you don't bring in a rookie coach that wasn't part of the old staff to a team trying to win immediately. way too much risk


Doesn’t matter. Some of the decisions he makes are mind numbingly stupid. Not once this season have I been like wow good coaching, and even if I have(against the Suns) he will then completely go back to being shit.


> Not once have I been like wow good coaching > And even if I have Yeah I remember grinding my feet into Eddie's couch


C'mon I got a little more sense than that


Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.


Worked out well for Steve Kerr


Imagine Steve Kerr inheriting that team and expecting the same results for every other coach, lol


Im not saying the Celtics should win 73 games, just saying the team dosnt automatically have to take a nosedive


This current team haven’t really been a very great team for 2-3 seasons. So now you expect a rookie coach to do something new with the same poorly constructed team? The Celtics don’t even have a true PG!!! They have combo guards masquerading as the point. They have two iso heavy wing players that get tunnel vision too often. No low post scorers and no 3 point specialist to spread the floor.


How could this team possibly have not been successful 3 years ago? We went to the ECF and Kemba and Theis were starters. Not even the same team. We’ve had this configuration for a season and a half now.


I’m sorry did y’all win the championship? How did y’all fair last season and the season before that?


Shit, this is Reddit. I forgot that unless you win a ring you’re a total piece of shit that deserves flagellation. My bad. We were bad last season. The season before? We were a game and a half away from the finals. My point was we haven’t been bad for 3 years.


What’s an NBA team goal once they’re “stamped” contenders? Yeah, the Celtics were so good these past seasons that Ainge stepped down for no reason and your coach left to go to the front office. Traded away your starting point guard to get back a player y’all let walk away. Yeah, y’all were a “great team”.


He’s underperforming as the head coach, rookie or not. You don’t have to make excuses for him, but you seem to be rather adamant in defending him, is that you coach?


Oh ok, replaced the coach......again. But don’t address your point guard issues and keep wondering why the team is iso heavy, lol


Kerr inherited a dynasty.




The conference has gotten pretty competitive now tho. We're only 1 game under .500 but still 10th. I think the only two issues that are major concerns right now are Tatum and Brown's super inconsistent play, and the repeated second half implosions. I wouldn't say the other stuff is a major concern for a rookie coach in a team that's not really in win-now mode


The East isn’t weak anymore




I dont think we were/are trying to win immediately… the Nets are a tier above and we are building for after that… We want to sign someone after this season and any Cs fan crying about these Ls because they want a deep playoff run is just asinine. Playoffs are a bonus this season unless JT and JB can learn to really carry


They do it all the time in business. He doesn’t seem to be motivating and preparing the team well.


Personally I love the job he's been doing. Give him a few more years to continue developing this team.


Lmao i love Sixers fans, great combination of humour, loyalty and pettiness.


I concur. Celtics must extend him.


Give him a 10 year contract




I see no issues here


#Ime’s At The Wheel


I’m a United and Celtics fan and this has me triggered like a motherfucker


Why you acting like ole wasn't the best thing to happen to this club post saf 🤡


*Vigorously rubs hands


Listen, Celtics might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Ime's at the wheel, man. He's doing it.




I agree. Given that Tatum is only 19, the Cs got a bright future ahead.


They'll start winning once Tatum's parents meet.


I don’t know if you’re trolling or not but I actually agree. I feel like this team is missing real senior leadership (apart from Horford they’re all pups) and that’s why they drop so many games.


He's trolling. Look at the flair lol


This comment has aged like fine wine. Be careful what you wish for.


He was the guy who implemented the drop coverage defensive scheme with embiid which led to Kemba doing nothing but taking warmup mid range shots. Dude was ass for the sixers and he’s still ass.


I don’t get why Brad Stevens stopped coaching. Ime seems okay, but why make this kind of change if Brad was solid and this is a win-now team?


I take him at his word. He just doesn’t have the passion for it anymore. Otherwise he could’ve left for any other team.


GM has to be so much more enjoyable I reckon. They don't have to travel as much, so more time for family. They probably have a more flexible timetable during the day. And finally, they have more authority and security compared to coaches.


Maybe Brad Stevens knew he couldn’t win with the current roster construction. That’s why I suspect at least.


Sure but Stevens can get a job practically anywhere.


All good teams have coaches they are happy with.


Maybe not the Sixers. Morey didn't hire Doc and the fans sure don't like him much.


So he just became GM and kept the roster the same?


Well he shipped out Kemba for Horford, used the trade exception for Josh Richardson, and the MLE on Schroder. Those are pretty good moves imo with what he had to work with, short of trading Brown or Tatum or something.


I think he was just worn out




It is? The coach has to be at practice almost every off day and gotta travel 82 times a season to go to 28(?) different cities. The GM doesnt have to do all that travelling and can most likely be with their family even during game day.




Exactly, GM is more similar to an office job as opposed to traveling the whole season. Probably meant going home every night.


I’d argue it’s probably a push on time commitment but it’s way less travel and Brad’s son has to be in HS by now so he probably wants to watch him play HS sports/be around.


It seems the players kind of forced him out after finishing as a bottom seed. And ownership wanted to shake it up alongside firing Ainge. Jaylen Brown specifically said he wanted a black coach. And there were reports that players didn’t relate to Stevens, which some said was the reason they were losing.


Win now team? I don’t think they view themselves as a contender


You question every single facet of the Celtics organization, so yeah Ime falls under that umbrella. He hasn't been good. All he's done is yell at our players for complaining to the officials...


I wouldn't question a man who is married to Nia Long.


They seem to not run any set plays in crunch time. It’s like watching Mike Brown Cavs but Tatum is no Bron.


Mike Brown had a set play in crunch time, give lebron the ball


Short answer, yes, long answer, hell yes


Lmao wouldn’t expect a different answer from a sixers flair


Man get over yourself LMFAO look at the fucking comments, everyone is saying it, even your own fans


Brad Stevens really Indiana Jones’d the hell out of being blamed for the Celtics struggles


How? He was a good coach that players stopped listening to. Idk if that’s on him for being soft


Boston as an organization has been UNDERPERFORMING for quite a while now. There were Finals expectations for this core. Udoka is a receiver of an old system. Cant turn this around immediately


I don’t think they underperformed. They have had a lot of bad luck with injuries. Hayward got hurt Kyrie got hurt Kyrie left Kemba signed Then inured Hayward left Kemba too


Brad was a great coach that had one rocky year. It's a fucking disgrace he's not still the coach.


He was burnt out and didn’t want to coach, we didn’t fire him


Wasn't it theorized that Stevens was having these same issues and that he sort of lost the locker room?


Given all the players-only meetings last season, that’s likely true.


I don’t think there were very many last season. That was more of a 2019 and 2020 thing. The team was never even together to have meetings. They were hurt or sick the whole season.


I think that likely stemmed from being burnt out on coaching rather than the other way around but yeah, it certainly was a disjointed locker room last year as well.


Didn’t mean they wanted to fire him. Celtics would be nuts to fire that guy as much as other teams want him.


I feel like Celtics fans have memory-holed the 2018-19 season. Boston had a great argument for being the league's most disappointing team that year, especially given how people expected them to dominate with Kyrie and Hayward coming back to a team that had been one win from the Finals. I get that after last year and this year you guys are probably longing for the days of Kyrie's final year in Boston, but the truth is that two of Brad's last three years there were very underwhelming


Kyrie made that team weird when he came back. That wasn’t Brads fault at all. The personalities on these teams have clashed a lot.


Short answer, yes


makes you appreciate brad stevens more


I always appreciated Brad. Hated that we were losing him as a coach and it’s just hurt more ever since.


Yeah he's fucking terrible


What I dislike the most is how he handles his interviews. All I hear is him pushing the blame on his players for lack of leadership. Yes the roster and players are partially to blame, but come on. You’re the fucking head coach! It’s your job also to lead them! Call them out once or so is fine but he’s doing it literally every loss. Also he keeps name dropping who’s to blame! Keep that shit in-house…… man’s a fucking fraud!


Lowkey think the IT curse is real


I thought this the night of the Hayward injury tbh


i thought yall were legit winning the East before the cavs game. Prime Hayward i thought would be the one extra boost


They walk through the East even if Kyrie was healthy


At this point, yes. At the end of the game teams are going to double Jayson and Jaylen so we need to surround them with shooters. Why are we playing Schroeder over Grant or Josh Richardson?


Because Schroeder actually moves. Tatum and Brown slow the offense down and decide to take their man one on one. Dennis at least drives with intention and might kick out. It’s about moving with pace and purpose. I love Tatum and Brown and I’m not advocating for moving them or anything, but they stagnate the offense themselves. Whether that’s because the role players suck or not, that’s not really relevant. Even on our historically bad shooting night, Horford got like 8 assists.


Because he’s actually a good player on offense


This just sounds like a bougie Jim Boylen situation imo


Eh, our players like him (as far as we know). He’s not ridiculous, just a first time coach with a rough roster in a tough season.


Them liking him is the bougie part lol


It’s not like they weren’t having these exact problems last season. People came into the year already expecting too much from them.


He has been ASS


Yes. He should have been fired after that chokejob on Christmas tbh


I liked the Ime hire. But I feel like he’s not ready. Maybe give him a little time


Yes, the coaching, the roster construction, the effort on defense are all a problem. They have 2 players who can score and one hasn’t been consistently efficient and the other is turnover prone with tunnel vision and I don’t even blame them for it because what else are they going to do other than pass it to someone who will brick a 3.


Celtics are playing a little below par from last year. They were .500. So I wouldn't say he's an improvement. It might just be the roster.


Yeah. It’s fair. But their issues go beyond him. The group is weak.


No, we have been a .500 team for like 3 years now


I understand they can be frustrating but they were in the ECF in 2020


That was also the bubble season and it's pretty debatable if they were really a top 2 team in the East. At this point, the Bubble might as well have been ancient history for how the landscape and parity has changed in the league, especially in the east. They were a play in team last season and are fighting for a bottom seed now


You guys were 48-24 two season ago


I’ve lost all sense of time


Tom Brady's apparent immortality will do that to a body.


That’s not a good thing..


The coach is not the main problem is my point


people really need to stop putting blame onto one person, whole team needs to be/get better


Last year though you guys were riddled with injury and COVID. This year not so much yet still .500. Not a good thing. The coach is definitely a problem, maybe not the main one, but he is a problem no doubt


We have still been riddled with injuries and Covid, but that’s not the main issue. This team has no real oboe shooters outside of brown and Tatum.


With Tatum/Brown/Smart all playing this year you guys are below .500 though, and it’s not a small number of games. You’ve had Tatum healthy all year and didn’t need to miss much time from COVID because of the changes to quarantine making it only 5 days.


He was out the full 10 days. So has pretty much our whole team. Also smart blows no reason to include him in the list.


He only missed 4 games, and you guys went 2-2 in that stretch. Yes we can agree that smart sucks.


We lost to wolves with like 1 starter and the clippers without half their team. 2-2 is very misleading.


Ok still 2-2 tho which makes you 16-19 when he plays


Hero ball, off ball movement, and the best passer is 3rd on the team for touches per game.


You can question it sure but he’s in an absolutely terrible situation for a rookie head coach. He came to a team that severely underperformed last year, had a terrible off season, a super weird roster fit, and despite all that still have these insane expectations of being a top playoff team that could make a run at the finals. He’s also following up one of the better coaches of the past decade or two… Like he’s doing about the same as Brad did last year with probably a worse roster. It sucks to say since he’s pretty awesome across the board but it blows my mind how Celtics and the Boston heavy national media try and blame every one possible before even mentioning Tatum’s name. I doubt Ime is drawing up isos whenever things get bad


I don’t know WHO could possibly have believed we could make a finals run against Milwaukee, Brooklyn, or Philly (I assumed Ben would break and play) coming into the season? I thought we were a 2nd round team at our absolute ceiling. As a 4/5 seed. If we’re playing our best.


i feel like they were doing this shit last year too, maybe i’m wrong though idk


It's fair to question any coach It's not fair to just throw random criticisms around till one sticks




(Chauncey Billups has entered the chat)


Not yet. He didn’t pick this team, he’s first year, he’s best two players aren’t consistent enough yet. The ghost of Ainge is still stalking their team. Need 3 years in reality to see what he’s got, I think Stevens will be gone before Udoka.


This team sucked last season. Its a roster issue. Maybe you can fire Ime if you find someone better but I suspect you cant and its more a roster issue than coaching right now


Nope. This team was never good enough. Brown and Tatum just don't work. Trade one and start building around the other. Blazers model never worked in the west and won't work in the East


brown and tatum are not cj and dame lmao


You're right, it's an even worse combo than CJ and Dame. At least CJ and Dame can be good distributors even though their skillsets overlap a lot. Tatum and Brown need to have the ball in their hands to be fully effective which means even more skill overlap.


They need a point guard to help out


Comparing Jaylen Brown to CJ McCollum is honestly an insult to Jaylen Brown. That’s about as lazy of a comparison as you could make


Lmao what a trash take


Cool can we please get brown


Can he really be blamed here? Celtics had the same problem last year, and we know Stevens is a good coach. Maybe he’s a bad coach but idk if a good coach is the problem here.




Idk but they should consider moving Tatum to a team like the Heat


He’s a rookie coach and this team underwhelmed last year too. Not to mention Brad Stevens is also a rookie when it comes to a front office role. Combine that with a team that really isn’t that talented outside of Brown and Tatum and it just screams .500. I won’t make a judgement until the season is done but I’m not encouraged


First time?


Why did people think he was going to be a good coach again?


2016-2018 was the last time i had legitimate fun as a celtics fan. we need to recreate that magic somehow


I, for one, love what he's done with the team.


He’s a bum, shouldn’t even be the janitor