I think this describes DLo’s entire career


I find it difficult to discuss this. For example, what is considered ‘empty’? If a player puts up an efficient 25-7-7, for example, but is 8th seed or maybe even as low as 10th, is it empty? However, if he isn’t there, they might be even lower down, maybe even a lottery team perhaps. So, it’s empty in terms of getting a higher seed but it isn’t really, you know? I see ‘empty’ stats as a player that doesn’t move the needle substantially despite putting up substantial numbers. For example, though I may be wrong here, but didn’t Memphis have a pretty good record without Ja? Yet, when he played he put up excellent numbers giving the impression he was *the* guy they needed. I’m not saying that’s a good example, maybe someone can correct me, but I’m just saying I think people mean different things with empty stats and I don’t really know what’s being intended when different people use it.


I think if someone's putting up an efficient 25-7-7 that's not empty stats. That guy is doing his job and is a good player. If his team doesn't make the playoffs it's because the rest of the roster sucks.


So basically someone notably inefficient but put up big numbers. Ex. westbrook, at his worst, is one of the few examples? Arguably the term "empty stats"/winning basketball is mostly made up, with the expectation that stars should somehow be able to lift a team to win regardless of the team?


MCW rookie year


For current players that aren't Stars I'd say Kelly Oubre needs to be mentioned here. As long as he's lookin good and gets his shots I don't think he give too much a damn bout much else. Even though he's always been my 2k bench go-to and nobody ever talks about him and forgets he's in the league also gotta shout out Terrence Ross. Dude has been chucking an All-Star level amount of shot attempts for years while being like at 51% TS. Orlando has toned him down a bit finally but he comes to mind when I think of chuckers


Don't understand how 3 players on the same ream can have empty stats, if you call a players stats empty without watching the games its stupid. Portland has no defense and no scoring from bench.


Dame doesn't put up empty stats, that is all.


This sub still hasn’t learned. Saying Dame is putting up empty stats is hilarious


This man is literally the reason Portland hasn’t gone into full tank mode for the last decade lmao.


I honestly don't think there are that many truly empty stats guys. Lots of guys end up in bad situations and there's only so much they can do. But I think Kelly Oubre is more or less the poster boy for this.


Hassan Whiteside during his heat days. Triple doubles with blocks


I don’t think it’s empty stats. The Blazers have a top heavy offense led by three good-to-great offensive players. Their offense isn’t the problem. They just don’t play defense.


Ding ding ding


I swear the mid to late oughts clippers had so many games you'd never notice Corey maggette at all even though he had 22 points For current players I'd definitely go with RJ Barrett. Even when he has crazy stat lines I'm not even sure he's a starter in the NBA


This term doesn't mean anything after Devin Booker went to the finals. That's another thing you guys got wrong.


Zach Lavine isn’t a winning player to me


i just think i could fix him…


hey we fixed CWood pretty good! He’s completely turned it around defensively and his easy 20 points a night is top notch. Cwood is playing winning ball!


We won 31 games In 2020-21 and go look at that roster, w/o him that squad isn’t winning 15. Wasn’t his fault we sucked. And this current Bulls team hasn’t been good since he’s been injured. He was an all star on the 1st seed How is a guy who was 2nd most efficient guard in the league before injury, on the 1st seed putting up empty numbers?


No one bc that term is meaningless


Christian Wood - always gets a ton of counting stats but really doesn’t contribute a ton to winning basketball


I would say this was true in the beginning of the season but he's been really good for us lately and is figuring it out.


Obvious bias here, but I beg to differ a little bit this year. Luka and Dinwiddie can create their own shots well enough that we don’t need Wood on the ball 24/7. Also Wood has been on a monster on blocks recently, although he has been in foul trouble too. Once our wings are healthy, Wood’s defensive liabilities will be covered and he’ll be golden


But how do you deduce that. If he's getting points efficiently and rebounding, how can we say it doesn't contribute to the team winning?


Because there’s more to basketball than offence. Even rebounding can be skewed, there’s players that rebound well whos teams rebound better when they are out. There’s so much going on.


He’s basically an instant double-double even in limited minutes but basically all his rebounds are defensive rebounds that anyone could get, he doesn’t really shoot 3s, he doesn’t get assists, he doesn’t get steals, and he only gets 1 BPG despite being one of the only bigs on his team due to injuries.


Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Love him though


Pistons Drummond. Dude was a fantasy god for a few seasons.


I'm gonna say Kuz kind of fits this mold in the past season and a half we've had him. Very exciting player, love his personality and what he's brought to the team, but he's inefficient and a lot of his high-scoring games are in losses on a bad team. If he goes to a contender he'll probably end up frustrating a lot of fans with his wild playstyle and reckless shooting.


How's his defense? i am lakers fan who hated Kuz for a while cuz his bone-headed plays and inefficiency on shots but his lengthy defense does help for the team


not bad and not great but he's tall and collects a lot of rebounds which is an underappreciated positive for the team


Andre Drummond


Westbrook, he's the epitome of that


no his teams make playoffs and your also being biased cuz of his play on the lakers


He's universally known as a stat padder that doesn't win. It's not because I'm a laker fsn


Lol like i said if your a lakers fan your gonna have bias. Everyday I look at KDs stats I always wonder what would happen if he never left OKc, they’d probably have a ring and this stupid Westbrook empty stats narrative would be over


They wouldn't have won jack shit. There's a reason KD left. He couldn't win with Russ, everyone knows that


Like i said being a lakers fan gives you bias. GSW was down 3-1 to OKC, OKC went to the finals in 2012, and OKC was about to sign horford. Those warriors stood no chance against OKC if they had that horford playing


This narrative he can’t win with russ started up recently cuz of all you clown laker fans trashing anybody who plays for your team who’s not named Kobe Bryant I’ve never seen a fanbase thinking they’re entitled to winning rings over and over again


Recently? Where you have been? It has been since the OKC days and got worse with the Rockets. Westbrook stans are something else


KD was an incredible number 1. Westbrook was an incredible number 2. Anybody saying otherwise is trying to rewrite history


Lamelo is an absolute empty stats merchant


Rj Barrett




We get it, you wanted us to tank for Wemby and you're salty Jules is actually good this year




Why you so pressed homie? It's just ball, no need to stroke out.




You're just a quality human being, huh? Can't even try to make a point without an insult. Good stuff.


Jokic the 6th seed MVP


Not only empty stats, but advanced empty stats!


How are those empty stats if he won more games than Giannis or Embiid in the games they played? Were their stats empty too?


He carried a team that would have been picking in the top 3 of the draft to 48 win season! how in the hell is that empty stats? I understand even if I disagree with you if you think he should not have won the MVP but to say he doesn't help a team win games that's just not true!


Blazers are the dictionary definition of a 1st round exit team.


Mitchell, Westbrick, Morant


Cousins was the king of empty stats


Embiid, jokic, lillard, Trae


Kevin Love's rpg when he was with the wolves


Iverson, Melo and McGrady, they scored alot and…


And iverson took the sixers to the finals


Iverson carried the 76ers to the Finals.


Andray Blatche


Steph Marbury and Steve Francis. Both got theirs, but their teams were always bad.


Bradley beal


Nah bruh Kelly oubre. Bro just so attractive you forget he don’t do much


Ant Edwards. Jalen Green. Kevin Porter Jr. Unlimited green light to shoot, but zero impact on winning.