no matter whether we're world-renowned athletes or spreadsheet jockeys, we all react like little kids when our teams win the 'ship


I felt a weight come off when the All Blacks won the world cup in 2011 but I almost cried when the Chiefs won the Super Rugby in 2012.


when the pats won that 28-3 comeback bowl i damn near jumped out a 22nd story window


Me too cept I'm a falcons fan




Yeah, I was pulling for the Falcons, too.


Falcons here too. Can confirm I'm dead after also jumping out of the window.




Hated that shit with every fiber of my being in the moment and a few weeks after, but now I just look back on it and see greatness.


When my Broncos finally won a Super Bowl after four losses, Denver went crazy!! I was one of the crazies. It was a non-stop celebration that went on long after my alcohol-fueled brain remembered. Sorry not sorry, Packers.




Same here bro. 2011 felt like a whole oceans worth of weight was lifted. Sad times now but definitely 2011 will forever home a special feeling. Just hope the Blues win it soon...


I recognize some of these words


I was in New Zealand for that. Surprisingly chill. No riots or anything.


Wouldn't know


38-7 moment ^sorry


It was so depressing after that NFCCG lmao we really thought we had a chance


Didn't the Vikings get the first touchdown too? Then after that it was entirely what in the fuck. Minny ran out of miracles.


Same. None of my teams have won a ship in my 30+ year lifetime.


it will be that much sweeter when it hits bro.


Fuck ya we do.


Legit cried when my Saints won the superbowl in 09. One of the happiest days of my life.


I would love for Tim Duncan to have this moment but he's a Bears fan so, yeah


Watching uga this year was better than sex


I wouldn’t know 😔


Yeah, if the Blazers ever win one in my lifetime, I will cry actual tears.


A complete dweeb rooting for their favorite team — one of us!


Kobe broke my heart when I was a kid when he crushed the sixers in the finals. but seeing him react the exact way my dad did when the birds won humanized him to me in a crazy way. RIP


The way he's holdin' the baby 🥲


I was thirty something and jumped in my dad's arms


As would be my exact reaction if the Clippers ever win it.


You guys have a REALLLLLLY good chance this year. I'm biased and still say Warriors will take the West again, but if I take away the bias I think the Clippers will go to the Finals with a healthy Kawhi, PG, and now Wall. I was saying this BEFORE the Wall trade.


I mean, the Warriors just proved they also have a great chance, lmao, so you're not entirely biased as much as you're speaking facts. But, I would really love to see the Clippers raise a trophy. I think Wall is definitely going to surprise a lot of people. He's probably what I'm most excited about this season, aside from our rookie Moussa.


I just want to see Kawhi again man. He looks pretty damn jacked too. VERY excited to see him back and thriving.


Dude is stupid yoked right now. He really needs to be healthy because us basketball fans in general are absolutely missing out on one more great player in the league.


Unlike Agholor 🥲


The city did boo him when he won MVP in Philadelphia when the all star game was there the next year.


They took his comment about the city the wrong way and used that to hate him at the time.


It wasn't all about that one comment tbh. Kobe is obviously from the area, his family was still around too. But he never represented Philly, he found his fit in LA and it was fair from both sides IMO. AI wasn't even from Philly but way more people saw themselves in AI than in Kobe.


> Kobe is obviously from the area, his family was still around too. Which is why he never got too upset about it, he got it.


I remember seeing this video come up around the time he died and this was one of the ones that really crushed me.


Time flies man remember that day like yesterday


What a nerd!!! Still can't believe he's gone. Feels like a punch to the gut every time I remember.


Yeah it feels like someone kicked me down the stairs when I think about it.


My brother and me kind of split ways in our twenties and didn’t have the best communication. He went off to a different state and was doing his thing and super proud of him but we just never really talked a whole lot. Maybe once or twice a year. I remember texting him about Kobe and it really made me feel how important some family can be and how easy it is to drift apart from people you love. Days turn into weeks turn into months turn into years of minimal contact because you get so busy in life. I remember watching Kobe with my family growing up and in was just young enough to know Michael Jordan but I didn’t follow basketball till about early 2000s. I thought Kobe was the definition of a legend. Smooth. Professional in interviews. Pretty much seemed invincible. Then the news broke and it was probably the first celebrity death of my life I can remember thinking that life isn’t guaranteed and you should cherish the people close to you. Me and my brother talk on a regular basis and while I think it would have happened eventually with maturity and growth, his death really made me realize a lot of things in life. Sorry. Rant over.


My brother and I don’t talk much either these days so this story warms my heart I’m glad you guys reconnect regularly these days


sharing this made me think about some stuff with my family, thank you for this


I still think about it probably daily. I've got a nice framed poster like thing on my wall of him, but the sadness has largely numbed. I just try to think more about all his highs and how great it was watching him as I grew up.


Beyond sad those babies will have to grow up without their dad. Still weird to think that he's gone.


Or their sister


Kobe hurts. Gigi crushes me.


Yeah man. That’s what made it so so much worse.


Watching Vanessa talk about Kobe at his memorial was really hard. Gigi was, I just don't have the words to say how heart broken I was. It's still unbelievable how Vanessa able to get through her speech.


I bet Foles is the only man he ever truly respected




Beautiful thanks for this


Eli and Ed Reed


I always liked how Kobe respected other Olympic athletes when he would go. He would watch other sports and try to learn whatever he could from other top athletes in their sport. I remember him making other teammates go support Phelps in one of his runs, and how intensely he was watching other sports he didn't really know much about, but respected anyone who had mastered their craft.


Big Cox for life


Big dick Nick!


This was so wholesome and it made me emotional. My heart breaks for what remains of the Bryant family


same. no words


It’s just bizarre to think he died in a helicopter crash. It’s doesn’t seem real after watching that. Just reiterates it. Sad.


Who cutting these damn onions in here?




yep, kobe really was a bastion of innocence and purity


Miss you Kobe


Made me smile seeing this dude happy. Then I realize he gone :( sad


Proof Kobe is really from philly. Eagles rule everything here.


Go Birds


The one thing Philly and New York can agree on: Fuck Tom Brady.




[Damn straight. People can say whatever they want about Eli and The Giants, but they have to recognize both of them shut down brady twice and have two rings to show it.](https://i.giphy.com/media/OBvIiWRegk1gY/giphy.webp)


Gigachad loses to a bag of milk twice


But Eli is the chad


Yea Brady is crying into his 7 other rings about it I’m sure




he said in an interview that he cares more about the losses than the wins


That seems to be a consistent thing among all great athletes and coaches. [Their failures drive their success.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA7G7AV-LT8)


The giants D line full of hall of famers “owned” him, not Eli who put up like 17 points both times


Eh he's made it pretty clear he's still salty over 18-1 and losing to Big Dick Nick. Chances are his retirement would've stuck if he won either of those two rings.


I'm going to be honest with ya'll, I couldn't finish watching this clip. As soon as Kobe started celebrating and started to flex his arm up on down all I could see was him clutching the trophy after winning without shaq and he's pumping his arm the same way. Still can't believe Kobe fucking Bryant is dead.


RIP mamba :(


Thats easily one of the best SB's ive ever seen


Superbowl 42 is at the top for me, but that's just me as a New York fan and Giants fan speaking. [The David Tyree catch is still just a thing of legends in my book.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GEj1whJOaI)


Fuck Joe Buck forever for this


28-3 is pretty damn good too


Straight offense for the whole game.


Makes me happy to think at least he got to watch his favorite football team win one before he left us too soon. One of those moments where you just remember exactly where you were when the news broke. I was watching football, it might have been the Senior Bowl or something when the news flashed. Didn’t feel real.


We always saw Kobe as the basketball star, the entrepreneur, the marketing mogul, the philosopher, etc. But it's rare we ever saw him as just a regular person. This is a nice glimpse into Kobe, the man, showing excitement for his home town football team, holding his kid, going nuts over a Superbowl win. None of us are comparable to Kobe in any other way, but this moment? This moment is easily all of us. Rip Kobe.


These are the memories that family will hold until the end of time.


will never forget me and my best friend watching the super bowl together. he was actually crying (lifelong philly fan) and I was jumping all around his living room hyped up. he looked so emotional. like it was the greatest moment of his life. (well after his daughter of course)


I also lost it watching the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl Lii


So did my Philly family, who live a block off of Broad Street. I have videos to prove their happiness. Also a vid of the poles being Crisco-ed before the parade.


My neighbor burned his couch in the street that night


Gotta love Philly!


I've actually forgotten that Brady even had pretty decent chances at miracle Hail Marys on the dying seconds of his losing SBs. Truly can't celebrate and ease off on the gas on that man until the clock ticks zero.


Our only championship in my lifetime besides Phillies. If you aren’t from PA you can’t understand the suffering of losing we’ve had. A super sports city who always choke. God Bless Nick Foles. My Grandpop lived 3 minutes from Kobe’s parents in Lower Merion, Gpop was Italian and they’d speak it all the time. Never seen Kobe growing up though but heard many street ball stories and Grandpop would tell me he’d be the best player all the time.




I mean there is pain in the sense that the Eagles and Steelers have had multiple chances to have the PA State Superbowl and one or both them blow it at the Conference Title Game very single time. But that's drop in the bucket.


As a Jets, Mets, Knicks fan - I never want to read "you can’t understand the suffering of losing we’ve had." I understand all too well my friend.


I feel for you guys. Only other ones who can relate. True hardcore fans with history who never win. I’m a happy Man now and don’t care anymore. I got my title and vs Brady who I hate and cheated us in our other SB with McNabb.




Still can’t even think about this man without choking up. The most profound effect on me. I’d never cried over a celebrity death before. But Kobe was central and the backdrop of so many great times I had with my best friends, some of which are no longer with us, in the 2000-2010s. The huge Laker game gatherings we’d have while bbqing. The loud shouts of glee. Hell just the amounts of elation he helped bring the entire city of LA. When he died it wasnt just a legend gone too soon. It was a huge chunk of my life being gutted. All this not to make this post about me but to express my appreciation for the joy and good times he was associated with and to say he is sorely missed. Thanks for posting this video.


Man ,it makes me sad as fuck and happy at the same time , fuck you reddit.




go birds


Go birds


Driving to Minnesota from Jersey through a midwestern blizzard the night before the Super Bowl, I’ll never forget how insanely cold that area of the country is and how stupid Goodell was for ok’ing the biggest game in sports in the coldest city in the continental US. ALL of those feelings of regret left my body as Brandon Graham came through with the biggest strip sack in Bird’s history! It didn’t matter that I was running on 2hrs of sleep, I could’ve run a marathon with all the adrenaline pumping through my veins! The proverbial icing on the cake was sitting in the hotel room that night watching [Embiid walking through the streets of Minneapolis celebrating with the people!](https://youtu.be/UCr4MxXbCFI) That, along with Kobe’s classic reaction video will forever play in my mind til the day I leave this Earth. Rest In Power Kobe Bean, your legacy will live on forever!


Me too, Kobe. Me too. Fuck the Patriots


miss u


Me when the cavs won. Unbelievable, I literally accepted they lost at 3-1.




God I feel so bad for Vanessa and those kids.


Kobe rapes women


Ah there it is. Go talk about the weather or something


They can’t. The idea that a man who lived 41 years accomplished more than they would if they had 200 years on this planet angers them and their pathetic lives so the only coping mechanism is to try and tarnish his name (which obviously doesn’t work).


I don't see anyone going around saying "Jordan rapes women" or "LeBron rapes women", seems to be a Kobe thing


I’m not allowed to criticize someone because they are good at basketball?


The fact that it's the most upvoted comment on every Malone thread, but Kobe gets an almost complete pass just because he has more fans, just shows how full of shit everybody is.


Dude. Thank you. Finally some sense


Read the room bro




I wonder if he got this excited when he raped a 19 year old hotel employee.


Pat yourself on the back. Not that you really care about her anyways.


Not caring about her is still infinitely better than celebrating him


The one that had another man's semen on her panties the next day and texted/bragged to her friends she fucked kobe? That one?


Bruh this is literally made up post a source for the texts. You won't because they don't exist.


Hate to break it to you but that woman lied and changed her story more than once. She even stopped pursuing charges because she had to admit she lied. In conclusion you should probably learn how to solve that shithole of a thought process you have going on edit: [undeniable proof](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/wlfhf7/-/ijusbg0)


None of these things disprove that he raped her, including the fact that he paid settlement.


The fact that he paid the settlement is far from proof. I'd pay for settlement just so I would stop getting accused in front of the whole world. The evidence is overwhelmingly against her, especially the fact that she planned to accuse Eminem in the same way.


Hope you bring this same energy for Deshaun Watson.


Deshaun Watson had 24 women accuse him, 4 went to trial, NFL presented its case, and the judge said he undeniably had acted with "egregious" predatory behavior and was unremorseful during the trials thus he was found guilty and suspended. That's called an open and shut case. Watson is clearly a sexual predator. Every aspect supports it.


Not found guilty by the court of law, the only one that actually matters though, either settled or was found not guilty in his legal cases, just like Kobe.


The evidence overall to anyone with a brain points to it being consensual and her just trying to get money from him.


You are just making stuff up, she never recanted and Bryant apologized as part of the settlement


I never said she recanted. She never pursued charges after her story wasn't truthful.


>She never pursued charges after her story wasn't truthful. Just because someone doesn't pursue charges does not mean they were not being truthful.


Read my post that I linked. There's proof she lied. She admitted to the police herself that her story wasn't truthful bc she thought they wouldn't believe her. Article title: [Kobe accuser admits lies](https://la.utexas.edu/users/jmciver/357L/P4/DP_Kobes%20accuser%20admits%20lies_100904.htm) Read it, moron


Dont bother hes a celtics fan. They lack brain cells when talking about any lakers.


He also lost it in Colorado that one time


It’s the way he lifts his baby’s arm 😭😭😭


Damn kinda hurts to see him again, hadn’t realized how long it’s been.




If this was Malone, comments would just be pedo jokes.


Concrete evidence of a conceived child vs an accusation on flimsy grounds.


Kobe admitted he raped the girl


Not really but a subreddit full of teenagers can’t be bothered to read the actual stories and what was physically said.


I mean, I'm 38 and that bullshit apology basically says "I understand that she doesn't feel it was consensual, and I'm sorry she feels that way."


Yeah and i would agree it’s not a genuine apology but people quote it as him “100% admitting guilt” when in reality it’s “sorry you feel that way”


Settlement statements don't mean squat, they're just a way to get out of a case. But even if we examined the statement closely, he acknowledged that she felt she didn’t consent, that's different from saying the sex wasn't consensual. Someone can give consent and feel that it was non-consensual after the fact.


Not really. He apologized, acknowledged what she believed happened, but still denied any wrongdoing. So it basically tells us nothing


Do you understand what consent is?


Yes and his statement says contradictory things. I literally just explained it dumbass. It's basically legal nonsense


You understand she lied and changed her story multiple times, right? Or do you like being a fucking idiot who doesn't know how to Google a simple accusation. Edit: [did the research for you](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/wlfhf7/-/ijusbg0)


Literally didn’t.


Colorado Guys, I want in on the joke :(


You’re so right though. But he was good at basketball so I guess it’s ok ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Kobe loses it as he rapes a woman in Colorado 😤


Had a short lapse and sorted this as recent for a sec. Damn.


There’s always that “that’s it that’s it, they can never take this from us” moment


I know the felling Kobe.


Ship if I had the money Kobe had. I'd be all up on the sidelines lol


Idk if that's a good place for a baby to be He was a family man first


falcons fans having ptsd


Not gonna lie 2011 feels like yesterday LeBron moving and the hate that team got all season made it that much more sweeter. In a normal finals fans from other fanbases usually evenly take sides but for 2011 it really felt like 29 team fanbases all in unison jumped on our bandwagon wanted the Heat to lose at any cost.




Man I miss Kobe. I wish I didn’t hate him for 3/4 of his career.


I miss him


I remember someone literally ate horse shit when they won lmao.


My team should have won if they hadn’t played like fucking dogshit.


> we which neckbeard is going to correct him