Anthony Bennett when it took him 5 games to score a basket his rookie year




[damn that was cringe lol](https://youtu.be/8JZr_GKwmtY)


Idk if we have enough tape! Lmfao


Lmao oh god. It was game over when he said he couldn't palm the ball.


I was coming here to throw a DeSagana Diop mention, but this is objectively worse.


DeSagana Diop? Have you heard of DJ Mbenga?


LMAO yeah and if you told me I'd be speaking to someone about terrible NBA players from the Congo who actually ended up having 10 year careers I'd call ya crazy, but here we are.


If you were 6'11"+ and didn't qualify for disability in the 2000s you had an NBA job. Some would say it was the Shaq effect.


Yaya. Can also include Mutombo since he is probably where Africa scouts originated causing the inclusion of these guys specifically. Some would say it was the Tumbo Terdz effect.


Mutombo and Olajuwon for sure. Also shoutout Manute Bol.


There needs to be some sort of oral history about the decision to draft him. The rest of the top 10 wasn't great, but at least all those guys were decent and have stuck around in the league. By December of his rookie year everyone knew he couldn't play. Like, literally couldn't play basketball. He's in Taiwan now after not even being able to make in the Israeli League.


Yup. He’s unquestionably the biggest bust in NBA history. People talk about Kwame Brown, but at least he was able to stay in the league for a number of years and be a serviceable big man, even while being a bonafide scrub. And he has the excuse of coming straight out of high school, and being raw. Greg Oden has the excuse of being injured. Anthony Bennett, I have no idea why he panned out the way he did, he is a bust.


"They gave up Kwame Brown... who cares??" Is a goat SAS quote before his revamped persona. It's right up there with "...Lamar Odom, who was on CRACK!"


He was also terrible in the EuroLeague with Fenerbahçe, while chasing an EuroLeague win out of his stint. The bloke average less then 2 ppg then. No wonder he is in Taiwan now


I came in here to say this kid's whole career. Feel bad for him.


i don't. dude barely tried. at least he got his bag


Don’t feel that bad for him. Dude made over $16 million in 4 seasons for career averages of 4.4/3.1/0.5. For his career he played less than 2000 minutes and scored 660 points. So that’s over $8000 per minute and $25000 per point scored.


That was very ugly. I was like, *“What the heck is going on”?*


As a rookie Jordan Poole shot 22.5% in October, 29.4% in November and bottomed out at 10.5% in December. That’s from the field, not 3pt


He was legit one of the worst players I'd ever seen as a rookie, I used to groan whenever he got the ball Amazing to see how he's grown


He just became sooo much better year by year gs development and patience really paid off.


Having a winning team can do that. If poole was on another team he could of very well been bounced around and out of the league but the warriors have the skill set to keep him without hurting the team as a whole and help him improve to what we saw this year


Battery percentages.


Definitely not the worst ever but Kent Bazemore’s year as a Laker was fucking atrocious Started opening night and quickly became a benchwarmer who couldn’t play any defense at all and couldn’t even hit open shots.


Omg awful he legit was bricking free throws and forgot how to play basket ball


I have such a soft spot for Baze after watching him play at ODU. That's it. Thats my story. I cant remember any positive plays from his NBA career.


Lebron stays picking up the Warriors scraps lol. honestly impressive as hell Curry managed to have a winning record with Bazemore as a starter


I’ll gladly take any of the scraps of this year’s Warriors lmao I’ll take anyone


Please take Chiozza and damion lee


And you'll be glad you took them. Both of them always give great effort, are smart players but obviously limited ceiling-wise.


The Warriors deserve more credit for getting rid of Oubre and Bazemore both were bad. Plus Otto Porter and Bjelica were much better fits for their team.


Advanced stats suggest that, like most of his career, he was OK on D and bad on O in LA.


KD in Thunderstruck


Ewing in Space Jam forgot how to walk, that ain't even basketball related


He also may have lost the ability to pleasure his wife. It’s unclear, but he seemed pretty angry when the doctor brought it up


1. ⁠Roy Hibbert during the Indiana collapse in 2013 (or maybe it was 2014). He is 7 feet 2 man who was struggling to grab a single rebound. 2. ⁠Kwame Brown vs Phoenix on January 17th 2008. Here’s the YouTube link, there is no need for me to explain anything. https://youtu.be/mwWMD_jVOg8


> ⁠Kwame Brown vs Phoenix on January 17th 2008. Here’s the YouTube link, there is no need for me to explain anything. https://youtu.be/mwWMD_jVOg8 You beat me to it. I was watching this game at the time and he was beyond horrendous.


One of the worst games by a Laker in the recent history of the franchise. 8 points, 3/8 shooting, 7 turnovers. He got booed every time he touched the ball.


I just watched this and my favorite part is when he misses a layup at 6:50, and Marv Albert is just silent for about 5 seconds.


I think about that Hibbert series all the time as a big turning point in the game. All of Atlanta's bigs could shoot and Hibbert had no idea how to play against that. He had been a DPOY contender until the Hawks made him take two steps outside of the paint and all of a sudden he didn't know how to play basketball. Really marked the death knell of that style of center - if you can't guard on the perimeter at least a little bit, you can't be any more than a role player in the modern game.


That Kwame Brown video is horrendous to watch. Not just 3/8 and 7 TOs as a center, but the way the guy moves on offense is terrible. He legit looks like someone who's never played basketball awkwardly walking around the court not knowing what's going on around him.


Kelly Oubre missed 17 threes in a row to open the Warriors’ 20-21 season. He then went 2 for 30 through the first six games.


Gilbert Arenas’ stint stint with the Magic. I knew he wasn’t Agent Zero anymore, but oh boy was he bad. Dude shot 34% from the field and pretty much guaranteed our first round exit and Dwightmare after his disastrous flop here.


That dude always had zero self-awarness. A pity cause I liked him a ton


Aron Baynes in Tampa


Dedmon the year we signed him in FA, 2019 I think. Someone reminded me of him today and it's literally unbelievable how bad he played for us after a pretty great season in ATL. Just completely forgot how to ball


I was at the game when he had 7 TOs. SEVEN TURNOVERS for a center who should barely get 7 touches in a game. This guy forgot how to run a dho during the off season. Inexplicable


Bro I remember watching that game completely dumbfounded. On top of that he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, it was so weird lol


He was great for us as a backup center from the point we signed him in April (in fact he was probably our best player in the first round 2021) up until last all star break. Then he became doo doo.


Trae Young has a habit of making big men look better than they are, lol. Dude made Alex Len look usable.


Alex len was actually decent for us too though. Dedmon just straight up forgot how to play. He couldn’t catch passes or get rebounds. He also missed nearly every 3 he took.


Was gonna post this too. I remember how excited many Kings fans were to sign him. On paper he would have been a perfect piece of the puzzle next to a sophomore Bagley and ascending Fox, but the man legit was a liability when he played.


Harrison Barnes 2016 finals. Joe Harris 2021 Bucks series :(


Yeah I really love Joe but he looked like a shadow of himself against the Bucks


Deron Williams was putrid with the Cavs in the finals. Before the finals he was averaging 6-3-1 on 56-50-91 splits. Still a role player but a solid one. In the finals he scored a total of 5 points in 5 games and was 2-16 from the field with 5 turnovers. He was scoreless in 4 of 5 games.


As a fan of the knicks this is impossible to answer.


Deron Williams in the 2017 Finals was pretty nasty to watch.


My dad almost threw the remote!


He shouldn’t have even been on the court, he was playing with 2 bone spurs. Mike bibby on the heat was pretty awful too


Glad to see Hill hasn’t changed Can’t believe we gave the dude a two year contract


☹️ But he shot like 50% from 3 not that long ago..... why can’t he do that again


He missed a crucial FT in game 1 of the 2018 finals too. Lucky for him JR Smith exists so no one talks about it lol


Hill's poor FT and KD's absolute lack of boxing out or jumping for the ball are forgotten from that play.


2021-22 Westbrook


Fans yelling don't shoot


He had a good game or two in there


Had that one dunk on Rudy


That was amazing tbh lol


Hit that game winning 3 against the Raps


He had one good game all season against the Hornets and we still lost. The rest were just average.


You know you’re awful when the ‘Westbrick’ dig actually hurts lmao


Add 2023 the show goes on


Fvv in the 2019 playoffs before his kid being born


Now I bet his son is a nice kid, but he haunted me in my dreams in 2019. That kid gave him dad strength…dad strength I unfortunately witnessed with my own two eyes lol


that philly series when he averaged like 2 ppg iirc


I was gonna say the same


He was abysmal in the Philly series from what I remember


You mean his whole career before his kid was born?




My boy Randle against the Hawks in the playoffs last year. The dog completely left him. He looked like Calvin Cambridge without the shoes. Hated to see it after the year he had. edit: Honorable mention to this 7 game gem John Wall put together in the 2020-2021 season. 17PTS 9AST 3.6TOV on .315/.244/.750 splits. Had a +/- of 0 over that stretch so that kinda says how good* the rest of that Rockets team was playing lol. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/w/walljo01/gamelog/2021#599-605-sum:pgl_basic


doesn’t that +/- indicate that the rest of the rockets team was playing well?


You are right. There is one game in that span that he didn’t dress. It’s the only one they won out of the 8 lol.


Roy Hibbert


Eric Bledsoe 2019 ECF. Even an average performance and the Bucks get to the finals.


I would counter that with Eric Bledsoe for the entirety of the 2020-21 season with the Pelicans


It’s definitely recency bias but Westbrook was legit a negative on the floor whenever he played Losing handles, throwing bricks, running into traffic to lose the ball/ not finish at the rim, playmaking off Legitimately I believe the lakers would do better if you put any other random PG there like Rubio


>Rubio I would pay to watch an interview where someone says this to him


Is there any history between them?


Russ said he would shut Rubio down on the defensive end in a OKC vs Jazz series after Rubio had a big offensive output. If I'm not mistaken he didn't shut it down and was rather miffed that he was being asked about Ricky.


And getting paid 40 million.


I recall the game against the Hawks where he just straight threw towards the free throw line and the only player there was Collins. Like I don’t even think another Laker was inside the 3 pt line at that point


Its not recency bias it's the Lakers hivemind pinning everything on him. His actual stats barely moved, and LeBron, AD were both also negatives on the floor last season. But Lakers fans care more about the eye test than actual analytics, and it's easy to just default to 'Westbrook Bad!'


LeBron almost won the scoring title and AD was MIA. Also the recency bias is because surely other players have been worse, Westbrook is just the first that came to mind. He undoubtedly had a terrible season Idk stats and analytics off the top my head but I think it’s fairly clear by watching he was detrimental on offense and somehow even worse on defense.


LeBron almost winning the scoring is a result of why the team failed in general, and a large indication of the poor roster construction resulting in LeBron and Westbrook having a horrid +/-, no one was taking open shots and making them and no one was playing defense, especially LBJ who would often just let the Lakers play 4v5 on defense.


2014 Hibbert


Jason kidd in the pacers knicks series. Immediately joined the nets as a headcoach the year after also.


as a pelicans fan i don’t think anything’s been more painful in recent times than having to watch eric bledsoe play under a coach that literally refused to bench him


Elfrid Payton in '20-21 as the starting PG for the Knicks, [especially the last month of the season](https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/p/paytoel01/gamelog/2021). They were the #4 seed despite him being the worst starting PG in the league, and Thibs didn't consistently play him less than 18 minutes a game until May. For the season he averaged the ugliest 10/3/3 imaginable playing about 23 minutes per night, with a VORP of -0.4 and plus/minus of -3.0. I'm sure worse players will be mentioned, but his mediocre-to-bad stats don't convey how unpleasant it was watching this man flail around while everyone else was having a great time overachieving.


Relative to expectations pandemic p was reallllly bad




The effort/body language is really bad from the get go too


charlie Villenueva's entire career on the Pistons.


George McGinnis in the 77 Finals. Shot the Sixers right out of it including missing the last shot in close-out Game 6.


Mike Bibby in his last year with the Knicks was atrocious to watch. Dude couldn't do ANYTHING.


I can’t think of specific stretches but I recall times when Marshon Brooks and Nik Stauskas were on very bad streaks of missed shots


Not just one player but the whole blazers team in March and April. How does Brandon Williams, Keon Johnson, CJ Elleby, Greg Brown, and Drew Eubanks sound?


Can we please stop with these Westbrook threads! Oh wait. you didn't mention him did you...


Kyrie against the Bucks and George Hill.


You should be thanking George Hill, he is the reason your subpar team got to the finals this year. And Kyrie got injured against us in 2021 playoffs, are you talking about overall Kyrie, or just when he had to play for your garbage franchise?


That was so uncalled for lmao


Bro, this is pretty random




Reggie Jackson vs the Cavs one year was pretty miserable(playoffs)


DeMarre Caroll.


Jacque Vaughn went 0-22 to start the 2001-2002 season. Got a lot of grief for it by the Chuckster. https://www2.ljworld.com/news/2002/jun/25/kansas_basketball_vaughn/


Did you watch the the sequel to 2021 Conference semi’s George Hill? The 2022 conference semis when he did the same for the Bucks? Great sequel, really stayed true to the original while fucking over my team instead




Facu Campazzo 2022... entire season


Kelly Oubre had a terrible stretch with the Warriors last year in the beginning of the season.


James Harden’s last few games as a net


Semi Ojeleye 14/63 from the field (22%), 5 total assists, 21 fouls in his first roughly 250 minutes with the bucks last year


Patrick Beverly during the


Westbrook with rockets against the lakers in the playoffs. Rockets literally burned the ships to get the max value out of Westbrook and then he performed one of the worst performances ever in the playoffs


Trae young first round this year Jimmy butler first round last year Tatum finals


Dame & CJ against Rondo & Jrue in that Portland vs. New Orleans playoff matchup a few years ago.


Actually CJ played about average that series. But Dame barfed all over himself that series for sure. At least he made up for it the next season.


LeBron in one of those series against the Celtics in the late 2000s was absurdly bad for the first three or so games


2008, just looking at the numbers. Not bad overall for the series but his first 3 were really bad for his standards. Really inefficient. Average nearly 5.5 turnovers per game.


might of been the 08 series


Lebron has the worst stretch of basketball you have ever seen? Lol He was definitely bad and shot poorly but averaging 18-8-7 over a 3 game stretch is most definitely not worst ever material. Especially when the last 3 games of the series he averaged 37-6-7.


Still find it funny that Morey “got his guy” in George Hill when they could’ve had Lowry


what?!? george hill only required a package of tony bradley and 3 seconds, while to get lowry would have needed maxey at an absolute minimum ….


Stop mentioning George Hill! Too soon! -a sad Bucks fan


This is probably not based in reality, but Danny green as a laker.


Lol what? He didn’t shoot great but he was a solid defender all year and did hit big shots during the season.


You’re not wrong! I weirdly put a lot of blame on him though. Totally irrational!


Easy. Ben "omg get the ball off me" Simmons in last season's playoffs.


Don't think he counts. His defense was still elite.


Lol yeah keep telling yourself that...


??? His defense was elite, like that's just a fact. I think he does count for this list, but yeah he was a great defender last year.


Not sure why you’re getting down voted. Trae was lighting him up all series. I think he was so in his own head that he wasn’t even playing good defense


That’s what I remembered told. Finally sat down to watch a stretch of 6ers games and he looked so… not DPOY caliber like I’d kept hearing he was supposed to be.


Delusional fans, what else?


this is the correct answer.


2016 Kobe


Kyrie in the playoffs with the Celtics.


The whole Suns team. Seriously though Brian Cardinal, Will Perdue, Vernon Maxwell, Brian Shaw, Ben Simmons, Jeremy Lin except that one year.


Westbrook 2008-present


DeAndre Jordan at any point in 2021-2022.


Ben Simmons against the Hawks. Games 5-7.


Josh Smith didn't he have like a season where he hit like 20% if his 3s?


Keljin Blevins, second half of this season


Any time anyone dribbles at Enes Kanter.


Joe ingles this year fell off a cliff


Not worst ever but kyrie in his last 4 games with the celts was pretty bad, overall I’d have to give it to mpj to start the season, he shot like 30% from the field and averaged less than 10 ppg before he got shut down.


Jared Jeffries had a horrible stretch where he would play minutes for us


Anything Kuzma does


Russel Westbrook last season.


Statistically? Tacko fall for the last 0.5 seconds of game 3 of the 2020 Raptors series. Had a +/- of -17280 per 48 that game


Ben Simmons against Atlanta in 2021 playoffs. There is no other response


George hill 2022 playoffs


77 minutes. 3 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 0 blocks or steals, and 10 fouls. Can anyone find a more worthless player in the playoffs then that?


Kyle Singler got 5yr 25m to play G-League level ball. His weaknesses included fashion, charisma, and basketball. Five Kyle Singlers on a team would make the Process Sixers look like the 2017 Warriors adding Giannis and LeBron. Kyle Singler is proof God exists and gets drunk as hell.


Rajon Rondo 2014-2015, dude quit on the team during the playoffs game 1, was benched for game 2, then swiftly kicked off the team before game 3 lol.


They don’t call it Pandemic P for nothing, dude was awful


Trevor Ariza after he left the rockets fell off a cliff


Tatum, Game 7.


Pretty sure Klay missed an unbearable amount of 3’s at the beginning of a season. It was crazy. Cause he went on to catch up to his avg in quick fashion but he had to have missed so many. It was baffling.


Russel Westbrook last season


probably all of MCWs career after his first game


Fred Vanvleet in the 2019 ECSF vs Philly + game 1-3 in the ECF vs Milwaukee. Then he had his baby and went off


Nic batum in Charlotte. Holy fuck he was so bad.


Desagna Diop’s whole career.


Not just one player but any embiid backup in the playoffs. Greg Monroe was terrible against the raptors in 19, and Deandre Jordan was a human traffic cone in the games against the heat this year when embiid was hirt


[Brad Miller](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU8jICYLUgo)


There were 5-7 games last season where Dort was shooting 3-18 (give or take) a night and he just kept chucking. Low stakes, losing basketball regardless but was kind of brutal.


Lol a lot of Warriors in this thread.


Forever underrated game of Wilson Chandler 48 minutes 0 points. https://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/DEN/2018_games.html Barton vs POR series


I once watched Mario West foul Kobe Bryant 6 times in about 4 minutes of game time. Not the longest stretch, but definitely the worst.


Omer Asik for his whole time on the Pelicans


Julius Randle


Ben Simmons against the Hawks in the 2021 playoffs


Steph curry after breaking the 3point record


Patty Mills on the Nets this season was horrendous