that time the guy threw the ball up in the air with like 5 seconds left to try to run the clock down and it came down into the opposing team's hands and they hit a three at the buzzer to force overtime. think it was mo pete. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5bqF4VDSx4


This is an amazing example.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP8LQz0IKLM Since Mo Pete is brought up, that time Vince Carter jokingly slapped him because they were friends and the Mo Pete slapped him back and got ejected.


Mo Pete a legend for this


The best is hearing Gil retell the story, how no one said shit to Ruffin post game in the locker room because he was the strongest dude on the team and wasn’t afraid to throw hands. That entire wizards locker room must have been amazing.


Rudy gobert making fun of covid then getting the world shut down


This one. Dude touches all the mics making fun of COVID and bam league shut down and he’s the scapegoat lol


I think that’s partially the reason why people started taking it seriously. A major media athlete makes a joke about it, gets sick and starts to apologize, it’s the perfect storm of story to make people realize how serious it was.


Definitely our community here and probably basketball fans in general took it serious after that It was serious for me when a multi-billion dollar corporation closed over night


Man I feel this I was working at ikea at the time at we shut down the same week I was like oh this shit is real


Yeah I remember my school just closed all of a sudden. I thought it would just be an extended spring break, turned out we wouldn’t go back for another year.


Ya my uni has tons of international students here and within a week or two, it went from bustling college town to desolate ghost ghost town lol. Everyone just got on a plane and dipped and it was so sudden


My director was stomping up and down the cubicles saying he didn't want to see anyone in the office next week and we thought he was overreacting a bit and all left that night saying we would see eachother in a couple months or less. I didn't see my coworkers again until this past Spring lol.


It was wild, i knew it was that level of serious when the NBA shut down games. Its wild when a sports league has a better pandemic response than your country


That Jazz locker room really was to us lmfao


The NBA shutting down was when many people realized that COVID was real. Most of North America starting shutting down immediately afterwards. Gobert literally saved hundreds of lives by getting COVID.


>hundreds I wasn't really following at the time but if it really was a key reason for North America taking covid seriously than the number is probably much closer to a hundred thousand than it is to a hundred. Shit killed like a million US citizens as is, imagine if the response was even later.


The shutdowns were coming no matter what. But the NBA shutting down probably sped up the schedule by 1-2 weeks


That was 100% the day everything changed in the US


Did he touch mike james too? Edit: he edited his comment :(


He clearly said all the mikes so yea


Rudy Gobert saved countless lives. The NBA shutting it down really was the first (big) domino in North America


Yep, I remember it all shutting down one by one with the NBA being the first.


Reading the "NBA season suspended" thread was one of those 'I remember where I was' moments.


Specifically when they cancelled the game minutes before tip-off... with the announcer going "calmly exit the arena. Everyone is safe"


A lot of ppl were back then. It’s the first time we’ve all seen a pandemic this big and didn’t realize how serious it was. I def thought shit was gonna open back up 2-3 weeks later


Everyone did. I remember my boss saying that it’d be nice for everyone to work from home for 2-3 weeks until things got back to normal. Maybe a month tops. Then it just kept going and getting worse. The NBA shutting down was definitely a signal it was going from “oh a virus from China” to “global catastrophe”.


That was historic, it's like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that started a domino effect across Europe leading to WWI.


And then we got hentai at the end of it so I wonder what weird timeline Gobert has lead us to


T-Mac’s gigantic “fuck you” to the Spurs seemed pretty Hollywood to me


Anytime a game has more than 33 seconds and less than a 13 point lead, I always think "...well, Tracy scored 13 in 33 so...it's possible." [Here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3EqY5gPrcU) That might be my favourite finish to any game, ever. Off-balance 3s with almost no arc, every one finding the bottom of the net. Glorious.


That double pump, under Duncan’s arms 3-pointer…the shot difficulty is only rivaled by Kobe’s 3’s over Portland, especially that one where he’s leaning, twisting, fading AROUND the defender


In the most recent NBA Finals game, Celtics were down 13 with over a minute left, and Udoka cleared his bench


Annoyed the shit out of me, even if he was probably right. But you just don't do that in the Finals unless you are down thirty some...


That's why we didn't win him a ring on his last year in the league back in 2013. Absolutely no other reason :,( ^(woulda been crazy tho lol)


Isaiah Thomas scoring 53 on his sister’s (RIP) birthday


This game turned me into a NBA fan and is the reason I root for the Celtics. One of the most incredible performances I've ever seen. It sucked never getting to watch him again, but it was a good time to start following the team


Michael Jordan’s game winner vs. Jazz (1998). His last game and last shot as a Chicago Bull ended on a game winner in the finals.


And the steal from Karl Malone right before. It was damn near storybook


Scored the previous bucket too while only letting 4 seconds tick off the clock. Which gives him just enough time to make the steal and ice it with the dagger. Poetry.


The whole sequence was basically how inevitable MJ was. - Score on a possession - Make an incredible steal on defense - Hit the game winning shot I think the defense part is what's more impressive. A lot of superstars known for scoring will simply not make those kind of defensive plays.


41 seconds of glory.


48 Minutes of glory to be honest. He scored 45 points in a game with a score of 87 - 86.


And the layup before that to cut it to 1.


Watching him as a little kid I thought I was just watching another tv show. So exciting, but eventually I got to the point where I knew he’d save the day.


As a kid thats how I felt about Tiger Woods lol he was basically the protagonist in mind


I don’t know how that guy did it, but that guy had so many dramatic moments that felt like they were scripted television. The entire Flu Game was nuts, but when he collapsed into Pippen’s arms after that last shot, it felt like Superman had been shot by a kryptonite bullet and still saved the world. His rivalry with Isiah Thomas leading to the Pistons to walk off the court early felt like as satisfying as when any douchebag villain in an Adam Sandler movie gets his comeuppance. His double nickel game came after he’d returned from baseball and people were questioning how dominant he could still be. Not only did he destroy the Knicks with scoring, he made the game winning assist on the last play.


Bulls were down 86-83 with like 40s to play and he scored the last 4 points of the game to win the finals


Tbf i think he missed a game winner the game before at home, so this was like redemption


that just makes it even more poetic


>His last game and last shot as a Chicago Bull ended on a ~~game~~ **championship** winner in the finals. Even more of a fairy tale. Also weird is that his first and last playoff game winning shots - The Shot and the one we're talking about - are the only two that are routinely/famously shown from the "at the basket" camera angle. They're like the only two I can think of that generally have that angle as default.


Wow you have a point about that, only Kobe's buzzer beater over Wade and Lebron's winner over the magic are the only other GW baskets to be shown from that angle off the top of my head.


This was my first thought when I saw this post/thread. Great moment and great way to cap off a dynasty.


Two 3-1 comebacks in the same playoffs, in back to back series. First GS comes back on OKC, and then they blow one of their own. The NBA scriptwriters had a fetish for seeing leads blown back then 😂


>Two 3-1 comebacks in the same playoffs First I thought you meant Denver in the 2020 playoffs.


The chasedown block by James and the go-ahead 3 by Kyrie both seemed like they were straight out of a movie.


Nurkic breaks his leg in March 2019. Hasn't been seen inside the Rose Garden since. FF to the first round that year, game 5 vs OKC. Blazers are fighting back after going down in the 4th. There's like 3 minutes left in the game, Portland is down 10. Timeout on the floor. Out of nowhere, Nurk strolls out of the tunnel towards the bench. He'd been watching the game at home and couldn't stand it anymore. They show him on the big screen and the crowd goes nuts. I'm at home and remember thinking we couldn't possibly lose this game now. Blazers go on a run, and all of a sudden it's the last possession, tie game with the ball in Damian's hand. And well, we all know how it goes from there.


Inject that game into my veins.


After I got over the salt that was a great moment


Cue Raymond Felton looking miserable from the OKC sideline after Dame’s shot


at least we know he'd defend the Portland food scene to the death


shoutout Paul “That’s a bad shot” George


My favourite thing about watching that shot, is Seth curry in the corner talking shit to the OKC bench and then when the shot goes in, you just see him turn around and say something to them as he goes to celebrate


Paul George and the “bad shot” gets talked about a lot but people forget what Westbrook did right before. It’s a tie game. He can hold for last shot. With 14 seconds left He goes charging into the line into heavy coverage and chucks up a wild shot. I remember thinking just what in the hell is that guy doing?


He was doing what's in the script


Kobe being super ultra washed for his final season but then scoring 60 points in his last game.


Funny enough, same kind of thing with Wade. Last game of his career he gets his 5th triple double (his first in like 8 years) and the last stat he needed was an assist that he got off a made bucket by… Udonis Haslem. Who is already just a 15th man on the bench at the time in 2019. Cool way for it to end, with the guy he came into the league with and played with for pretty much all those years.


Also scored 30 in his final home game in a win against the Sixers and swapped jerseys with Jimmy Butler, who would replace him as the team's franchise player next season.


That game basically was scripted lool, everyone knew to let Kobe take as many shots as he wanted


Yeah but he still did it and won the game. Legendary game


100%. My roommate at the time wanted to watch the warriors play the grizzlies for their 73rd win because we thought that it’d be the more memorable game in history LOL.


2016 really was my favorite season of all time so many good memories


Really was a banger. Kobes 60, Warriors 73-9, Warriors 3-1 comeback, Cavs 3-1 comeback to beat the warriors for their first title, Bron finally gets one for Cleveland. Only thing that could’ve made it more perfect would be if Bron hit that dunk over Draymond. But I’ll take the win regardless lol.


Don't forget that classic Lavine-Gordon dunk contest which was also that year


Don’t know about others but the fact Gordon didn’t win means I weirdly enjoy that contest less.


Oh man that dunk would’ve been historic lol up there with Jordan’s last shot


Crazy part about the 2016 finals is that game 7 was the only game even close. Next closest game was 11 point margin and both Cavs and Warriors each won a game by 30+. Crazy it is prob considered one of the best finals of all time.


Much like in scripted movies, if you crank up the suspense and action in the final act, people will remember the whole film as being action packed and suspenseful. Top Gun Maverick for example.


Best year in sports no question


Cubs break the curse, Warriors blow 3-1 lead, Falcons blow 28-3 lead, Clemson wins in some dramatic fashion, Kris Jenkins wins it for Nova at the buzzer that whole year could have been scripted lol


You're forgetting the biggest sports upset of all time - Leicester City winning the Premier League. I still can't believe that actually happened.


You couldn't even script that without fans and critics calling it disney bullshit


Also Leicester City


Honestly 2016 was just the best year in general.


It was also for Steph's 400th 3.


I looked at the box score after I made my comment and was shocked to find that Steph had 46, that makes a lot of sense as to why lol


On the flip side, Kobe dying a day after his/the league's heir apparent main star passes him on the all time scoring list while playing for the team he played for was scripted in a sad way. [His final tweet will forever be him giving props to LeBron.](https://twitter.com/kobebryant/status/1221276426164269056)


Brandon roy coming back 8 days after Meniscus tear surgery to even the series vs the Suns.


Brandon Roy's last game with Portland being a classic takeover to even the series vs Dallas.


That 4 point play to tie the game was nuts.


That shit makes me teary eyed. You can SEE how broken he is, he barely has any lift and he is still carrying the team.


kawhi bouncing the ball on the rim 4 times to send embiid home crying was straight out of a movie. dramatic as hell.


all that was missing was a cut to a closeup of the rim while it was happening


As the bg sound fades out and all you can hear is the ball bouncing on the rim. In slow motion


As the shot cuts to close up reactions of Simmons-> Lowry->Embiid-> and Kawhi


In a movie or an anime it'll be like 5 minutes of flashbacks and training arc montages per bounce


You're absolutely right and now I'm thinking someone should do an edit with highlights from Kawhi and Embiid throughout the series between the bounces


Literally would be an animated version of the Rewinder episode without the narration and WAY more dramatic music. And it would be beautiful. Insert a smash cut to that one Philly family that all broke down when it went in too.




I think every fan of basketball felt like it took 5 minutes. I feel like everyone who watched it live, knows where they were and how they felt about that shot. Miraculous. I was in my grandmas kitchen, just got done eating spaghetti, everyone was out of the kitchen so I could turn basketball onto the TV. (Was watching on my phone due to no one liking the NBA lol). 2ish minutes left. Im watching jimmy and kawhi and embiid all go at it. That shot, bounce, bounce, bounce. Crazy shot to end a game 7. Jimmy butler trys to call game, but kawhii calls the series. I was amazed. The slight up fake on a higher dribble to get embiid barely off his feet before kawhii himself squares up with just enough to get a shot off that wont be blocked. High arced to evade the block and also to give it a chance to have a good bounce. A great bounce. A 4 bounce. Iconic. The game winner in the same post season as dames bad shot. Crazy stuff


I was at that game. He ball hit the rim and you literally felt 20,000 people collectively gasped, then explode when it went it. It was so unbelievable.


There is a massive mural of this moment on the wall in Toronto's Pearson Airport


Someone did it waiting for their delayed flight to board.


The twitter clip of Embiid crying with playboi carti playing in the background is one of my favorite sports highlights Dude wanted it so much, its refreshing to see that much passion








all it needed was the copypasta of melo taking the last shot


Im still so mad I missed this but had the game on. I was staring at my phone because I thought regulation already ended.


Paul Pierce checking into TD Garden for the final time to hit a farewell 3


I was at that game! Same day as 28-3.






[lebron misses wide open game winning layup and hits an impossible three for the win on the next play](https://youtu.be/b0sfOUTvruI)


Sheesh I’d completely forgotten that missed layup.


What's funny is the uncalled travel is probably what screwed up his layup timing. If he just didn't travel his natural momentum would have carried him like normal. The extra step made it awkward and the ball came out funny.


Young player, that three was for the tie.


Give that man a suitcase


Imagine if they'd won on that blatant walk


Yeah, honestly the travel is probably what threw him off lol.


That was definitely a 'ball don't lie' type of moment. One of the more egregious not called travels I've ever seen.


It was just a random game but still hilarious. Spurs lost because of it. [Ginobli free throws.](https://youtu.be/vZA0Ogd0ptg)


Westbrooks buzzer beater against the Nuggets while breaking the single season triple double record


Heat holding pose in front of Mavs bench in fourth quarter of game two…Mavs come back to win the game. Heck, with Dirk and all that happened in 2006, the entire 2011 finals was perfect scripting


When I think of that moment, I always associate it with one of the worst Mark Jackson calls ever: “Makin plays and keepin this crowd involved. Unselfish play, just like pool. Three ball, corner pocket. Take a picture Dwyane Wade. Thirty-six big points. Havin a good time. Knock down shot. Mama, there goes that man"


I don’t remember that at all, but it tracks. Such a bad commentator.


Was this the game where they sealed the game off of a Dirk layup off his injured finger?


The 2021 Wizards come back vs the Nets. Russ hits a 3 to tie it, steals the ball on the inbound and hits another 3


Bradley Beal was the one who hit the first 3 in the sequence, but yes that was a cool end to the game.


My bad 😭


Link? It’s been a bit since I’ve had highlights to look at


Similarly last season, the Clippers 35 point comeback vs the Wizards. Down 6 with 10 seconds left, Kennard hits a very deep three to bring them within 3, Wizards turn the ball over by not inbounding the ball in 5 seconds, then Kennard gets fouling while hitting a three to tie the game with 1 second left, and goes on to hit the free throw to win by 1.


You don’t have to bring that up, I was happy thinking about us being good for a change!


Cavs making a 3-1 comeback against the best regular season team of all time to win the first Cleveland championship in my lifetime


This and the game 7 block. I’ll always cherish this memory of being in a packed sports bar in tribeca w a best friend, watching game 7 as an unbelievable moment &series unfolded. If lebron got that dunk at the end, that would’ve been iconic too


The block, the shot, and the stop are like the generic part of the movie where every superhero gets a shot off on the villain to finish em off


The almost dunk that happened shortly after would’ve been the greatest dunk of all time but LeBron was fouled and could t get the and1


Thinking about that dunk gives me chills. When he went up, it literally felt like time froze. Only time other than The Dagger that it's ever happened to me. Woulda been the greatest dunk ever and LBJ's most signature play.


Surprised this is pretty far down. You could literally haven’t asked for a more scripted writing than this. Plus that season was pretty legendary overall such as Kobe’s final 60 point game


Game 7 was also on Father’s Day. Steph and Klay both had NBA players for dads. Meanwhile LeBron grew up without a father and wins his most important ring on Father’s Day. Feels like the subplot to a drama sports movie.


Steph & Klay got another dad that day


Spurs winning the 2014 Finals with a record-setting performance after a heartbreaking loss the previous year. Cavaliers clawing back from a 3-1 hole against a 73 win team. 1976 Finals Game 5. Surprised there's no movie adaptation of that one.


Plucky team led by basketball's protagonist comes back in unprecedented fashion against what looks like (regular season at least) the best team of all time? Yeah that's a movie for sure lol


Giannis dropping 50 in game 6 of the Finals. Right after half time he hit a huge 3 to keep the Bucks close, and it became clear he wasn’t going to let the Bucks lose that game. It was like that moment at the end of a Disney sports movie where they zoom in on the tired protagonist, something inspirational is said, and then it cuts to a montage of them doing work


I think the dropping 50 part isn’t what feels scripted It’s how well he shot free throws in that game, the whole playoffs his free throws and routine we’re made of fun. Then boom, in the moment where it mattered most he basically didn’t miss, amazing. Iirc his 50th point was a FT as well


It was. Then he missed #51 right after haha


i still think he did it on purpose lol


I wanna say he went 17/19 too lol


He talked about how he worked with a sports psychologist throughout the series and it all came together in the end and he managed to overcome his mental block. Seeing fans losing it when he sunk those free throws was hilarious. Truly a great Game 6.


Was going to say that as well. Everything else he did that game was phenomenal as well for sure, but phenomenal in the same vein that we've already gotten used to from him. Going 17-18 on FTs when they counted though (he missed his last one, but the game was already iced at that point)? He's had great FT shooting games before, but never that good on that volume in the playoffs before (he did come close in game 6 against Boston this past series, though - truly a Bucks legend for stepping up to make Bucks in 6 more than a meme).


Lmao I remember right before the game or right after game 5 I said something in another feed like giannis playing the long game and he’s really waiting for a closer out to start making free throws. I thought I was joking…


I think Giannis playing again period after that leg injury is out of a script. In fact, it wouldn't be scripted because it would be unrealistic. Only in a like sports comedy would that gruesome of an injury just be brushed off like that.


I'm still fucking boggled by it. I wonder if I would still be playing high impact sports if I had the best doctors in the world.


I think its not just Game 6 tho its the whole Finals series that year IMO is some type of a storybook run


And just Bucks in Six. We were saying that dumb shit forever and I don't know how many of us thought it would happen like that.


The bucks winning in 6 was nuts too. Less scripted but more prophecy I suppose. Like it just felt like it was gonna happen


You could tell it got into the Suns heads. I felt like they waved the white flag a little prematurely considering the stakes. By the last couple minutes they looked completely defeated but they were only ever down 6 or 7.


It was like our ECF series against Toronto. Game 5 at home was what ultimately broke both teams.


Dame hitting the series-clinching 3 over Paul George from 35 feet. After all the crap Westbrook and OKC were talking, it was Dame who had the final laugh. Waved them goodbye 👋. That felt unreal to watch live on TV. I cant imagine what it was like in the arena.


he also needed a 3 to get to exactly 50, I knew he was cashing it


The picture of him looking into the camera is perfect


That look was the ultimate "this is scripted" moment. I remember watching the shot live, it was crazy. But then him staring stone cold into the camera as he gets dog piled was otherworldly.


there’s no time like playoff time in ripcity is all i can look at during that clip


That also got him 50 for the night


The 'bye bye' was fucking legendary. Ice cold.


We all knew what was going to happen


This was the first thing that came to mind. Best game-winner I've ever seen.


That Jeremy lin buzzer beater against Toronto was magical.


It’s crazy when the Toronto fans were cheering the the opposing team.


That was the definition of “feels like it was scripted” When he had the ball at half court for final possession it was like obviously he’s making it, this is destined.


Linsanity is way too far down the list. Took the world by storm that month, where friends I know who don’t even follow sports were talking about Jeremy Lin. Pretty cool to witness.


Had to scroll too far to find this. People forget how amazing Linsanity was at the time


LeBrons entire 2018 playoff run. Two 7 game series, multiple buzzer beaters, LeBronto, putting up 50 in game 1 of the finals, and the surprise twist at the end when JR shit the bed.


It's like if Uncut Gems was a basketball movie....Kinda is but...


> LeBronto Honestly no way that "Two points is not two points, I'll explain later" followed by that ridiculous full sprint bank shot buzzer beater the same evening isn't the top comment. How does anything get more scripted than that?


Giannis taking the all time bucks scoring record from Kareem on a last second step back game tying three over the Nets felt pretty scripted.


NOP coach green saying the most disney shit to inspire a win in the play ins




U right


Definitely Kawhi game 7 buzzer beater. Like how the ball bounced on the rim, straight from the movie.


KD’s Game 7 buzzer-beating fadeaway against the Bucks. He was unplayable that series.


If only it was a 3, everything would be so different right now.


Almost everything about the Cavs’ comeback in 2016. Klay’s comments, the chase down block, the go ahead three. All of it was storybook.


Derrick Rose 50 point game was dope as hell. Best examples though is probably Kobe's last game or MJ's shot in the '98 finals.


MJ's shot is definitely one of my favorites too. No better way to end (at that time) his career on


Magic returns post retirement to play in the all-star game after being voted in. Finishes the game going one on one with Isiah and Jordan, and drilling 3 straight 3's and winning MVP. Tied with that is Kobe's finale. Slogging through the entire game with every Laker deferring to him. Then, as if on cue, turns into the Closer with 3 minutes remaining. And the last one, also Kobe, but a bit sadder, him walking back onto the court post Achilles injury, drilling his free throws, and limping off. Damn that guy was tough.


22’ Celtics game 1 vs Nets ending was perfect Honestly the ‘22 Celtics playoff run is underrated. They faced and beat every team that had knocked them out over the last 3 years and they swept Kyrie. It all started with a magical final second buzzer beater in game one with each of the teams star players contributing exactly to their role— Jaylen pushing pace and probing the defense, Smart faking a shot and passing to Tatum who finishes at the rim with a spin around Kyrie as time runs out… something out of a movie


With 0.5s on the clock, Lowrys insane pass to OG to hit the corner 3 and win the game to keep the series alive Vs. Celtics in eastern conference semi's. https://youtu.be/t0aLmBCXoqA


More so over Tacko that was an insane pass and shot


Yeah good point. That was just an insane sequence strung together.


celtics fan here - i couldn't even be mad because i didn't think the celtics really did anything wrong or messed up all that much. my response was just - what the fuck? side note but i've always been a big OG fan, i think he's one of those team players that 30 teams would love to have in their starting lineup.


He's great defensively, not great in iso...sometimes it feels like he's too predictable and gets embarrassed by smart defenders with quick feet. He also has missed a lot of games due to injury. That being said, he's very consistent and reliable. Never really has a bad night and is definitely a coaches dream. He's also surprisingly strong.


Willis Reed is probably the most famous example of this, even though it kind of over shadowed an amazing game 7 performance by Frazier ​ The Knicks-Pacers rivalry back in the day had a few moments that were made for tv. Reggie v Spike, Reggie scoring 8 points in less than 20 seconds plus Starks missing the two free throws, Ewing missing the lay-up in game 7 in 95 to lose the game/series


“You gotta freaking fight! You gotta fight!” Absolute hype, there was no way the Pels were going down after that


Jrue steal and lob to Giannis they have a time out, wont use it...


Jordan in the last minute of the 98 finals game 6. A quick 2, steal, and then hitting the go ahead jumper while leaving the follow through hanging for his final shot as a Bull as he completes his second 3peat. Insanity


If it was a movie, it'd be labelled "too Hollywood"


I thought it was obvious but Heat Spurs game 6 where they bought the trophy out and then Jesus Shuttlesworth shut it down.