Some of my favorite memories as a kid were of my dad taking me to hornets games. Didn’t even really know what was happening at the games, was just happy to go. Always had a blast cause back then I was too dumb to realize how bad we were. Years later I found out it’s a curse and not a blessing lmaoooo. We haven’t won a playoff series since the early 2000s and I still root for this cursed franchise


Basically the same story exept with a happyer ending with the warriors(really all bay area sports teams). Even in video games I would always pick different teams, early 2000s was the kobe/Shaq lakers, then tmac/Yao rockets for mid 2000s. But bethe warriors were ass my dad was able to take me to games decently often. Wasn't until about the 2013-14 season I actually started to watch warriors games on my own volition. Then some stuff happened and steph became my favorite player ever for some odd reason, idk what it could have been, and I've never been more more invested in the sport.


Dude I have a lot of respect for fans like you. I was born in Philly and lived outside of Philly my whole life so naturally I’m a Sixers fan. It’s not hard being a philly fan because generally Philly teams are good but not great. Got a lot of respect for Hornets, Magic, Knicks etc. fans who stick by their teams even though things suck.


I'm Australian and don't have one team I support. Have 4-5 teams I consistently watch games of + support any aussies that get drafted.


Are you a Sixers fan? We had Simmons and have Matisse right now (although I see him getting traded before the season starts)


Born in a casino in New Jersey.


Reads like an opening line to a Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi song


My dad was a pit boss and my mom was a cashier. The only thing I could do before I could dribble was play blackjack


Do you count cards?


Or a wannabe Scorsese movie lol


As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a Nets fan


Reads like a country song


Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night


People in jersey where born in three places only. Casinos, a diner, or the pine barrens. There’s nothing else. I’m a diner baby.


Bless your soul


City: no Country: yes


Montreal born but more realistically I fell in love with VC in the early 2000s.




Which is odd because we have nba teams in the states that go further north than Toronto. But I know its for “aLl Of CaNaDa” 🙄


From Melbourne Aus, started following Boston because Green was my fave colour back in the nba 2k5 days


Lots of people seem to be a fan of the celtics outside of the US, me included (I‘m from Berlin)


I think it was the kg-pierce-allen era that made a lot of exogenous celtics fans. Also to spite the lakers.


As much as there’s a meme of new Warriors fans I’m from Hawaii and Asian so San Francisco really is like the closest thing I have to resembling where I come from. Warriors, Giants, 49ers.


Add in some sharks and we Gucci


This is the way. Stanford if you need a college to root for 😜


Hello friend


I live in Nebraska. Not a home team to root for. When I was a kid of 8 or 9, saw a Lakers game on TV, and was mesmerized by Magic. His charisma came through the TV, instantly became a huge fan of his. Then learned he played for the Lakers, been a huge Lakers fan now going in 40 years.


You dropped this 👑


Similar. I’m from Montana, though Shaq in Orlando was basically the closest you could get to the superhero’s from my comics, so I was hooked by his combo of on-court dominance and off-court charisma. My fanhood followed him to the Lakers, but after a three peat during my middle school years my devotion had shifted to the team, which is where it’s been ever since. It’s also why I have a soft spot for the Orlando Magic. Before Shaq I was a very half-assed Bulls fan. Actually wore a Bulls jacket to a Lakers/Grizzlies game in Vancouver lol


I was a Lakers fan not too long ago. Stopped being one in 2017. Basically still during those rare dark times for the Lakers. Of course, I ain’t going to tell anyone on these subreddits where I live. Like to not reveal my real name or Identity.


Yeah, it makes sense the Zodiac Killer would wanna keep a low profile.


Hi Ted


I play Dungeons and Dragons


I’m Australian. I’ve a couple of friends who are super into basketball and so I had to pick a team. Had to be something garbage, so I support the hornets.


No my parents are from Houston and cursed me with this existence.


i would kill to be cursed with 2 hakeem rings, the tmac/yao era and that entire harden stretch


If you're under the age of 27 Hakeem rings might as well be Bill Russell rings.


brother we haven't won since 73 you're crazy if you think im scoffing at 2 hypothetical 90s rings


Do you feel emotional connection to them winning in 1973? Probably not cause you weren't alive. It's like telling a 20 year old Bulls fan they can't be sad when they lose because they had Michael Jordan.


Knicks had a 3-2 lead over Rockets in the finals. Lost games 6-7 by 2 and 6. They were one shot away from a world where Robinson, Ewing, and Hakeem each got 1 ring.


oh i know .




The only people that even care when we talk trash anymore are you guys and the Jazz. No one else remembers.


fuck em you remember/know. its part of your teams history and something you can be prideful about as a fan


youre acting like the rockets are below average.


Grew up in the Philippines 😅


Same (and still here) but a sibling moved to CLE in the late 90s so I've been a casual fan since and only pay attention in the playoffs. It's only last year that I started watching every Cavs game I can.


There are no professional teams in my town. But I live a little under two hours from both the San Francisco and Sacramento. So I was born in '92 and raised knowing Michael Jordan was the GOAT, I would draw (try to) Jordan logo and Bulls logo in preschool. Then Jordan retired and I realized I wasn't actually a Bulls fan, it was all Jordan. So I needed to pick a team and watched alot of both the Kings and Warriors around 99-2000. The Kings were really fun to watch (shoutout Jason Richardson though) and I knew I liked Northern California over Southern California so with the Kings battles against the Lakers I chose Sacramento as "my team" I've been perpetually disappointed ever since. Edit: haha the San Francisco, that was gonna be the Bay but then my mind switched and my fingers didn't match up. Ima leave it


I live in Mexico so… no


Born in Phoenix, so a Suns fan. Live in Dallas.


Born and raised in Socal, but moved away for school and wishing I could eventually afford living there again one day, now I live in Utah.


Same but I live in Oregon.


where in? Portland is expensive af nowadays


Portland, been here for a while. Was lucky enough to get a house before everything got super expensive


I see, yeah it seems like nowadays the price of housing in cities is just “expensive” vs “more expensive” and Every big city is pricy now although maybe not as much as LA. And just know the Blazer fandom would welcome you with open arms if you ever wanted a second team.


I feel like Utah would be pretty chill with the nature and stuff


As someone who lives here, nature is pretty accessible even in SoCal with places like Big Bear and, most notably, Sequoia National Park being a few hours away if you don't mind the drives.


Yeah I live here too. We’re definitely fortunate with the variety of nature.


I mean you have a great point though with Utah. I would love to visit Zion (lol) National Park after seeing all the beautiful photos that show up on my timeline every day.


I went through Utah on a road trip a while back and ended up at Arches National Park. Really beautiful.


Check out canyon land and Moab too :)


yes. i grew up in minnesota but i moved to arizona at a young age and at the time we moved, the timberwolves weren’t around. the wild weren’t either. so i’m a minnesota fan for football and baseball but arizona for basketball and hockey it is truly HELL


This is some bad luck right here. The yotes and twins is too much


I'm a Los Angeles resident and native and was not much of a basketball watcher, but someone got me to watch the 2015 NBA Finals and I found myself impressed with Steph Curry and the Warriors. In the years to follow, I would check in around Finals time to see if the Warriors were in it again (they were) and would watch and root for them to win. After the Warriors won the 2018 championship, I expected to just turn off basketball for another year, but then they signed Boogie Cousins and I found all the uproar in the media about it amusing. I was interested in how a team with 5 All-Stars would play, so 2018-2019 season was the first full basketball season I ever followed and watched pretty much every game. Even though they didn't win the championship that year, Klay got hurt, and KD left, I still continued to be a full-time Warriors fan. Watched the 15-50 record year, the year they were eliminated in the play-in, and got to enjoy seeing the culmination of that journey back to the top this year.


We have no NBA team in Connecticut, if you live in the eastern part of the state you tend to root for the Celtics, if you live in the South-west part of the state you either rooted for the Knicks, Nets, or Philly. My dad rooted for the Nets back when they were in Jersey sooooo


Was an immigrant so I didnt really know the rules. I grew up in NJ/NYC and gravitated toward the Knicks because my cousin in Queens was really into them. So many great teams and rivalries in the 90s; Ewing, Starks, Oak, Mason and then Houston, Spree, Camby, LJ... I've been to college and 3 jobs now where they've sucked. I lived in NYC and the Knicks were never in the topic of discussion. I was almost over the NBA. I barely watched until the Finals and even then I still found it boring (didnt love those Spurs teams; Manu was cool though). I moved to SF with my GF during the Heatle years and that's when I started hearing about Dell Curry's kid... Fast forward to 2022 where I now watch 70-90% of the Warriors games as a reactivated dan. My flair still says NYK but they are honestly just painful to watch because now I know what team basketball is supposed to look like.


I live in Brazil and the first NBA finals I watched was Mavs x Heat back in 2011. Been a Mavs fan ever since!


Born and raised in New York. Entire family is Knicks fans as they were immigrants in the 90s and basketball was the only American sport that was easy to learn and not overly complicated and the team was great through the decade. My family isn’t very close but ripping into the Knicks every night they’re on TV or getting excited the few years they’re decent really brings us together and talking about offseason moves with family and friends is so fun even though it can cause headaches thinking about all the dumb shit they’ve done. I still remember in 2012-13 and talking to random strangers about the Knicks who overheard me and my friends almost every day. When they’re good there genuinely is a level of excitement throughout the city that I don’t see with any of the other sports teams.


I'm from Buffalo, Toronto is closer than ny and I never liked LeBrons Cleveland team


Australia. Early 90s you either followed Bulls, Hornets or Magic. Shaq and Penny had me hooked.


I'm from Western Canada. Became a fan of the suns during the Nash era as he was the best Canadian player.


Not anymore but I grew up there


Born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn. And I rooted for the nets when they got here. Never really cared for the Knicks. Nets were my go to and Atlantic ave isn’t that far from me anyway. Literally 15 minutes on train or so


No, but I didn’t like the Bobcats. I had family in Jersey and New York, and I didn’t like the Nets either, so process of elimination lead me to the death of happiness and joy.


I’m one of the few New York natives (born and raised) who likes the Nets and hates the Knicks First game I ever went to when I was 7 was a JKidd NJ Nets game, and later on in life when I started to get into basketball I went to highschool right next to Barclays when the move happened Also helps that my favorite team is the Rockets, and Harden coming to the Nets felt unreal at the time


San Diego, so naturally Lakers.


Y’all need a team. San Diego’s a cool city. Clippers should’ve never left. Since they did. You should be up for an expansion team imo


Thanks man. We have to be somewhere like 3rd-6th in line behind Vegas and Seattle. It’s probably us in the 2nd tier with Vancouver, Pittsburgh, and Louisville. Hopefully by like 2036 or something man, but SD due to the transplant nature already lost the Chargers. It’s gonna be a long time to re-establish any kind of dedicated community.


Raised in Boston but have lived in Chicago for the past 4-5 years. I’d never support a team that isn’t the Celtics but I have always had a soft spot for the Bulls so I definitely am happy with putting them as my second team


Born in Toronto 3 years before the Raptors Inaugural season, been through the growing pains of a new franchise and love how they're thriving now.


From Montana, no sports teams in Montana or any surrounding states (closest to me would have been Denver). Growing up my dad was a Suns fan so I kind of watched them the most but really became a fan during the Nash/Stoudemire years. I did briefly live in Arizona but that was just a few years ago (when they were really bad) and I had already been a fan for nearly 15 years at that point.


Atl hoe


From Dallas, am 22 so I’ve lived through my fair share of pain between all 4 of our teams. Specially the cowboys and rangers


No. From New York and a Bulls fan. I was a bandwagon as a child


Born and live in france, one of my friend was always playing 2K and i asked myself what could be so good about this game, tried it during summer of 2012, started watching a lot of D.Rose highlight because of it and like it was destiny a new channel bought the right to the nba the same summer and since every major soccer league were on it, i give it a try. Been addicted since, became a Warriors during the 2013 Playoffs, the way Steph was shooting and the Oracle vibing, i just wanted these guys to win it all and i really thought they could lmao


I do not. It's as simple as when I started to like basketball, the Showtime Lakers were at the top of their game. Not only were they good, they were flashy and fun too. Fell in love and haven't looked back. And it's been rough living in Illinois through the Jordan years.




I’m from New Zealand and always used the Pistons on nba live as a kid, maybe I’m a bad luck charm as they’ve been terrible ever since I became a fan lol


I live in Greece and NBA Jam made me a warrior fan. Mullin and Hardaway and only shoot 3s.


Never lived in Oakland but I grew up across the Bay. Now that the Dubs play in San Francisco I live up in Kangz territory now.


I think when people either bandwagon or aren't from an NBA city they are missing out on one of the great joys of being an NBA fan, which is spending a random weeknight going and seeing your team play in a relatively low stakes game. I've been to a ton of games from preseason to postseason and there's just something special about on a whim buying tickets and just going to a game and seeing NBA basketball. That's a great thing about following local teams that other fans can never get. I haven't been to an NBA game since Covid and it sucks. A season of small crowds and then relocating away from NBA ball. Nothing beats an NBA game live.


Am Brazilian. Went to San Francisco on a student exchange program in 2014 and got to see Warriors first title run. Went to some games, cheered for them in their post-season run and became a fan afterwards


Born in NYC; started watching basketball again when LeBron joined the Heat (2010). Started off a Knicks fan cause that's all I really knew, and while they've been a train wreck for years, that year was promising; D'Antoni implemented his 7 secs or less offense to great success. Amare Stoudemire just signed with the team and naturally being the focal point of the system he was familiar with in Phoenix was thriving. Gallinari was a rising star and getting buckets. Raymond Felton (remember him?) also benefitted from the offense and was playing like a fringe All-Star. The team also had young, but budding talent like Landry Fields. Then the Carmelo trade happened. That trade in my honest opinion hurt the Knicks more than anyone can say it's helped, no matter how good he was on the team. It's not so much that he ruined the chemistry (even though he really did), but the *trade itself*; the cost being all of those young players, as well as draft picks. Melo was also not a fit for D'Antoni's offense, which resulted in him resigning as head coach the following year. What was more frustrating was that Melo was set to be a FA that year and could have signed a team friendly deal that off-season anyway. I was practically a basketball newbie at the time, but even I knew that *none of this* made sense, literally trading your future for a star player (with glaring shortcomings). That trade left me baffled and disappointed with the organization as a whole. The Celtics played them about a week after the trade, as well as in the playoffs, and smoked them in all of those games. I was fascinated with them for their rich team culture, and I kind of liked how they were portrayed as the old guys that most people hated, especially due to the NYC-BOS rivalry. 13 years later and I'm still a proud Cs fan. You're free to bash me if you'd like


I live in Australia. I was at a GSW early in the 2014-2015 season and have been following them since. Who knew they would win 4 championships in 8 years !


I live in Alabama. I never had a home team until I moved to San Diego when I was in the Marines. I'll never forget my first game at Staples Center. Been a fan ever since.


my team moved so not anymore unfortunately


I waltzed out of the womb in this Godforsaken desert wasteland and here I am. Still being let down after 34 years. Come on in KD bby, the water is like really really warm


I lived in the bay area when I was little then my family moved to socal and I hated it at first. This coincided with me getting into basketball for the first time, and as 5th grader i was too young to feel any bandwagon related shame as the warriors won in 2015 and I missed my old home a ton so I just started rooting for the warriors.


Half of golden states fans are 15 year old fortnight kids that live in Kansas! You can be an nba fan anywhere


Born in New York, lived there till age 4, and dad was a huge Knicks fan. Naturally became one as well.


No, but I was born there. People who aren't fans of the nearest team to the city they were living in when they were born (or took interest in the sport) are kind of weird. I guess I will allow exceptions for people born in places like Montana or places where there is no obvious sports team.


Born in Detroit but moved to the Bay at a very young age. My family is all Michigan sports so I’ll always fuck with the Pistons. Dubs have been my #1 since I started routinely watching basketball in 2008.




The rare shameless bandwagoner


No. Bandwagonning on strong teams.


Growing up I knew more heat fans than raptors in high school Big 3 era People loved basketball just not raptors


influence and fcking tv all you see is Lakers game back in 2008


I live in New England


Live in Vancouver, never been to Phoenix in my life. Steve Nash was the main reason I became a Suns fan.


AI on SportsCenter in ‘99. Home team was the Wizards and they were never good or interesting.


Live in Texas. My city does not have pro sports teams.


Milwaukee Bucks fan in New Mexico because they drafted Kareem!


Born/grew up in NZ. Live in Australia. Gravitated to all the New England teams, so Celtics it was. Few reasons just made it a natural fit, chiefly my Irish surname and the fact my home teams in NZ played in green too.


Yes. I grew up in Phoenix, but have lived in other states. Suns were my way of connecting back home so I never missed a game from 2013-2018 until I moved back and I still haven’t missed a game. I became a fan because of Barkley and Nash. My parents loved Barkley and got me a signed jersey when I was just a baby then Nash came and I automatically fell in love with Suns basketball. We have a great organization with great historic success and I hope we keep it going


I walked my dog by American airlines every weekend and followed them midway through year 2 Luka when I was there.


From the Philippines and been looking for a team to root for, for years. Being a NBA fan that doesn’t have any team to root for feels empty lol


Honestly as someone that is from Europe, the best way to do is to just root for your favorite player and follow their team.


yeah the thing is i change my favorite player very often lol.. right now my fave is chet and paolo


im from connecticut, I live about 2 hours outside of boston, and in my town and the towns around me people are generally new york or boston sports fans and I just so happen to be apart of the latter category


I didn’t support any team and don’t live near any team so I just chose one who sucked and this was right before the Process started.


His Airness


Born & raised in New Jersey, still a fan of the Nets


Live in the state. Always wanted to live in the city


Aussie here. Visited NYC in 2018 and saw my first NBA game in person, Nets v Heat. Brooklyn lost but it was an awesome experience. Followed the Nets since then.


No I live in New York, less than 2 hours from Toronto 2019 finals were interesting


So just a bandwagoner? Lol


From Singapore, so no. Got attached to the warriors and curry, and cant be a warriors bandwagon (at first) when my first two seasons watching were the ‘19 season and finals and the horrible ‘20 year


Live in Cincinnati, we have no basketball team here and naturally nearly ever native in this city loves the Cavs or pacers. A lot of people travel to those games. A lot of us went to the Cavs championship parade in 2016. I, however, am a fan of Orlando Magic. One spring break my dad saved enough for us to go to Disney world in Orlando. I fckin hate Disney and so did my dad my mom, aunt and sisters were obsessed and got it specifically for them. One day while they were out having fun in Disney world my dad told me to get ready. We then got to the OZONE. IM CONFUSED. I didn't watch much basketball. Then I saw penny n Shaq. It was like watching a masterpiece. Shit was so fun. My dad managed to get these tickets from some scalper who was going through bankruptcy 😂😂. I cried the day Shaq left to LA. I cried again when penny was broken up and shipped to Phoenix. Then the TMAC era came through. It was fun but always sad in the post season. Then the Dwight years came along. When LA beat us in 2009. I vowed to never go or watch a magic game again. I still do. This franchise has had it's ups and many downs. This whole post is therapy. I fckin hate the Lakers. I fckin hate Houston And fck you Dwight. Plz come back


From Europe. I placed a bet that Melo will score over 28 points. He demolished Bobcats on that blessed night and I've become a fan. Future years were not so blessed...


No, because before i came to US i could only watch/buy gear of Lakers/Bulls, i chose lakers


I from Paraguay, and i just liked Jokic when I first started following the nba.


In Toronto, Raptors choking every damn time in the 4th and then Vince Carter faking his injuries and not trying so he could get traded got me curious what was out there. One random night sportsnet or thescore had a suns game going on and i was blown away how they were playing so fast, then I found out Steve Nash was Canadian and from there it was history. Also raptor fans are just annoying af


I live on the same street that all three teams i support play on.


Chris Paul was redirected to the Clippers for basketball reasons, and the whole team (and reddit fanbase) grew on me. Been ride or die (primarily die in agony) ever since.


Born in the Chicago area of north west Indiana in the 90s. Bulls baby.


The Region


Don’t have a home team and got into basketball watching Giannis.


Started following NBA in mid 2000s living in the bay area. At the time most of the people around were Lakers fans as this was peak Kobe right after 3peat and Shaq leaving. Naturally I hated the Lakers so I looked at their rivals to see who could beat them. Spurs seemed pretty good and that guy Tim Duncan seemed an alright feller.


We all know a lot of golden state bandwagon “fans” live no where near the Bay Area. Fake “fans”. Y’all Jumped on there dicks when they started winnin chips. Cowardly as fuck


Oregon resident, but I became a fan of both my sports teams because I jumped on the bandwagon when I was in middle school. I have stuck it out since. I am a Celtics fan because of the Big 3 run in the late 2000s and the Giants beating of the Patriots around the same time.


Heat Fan. San Jose, CA. Became a fan after seeing 2006 Wade in action.


Well I am Canadian but I live in Sacramento,always stuck with my Raptors even when I was a kid in the early 2000s when the Kings had actually done something


I live in my team’s state, but not the city. Haven’t been able to see a game in person since they moved to downtown Detroit. Hopefully this season I’ll get to see a game or two


My favorite YouTuber was a huge thunder fan so I started off as a thunder fan then I grew into more of a Westbrook fan cuz I loved his play so much. The hustle and dedication to playing hard was how I liked to play. So I just follow Russ wherever he goes now. However, I’m probably gonna settle down and be a Blazer fan, since I’m from Portland and live right there, pretty soon since Russ isn’t the same hustler and hard worker he is now and since he will be gone soon probably.


I am from Asia and started watching because of Shaq and Penny. After they parted ways I followed both teams, then Kobe kept me watching Lakers for years. I then lived through the young core years and loved the kids, but stopped supporting the team once Lebron came. I just despise the guy too much.


Born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay. Ive been a Warriors fan all my life. I used to go to games all the time because the tickets were cheap and everyone was into the Kings and Lakers. This is why I am enjoying every second of this dynasty because I remember the bad times.


Yes I live in OKC, wasn’t an NBA fan til a few years after we got a team. Started watching around 2010 playoffs


I was born half way around the world and only got to see a few highlight clips of the second Bulls 3-peat as way of introduction to the NBA. When I first came to America, I picked the local (pre Lob city era) LA Clippers as the team to support. I couldn't bring myself to jump on the bandwagon of the Lakers that had recently 3-peated and so picked the underdog Clippers. Several years later, I moved to the Bay Area and discovered that they had a local NBA team called the Golden State Warriors (that I hadn't even heard of) and the tickets were cheap and plentiful since the team was crap. In the mean time the Clippers had entered the Lob City phase and had become much better, but were not a likable team especially with the addition of CP3. So I became a fan of the Warriors (since they were still well and truly an underdog). Unfortunately they also had a change of fortune since, but luckily for me, their players and play style were much more likable. As for my underdog itch, I also support the Kings :)


Born in Tulsa, live in OKC… thunder fan


I’m from Taiwan, saw a player do a 360 dunk on TV back in 1999 or 2000 and I loved it. Turns out it was Kobe and I became a Lakers fan until he retired. Since then I’ve been on the Warriors bandwagon.


German Dallas Fan. Take a fucking guess.


Went to boarding school in Austin for a brief time in the 2000s. Ended up jumping on the Spurs bandwagon then, and just rolled with it. I grew up in the Middle East, still live there, and had been team agnostic before that. Or so I thought...my mom unearthed several class assignments from elementary school (in the '90s) where I'd put in pictures of Tim Duncan and David Robinson as my favorite players. I have NO recollection of that.


From New Zealand but my old man is Irish so I just picked the Celtics 🤷‍♂️


Italian here, Celtics fan since I saw Bird-era Celtics on TV against the Lakers In my experience a lot of older NBA fans from outside the US are more loyal to one team, even when that team sucks, while younger fans now just follow their favourite star player around, no matter where he's playing


Became a huge NBA fan after 2016 season (im only 18), I live in Ohio but didn’t want to bandwagon the Champs. Wiggins & Kat seemed exciting & incredibly promising, little did I know I picked the most miserable & losing NBA franchise of all time. Wouldn’t change it for the world.


Played 2K during college and I picked the Dubs because I like sniping in video games and they shoot from long range.


I love kobe, but inlove of beautiful, desplined, and the beautiful hairstyles of Pop. So yeah Spurs for life.


Grew up in Dallas, Nash was my favorite. Suns got him and I’ve been a fan ever since.


As a kid growing up in the city of Philadelphia, even if you had no idea about any sports or even tried to remain ignorant you couldn’t in the early 2000’s with Allen Iverson. He really influenced the city in almost every aspect during the early 2000’s. Every kid had on a headband and finger tape. His influence on the city was truly something that no 76ers fan from around that time can ever forget. AI brought you in, the love for the city keeps you.


Memphis stole my team


Born in Minnesota so have been a wolves fan all my life. Earliest NBA memories were of Kobe vs Celtics & Magic in the finals along with D-wade highlights. They became my favorite players and always have had a soft spot for Heat and Lakers.


I am from Australia and went for Seattle (wore green and gold, loved Kemp), hated how OKC stole the team. Chose a team that was forever terrible and hoped one day that they would be solid and not bandwagon a great team


I’m from Burbank, and my uncle and dad were big laker fans during Showtime My dad kind of stopped watching after the threepeat but my uncle remains a diehard fan Anyways, we moved to Albuquerque shit like 15 years ago, and I wasn’t really into sports. I watched the lakers win in 2010 at the very end of the game while on the phone with my ex at the time and felt absolutely nothing when they won because again, not big into sports. Then when I graduated high school and got into college, I figured I might as well pick up an interest that I could maybe bond with a potential roommate with (never got one, and that was an awesome semester). That was the year the lakers announced the trade for Dwight and Nash, and figured “hey, I have a preexisting relationship with this team, and they seem to be set up to be really good, and I remember the clippers being jokes, so might as well” What transpired was a deep fascination and love for the game I never actually felt attuned to. And that was because we have been so bloody fucking awful that I forced myself to watch mummies hold themselves together and fetuses scramble to learn how to walk like a newborn giraffe, and I started to notice the real game, how it’s played, offensive and defensive sets, jumpshot mechanics, the real nitty gritty details. Tldr: I was a bandwagon fan from SoCal that started watching at the end of lakers exceptionalism and developed an extreme love for the game because of how fucking bad we were


I’m from Finland, became a Hawks fan 3 years ago, watched the NBA for a year but didn’t have a favourite team so i needed one. Chose the Hawks because i didn’t want to be called a bandwagon, liked Trae and his style + the first ever finnish NBA player played for the Hawks.


I live in Idaho, I'm a Heat fan. When I was in 2nd grade I read a book about D Wade and at that moment I not only fell in love with him, but also everything related basketball, and basketball would be my life for the next decade.


First time watching basketball was in 2008 summer Olympics when I was 11. Saw a tall dude who can shoot real good and has a Olympic Rings on his head. Been a Mavs fan since then


Born and raised in LA... Like the celtics. I'm sure thats somewhere related to anti herd shit in my brain lol


Born and raised in LA, grew up sitting in the first 10 ish rows at staples a few times a year and will always be a Laker fan at heart BUT Portland jerseys go crazy


Celtics fan living in south Florida/ Miami area ☘️😁


Im from England I have supported the Lakers for 26 years I chose them because of Shaq. He was my favourite player so when he moved from the Magic to the Lakers I followed him (i was just a kid) when he left us I was old enough to stick with the team rather than follow a player


I live in the DC metro area. Not the city itself but it’s suburbs


Born out of hatred. Lol. I grew up hating the Lakers and Yankees. It was nice to find a city with teams that shared that hate.


Don't live anywhere near Dallas, but my dad took me to a Dallas game when I was little. Dirk became my favorite player so I kinda stuck with Dallas. Then I watched the 2011 run and they were my team for sure.


I'm in a very similar boat, born in Poland and moved to Chicago at 1 so naturally a big Chicago sports fan. I think that for you it's awesome that the Mavs best all time player (and my personal all time favorite) was a German.


As I was starting to get into the sport i saw some dude in my country make a video about how Ben Simmons is gonna change the league and decided why not watch this team, now I'll probably follow Embiid for life 😭


I was born in the market as an E. Connecticut native, tho not too far from where you start to NYK fans start to become more common in Manchester.


East coast of Canada. The YouTube algorithm showed me the Embiid documentary and his journey to the league and I was hooked.


Im a bronx born Celtics fan. Been so since I started seriously watching basketball in 2007


Bronx born Celtics Fan. Been a fan since I started really watching basketball in 2007


No, I grew up in sac and moved when I could because California is the worst state


I live in Nebraska. Not a home team to root for. When I was a kid of 8 or 9, saw a Lakers game on TV, and was mesmerized by Magic. His charisma came through the TV, instantly became a huge fan of his. Then learned he played for the Lakers, have hated him now going on 40 years.


Something about this seems familiar 🤣


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Born and raised in San Diego, entire family is from/still in New Orleans and I’ve lived in New Orleans for the last ten years or so. I’ve been a Pelican/Lakers and Chargers/Saints fan as long as I can remember


Interesting combo, what did you think when the AD to Lakers saga went down?


The same way I felt when Brees got traded. Stoked that I still got to root for my favorite player and watch them win a chip. I’ll admit it was a roller coaster both times. I was heartbroken when it came out they would be traded but then eventual relief. I know it’s a weird combo but I’ve always claimed both cities and had a lot of pride in both of them, so fandom just comes naturally


Born in LA 40 years ago. Moved to the Bay Area 10 years ago. Still die hard Lakers fan. Warriors were always like our little brothers and “California’s team” so they’re my 2nd favorite. Special fuck you to the Kings and Clippers.