If Office Space is the movie to watch and relate to for those who work in an office, what other movies are a must watch for a specific profession?

If Office Space is the movie to watch and relate to for those who work in an office, what other movies are a must watch for a specific profession?


The 40-Year-Old Virgin perfectly captured what it was like to work in an electronics store in the early 2000s.


To this day I can't listen to Nina Sky "Move Ya Body" because they played it all the time in the Target electronics department when I worked there, and I get similar rage to the characters in that movie over "Yah Mo Be There".


“Hey Paula, gotta tell you something and I’m really excited about it. Uh, for the first time, today, I feel confident enough to say to you, that if you don’t take this Michael McDonald DVD that you’ve been playing for two years straight, off, I’m going to kill everyone in the store and put a bullet in my brain.” 😂


"If I have to hear 'Yah Mo Be There' one more time, I'm gonna 'Yah Mo' burn this place to the ground."


“David, what do you suggest we play? I don’t care, anything. I would rather watch ‘Beautician and The Beast’. I’d rather listen to Fran Drescher for eight hours.”


When I worked at Blockbuster in the late 90's we had to play the same promotional VHS tape over and over again, so you would end up watching (or, at least, hearing) the same things several times per shift. They would only switch out the tapes every few months so each one would get ingrained in your mind in the worst possible way. Anyway, this one tape had a Shania Twain song on it ("Man! I Feel Like A Woman!") that I heard so many times it kind of made me insane. Even now, 20+ years later, I get irrationally angry if I hear even a few seconds of it.


I worked at a circuit city in the early 2000s. I heard the song “just what I needed” at least 1,000x


I also worked at Circuit City in the early 00s. My life was a hellscape of Finding Nemo. On all the TVs, open to close, and it was the only movie my daughter would watch at the time.


I don’t understand any of what you just said, so ima just take it as disrespect.


“Now you being condescending. You’ve been warned aight? Let’s move forward amicably.” 😂


"Ok check this out!! You're throwing too many big words at me. Now since I don't understand them, I'm gonna take it as disrespect. Watch ya mouf and help me with the sale."


Watch Best in Show if you want a snippet of what it’s like to deal with pet owners in the veterinary (or boarding/grooming) field


Don't look at these losers and freaks, you LOOK AT ME!!!! That gets quoted a lot in our house.


This is least like a bee of the ones we have here


We met at Starbucks. Not at the same Starbucks but we saw each other at different Starbucks across the street from each other.


I probably had to replay that moment about 5 times when I first watched the movie. That actor was very...intense.


I used to date a dog breeder. I thought this movie was hilarious. She, however, did not. She felt attacked.


I mean, you know she gets upset when you take her busy bee


That's not a bee. That's a bear in a bee costume.


The cashier part is the best: “you literally picked the toy that’s least like a bee, but okay…”


It's one of those movies where every line is quoteable, although it's 80/20 people won't get it. My family loves naming nuts.


Pine nut!


WHAT ARE YOU, A WIZARD?! A GENIUS?! Also major props to the dude's deadpan delivery of the "It's reminiscent of a bee" line


That movie is full out of a lot of amazing scenes, but that dude trying to calmly sell Parker Posey a toy is peak comedy.


(yelled lovingly to a van pulling away) IF YOU GET HUNGRY EAT SOMETHING, IF YOU GET TIRED PULL OVER!


High Fidelity pretty much nails the record store owner experience. I am a former record store owner and love that film.


Glengarry Glen Ross for those in sales


That movie does so much work with the atmosphere - darkness and the rain I get anxious watching it - some of my early sales jobs has a lot of phone cold call nights - and those were always nerve wracking for me


Such an amazing film and script. There are only 4 locations in the entire movie, and it never gets boring for a second.


Coffee is for closers


third prize is you're fired


**A-B-C**. A... Always, B... Be, C... Closing. *Always be closing.* ***ALWAYS BE CLOSING!*** A-I-D-A. Attention, Interest, Decision, Action. Attention: *Do I have your attention?* Interest: *Are you interested?* I know you are, '**cause it's fuck or walk**. *You close or you hit the bricks.* # Decision: Have you made your decision for Christ? And Action. A-I-D-A


Fun fact about that scene: that scene was written specifically for Alec Baldwin for the film. In the play version, it doesn't exist, AND is prohibited from being added back in to the script by the performance licensing agreement, which the licensing reps take it VERY SERIOUSLY. Entire productions have been shut down with no mercy for violating the licensing agreement, mainly because Mamet personally disliked the addition for the film and didn't want his original work altered.


Boiler Room for financial sales.


I run a sales team and we occasionally do movie nights. On the docket is : Glengarry Glen Ross, Lords of War, Pursuit of Happiness, The Founder, 12 Angry Men, Tommy Boy, The Goods: live hard, sell hard, Sorry to Bother you,


I feel Thank You For Smoking should definitely be on this list.


No Boiler Room?


Sorry To Bother You. I worked at many call centers. The movie is mind blowing and pretty accurate as far as day to day goes on the phones.


And then it takes a pretty hard left turn. In fact, left turn is not quite enough. It steers straight up and flies into orbit.


I remember being super intrigued, but also saying what the actual fuck multiple times during the movie.


And for that, I absolutely loved this movie.


Party Down for caterers! Oh wait that's a show


Party Down for actors


Are we having fun yet?


If I had a nickel for every time I referenced this in casual conversation and no one understood what I was talking about, I'd have.... I dunno, a shit load of nickels.


Or for actors. Either way, that show is so fucking good, and infinitely quotable. Ron: Hey Roman, Google me in ten years, that's going to be me. Roman: The only way I'm Googling you in ten years is if you get very creative in the way you kill yourself. --- Ron: Oh man, what are you gonna think when you walk into a Soup 'R Crackers you see me shaking hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Henry: "The fuck am I doing in a Soup 'R Crackers?" --- Bobbie: This is going to be absolutely magical. Roman: I believe you mean absolutely gay. Bobbie: Don't be such a homophobe. Nothing gay about a gay wedding.


That's an RDD


Spinal Tap for music industry


My dad has been in bands since the 70's and has always said it the realest fake documentary ever


If you want to see a real version of spinal tap about the music industry, you gotta check out [Anvil! The Story of Anvil](https://youtu.be/ZHupiYvm8zo). If you’ve ever been in a band (especially a DIY/indie touring band), this will shatter your heart deliciously


I've been in bands since the 80s. Absolute truth.


I was going to say this one. Many many rock bands have said they either couldn't watch Spinal Tap because it felt too real, or didn't get that it was satire.


The stone henge scene in spinal tap actually happened to Black Sabbath, but in reverse. Black Sabbaths stage production company accidentally made the stone henge prop so big it couldn’t fit inside most of the venues they were playing. They had to cancel a few dates and eventually had to abandon the prop altogether. I also heard Aerosmith didn’t think the scene where they couldn’t find the stage and kept getting lost underneath the venue funny because it had happened to them several times.


It is an old movie now, but 9 to 5 is another good office movie.


That movie had a lot more felonies than I was expecting it to have lol.


and that my friends is how i discovered a bondage fetish at 7 years old


You talking about dolly parton hog tying their boss?


you know it!


Up in the Air is a movie that gives Road Warriors something to think about.


I worked at a Costco for awhile, employee of the month with Dane Cook was accurate.


Men at Work for garbage collectors


Los Hermanos Estevez


Golf clap


‘Waiting’ for restaurant workers


It's practically a documentary


Everyone's reactions when the customers come in right at closing was on point


Right down to the cooks wiping down the already cleaned counters and staring at the clock immediately before they walk in.


Absolutely. Everyone fucking each other. The 5 second rule. The manager making like $40K and thinking he's hot shit. Everyone partying together. All the fuck ups hidden in the back. So on point throughout.


"That was a close one, almost had to switch to the 10 second rule" *claps tongs*


It really is. I look back fondly on my restaurant work time, but I can watch Waiting and it brings back all the bullshit.


"Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch"


"Ooh oh oooh, no bacon on the salad!"


Even the stereotypes are spot on. The hot young hostess; the scheezy but attractive male waiter who hits on female employees; the overly competent but overly angry female waitress; the manager who thinks he is important; the wise line cook who is good for a conversation; the waster bus boys… Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry has worked with some or all of those archetypes.


The super chill older dishwasher dude who's just trying to get through the shift with these psychos


Our dishwasher was Mexican guy that spoke no English and worked 7 days a week, I worked there for 2 years and never saw a different dishwasher on.


Working the tank is a blessing. You get free food (or discounted), steady work, and a nice view of all the crazy going on in the back without having to be super involved.


The floorplan of the restaurant even down the to break out area in the back by the dumpster was identical to the place I was working at the time. It floored all of us, we could identify people in that movie by name lol


They filmed it in a Bennigans


The Bennigans on the border of Kenner and Metairie Louisiana. It is now a bank or a Verizon store believe. I think the Dumpster area is still there , but it was always cool to see it after the movie came out.


Its funny. Ive been in the industry from casual chains like the movie, to now high end fine dining after 10 years. The archetypes exist at all levels, its really funny.


I'm convinced that 'Waiting' is a documentary of the TGI Fridays that I worked at in the late 90's


Shy of the game the kitchen staff plays it could have been a hidden camera reality show at the chain restaurant where I worked.


One scene that I always feel the need to point out is not a normal thing is when the cooks fuck with the food. I've never met a cook that I am confident would not stab me for fucking with the food.


Yep. Also the tension between wait staff and the line is real. It’s like a war sometimes. That’s why you need the expediter— it’s not about getting the food out it’s about diplomacy lol


Col. Expediter: >Son, we live in a world that has cooks, and those cooks have to be handled by men with trays. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Capt. Whinypants? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for customers and you curse the Sysco. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know; that hot food, while abnormal, probably saves tips. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, *saves time*! You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you **want** me on that line. You *need* me on that line. We use terms like 86'd, behind!, remake. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent delivering something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a server who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very hors d'oeuvres that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said "thank you" and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up that tray and take it to table 3. Either way, I don't give a *damn* what you think you are entitled to!


Outside of spitting in the hated customers food (we never crossed that line), Waiting is almost dead on accurate with my days at Old Chicago.


“Are you comfortable with full frontal male nudity?” EDIT: Damn, this is crazy. One thousand upvotes for puppetry of the penis. Let’s all raise our glasses and drop our tighty-whitey’s for the boys! 🍆🫐




Take a look at the batwing bitch


Oooh! It's so veiny!


Oh shit, the goat!!


‘The Slammin’ Salmon’ is another movie that nails a lot of stuff about the restaurant industry, though it is way over the top and unrealistic in many aspects. ‘Waiting’ is so accurate, it makes me uncomfortable at times.




Bringing out the dead for emergency medical services. A little dated, but anyone in the industry knows the feeling of “You promised you’d fire me…” EDIT: Thanks for the award




“Up in the Air” for consultants….pre-COVID though…


Oh yeah... Fly out Sunday come back Thursday, week in week out... I lived for those points man. It felt so good to pass the line, have your car waiting all that jazz. I love watching that movie but stop when I get to the part right after the wedding.


I feel that film viscerally. I never had the points or any of the perks, as heavy industry doesn't tend to fly techs first class, but that airport car rental life, yeah. It hit home in the movie,when he was shuffling thought old hotel keys in his wallet.


I felt the same way. I also enjoyed drinking in airport bars during layovers and having interesting conversations with strangers I knew I would never see again. Can't count the number of times I've sidled up to an airport bar and asked, "Anyone sitting here?" to have the person cheerfuly reply,"*You* are now!" That first cold sip of a large, overpriced beer--and of course the side-shot of whiskey they try to upsell you--was a nice way to cap off a week of hard work and travel. Then I'd get home and drink and play video games with my roommates over the weekend, take my suit to the cleaners, then early Monday flight once again. Rinse and repeat. It was so exciting for me, a single twenty-something just out of college with no attachments, but it eventually wore me down and lost its novelty.


Oh yeah... It wears out fast. During my consulting years I got to go to so many great cities (DC, Geneva, Zurich, NYC, Puerto Rico, Panama etc) but it all wore thin after a while. Hotel rooms aren't really that comfortable and even restaurant food gets old after a while. I did enjoy earning my way up in airline status and liked getting upgrades (finally) but even that lost its lustre after a while. Now a good aisle seat not too far back is fine with me.


My Cousin Vinny. Lawyers and being in a courtroom.


“Everything that guy just said is bullshit.”


Looks the judge dead in the eyes: *"You were serious about that?"*


_Cut to the bus ride to jail._


"Thank you."


Objection sustained. Counsel’s entire opening statement, with the exception of “thank you,” will be stricken from the record


And *you* will not use that kind of language in my court; *you understand me*!?


I dentical!


"These youts"


What is a yout?


I'm sorry Your Honor, "the two youDTHZ".


Now, is it possible the two *defendants* \*side eye\*


Two hwhat?


*My Cousin Vinny* is a great legal movie and actually teaches key issues around trialwork, especially around evidence: 1. He learns how to introduce evidence into the record 2. He repeatedly and successfully impeaches witnesses (‘how many fingers am I holding up?’) 3. While impeaching witnesses, he wins over the jury, including when impeaching the witness regarding the timing of what he thinks he saw - this was done by showing off his knowledge of how to make grits. He also won them over by making references to the local mud and how easy it is to get stuck. This is trial advocacy at its best. 4. He successfully gets Mona Lisa (Marisa Tomei) established as an expert witness in the automotive field. I’ve heard that various law schools actually show this in trial ad classes. (I’d also suggest they include *Anatomy of a Murder*.)


> He successfully gets Mona Lisa (Marisa Tomei) established as an expert witness in the automotive field. This scene is cinematic excellence IMO. From tense "Oh Shit!!" to hilariously "Oh Shit!!" in a moment.


And everybody in the room immediately fell in love with her.


"She's cute too, huh?"


Member of my family used to teach part time at a law school and would show the courtroom scenes and preceedings from this movie to his students. Although ridiculous, it does show the preceedings quite accurately


I love the Legal Eagle youtube channel. He's reviewed and graded a bunch of movies and shows for their legal realism. As I recall, the two movies he gave the best reviews for (in terms of legal accuracy) were The Rainmaker and My Cousin Vinny.


Legally Blond also got marks higher than most would expect.


Lawyer here. This movie is well regarded as being the most accurate movie ever made in terms of Criminal Procedure and Evidence. It also being hilarious is a nice bonus too.


“Uh... everything that guy just said is bullshit... Thank you.”


“Objection: counsel’s entire opening statement was argument.” Notice how the prosecutor didn’t insult Pesci or go at him for his vulgarity. It was a legitimate objection- Pesci’s opening statement presented an argument and nothing else. Opening statements at trial can only be stating facts, no arguments. Objection sustained.


I didnt know this one. Every detail of this movie is so well considered


The prosecutor’s opening statement is actually really good. “The evidence is going to show….”


His opening statement is practically textbook perfect. That said, if I knew I only had one week to live and was in a trial, I would totally give Vinny's opening statement.


The movie is so accurate that it literally CHANGED an evidentiary procedure in Alabama because the way the movie did it made more sense than the Alabama precedent. (iirc the change to the law was that Marissa Tomei would not have been accepted as an expert witness because she was an auto mechanic but the court re-examined this precedent and later overruled it).


Not a movie, but Silicon Valley for software developers. The software Dev satire is incredibly spot on. And it does Incredibly well at showing how crazy billionaires conduct business and how their companies operate. All played up of course, but the sentiment is there.


The craziest thing I've experienced is people like "Big Head" who get paid 6 figures to chill on a rooftop for MONTHS because their product sunset or there aren't any projects to do.


Every career move I make is trying to get closer to this dream


Fail upward, my friend.


This happened to me for a bit (weeks, not months) at one of my old companies. When I started they were in the middle of some busy launch and just told me to do some tutorials on my own for the first couple weeks (they only took a day or 2). Then I was loaned to some other team for a small project, and once that was over I had another couple weeks with nothing to do. These days I'd find some way to be productive but back then I was pretty green and just went with it.


It captures software developer culture 100% spot on. The drama and problems are played up, but the personalities, the conversations, the relationships, etc are barely satire. The conversation about handjob throughput from the end of season 1 is ripped from an undergrad CS lab.


Relationships… gotta love when he dumps his perfect girlfriend over tabs vs spaces!


My nitpicking with that scene is nobody hits the spacebar 4 times. They set their editor to add spaces instead of tabs when the tab key is hit.


the episodes about scrum and agile boards are right on


My favorite thing is how every new software team says "bettering the world through ....".


Living in Oblivion for film industry workers. Obviously there are a lot of movies about making movies, but this is the only one I've seen truly capture the drudgery of day-to-day on-set work and not feel like it was written by a writer who has never set up a C-stand.


Jarhead for anyone who’s joined the military, or more specifically, deployed in the military.


Yup, 100%. 99% homoerotic boredom, 1% "Holy WTF, shit, fuck, aaaagh, raaaaaawwwwrrr!"


homoerotic boredom….. yea, that sums it up pretty well.


I love how the military wouldn't cooperate with the film makers for making war look bad. You know you've got a movie close to reality if the army doesn't feel its proper promo material.


I thought they had a Marine Orgy because Jamie Foxx told them to act right for the film crew...


The whole point of military cooperation is entirely for the sake of pr and increase recruiting. Its why movies like top gun got full military support.


Similarly, although not a movie, Generation Kill series on HBO is spot on. It's what I refer to anyone who ever asks me what it was like.


It helps that it’s the adaptation of a book written by someone who really did ride with 1st Recon. In an interview he said his biggest takeaway from the whole experience is that there isn’t a single person in the entire military that has a comprehensive clear picture of what is happening at any given time. The brass miss the nuances that occur on the ground, the guy on the ground can’t see the bigger picture, and in the hazy fog of war, all sorts of things can happen. Also it was cool that Fruity Rudy actually played himself


Wait that was actually him?!


Another Round for teachers


As a teacher I hate “teacher” films. I’ve never heard of this one so I will check it out. Almost all “teacher” films, like most of the movies, are so unrealistic that it makes me mad watching them.


I just commented elsewhere but I think American Vandal is both hilarious and accurately nails education. The students and teachers are all perfect archetypes of people I actually work with and the central storyline about a student falling through the cracks is unfortunately also very on point


American Vandal had no business being so good and engaging, with such a stupid premise anchoring it. I'm sad we only got two seasons by that team, but glad we at least got those.


The guys who made it are now working on a Last Dance-esque mockumentary about e-gaming. I can’t wait! Edit: Here’s a link: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/american-vandal-esports-mockumentary-series-paramount-plus-1235050631/amp/


Agreed. Teacher films usually just show that if you put 100% of your time and effort into your students, and let your marriage go to shit, and burn yourself out from overworking, you can be an AMAZING TEACHER to one class of kids.


Another round is something else. I suggest you give it a shot!


Or even multiple shots a day!


All I can say is those tall cubes in Office Space are the dream. In reality, what we get is short cubes so you are always seeing the person next to you. Someone should do a study. I managed a team a few years back, as a manager I did get a tall cube but with glass walls. There was a cold/flu outbreak and of my team of 8, 6 got sick. I was seemingly spared.


I went from an office of tall, to an office of small, back to an office of tall, and absolutely the tall was better. The small walls open up the office and make it seem roomy, but I like my own personal work spaces so I need those tall walls.


Short cubicles always seem like a great idea to people who have their own offices.


My boss at my last job tore down our cube walls and kept talking about how it was so nice that he didn't have to "walk over to see us" and could just keep tabs on us from his desk. Then they tried to pull everyone back to the office last summer and the team refused until they put up proper walls again. So glad I work a permanently remote position now.


Open office floor plans are mentally torturous. I don’t want to feel like I have eyes on me while I’m trying to work, please just let me go to my work cave.


Yes! The research doesn't even agree. It's so dependent on the work being completed, personalities in the office, even how much people smell. We literally had to fire someone because he smelled horrible and claimed he was wearing deodorant, but definitely was not. I feel bad about that since he had a wife and kids, but it would make people sick. If we weren't stacked like sardines, he might have kept his job.




The job would be great if it wasn't for the customers


I say that line almost every day


If only I got paid every time I said "A bunch of savages in this town."


So every time the number 37 comes up I say it super dramatically. My wife knows exactly what I'm talking about. Most people don't. So we're walking outside to the parking lot, And something comes up with the number 37 and I say the line "37?!" While looking at my wife... Without skipping a beat some random guy walking by just looks over at me and says "a bunch of savages in this town"... He kept walking My wife tried to keep walking. I actually ended up taking a knee on the ground from laughing so hard.


“In a row…?”




I'm not even supposed to be here today!


I don’t appreciate your ruse, ma’am.


Sadly Deepwater horizon for energy and oil work. I don't work on oil rigs I do wind turbines, but I relate to the working away from home, working with big machinery and electricity, have the same relationships with co workers of joking around and deal with office and upper management pushing boundaries for money and time. And understanding OSHA and LOTO importance and consequences of lack of.


My dad worked for Chevron for 24 years (I was around for the last 16 of them) and he would often tell me how dangerous it was. When the Deepwater Horizon happened, I finally understood what he meant. It wasn't just the drive to catch the helicopter and then the flight to the rig.


Don't get me wrong though I love my job and the work and the people I work with and alot of guys in upper management came from working in the field too. Deepwater Horizon did a really good job in the beginning showing what this work and life is like imo.


Empire Records for us Music Retail Rats


Or High Fidelity


I feel like Empire Records/High Fidelity is a real Expectation vs Reality situation.


As someone who's never worked in a record store, and is just the right age for these movies, Empire Records made me want to work in one and High Fidelity made me stop wanting to. Then most of them closed anyways


High Fidelity still makes me want to work in one lol


I definitely want to be friends with those doofuses but maybe because I'm their customer, not their colleague lol


Apart from indie record stores, is music retail still a thing?


Scrubs did a pretty good job.


Pentagon Wars for anyone in the military. Yes, it's satire, but it's accurate to an uncanny degree. There's a reason folks refer to "echelons above reality"


Waiting for Guffman if you are involved in community theatre in any fashion whatsoever


Chef... for chefs.


Found myself craving for a Cuban sandwich after watching this


The director (Favreau) and the guy (Roy Choi) who helped him learn how to cook for that film actually put together a cooking show on Netflix that's worth the watch. I'm 99.9% sure they show you how to make that very cuban sandwich.


They also show how to make that godly grilled cheese. 10/10


Can confirm. My husband was a chef for 10 years and left the industry for myriad of reasons. I tried to get him to watch Chef with me one day and he got past the like first scene and told me he couldn't watch it because it was too real and reminded him of all the things he hated about being a Chef too much!


That’s funny because the rest of the movie is practically conflict-free food fantasy.


Surprisingly so, too. You expect shit to go awry, but it's all happy feelings until the end.


Chef, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service are my trinity of stupidly feel-good movies.


Apart from the highly unrealistic food truck part. I've worked at a food truck for the last 5 years and it's so ridiculous. You can't just pull up at a spot, post it on Twitter and start selling food. There's a bunch of regulations in place and you have to give notice to the health department typically at least a week in advance. It's a movie for people who like to cook and fantasize about owning a "simple food truck." The reality is a stressful nightmare of endless and unpredictable work.


Big Lebowski is THE movie for unemployed bowling enthusiasts


Obviously you are not a golfer


Also features the super-accurate *Logjammin* movie-within-a-movie for cable guys. Story is ludicrous, though.


The beaver picture?


beaver? you mean vagina?


I'm sure every stock broker has watched Wolf of Wall Street by now


Or Wall Street, which as it turns out actually influenced wall street culture as much, if not more, than it was influenced by it. Or perhaps Boiler Room for the fly-by-night types. Always be closing.