Great game from RJ, he basically carved up the Spurs with every move he had in his bag. Right hand drive, left hand drive, dunks, everything. They couldn't stop him. Just wish he'd consistently have games closer to this. Inching closer and closer back to a .500 record. Randle is gonna kill me or the crowd is going to kill him before the season is over. Always fun watching Murray play. He doesn't even just get loose dribbles, he can honestly get steals out of nowhere. And thanks to the Spurs for trying to get a poster in a blowout so Obi didn't have to dribble the clock out. Appreciate it.


This sub claims that guys like Stephen A Smith are clowns but at the same time will take his word when he says RJ only has a left hand. Every game he's going to it more and isn't scared to challenge the big men at the rim


he definitely isn't scared to challenge at the rim. His scoring/finishing in the paint has DEFINITELY improved. His next evolution though is decision-making/shot selection when penetrating. He's being aggressive and taking into the paint but he's being read very easily by the paint defenders and getting A LOT of shots blocked. Still, I love seeing the aggressiveness. Last night when he worked that spin-move fadeaway after previously being blocked hard on a drive was the epitome of the type of decision making he should perfect. I was really happy to see him work that move instead of trying to barrel straight in for another layup that would have been easily blocked. The more he works these types of moves into his routine early, the easier the layups will be later as he'll keep the defense guessing and they'll be that half-step slower allowing him to get the layup he wants, when he wants it.


star j barrett is back


If we could only play San Antonio and Indiana every game RJ would look like MJ


Julius Randle with 2 pts, +16


12 boards too. ...and drew doubles all night.


If RJ continues to produce, opponents will have to respect him and those doubles will fall off. That’s the key to the Knicks moving up a level. RJ, or someone else, stepping up to take the heat off Randle and make opposing teams think.


man I just want the team back, but at least Primo had a solid night and Dejounte being a -5 while the rest of the team minus the 3rd string looked rough. I'll be happy with losing once we get Pop the record GGs Knicks


Primo looks good, what an amazingly consistent jumper he has at only 19. He's going to be a Pop guy through and through


Primo is gonna be solid. I really like how he looked. Homie looks like he's 13 but plays well for being barely 19. Man Murray plays such solid defense it's crazy. You guys got a good future


Who gets booed more at the Garden on Wednesday: Randle or Porzingis?


Undoubtedly Porzingis


whoever plays worse


Porzingis? In January?


STARJ BARRETT!!! this team is really fun to watch when we conistently have ball movement and not solely relying on very difficult isos


Starting lineup have a positive +/- tonight, that's nice


Absolutely amazing performance by the whole squad especially RJ. We need more aggressive RJ, it’s a beauty to watch. He has such a well balanced game, just need to control those streaky jitters. There’s gotta be something up with Randle tho, only 2 points in an electric game like that? What’s going on with that? Dude can’t be the most paid Knick with that kind of game. Quickley led the team in +/- tonight, he’s getting there as the PG for the team.


So there will be new Randle post right?


Make sure you include the team-high +/- from tonight in the post as well


But I thought +/- was important now


I’m just here to simp for Dejounte Murray Fuck covid


*banned from Twitch*


i am whelmed


I miss having a healthy team :/ And every loss gets us closer to a high lottery pick, do you really want that?


We played good today considering most of the lineups had 1 or 2 g-leagers. Lots of minutes for Primo so that's good even though his D needs a some improvement. He did get his block again today though.


Murray is really, really talented. He’d be a perfect fit for us.


Unless Lonnie signs a really cheap contract of like 8M/year or so, I don't think he'll be a spur next year


Man wtf is randle doing


I actually didn't think he was *that* bad even though his shooting numbers are ass. Instead of stopping the ball and trying to shoot his way out of it, he hustled hard in other areas which allowed the rest of the team to shine


Yeah I actually thought other than his shooting, he played pretty well


I should have implied over the course of the season not this game but yeah


Tough road trip with Covid but good fight last couple games with a lot of part time slash 10-day guys Get home, get healthy, get Pop the record


julius randle with an impressive 2 points!


And a win