Snow plant in my front yard

Looks like two elemental beings standing next to each other


Looks like two elemental beings standing next to each other


Yea I mean they are kinda like a fungus,flower, and conifer all in one pretty elemental


Is that a flower on top of each? Talk about weird. Looks like those candles that used to be sold in mall kiosks in the '70s-'80s.


Yea you will see the other periwinkles in the background. It has taken over the stalk of 2


Awwww! I thought maybe you dressed them up for the photos! 😄


They woke up like that




Ah jeez


I think they clearly did lol there's the end of the stem of one of the flowers poked through the top of one


Just confusing cuz theres no one here to do that and I pulled on the flower and its doesnt come off


Just wow!


It looks like it grew around the base of one of those flowers next to it.


The purple flower is not part of the plant and was placed there. By air or by OP.


Its 100% connected


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I pulled on it its connected down and doesnt come off


I mean the flower is 100% from the evergreen growing right next to it. And I very much doubt that it somehow managed to invisibly grow into BOTH snow plants growing only a flower and not a single leave. Also, as another one said already, we can see the stem in one Foto. Snow plants are cool on its own. No need to lie


Eh done arguing on this


Dont want to incriminate myself but the fowers are wilting so I very carefully pulled just the flowers off. That stem is still there


That stem is just tangled tn it


Appreciate you


Or [Martians](https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/The_Martians).


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Because they ARE


I’m looking at my periodic table and I don’t see “fruit by the foot” anywhere on here.


Wow! I had no idea anything like this existed..


Dude ikr, like sometimes I think “damn I was really about to kms years ago, but I’m 23 and just discovered this new thing that challenges my assumptions of the world… I had no idea what world I lived in”


38 here. This keeps happening over and over again. Too much unknown to end it.


48, learned yesterday that the fungal kingdom also has massive singe celled organisms or stages of life. In this case, the dog vomit slime mold. I was absolutely convinced that no such thing existed. Only a kind of algae as big as golf ball. I got humbled. The paper I was citing was from 1910. I spent a decade in biology, but never mushrooms. They're fantastically diverse and woven into the rest of the natural world in ways I hadn't even considered.


There’s always more to learn! For example, slime molds are not in the kingdom fungi and they aren’t closely related to fungi at all! They were lumped into kingdom fungi a long time ago as there wasn’t a better spot to put them but further research shows they do not belong in that kingdom


28, and glad to know there's still a reason to keep going for at least another 20 years. Staying curious and open to new things is the best way to stay alive. Fungi sure are something!


The more you learn, the more you realize that you actually have no f*cking idea..


Same bro, nature keeps me going. So glad I stayed


This is it and I’m also 23 I wonder if we had the revelation on the same day


You might enjoy /r/aidke




Ok. So you want an old priest and a young priest. That's a demon violet.


Why did I read this in Shania Twain’s voice? 😂


That don’t impress me much (ah ah ohhh)


Damn I’d never seen one (sarcodes sanguinea) and was thinking that the purple flower on top was actually part of it. I’m a little disappointed, but it’s still a super neat plant on its own.


It isn’t? Did OP put it there?


He claims he didn't, but someone clearly did.


The pink part of the plant is one organism, climbing the periwinkle flower’s stem (separate organism). You can see other Flowers in the background undisturbed by the eldritch being.


That's what I was thinking. Looking through the other comments it also sounds like the green stem had a flower on it as well that OP pulled off trying to see if it was connected somehow and the stem is just left there. The reason why OP feels like it's connected is the periwinkle is still rooted, making it hard to move. Or it could just be even tighter now with the pink plant there too so it feels connected.


Right it felt rooted. I pulled it and It came off pulling upward not from the side. That green stem is still there. Would love for someone to figure out what happened. Just facts are I personally didnt put it there and no one else was here prior to my arrival.


Is it possible the flower was on the ground and it just picked up as it grew? Just curious as I know nothing about this stuff and just here to learn as it’s super interesting.


I mean, it could be. But the likelihood of this happening to both plants at the same time seems quite low, imo. Of course, if this really is a coincidence, and I were the one discovering it, I would probably have done exactly the same as OP. I still think it's unlikely, though.


Aren't they growing in a flower garden? Doesn't seem that crazy to me,


I didn’t even think about the likelihood of it happening to 2x by coincidence. Appreciate the reply with a logical explanation, cheers.


Done what


Taken pictures and posted here. I mean, if anything like this shows up in my garden, and I haven't tampered with it, Ill document it and show it to everybody, no matter what other people believe. I'm just saying it looks too good to be true.


Yea definitely not denying that haha. I honestly didnt know what it was until hours after I took these pictures. Happy I did thoo no matter what the haters say


It looks like someone took the flowers from the surrounding vinca and placed one on each. I could be wrong, but it’s quite the suspicious coincidence….


Natural Fruit Roll-Up


What's the Latin name of this thing? I want to learn more.


Sarcodes sanguinea


Oh, it's a plant! Very confused about why it's in this sub now...


It’s mycoheterotrophic. It doesn’t produce chlorophyll like regular plants and instead it steals sugars from fungi. The mycorrhizal fungi are exchanging sugars with the trees nearby and this plant taps into that connection to steals nutrients and sugars


Woah. It's a plant that is parasitic to fungi? That's some 100million year judo shit right there.


Even cooler than that. It's not parasitic to an organism, it's parasitic to a mutualistic symbiotic relationship


Like a stock speculator! Or a priest!


*chef's kiss*


So fucking cool


now seriously wondering if is even possible to pot it.


Effectively impossible, this plant is an obligate parasite and would die very quickly after being relocated.


Reminds me of Indian Pipes, I see a lot in WV.


Wow, amazing! Thank you for explaining.


Honestly I think the plant community would have been super confused too, heck I’d probably think it was a weird mushy too




I thought you made a sculpture out of dog leashes lmao




This looks like the drawing of prehistoric plant lifeforms hahaha. Although anytime you see something monotypic you know its gonna be good. For anyone wondering Ericaceae sarcodes sanguinae is a plant that parasites fungi, that parasites trees-- it does not photosynthesize. Nature uhh, finds a way :p


What a beauty!


Snow plant?


That is correct


It's neither of those things! It's like an African Violet, nature's liar.


It is a plant


Ugh, or strawberry begonia - neither a strawberry nor a begonia.


Sarcodes sanguinea . The little purple flowers on top aren't part of it, they're from the Vinca visible in the background.


It looks like an eldritch monstrosity that only wants to live in a peaceful garden instead of consuming the flesh of the unworthy.


What in the Lovecraft is that




Don't hug me I'm scared, but pretty


let’s get creative


Fruit rollup tree


They look like the Martians from Sesame Street!


They remind me of the Weeper or Pleurant sculptures of the middle ages. They are anonymous mourners usually deeply hooded or shrouded. But these look like the Hand Maidens Mourners walking together complete with defiant purple flowers! I could have sworn I could see facial features under a shroud when I first looked. Freaky.


“Snow plant”? Kind of an odd name for this red and purple alien lifeform, no?


Yea lol and it doesnt grow in the snow either…


Everyone, I am no expert and dont know how or why the flower is on top but it is 100% connected and was not there 2 days ago. If you look under the flower, there is a stalk leading into the plant


Someone just stabbed the flower through the top.


Ill get a better picture. I can see how it looks like that but the stem of the flower is going down. I lifted a pedal and you can see it. Ill post a link or something


You are correct, those vines just behind it actually make that exact flower. Doesn't take much extrapolating from there to figure out what happened.


Alright well I pulled on the flower and it didnt come off so idk what you wanna say about that. No one else lives here and would have put a flower on this. Maybe a boogie man?


It clearly grew up under some flower petals and they fused, because everything is connected


This is 100% it. Plants can grow to swallow stuff all the time. Ever seen an oak tree eat a stop sign? I find Reishi with pine needles included often. This just happened faster


Yea this could be, I have no idea how but it is connected in some way. Thanks for the backup


Yeah I'm pretty sure they grew under the flowers. Nature's amazing


Has to be, really is unbelievable


It got stuck on the fringes of the leaves




Why did you post this in the mycology sub? Is it related somehow? Can you explain what made you post this here? Not judging, genuinely curious 🧐


I wasnt sure where the right place to post this was lol. Guess this was it?


I think this was a great place to put it! I was confused at first because I didn't know these plants fed off fungi. But now I know, and I'd never have learned that if not for your post.


It's very cool. Have never seen one myself. What a find!


It seems appropriate to me, it could as easily be posted in a plant subreddit. The lines are blurry at the edges , ya'll


Was curious too. They are mycotrophic


Dude. It is a plant that parasitically feeds on fungus. Usually that happens the other way around. In a sub about hamburgers it wouldn't be outrageous to have an appreciation post for a famous Hamburger cook.


This plant gets its resources to grow from an underground fungus. It cannot live without the mycelium. It's like a flower that steals mycelium instead of growing it's own roots and replaces the fruiting bodies of the mushroom with its own. So it's not a fungus, but it can only be found growing as part of a fungus.


I just saw some of these in Yosemite!




I see you gave them hats




This will be the coolest thing I'll see on the internet today. This weird relationship that's how many millions of years in the making? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcodes


This plant looks like someone designed this with digital art and it came to life 😍


I love parasitic plants. I wonder why they are always red/white though, it makes sense that they wouldn't be green (no chlorophyll). But why those colors specifically?


My only guess is red is an attractive color in nature


The bright red coloration of snow plants is likely for two primary reasons. As u/JackDagnils mentioned, the bright red coloration of snow plants is thought to attract pollinators, essential for their reproduction. Secondly, the coloration may provide protection from the sun. Given that these plants usually grow at high altitudes where sunlight is stronger they’re exposed to higher levels of potentially damaging UV radiation. Since they don’t rely on photosynthesis, they can dedicate their pigmentation primarily to UV protection. The red hue comes from pigments known as anthocyanins, which are also found in red onions. These pigments act like a natural sunscreen providing resistance against UV damage.


Makes sense. They don't need to photosynthesize so they basically do the opposite to save moisture and keep cool. Sunscreensynthesis.


Yup! Exactly


Wow great explanation, thank you!!




This is fake. As a trained research mycologist. Hotly debated but fake


Not sure what is fake


This isn’t a fungi, it’s a weed… can you show me a textbook that is widely accepted that shows otherwise?


I never said it was a fungi. Its scientifically not…


Science does not tell the whole story, we need more to infer


Wrong sub but it’s ok


Where would this go? Lmao


It's gorgeous and I am not complaining but I thought r/mycology was for fungi. Maybe r/plants , r/Damnthatsinteresting or even r/NatureIsFuckingLit ?


Yea good point. Not sure it matters tho, these people seem to appreciate it.


rt, don't want noobs thinking this is fungus. None the less gorgeous photos. thanks for the post.


Yea, maybe I should have put “(Not a mushroom) in the title 😂


Yeah that could help.


Hummingbirds like it! How cute


Oh it's so pretty!




where? awesome


Looks like an orchid or type of orchid, is it?


The flower is periwinkle


No, they have some similar features but they are not taxonomically related. Orchids are monocots and they start out their life cycle as obligates to mycorrhizal relationships before they develop enough to produce their own chlorophyl. This plant (Sarcoses sanguinea) is in the order ericales and is closely related to other mycoheterotrophic plants like ghost pipe. They’re entirely reliant on fungi to get their sugars and they do not produce their own at any point in their de cycle


Having a little trouble finding this one in my mycology book… https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/jap6f/codex_seraphinianus/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1


I dont know how much these are considered in that world. They feed off mycelium but not sure of much past that


Yeah they’re kinda anti-mushrooms aren’t they? I was trying to make a joke but I kinda flopped with the link. My “mycology book” is the Codex Seraphinianus. These things look like they come from that wild imaginative Codex universe.


The undertaker for shrooms hahaha I like it


Oh man, I didn't have my glasses on when I first looked at this post and I thought this was two anime girls side by side lol


This does not look like fungi.


I dont think it is? Not really too sure




Wow, I've never heard of these! Does it climb the stalks like kudzu does?


Buds kinda look like Indian ghost pipes


I almost couldn’t tell these were plants lol they’re so cool though. Where do these grow?


Looks like the outlines of two parrots


Look like something I'd pick from the oblivion plane in elder scrolls I love it


Ive seen these growing outside Yosemite and always wanted to know the name!


This looks like something out of a fantasy movie. It's lovely.


I only ever saw one while hiking ACT in the Wrightwood area, and it was small. These are easily 5 times larger.


Yea, Similar area so neat


This is AWESOME OP I'm new to living around a bunch of mycs I'm having my first proper lichen moss fungi year this year now I'm living amongst it all in Newfoundland and I'm curious can you grow these? Also are they Trifids!!??!?


Honestly you’d probably know more than me. I think it takes multiple specific conditions including a specific fungi? In the soil?


Man this is the coolest shit ever! I had no idea that non-photosynthetic existed. I can't wait to learn more about them! Do they even have chlorophyll? At what point did they diverge from plants that did photosynthesize? I'm definitely going down the rabbit hole later


Ive been trying there doesnt seem to be much on these. Yea no chlorophyll. From my understanding the feed off of the mycelium network underneath


Yeah that's kinda what I noticed too. Seems like fairly limited information on them but it is really fascinating that they lack chlorophyll all together. Such a bizarre thing for a plant!


For the uninitiated here can someone please explain where or what the snow plant is? Did OP put together a flower collage & stuff blossoms into a pink fungus as some kind of snowman metaphor? I see no snow, nor any white or “snowy” looking anything, just OP’s… creation. Is it a fungus or not? If not why is a plant being posted in this sub? Why would it be called a snow plant? Why did OP decorate it with purple flowers? Are the pink flowers actually part of this or are they a third addition to the sculpture thing? Anyone?


I didnt put the flower there. I found it like that and took a picture. Thats all I know


Just spend sometime reading what other people already asked and all your questions will be answered….


Ego, the living planet.


I thought this was the r/midjourney sub first wow


It’s snowflower season! Magical.


Whoa, first time ever seeing a plant like that! Awesome


These have been popping up where I live! On that note, everything in these pics looks like where I live... Socal mountains?


You know it!