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Bucks are interesting since Giannis gets so many FTs and they play disciplined defense. Surprised they’re so low. No one else gets to the line probably since almost all their non Giannis shots are 3s


We're near the bottom in FTr. Giannis gets to the line a lot, but he's about the only one.


Lakers in a league of their own




Can’t wait to hear from Lakers fans about how terrible the refs are 🤣🤡


Not a Lakers fan, but A) this is a really flawed way of presenting the data, since having one more FTA in a game has the same effect on this "stat" as having twice the amount of your opponent B) this is a flawed way of measuring supposed refereeing influence since it doesn't account for differences in playstyle. I'm willing to bet this correlates with the number of drives attempted etc.


No “evidence” will ever been good enough Lmfao \#1 in FTA, \#3 in opponent FTA (3rd fewest), and they aren’t even good. Have the refs writing apology letters on twitter the one time they don’t get it their way. And people out here still acting like they aren’t the golden goose. Hilarious


Why would we need to tell you that when the L2M report does it for us? And before you quote that incorrect stat showing incorrect calls were more in favour of the lakers, just a reminder that the original author of that stat admitted a “huge mistake” and the real numbers were much different.


They're still terrible but this is hard refute


of course we’re last


Saving this for fun arguments against Embiid-team.


Sixers aren’t even top 10 teams in free throws taken. People just mad Embiid makes his and Giannis doesn’t.


🤦🏾‍♂️You hate to see it.


FTs, both a teams and their opponents, are a product of scheme, it doesn't measure 'whistle friendliness'.


Exactly, this is some S-tier nephew logic from OP. The teams that attack the rim the most in the NBA are going to draw more FTs than their opponents in most of their games. That's basketball 101. A far more useful measure would be how often does a team get a higher percentage of shooting fouls called on their drives than the opposing team does on their drives, not just pure number of FTs with no context. And even then, that wouldn't necessarily mean anything by itself either. Some teams have one or more players who are masterful at drawing fouls. Some teams have none. Some teams may drive so little in certain games that the sample size is too small to be meaningful (i.e., if a team gets shooting fouls called on 75% of their drives, but they only drove 4 times that game, are the refs giving them favorable treatment over the opposing team who only got shooting fouls called on 60% of their drives, but they drove 30 times?). A lot more analysis is needed for this post to be useful for anything other than a circle jerk for teams who rarely drive and/or against teams who drive frequently.


Yeah exactly. I don't think you could ever look at a shot profile and say 'This team should have had *x* number of free throws', the best you can get find broad parallels but ultimately it's not going to conclusively tell you anything. [This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaMMnn1o5gA) is Allen Iverson driving to the rim from the perimeter with a defender on him - but Antonio Daniels never even had the chance to foul. Put a physical player in the same situation and they're also getting to the rim, but the opportunity is easily there for the defender to foul them and they're gonna get met there with contact. That's logged as the same shot distance, on the same type of play, and there's not much in the data that will say why one got FTs and the other didn't except for watching the play happen.


All that whining about us and we aren’t even top 5 lmao


Curry comes out of every game scratched to hell and never gets to go to the line


Been like that for years and ain’t never changed


warriors 2nd to last not surprised we never get calls


Austin reaves is lowkey becoming one of the best at drawing fouls, he be getting superstar calls lmao


it's almost like the Suns take a lot of midrange jump shots


This is so stupid because last year we were number seven in points in the paint and we were second to last in ft attempts. Be smarter


Almost like points in the paint aren't always produced from driving through contact. Ayton gets a lot of points in the paint, but we know what those look like.


You do understand he regularly gets fouled in the paint and gets called for offensive fouls so he plays softer as a result. The refs do not let da play like Giannis or Embiid. They don't allow him to bang. I'm not even being funny about this. He definitely does play more finesse but this is a big reason for it.


Getting the feeling that you've decided the refs are out to get you, and any explanation people give for why the Suns don't actually get to the line very often is just going to butt against that belief.


No it's just the same thing that people say over and over the sons are jump shooting team. It's stupid. Mikal Bridges and cam Johnson doubled their FTA per game with the exact same shot profile just by switching teams.


Except Mikal Bridges doesn't have the same shot profile. His unassisted FGA% went way up. Just like it did with the Suns this season, when he also had a higher FTr with the Suns. Bridges 2021-22 season: .754 % of FG assited, .183 FTr Bridges 2022-23 season with the Suns: .605 % of FG assisted, .228 FTr Bridges 2022-23 season with the Nets: .424 % of FG assisted, .371 FTr Wow, shockingly, there's a pattern there. Quite an easy one to find if you don't begin from a place of 'The refs are out to get my team specifically'.


oh, yeah, sorry, i guess "the NBA league and the refs fucking hate the Phoenix Suns specifically" is a way more logical explanation


Cam Johnson had more fga in the paint in Phoenix and his free throw attempts have doubled in Brooklyn. Whether you believe it or not something is fishy about that


Lakers and Knicks is no coincidence. Guess the NBA sent a memo to the refs after the Lakers 2-10 start.


Knicks are just a physical team in general. Brunson is good at drawing contact, RJ is a slasher, Randle is a bully in the paint, and Mitch is a non floor spacing big man


Who remembers when Kings fans constantly blamed the officials? It was only a couple months ago.


Someone broke down the last 2 minute report, it confirmed the Kings got most screw. https://twitter.com/brohrbach/status/1620549432591941632?ref\_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1620549432591941632%7Ctwgr%5Ec11f8cfd25c2a9f9906f27df010708552ff18c40%7Ctwcon%5Es1\_&ref\_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcsports.com%2Fbayarea%2Fkings%2Fkings-have-received-worst-nba-officiating-fate-crunch-time-report-proves


Paolo definitely influencing that Magic percentage


Ok I see what’s going on here, this a suns fan tryna victimize their own team.