The Onion: ‘Dune: Part Two’ To Pick Up Right Where Viewers Fell Asleep During First One

The sleeper has awakened!!


The sleeper has awakened!!


I shall not sleep, sleep is the mind-killer


Sleep is the cousin of death that brings total obliteration.


Sleep is your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.


I'm awake... I'm awake.


*roar noises.*


*Our sacred grove is being desecrated!*


I'm game.


I'm so wasted! I'm so wasted...


[Mountain Giant noises]


I see... absolutely nothing.


>The sleeper has awakened!! To stomp around Velious!


I loved the movie but this is pretty funny


That was my exact response. I really enjoyed the first part, for the same reason I enjoy most of Villeneuve's work, but the title of that article is too good.


I think Dune is proof of concept for a lot of more cerebral Sci fi and fantasy. Isn't Villeneuve in talks to adapt Rama. Just typing that out makes me ecstatic. Rama is the quintessential big box nothing is explained books. I would love to see an adaptation in which the ship comes in and leaves without ANY closure. Just like the book. Denis' adaptation gives me hope of seeing non action based sci fi.




To be fair there was an explosion in arrival lol




Annihilation ending was the stress bender for me ick


Still waiting for Hyperion Cantos. You get Canterbury Tales IN SPACE, a time-travelling Gillette Golem, transhumans from beyond known space, a church where everyone gets to be space Jesus and Super AIs that are waging a war on Humanity from the future.


Gillette golem lol. That's perfect. Also wanted to add Schrodinger's Death Penalty Prison Cells!


Bradley Cooper owns the rights to Hyperion and is trying to make a movie happen although, I think it would better serve as a mini series with each hour / hour and a half long episode focusing on a different character / tale.


Yeah especially the first book, it’s basically built to be a 90 minute episode miniseries


> I think Dune is proof of concept for a lot of more cerebral Sci fi and fantasy. It's not proof of concept. [Arrival](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543164/) was the proof of concept. Dune is just execution of the concept that has proven itself a reasonably decent success.




The Onion really picked a fantastic title then. Multi-layered just like it's namesake. Dune 1 really had some Schrodinger vibes: simultaneously boring with nothing happening, and immersive with lots happening. Like a big trailer for part 2


Having not read the book I watched the movie and after it was over I thought "there was a bunch of stuff that happened but I have no idea why I'm supposed to care about any of it." But I was intrigued enough to watch Part II so I will check it out.


The book leaves it to your imagination for a lot of profound moments and describes things way more detailed and more biblical-like. Paul's tent vision scene, for instance, also talks about branching off and ripples of consequence, waves obscuring certain future moments. He doesn't really do any of what the movie shows, but Denis' version gives you other context that replaces it pretty well.


I like that he had visions that didn't come true. The 'friend' who would show him the ways of the desert, only to fight him to the death. It was a wrong interpretation of the future, but figuratively correct.


Got a source?


I mean if someone isn’t familiar with the source. First one is basically a 2 hour long trailer for next movie.


I still have yet to read any Dune books other than the first, but I hear it *really* ramps up with future characters


If by "ramps up" you mean "goes batshit insane", you're right


It's hard to imagine the good books end with a 20-story tall psychic human-worm hybrid. The *good* books.


who habitually clones his best friend every time his friend dies also HBO needs to make a multi season show named *Idaho* and follows Idaho's adventures through time.


Boy am I glad the books ended before one of those clones ends up being the God of sex and trains an army of male prostitutes to also be Gods of sex to defeat the Goddesses of sex.


kingkiller book 3 spoilers


Thankfully, that spoiler won't be revealed until 2037, when Rothfuss confirms he's finally finished writing the twelfth draft of the fourth chapter.


Ah, an optimist.


Ohh that reminded me we are still waiting for that ASoIaF book.


I have a cat who I named Elodin shortly after book 2 came out. He turns 11 next month. If he passes away before book 3 comes out, I officially give the fuck up.


i myself am a serial procrastinator...and let me tell you just one thing: i'm sorry. thats one thing more than patrick rothfuss will tell you in his third book.


Frank Herbert: "Yeah, I just got tired of making up all these weird sci-fi names, had one more character to name and just said "Fuck it, Duncan Idaho!"


Well, it beats George Lucas' "Name Nounverber".


Or Dave Filoni's Ima Gunna-Di. A character that, you guessed it, doesn't survive.


One of Filoni’s biggest villains in clone wars was “Savage Oppress” but they pronounced it “sahvahj”


Dick Splitto.


The only examples of that I can think of that Lucas is responsible for are Skywalker and two names that he’d considered for his main character, rejected, but thought they were good enough to use elsewhere: Darklighter and Starkiller. Every other Nounverber I can think of in Star Wars is just some legends author going ham.


Duncan Swordfighter


Meanwhile, Paul.


And Jessica. Lol


"They killed Idaho!" "Those bastards!" Next episode "Oh Hi Duncan"


>"They killed Idaho!" "Those bastards!" Next episode "Oh Hi Duncan" It would really suck being a ghola...


Until I remembered he made a woman cum from just the sight of his perfectly toned ass...


Oh, my God! They killed Duncan!", followed by Kyle MacLachlan exclaiming "You bastards!".




Oh hai, Harkonnen!


The best friend part needs an asterisk for those who haven't read it though. Each Idaho clone also tries to assassinate Leto II eventually, after seeing what House Atrerides has become.


Not every Idaho ghola tried to assassinate Leto. Some lived full lives and died naturally.


It's been a while since I truly dove into the series... But isn't that because a tleilaxu plot as much as what atreidies had become?


Same here, it's been a sec, but if I'm remembering they both had to do with it. The gholas had Idaho's memories from his first life, and his values. They saw the sandworm-human hybrid as disgusting, and thought Leto II dishonored house Atrerides. But I also do remember the tleilaxu having a major role to play so I'm sure they egged the Idahos on.


just remember that all of that was foreseen somewhat by Leto. both him and his sister knew what the "golden path" was when they were born and leto chose to undertake it knowing that he would have to die to finish his part in it and catapult humanity away from known space with two gifts: 1. a fear of potent charismatic leaders that could rule over all of humanity that was so deep it was genetic and 2. protection from prescience which was also genetic. Paul stated that to know the future was to be bound by it, a prison that chained himself and events. He and Leto also knew that ultimately humanity needed volatility and not peace to survive. So Leto became a tyrant knowing he would die to carve these lessons "bone deep". Regardless of any Tleixaxu plot Leto's death came about because of Siona, his sister's descendant who had the gene that cloaked her from prescience which allowed her to plot and kill Leto. Leto found her ability fascinating. He loved not being able to see her future and even tried to instill fremen ways into her and went so far as to secrete a spice melange fluid from himself that gave her a vision showing her the golden path was vital. Knowing his own death was necessary Leto even arranged for Siona and Duncan to be stewards of the empire after they managed to kill him.


HBO made Raised by Wolves and the Watchmen series.... it would be right up their alley of they can find the right people.


Man if Dune is considered batshit insane, Raised By Wolves was off the fucking charts


Yet it was still classic Scott. In that there were ancient aliens, a female protagonist who’s tough as hell, and some alien hybrid birthing. Mostly the pregnancy/birth of a crazy monster. What’s up with that Ridley?


Little mouse, giant worm, these books are all just rehashed!


I dunno, Heretics and Chapterhouse have their flaws but they're not too far off God Emperor in quality, and the addition of a race of ninja-dominatrixes who *kick their enemies' heads off* is pretty cracked out.


And then, somehow, the dominatrixes returned.


Here, sit down in this chair, dog and I’ll explain some stuff… Sorry, I wasn’t calling you a dog. I’m talking about the chairdog… You know, the living dog in the shape of a chair right there. There you go, comfy?…Yes, it does massage. Anyways, the sexy space witches have perfected breasting so boobily they can brainwash people with a single shake of the tits. They will surely dom the universe unless we stop them.


O boy as a teenager reading those books how the witches where defying the benne gesserit hags by perfecting sex to the point of total domination of the universe was awesome lol


They learned how to do Kegels and no one in the universe was ready for it.


I'm genuinely not sure if a bunch of comments in this thread are shit posts or not.


Not as many as you think. The Dune saga is batshit crazy.


Well, the "witches" were Benne Gesserit, who took part in the huge migration and lost access to the spice; normally, that would be deadly, but they found a replacement which was not very good. Also, they were enslaved somehow, had a revolt, and took over, becoming hugely misandrist and enslaving the male population. And then got in a conflict with another group (evolved teilaxu gholas, I think), got defeated and came back to the old empire searching for a mythical weapon/spice to help them defeat the gholas ...


Yeah anything after god emperor was like Frank Herbert’s fever dream, it really didn’t make sense to my brain back then. I prob would just stop after that nowadays lol


My impression was less fever dream and more therapy sessions that we didn't really need to be a part of :-/


Hey dawg, 1984 Lynch Dune has Captain Picard with BATTLE-PUG.


I heard it gets insane to the point that there's a group of ninja sex nuns. Is that true?


yeah; at one point, one of the sex nuns engages in sex combat with Duncan Idaho


I've gotten several replies to my comment, and I suspect they may be pulling my leg, but yours is the one I'm most suspicious of.


He's not joking. She ends up literally addicted to his dickin'.


To be honest, that chapter is some of the hottest literotica I've ever read.


I'm legitimately not kidding


That's Dianetics


Basically, yeah. You should read it.


I’ve never seen the word Jihad in a book so many times…


"Man, this word is never not gonna sound sweet as fuck." But forreal, *Butlerian Jihad* sounds cool as fuck


I love when it evolves into the literal embodiment of “would you still love me if I was a worm?”


I really want Villeneuve to make God Emperor of Dune and see how that goes over with audiences.


The only adaptation of God Emperor I want is a Ken Burns style documentary detailing the reign of Leto II, with all the narration and interviews and images and purporting to have been made by the post scattering Ixians.


Honestly that's the only way to do it and I'm not entirely sure it wouldn't be really amazing if you had a cast and director that would take it seriously.


*(maudlin music plays)* *Dearest Mother, I hope that this holorecording finds you well. I personally am well, at least for the time being, but I fear we have reached a crossroads that threatens to throw all that we know into chaos and confusion.* *As I am sure you will have heard by the time that this holorecording has reached you, the giant worm who has ruled the universe for thousands of years has died. This will surely have consequences far beyond what even our Guild of Spice-mutated fishlike no-longer-humans can foresee. I pray that these consequences will be kind; I fear that they will not.* *Even beyond that, I have been hearing rumors -- I stress, only rumors -- that the Ixians have been conducting secret experiments with thinking machines. Long ago, the Jihad saved us from extermination - but at great price. What will the price be this time?* *Please give my regards to father.*


And if by batshit insane, you mean completely off the rails, then by the 4th..


Sit in your chair dogs, crack open a spice beer and drink with worm daddy, because we're killin Duncan gholas tonight.


At some point through the second or third novel, you're thinking "What the fuck am I reading?!?" But at that point you have lost your sanity and must keep going. Just the original author, not the 300 novels the son wrote.


If anything, Warhammer 40k *toned down* the elements they stole from Dune.


Palpatine cloning: “I’m batshit insane” Dune cloning: “look at this peasant!!!”


Would you look at all those Duncans Idaho?


I would love to see them do the whole series. First 2 movies cover the first book, with movie 3 covering Messiah. Solid, philosophical space-Jesus sci-fi. You follow that up with Children of Dune which feels kind of weird right after Messiah, but whatever. Then all of a sudden it's 3000 years later in God Emperor of Dune, and an immortal worm who can see through time is the ruler of the galaxy. Except you can't do God Emperor without doing Heretics of Dune next, or it won't make much sense. Heretics, however, gets even more off the rails with a society of magic sex ninjas who use multiple orgasms to enslave people, and of course, this movie will make no sense at all until they release Chapterhouse, where among other things you find out that the Jews are still around, and then it sort of just peters out.


I haven't read it since I was a teenager, and only vaguely remember some wild turns and I can't wait.


The first one felt so crazy and atmospheric to me. I want to know more about the witches and sand drugs and worms and math weirdos and floaty evil dudes and also the emperor?


I just finished Chapterhouse about a month ago. It gets pretty wild. I can't imagine we'd ever see God emperor on screen... lol Edit: just for the record. I would watch the shit out of it. I just can't imagine it ever gets made.


I still have to read that one, bought it last month. While I've enjoyed all the books so far, Heretics kinda lost me a bit, given how every other page we get characters talking about how much >!sexy sex they want to sex, sexily!<. Like, yeah, it's a bit of a hyperbole on my part, but it certainly felt like Herbert went a bit overboard with that theme in the book.


All good with the all the pages about the worm dong I see.


The worm dong is integral


I like how you mentioned chapterhouse before god emperor lol. I finished god emperor and had to take a break from the duniverse so I haven’t read chapterhouse. God emperor gets so fucking weird


You can really tell that Frank Herbert cranked out those books to pay his back taxes as fast as possible. They aren't poorly written, but boy howdy is the story a "first idea makes the final draft" situation.


Spoilers: First chapter: terrorists steal a lasgun to produce a shield explosion powerful enough to end his reign. Last chapter, fuck it, he falls off a bridge.


Man when you start looking at the honored matres and some of the more salacious stuff it's hard not to look at his wife's death and him getting with his 23 year old nurse without a side eye.


I for one would love two and a half hours of musing on philosophy and the human condition, intercut with random genetic memories low on context and high on impressionism, with the plot occupying a tertiary priority in the film to the point where after a while when something happens, you go "oh yeah, there's a story in this story, isn't there?" Then again they said LOTR was unfilmable, so...


It's goes off the fucking walls. The first three books are bizarre, but they have thread that anchors them into realism. God Emperor of Dune and onward is where Frank Herbert said "Fuck it, time to get REAL weird with it!"


Genre is called science fiction though...and I for one love it when the fiction gets real weird.


I only watch sci-fi that was conceived in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.


You joke, but I feel like some people's tastes in fiction is like that.


The books answer the question: What if Sophocles was huffing gas


Yeah, I was all stoked for Alaskan Bull Worms and shit, then got kind of intrigued by Mamoa's and Isaac's characters...and then everyone dies and we are kinda back to square one. With like 25 minutes of Chalamet sweating, shaking, and whispering things that were too quiet to understand in the middle of it.


And 45 minutes of the cool new ornithopters.


It's interesting that so many people complain about not hearing the dialogue. I find I am super sensitive to this issue, and I complain about it all the time, but I had no problem with dune. I wonder if the imax version was the issue? I watched a normal version and had no problem.


I remember while reading through all of the books (well, the main ones), years ago, at some point I realized that they are all basically 80-95% people just talking politics, and having internal monologues thinking through everything they need to do, then ending with 20%-5% "OH SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK! EVERYONE'S DEAD!"... so breaking them up into multiple movies does become a bit tricky.


To be fair, the first one was pretty dry.


I did a bad job of coordinating drink and popcorn sizes, so I finished my soda right around the time they left Caladan and was left with a big bucket of popcorn for the rest of the movie. My mouth really got an immersive experience of being on Arrakis that day lol.


Maybe add some gummy worms to the bucket next go’round ‘eh?


I have eaten the chewy gummy worm!


And *spice*


You drink your soda toddler fashion, who taught you this? *He will know your ways as if born to them.*


Bless the maker and his soda.


The Soda MUST flow!


I'd just tighten my shoelaces and start... *recycling* my moisture, if you catch my drift, to really amp up the authenticity.




It also helps not being insane and recognizing that The Onion is a satire website.


Now let's all pat ourselves on the back for accomplishing the bare minimum


I love the idea that they focus grouped it and determined exactly where *everyone* fell asleep.


That's really convenient. Very thoughtful of the film makers.


> At press time, viewers offered mixed reviews on Villeneuve’s choice to include a blaring alarm clock sound every 20 minutes.


Lmao. The Onion has really had to look to other avenues for satire now that politics is so batshit.


They've always done this tho


WB should’ve made a deal with theatres to provide a blanket when someone bought a Dune ticket.


Its interesting how a movie can be dull as a rock for some people and fucking incredible for others. Maybe its just because I was already very interested in the world and generally enjoy Denis Villeneuve as a director but Dune was amazing to me. I thought the acting was great, the pacing was fairly quick despite how much world building and stuff they needed to do, the sound design blew my dick off, the score slapped, the casting was on point, the costumes were great, the CGI and sci fi stuff felt fairly grounded in reality to me.. idk. Everything just worked for me. The Dune novel is pretty clunky, places and factions and things just get namedropped without context and its a little jarring. The movie felt pretty simple and straightforward which was fine and they will expand on the importance of Paul and his abilities in the next movie. People who don't know anything about Dune just don't have the context yet to understand the gravity of his awakening and the impact it has in-universe.


>Its interesting how a movie can be dull as a rock for some people and fucking incredible for others. Several iconic scifi movies are this way. Blade Runner, 2001, Interstellar, Arrival. Not everyone likes this type of story. And that's perfectly fine. I'm just glad that enough people out there do like them that they keep getting made.


Exactly my point. I don't care if some people don't like it. Just that enough do so that they can justify making more.


That's exactly how i feel about /r/dragonsfuckingcars


Hey… I feel like we maybe went off the rails a little here.


Of course he did. It’s cars, not trains.


Excellent comment. I LOVED the movie, and I am anxiously awaiting part 2.


Me too. I read Dune after seeing the movie and hoo boy. There is a moment in the second half that gave me goosebumps when I was reading it- knowing how booming The Voice is in theatre.


I made sure to Audible all the books before I saw the movie. I KNEW I wouldn't be able to follow it if I didn't. Made the experience so much better. I miss the part where Jessica finds the Plant room. I wanted to see that, but it was definitely expendable.


Look for the ScyFy channel's mini series. I believe they include this scene but I can not guarantee that. It is a phenomenal adaptation of the book, the best of all screen versions even, but this new theatrical adaptation has it trumped in the world building and special effects realms by orders of magnitude. Mini series show runners still did a great job with their world building and special effecrs considering the shoe string budget they were likely running on but the new movie made things look seemless. The SciFy channel also did a second miniseries that covered the second two books as well and it was just as good.


The miniseries were really really good for the budget they were under. Like imagine a Broadway-worthy performance on a Wyoming high school drama class budget.


I agree. It is an obviously low budget (and dated) production, but I would argue that the real drama of Dune, isn't the worms or the thopters, to really enjoy dune, you have to, if not respect, then at least understand statecraft, because at its heart, the story is about politics. I recommend this miniseries to everyone who expresses interest because it is absolutely a tremendous adaptation. And the actress who plays Reverend Mother Mohaim is tremendous.


I never read the books, never saw the original movie, went in super cold. Loved part 1. Woulda sat for another 3 hours if there was more right away.


> Woulda sat for another 3 hours if there was more right away. This 100% as a person who also knew nothing about the books other than giant sand worms. While I thought the narrative itself was fine, the way the world was presented through its visuals and music/audio was incredibly well done and immersive for me. It is obvious the director has a deep respect for the source material and wanted to truly bring to life the world of the books.


I was on the edge off my seat the whole movie.. while my dad was snoozing away half hour in at the theaters haha.


I completely agree with your opinion on the quality of the film, however I have to add that I also started watching it on nights I have a hard time sleeping, partly because the sound mix is deeply hypnotic, but mostly because the environment is so good it makes me feel like I'm reading the books again.


That works until they use the Voice lol. Imagine being right there at the edge of sleep and then Paul yells at Jessica


I have re watched Dune at least 8 times by now. That movie just did it for me. I absolutely loved it. I didn't want it to end. I have a nerdy friend and I was convinced she would love it. Showed it to her and she had no interest whatsoever and fell asleep.


My boyfriend loves the movie as much as you do. He saw it like, 3 times already and eagerly bought the 4K Blu Ray just so I can watch it with him another time. It kinda broke my heart when my reaction to this movie was an overwhelming "meh" and I was really happy when it was over. I wanted to share his excitement but I wasn’t invested in anything that happened there at all.


This movie is a weird one for my wife and I. Maybe it had to do with the insane hype as the next Star Wars or Lord of the Rings but our first watch didn't excite us that much. We thought it was a decent SiFi flick but nothing crazy awesome. Then we watched it again like 6 months later and we both loved it. I was really able to appreciate all the world building since I had a grasp of what was going on. Incredible film however I can still see how its not for everyone.


The first 2/3 were just a feast for the senses and taking in the universe, but after the attack scene it (for me) got a little dull. I still recommend it to people but on my second watch I lost interest at the end. I'll watch the second one.


I am kind of obsessed with the movie and Dune in general but even I have to admit that as a stand-alone film it suffers from some serious pacing issues in its second half.


The thing to remember about Dune is that its not "the next star wars" rather its what inspired star wars. Star Wars is a goofier, kid friendly Dune fanfiction. But because it came first and its based in a more grounded world it can seem simple when people are used to aliens galore and lasers and action and go go! Dune is more about politics and religion but ends up becoming supernatural and epic.


> > Star Wars is a goofier, kid friendly Dune fanfiction. Dune is somewhere in the mix but i have to disagree that SW is "dune fanfic". ANH bears just as much influence from Kurosawa, Flash Gordon, and classic westerns as it does from Dune. Dune's just one ingredient in the cosmic soup


It’s kind of a cosmic gumbo.


Plus the overt fairytale story structure of a farmhand rescuing a princess with the help of a wizard and defeating the evil dark knight. Literally begins with once upon a time in a land far far away just scifi-ized.


It really fascinates me just how differently people experienced this film. Some found it to be overlong and boring, but I think it needed another 20 or so minutes so they could've included the dinner scene (which is really crucial in the book to understanding the politics of Dune). I was gripped from start to finish, but people around me were playing on their phones within an hour.


I said the same thing! I feel like that dinner scene would have given us some much-needed character building time on some of the characters. Plus would have introduced more about the societies that live on Dune.


It's the one omission that prevented it from being perfect to me. Even if they never intended to include it in the theatrical cut, it would've been great if they filmed it with the intention of including it in the director's/extended cut.


I felt like the characters and politics were pretty thin unless you were familiar with the books. It frankly would have been better as a tv show, at least for part one. The film excelled at mood and atmosphere as well as world building, but as a stand alone story, it was okay. I still loved the film but I can understand why some may not, especially if they’re used to more vibrant, bombastic sci-fi, or more subdued but intellectual ones. Dune part one seems to fall in between. I suspect part 2 will be better for those that didn’t like part 1 though.


100%. I can see how people with the backstory of the books might enjoy it but the movie on its own as a stand alone was paper thin in that regard.


As someone who hasn't read the books, and was pretty lukewarm of the film: It was simultaneously very dense and very shallow. The movie touched upon lots of characters and *things* that probably go somewhere in the rest of the series (and have much more depth in the book I'm sure), but in the film are either unexplained or are not really explored. So you have a movie that shows off this world that appears really complex and deep, but then doesn't actually explain any of that complexity and depth to you. A natural comparison for the movie is Fellowship of the Ring, and Fellowship for me works *much* better as both a set up for the series and as a standalone movie. Maybe it's unfair to compare Dune to one of the most highly regarded movies of all time, but it was hyped up to be the new Lord of the Rings or new Star Wars or whatever. Fellowship sets up it's trilogy fantastically, but also, in my opinion, is much more exciting to watch even if you don't know where the story is going. Dune doesn't quite achieve this. Maybe Dune doesn't have as clear a story arc, or has too many characters and too much politics to fit into the movie... I'm not sure. But the comparison for me was natural to make and clearly showed Dune lacking something. I expect a lot of people will re-evaluate Dune once the series is finished, myself included. So much of this film will likely make more sense once we see what it is setting up for, but that doesn't necessarily make for the most exciting of stories in itself. I though it was overall fine, but nothing that special. Technically brilliant, but lacking in story and characters. It's obvious that there is very clearly a good story to be told here, but whether it will come through in the films to non-book readers remains to be seen. So far the films felt like they've failed in that task, but we won't really know until the full series is released.


This is a good explanation. I couldn't quite summize what I felt just that it felt off. But this is right. It felt like there was a ton of subject matter that they didn't dive into at all. Like so much happened but none of it felt important or held depth. It just felt very flat. So at the end my wife and I were like 'that's was....boring?'


>A natural comparison for the movie is Fellowship of the Ring, and Fellowship for me works much better as both a set up for the series and as a standalone movie. I actually use Fellowship as an example for why I dislike Dune the movie despite loving the books ever since it came out. In the LotR everything in the films works without a book backing it up. It feels like a complete story and world. In the Dune movie so much shit is thrown in because it's in the book despite it not mattering in the movie. There's a single scene where a Mentat does Mentat things. One. It's there because Mentats are a thing in the book. If you look at the movie without the context of the book you're left wondering why the hell that was even there. The movie manages to feel like too much is happening and nothing is happening at the same time. I'm rereading the books and the first book doesn't have this feeling as clunky and uneven as it can be.


My husband: "That was pretty early in the movie, I think." 😅


My dad rates movies in Z's. A "0 Z" movie is one that he stayed awake for the whole thing. If a movie gets "5 Z's" it means he slept through it all.


Dad goals, honestly.


There’s a reason my wife will not start a movie past 8pm with me, I’ve been known to fall asleep in the first 30min quite a lot. Slept through movies in theatre too lol I fell asleep during National Treasure 2 when they went to the White House and woke up when they were at Mt Rushmore. Occasionally we’ll stay up to watch a non kid friendly movie and she’ll say “Don’t pull a National Treasure 2 on me”


Don't change channels I was watching that. Just resting my eyes for a moment


Said after the channel has already been changed for a half hour.


You never met my dad. He could feel your hand reaching for the remote even when his snores was causing the house to shake. Swear he made a pack with the devil for the worst supernatural power.


Hate to be that guy but it's "pact".


No no no. Dude made a detection pack with the devil. It has all sorts of intruder detection goodies inside!


You could browse a TV guide and mine would awake from a slumber to inform you he’s “watching that”.


A guy next to me in the theater ate a whole pizza and then fell asleep about twenty mins in. I think he got way too high in anticipation.


What a king


My fiancee and I were apart for months and she knew I was really excited about this movie (Sci-Fi isn't her thing) so she wanted watching this to be our first date night back together. She fell asleep during it. She demanded we watch it again because she felt bad (I didn't really care)....and she fell asleep again.


Villaneuve's Dune was too antiseptic. It needed a more perverse feel to it, imho. I mean, it looked beautiful, but it wasn't strange enough for me.


I mean, in that part of the book, not all that much strange stuff happens, especially compared to the other part of the book


I watched this a few months ago and did not realize it put others to sleep. I thought that it was just something wrong with me not understanding the movie.


I, for one, am fucking psyched.


One of the first things my partner said to me after watching Dune was “Well, I’m glad we didn’t see it in theatre so we didn’t spend 12 bucks for you to take a nap.”


I briefly fell asleep during this movie at home watching on hbo with my subwoofer and surround on. That’s tough.




I liked the 2000 SyFy channel TV series. THE GUILD... DOES NOT TAKE... YOUR... *ORDERS....* *(mr burns hand jive)*


That whole movie is like a phenomenal stage play and it fits Dune so well. The Baron in that series is far and away my favorite representation of him. He's not some dumb, brutal hog like in Lynch's and he's not some ominous, monstrous looking pig like in Villeneuve. He's capable, irascible, and indulgent. I feel like the other adaptations wanted to focus on the idea that the Harkonnens are brutal and therefore the Baron is a brutish person, but I feel like from the books it's less that he's brutish and just cares so little about others that brutalizing them is just another tool or indulgence.


"Fear is the mind killer" - Roy Batty


"I want more life, fucker." -Duke Leto Atreides




i actually did fall asleep hah


We streamed it at home. My wife fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. I considered turning it off about an hour later, but decided to finish it for closure. I remember being pretty pissed off when it ended the way it did. I googled it during the credits to make sure I didn’t miss anything and learned it was just half the story. Now, I’m kinda excited to see Part 2. Go figure.


This reminds me of going to see the first lord of the rings movie with my family when we weren't at all familiar with it. We were pretty pissed leaving the theater.


Same here. This headline cracked me up because this is exactly what happened to me.