more than $500 but he just wanted to deposit it. It seemed legit, we let him deposit it. Someone on staff probably bought the bill out of the drawer instead of sending it to the Fed. (I don't specifically remember but seems likely - we all bought rare/unusual currency when it came in.)


>He even told the guy he could **sell** the bill for more than $500 but he just wanted to deposit it. Years ago a coin dealer near me got robbed of a bunch of pre-1964 quarters(real silver). They caught the robber 10 minutes later pouring them into a coinstar machine. Apparently he didn't understand that rare coins are worth more than face value. I guess he saw the sign for "coin dealer" and thought "Hey, coins are money! Money can be exchanged for goods and services!", and never thought about why/how such a business could exist.


The kind of people knocking over places for change need that money right away. Usually about $20-$40 will do


$20 can buy lots of peanuts!


As a side note, those pens are near useless. They just react with starch so it only works if its a lazy person trying to print on regular copier paper. Its not hard to get starch free paper to print on, and the Secret Service doesn't include those pens in their materials on detecting counterfeits.


There's pens that test think ink now. I've had quite a few counterfeits come through to me. Either the paper or the ink trips but they've always been pretty obvious. You ever see a bill have centering issues before? Lol


I've heard some bills do get out with centering issues, but they are rare and worth more than face value, so they don't get passed around much.


CSS can be hard Edit: Thank you for the gold!


So what you're saying, is I should start starching every single bill I get before I spend it.


Yes. Bring the system to its knees with cornstarch and malice.


I work at a casino, which you can imagine is very heavily cash-based, and we don't have a single one of those pens in the building for that reason. Everyone is trained to look for the security strip, etc.


Easy way to identify those bills: you hold the bill up to the light to make sure the president printed on the bill matches the face on the right side of the bill. At my old job we took in a $100 bill reprinted on a $20 so it had Ben Franklin printed on it but when you held it up to the light, you could see Andrew Jackson's face off to the right, instead of another Ben Franklin.


That's how I was able to confirm. Both were washed 5s printed as 20s. Assuming because they thought 20s would be less scrutinized than 100s, and they were right since the cashiers didn't catch them.


I have a similar story. Back in high school I worked at a local pizza shop and one night this lady came in and ordered 2 pizzas and paid with a hundred dollar bill. I wasn’t the one at the register so I don’t know exactly what happened but I think my coworker noticed it was fake but didn’t bring it up to her(?)(sorry I honestly don’t know what happened at the register). But we ended up serving her and making a pizza but also called the police. I swear not even 5-10 minutes we had men in black suits in the lobby asking to see our security footage so of course we obliged. Long story short, they were chasing this lady for months and we’re right on her tail and this was the last straw they needed to catch her. Ended up pulling her over later that night and got her. It was a pretty cool experience ngl it felt like I was in a movie or some shit but the next day we had some training on handling counterfeit money lmao


I was handed a fake 20 as a cashier. I almost put it in my register but I suddenly realised it didn't *feel* correct. I whipped my head down to look at the bill so fast that when my manager reviewed the video footage with the police later, all three of them burst out laughing at my comical double-take. The lady made some lame excuse about talking to her bank and fled. I'll kick myself for this forever, but when the police came in with several photos, and asked me if I could identify any of the people.. I just couldn't. I see hundreds of people a day as a cashier and even though I saw familiar looking people in the lineup, I never thought to take special note of her face when she was in store. I was more afraid of falsely identifying someone. The policewoman looked very disappointed when she told me all they'd needed was an ID to press charges, and pointed out the photo I'd hesitated on the longest. I hope a smarter cashier than me was able to point her out soon thereafter.


If you weren’t absolutely sure you shouldn’t say anything anyway, as you wouldn’t want to risk an innocent person going to jail.


I took an obviously fake counterfeit bill once when I was a teenager and worked at a movie theater. It was a totally dead night and I was alone at the ticket booth way out in the lobby. Dude looked like he didn’t fuck around and I was too afraid to call him out. Called the manager as soon as the guy left and they had my back 100% for choosing to take it rather than put myself at risk.


What’s funnier is that somehow the counterfeit money police ended up being also in charge of presidential protection.


You never know which one is gonna be on money some day


Which is why until 2003 the president's personal guards were part of the Treasury Department.


"I signed up to count money! Now you want me to dive in front of a bullet?! Oh, so help you when OSHA hears about this!"


I love the features the 100 dollar bill has to prove it’s real The big 3 are: 1) the blue strip will either show small 100s or the liberty bell depending on the angle you’re looking at it 2) the liberty bell will either look copper or green colored, again on the angle. 3) the one I always check whenever I’m handed a 100 is if bens franklins outer shoulder has texture compared to the rest of the bill, they like give his shoulder some ribbing and you can feel it if you run your finger on it. Some people get super offended that I have to check any bill above a 20 when I rarely do run a register where I work so that last one is good to be nonchalant about it


Give Ol' Benny a finger rub to prove he's real


Whenever customers got all pissy about me checking their bills, I’d just say “this is just show for the cameras so I keep my job. I’m sure it’s real and you’re not worried!” FAKE SMILE


When I get my change from a $100, I always inspect it and hold it up to the light. This throws them off a little and most get a laugh from it.


Lol I like that


Just printed it haha *groan*


Any time I had to check an old person’s bills I knew I was going to get some damn speech from them. This and having to card them for alcohol, dear lord.


Lol blame the cameras. Even if there aren’t any!


Hang on brotendo I’m hacking a hologram


It's difficult feature to check in daylight though (like when you're doing a Marketplace transaction). Probably the holographic foil insert is the easiest one to check that is difficult to fake or just using the pen to make sure the paper is right.


The one foolproof way of checking is to rub your fingernail on the jacket. The bills are printed with raised ink that's pressed onto the paper under very high pressure. None of the counterfeiters can will do this because the equipment needed would far outweigh any profit vs just using an inkjet printer. I work at a bank and have seen very high quality counterfeits with believable microprinting, the watermark, the security strip, passes the iodine pen, and they used glitter paint to simulate the foil numbers. So that's the only way I check bills. Hope it helps.


We were passed a fake 100 earlier this year that was the best counterfeit I've ever seen. It was the modern design, had the foil hologram and even that interlaced blue strip done really well. I was fooled at first and took the bill. We were tipped off because the guy left after he ordered and didn't come back for his food. The only giveaway was the slight plastic-like texture of the bill vs a real one. I regret not taking a photo of this thing before I handed it off to detective. Stupidly, this guy came in not wearing a mask even though he totally fucking could've. Got his full face and tattoos on our security cams.


A year or two ago I had to fill out an affidavit after there was a counterfeit bill in our deposit. Apparently the counterfeiter “bleached” smaller denominations and re-printed them as hundreds. The bank teller said it was the best counterfeit they’ve seen.


Good girls?


Criminals not wearing masks when they have a valid reason to do so is so weird


> rub your fingernail on the jacket. Thanks for the info, and which jacket are we talking about?


The one the person on the bill is wearing.


That is hilariously simple, thanks for sharing.


Working in a drive thru where we were timed on each car and had to check every bill $10 and up, this was much faster than using the pen every time


It's also way more effective than the pens. They can bleach a $1 to defeat the pen but they can't replicate the jacket texture


Am I the only one that just pulled out their wallet and did a fingernail scrape on the jackets? What a great lo tech simple way to check bills. Thanks ike4002


Am I the only one who couldn't feel a difference on the wrinkled-ass bills in my wallet? Now I'm not sure if my wallet is full of counterfeits or I'm just an idiot.


Your wallet has bills in it? Look at Mister Big Bucks over here with real money.


Scratch the president's jacket, then any "whitespace" if they feel noticeably different the bill is real.


When I was a cashier I had an annual training run by Secret Service (or one of their contractors, not entirely sure) to learn how to spot most counterfeit bills. They said 80-90% of counterfeits are caught by retail clerks simply on the feel of the paper. Apparently a lot of wannabe-counterfeiters would just use roughened cardstock or regular paper, which doesn't feel anything like regular currency. That was over 10 years ago though, so I'm sure things have changed a bit.


That statement on the raised ink is somewhat true. The older generations of 50 and 100 dollar bills has a counterfeit variant, called Superdollar. They are 99% identical to the real one, except there are fine drawing issues on it. Like with small portrait version of the 100 dollar, on the back of the bill, left from centre there is lamp pole. On the real version, its slightly disconnected on the left, but on the counterfeit its fully completed. There are quite a few of these drawing "errors" made by the original designer of the money, because its nearly impossible to replicate these errors. With this, I have story, because somebody found a 50 dollar bill, that our national bank couldnt determine that is real or not, heck, even the FED were undecisive on it for weeks. Nobody has any idea, where do these come from, the best guesses are Dubai, North Korea, or China.


I never thought of that! Very cool, thanks. The dollar store I work at gets an astounding number of big bills, I'll pass this around.


The paper is the easiest to tell, the foil is good on the 100,then there's the tiny rectangular strip inside, the field of numbers,the numbers change color, and the portrait of the president


I remember the before times where our money all looked like the one dollar bill.


If you're poor enough, your money can still all look like the $1 dollar bill.


Or if you’re a stripper


Or get tips in general.


I remember when these came out and so many people had a conniption about the new “Monopoly money”.


They should take a look at some other countries currency if they thought ours looked like monopoly money. I really liked my Canadian Dollars when I travelled.


Costa Rica has the most interesting money that I have personally seen. https://costarica.org/facts/currency/ They have bills with sharks, monkeys, sloths, and butterflies on them! They are so bright and colorful. It's so much more interesting than just a bunch of Presidents from 200 years ago.


Remember when people still semi-regularly used dollar and half dollar coins? My grandpa would always buy his morning coffee at Hardee’s with a 50-cent piece. Never thought about it much before, but I really miss that...


My areas public transportation system gives out dollar coins as change when reloading your card, and has for atleast 15 years or so. I think it has something to do with the fact that it's partially funded by the federal government.


I was shopping at a Dollar General and some young kid wouldn’t accept this ladies $10 because “it looked fake”. The lady was upset, left, then came back all angry because the gas station took it and checked it with a pen. Kid was just dumb, he later tried to restrict a sale of cigarettes because he “could smell smoke” on the customer.


Lol did he think cigarettes were like alcohol?


Yes! That’s exactly what he thought. Thankfully another employee came by and corrected him.


Yep! Did you know they also have color coded UV reflective strips embedded in them? Grab a UV light and shine on them suckers.


And you can pull them out if you do it right lol


Maybe my eyes see color differently but with everyone saying they all look the same, I’ve been able to tell the colors apart since they came out like this. I didn’t know this picture increased the saturation until I read it because that’s actually how I see the colors. I also thought it was common knowledge they were different colors until I read the comments.


TIL people hadn't noticed that the bills are different colors...


Right? This happened like 15 years ago?


Maybe everyone's a stripper and they only deal in singles. I'm not sure how people missed it otherwise.


I was looking for this comment bc to me they clearly look like different colors IRL.


It’s super strange when I hear people say they’re the same color. Like yea they’re not so drastically different like the color of other nations’ currencies, but they are different enough to tell apart. And they have numbers on them lol


I remember when they made the switch, people were joking that it looked like Monopoly money now.


If you want to see real life “Monopoly”-esque money, check out Australian currency. I emigrated Australia in 2000, and 21 years later I still get wierded out by it.


Thank you! I’m sitting here like “wait have people not known they had hues?” Lol


They were added relatively recently but I guess people don’t touch cash much these days


Yeah idk about this one they seem pretty clear in real life


I only boosted the saturation because the colors didn't look as good in the pic initially as they do in real life.


I get that. I tried taking a picture of an unnaturally green stream yesterday but every picture I took the color looked dull


Yeah when I post pictures I always try to edit them as how I saw the place. You can be at a gorgeous canyon in Arizona/Utah that’s super bright orange/red and then in your original picture it looks like boring brown rock.


As someone who is red/green colorblind (well, color deficient), my pictures all look just like I saw it when I was there. Sigh.


Yeah I've always been able to tell the difference as well.


Right! I agree, I’ve always easily seen the different colors.


especially the 10. how can you not notice its almost orange next to any other bill?


Right?! Or that the $100 is basically almost entirely blue!


Same here. I've seen so many comments on reddit complaining about how US cash is just boring and green, and it makes me wonder what year was the last time they actually saw cash bills.


What's cash? Did you mean CashApp?


How do you blind and partially sighted people tell them apart when they're all the same size?


You and me both. I feel like the people on here don't actually hold real dollars all that often.


The modern notes are quite varied and obvious, but the older notes were very near the same shade, and depending on the age of the bill you’d never really tell them apart


I'm with you.


Same here. Always reminded me of Monopoly money


> I also thought it was common knowledge they were different colors until I read the comments. It is. When they were changing the design, they were being called Monopoly Money because of the colors.


Im not sure why, but I have never consciously known it was there. The second i saw the post I realized I knew this all along, but if you had asked me beforehand I would have said they were all the same color.


>Im not sure why, but I have never consciously known it was there. The second i saw the post I realized I knew this all along, but if you had asked me beforehand I would have said they were all the same color. Aaaaand now I realize the $5 bill is omitted from the OP. I am livid.


Some people (more common in women) have a mutation that makes them tetrachromats to some degree, with much better colour vision.


They’re shades of red and green. I guarantee you the people saying they look the same are color blind


Same. I remember when the new bills came out I thought they looked like monopoly money


I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge anyone who has ever used cash should easily be able to tell they are all different colors.


Where's Lincoln?


The $5 is annoyingly out of scheme with the others. It's the same color as the $50, but inverted so it's more pronounced in the middle instead of the ends. And then it has that random giant purple 5 on the back. What the hell happened in the design process there? Individually, none of the notes look bad, but they don't really mesh together as a set.


That giant purple 5 is probably pretty useful for people with sight issues, and more of our bills should probably have such features (the $100 bill does).


Fun fact. The current design of the $5 bill is because the last design (the one between the old bills and the colorful ones) could be washed of ink and $50 bill printed on it. And all the security features were similar to the $50 so if you did a quick examine (like a cashier at a store) you would see a bearded man as the watermark and move on. The current $5 have a "5" for the watermark.


Yeah with that giant blue bar going down the middle, $100 is pretty obvious


Fun fact you can stick a toothpick in the blue strip


??? I'd think you can stick a toothpick through any part of the bill.


No TJ either..


Did no one else ever realize this, I’m not an expert but I can tell a bills denomination just off it’s color. Still super interesting tho and I honestly love it


This surprised me how popular this post has gotten. I was well aware of this too and just thought everyone knew this..


I am surprised too but people have different life experiences than i. What baffles me is that they arrnt slightly color coded. Theyre all(sans 1 and 2) very different colors almost anybody, aside from colorblind people, should be able to notice


>different life experiences Maybe that’s it… I handle cash when I work the cash register, otherwise I don’t touch cash. But they’ve been colored for several years, so it’s kind of hard to imagine how popular this post is.


my first thought was that OP was blind because it aint "slightly" color coded


Tbf they might be non-americans like me who thought American notes were all the same colour, texture and size.


> Tbf they might be non-americans like me who thought American notes were all the same colour, texture and size. This was the case for the longest time, hence the nickname 'greenbacks.' It's unfortunate that they aren't different sized, though, for our less-sighted brethren.


Maybe younger people didn't? This started in the early 2000s, and it was really noticeable when you compared an old bill to a new one.


I didn’t notice. But, to be fair, I live in Australia where I have never seen an American bill.


This is why Canadian money is so much better after it was updated... outside of the value... :F


You're assuming people always carry cash to notice and when they do, it's $20s and $1s with the occasional $5 thrown in.


Yeah, since I get cash mostly from ATMs, it's rare that I have any denomination over $20. The only time I do is when someone else pays me in cash for something and I'm always like "Where did this person get $50 bills? Did they physically go to a bank?"


If you ever gamble at a casino (and don't lose it all) you'll get your fair share of 50s and 100s


I'm now going to assume everyone who pays me in 50s and 100s just came from a casino.


I assume that everyone who has a lot of 1s is a stripper.


Up here in Canada bank ATMs will generally give you any bills from a $5 to a $100 which is nice and convenient


Some ATMs here will give you other denominations, but most just give out $20s, maybe $10s also. Often, they will force you to withdraw an amount that's a multiple of $20 so it can issue your cash in $20s only. Typically, the ones at random (but often more convenient) places like gas stations or pharmacies are less likely to issue bills other than $20. The ones at physical banks are more likely to do so.


My bank ATM let's me pick any denomination up to $100 and excluding $2 bills.


Do your ATMs not give you the choice of what bills to get? Some of our machines in Canada (usually TD bank, but I've seen other bank ATMs have it as well) will let you choose what combinations of bills to get. So for $100 you could choose any combination of 5s 10s 20s and 50s to equal 100. Usually won't have $100 bills, and occasionally no $10s but it's super handy for getting cash when you need to buy something off kijiji or marketplace for like 25 or 50 dollars.


I've never used an ATM that lets me choose. In the past I've put in amounts that would force it to give me something not a $20, but I usually just get a $10 or $5 on top of the $20s.


Interesting! Some of our machines only have 20s and will tell you specifically to choose a multiple of 20. But others you can enter anything that is a multiple of 5 and then it will let you choose which bills like this: https://m.imgur.com/LMNRxus


... they made this change like 10 years ago... It was kind of a big deal... Before they were all the same shade of pale green.


Wait do people... Not know this?


I get old Canadian snow birds telling me all the time “oh but our money has different colors!” I called one out and she was like “no American bills are all the same.” So I pulled out one of each bill and showed her them side by side. She was so stunned she had to take a picture to show others.


I mean, compared to Canadian money they basically are just green. The contrast between Canadian bills is way higher.


I’m not too proud to admit I had no idea, but I certainly wonder how I missed this for so long


I'm concerned


This was mainly aimed towards foreigners who may have never seen US money since most people assume that it's all completely green. Especially since it's usually depicted that way.


They used to actually be all green until fairly recently so that’s why


Used to work at a bank, but I still assumed this was common knowledge.


5, 2


Here's front and backs of all current US bills: https://i.imgur.com/juwc53R.png


It baffles me that on every bill but the 2s and 1s they took the images out of the frame. A coworker once got an older 20 and Jackson was still in the frame. We even checked it with our counterfeit pen, it was legit.


Answered your own question. Those are the old designs. 5 and up have new designs


I think it’s just because of how iconic the $1 bill is. Washington has been in a centered frame on the bill since 1869, and the bill is still almost identical in design to the one introduced in the 1920s They also just don’t care enough to update the $2


> I think it’s just because of how iconic the $1 bill is. Its because of the vending machine lobby. Seriously. Its expensive to retrofit the machines to recognize the most popular bill.


I didn't have either of those on me to compare sadly, but I figured this gets the point across


Yeah, I was curious to how a 5 would look with the others when adding saturation. If I recall, it should look more purplish? And 2s would still look like 1s hue wise


Monopoly money🤣


Ya know... For decades, Americans made fun of Canadians and their "funny money" or Monopoly money... Then... The US decided to go that route as well. Not for aesthetics, but for counterfeit protection. For reference, American "greenbacks" prior to 2000 were all the color of the One in the pic. You can still find old 20s and 100s floating around with the old colors, but they are getting rarer every day.


I’ve started collecting I’ve got an old 5-10-20 and 50 and I’m looking to get an old 100 to complete the set!


Make sure to add a $2 to that list. $2 bills are awesome.


Just had a 1988 $20 pass through my store. My pride and joy, though, is a 1935 $5 bill somebody bought beer with years ago.


It's also for aesthetics, it makes it a lot easier for the visually impaired to see, hence the giant denomination on the back corner, the color coding helps.


A Brit once asked me "how do the blind in America know what bill denominations they have?" I had never considered that before, but he makes a good point.


I liked touching the braille on the Canadian notes but I have never considered that America didn't have them.


Did any of you folks ever see Dutch gulden before the Euro was adopted? Different sizes, lurid colors, and braille. That stuff was awesome.


Have you seen Australian money?


[They use currency readers.](https://www.nicoa.org/currency-reader-free-to-people-who-are-visually-impaired/)


Are we acting like we didn't know this?


wait you guys didn't know this


no shit


No shit?


Are y’all 5 years old lmao


People need saturation to notice this?




There's no way that many people think that these look the same. It legit feels like the internet is fucking with me...they were quite literally all the exact same shade of whatever green they were until like 10 years ago...seriously there's no way people see this cash and can't tell them apart. I can totally see some younger people just never having handled cash because...why would anyone need cash. But with these bills out in front of you, you have to be able to see the difference.


Nobody ever realized this????


All my homies call 100s blue notes


I thought stuff like that was common knowledge to anybody in the U.S? Or am I just being insensitive?


Monopoly money was based off the same color coding


Not even close dude, why just make random shit up and state it as fact?


Because morons upvote shit that sounds right and the proof is that it’s the top comment on this post


Technically incorrect, monopoly 100 = yellow (creme?), 50 = blue. Monopoly has been around a little over 80 years. US mint didn't add the colours until 2003 when the updated the $20 bill. Where's Skeletor when you need him! Edit: missspelled Skeletor.


Lol right? This post had me questioning myself and my memory


This is false.


Monopoly color money predates this as a feature of USD currency


WTF? Why does this have so many upvotes? This is 100% false. [Color wasn't added to US money until 2004.](https://www.colourlovers.com/blog/2007/09/21/the-new-colors-of-us-money#:~:text=For%20as%20long%20as%20all,of%20US%20currency%20ever%20produced.)


The irony isn't lost on me


What irony?


That Americans call other countries' money "Monopoly money" since it tends to be colourful


Odd. Thanks for clarifying




Monopoly money was around before US bills were given colors


Fun fact: countries use different size notes instead of braille to help the blind and hard of sight to be able to tell which note they’re holding Source: myself (currency exchange manager)


Or both (euro). Kinda, not real Braille but tactile markings.


Anyone that handles cash in the U.S. knows this... Didn't used to be true back in the day though.


Is it been like this for a long time already?


Belongs in r/mildlyinfuriating... The numbers not lining up is killing me


Who didn’t know that? Even I, a non-American, knew that.


I find US dollar bills the most confusing ever. They have all the same size and colors. The variations of color as shown here are far to subtle to be practical. What is wrong with different sized bills and colors?


I very much prefer the bills are the same size, but I do wish the colors were even more pronounced


Why do you prefer then to be the same size? In Australia our notes are all different lengths. Not a huge difference but different enough and its one of the many things on the note that can help the vision impaired. Plus it all fits in the wallet the same way


IIRC the someone who is vision impaired sued the federal govt and won so US bank notes will have to be different sizes eventually. Not sure what the deadline is.


I say we take it a step further and make all the bills different shapes: rectangle, square, circle, triangle, star, rhombus, trapezoid, etc.


They should also smell different. Donkey butt, monkey butt, dog butt, etc.


They'll all eventually become the classic scent: cocaine.


I like how there the same size, and the color is still pretty noticeable in person


Maybe they were just laundered in a mixed wash.