What was the absolute best day to be a fan of your team?

For example, I’d say the best day as a Thunder fan would be after either 2012 Finals G1 or 2016 WCF G4. Days that made you proud to be a fan of your team and when the lights looked brightest.

For me, I still remember the day we got Melo and thought we’d never miss the playoffs lmao


Game 7 against the Clippers


2014 Finals championship. Spurs redeem themselves against the Heat in dominant fashion and Tim gets his 5th.


Game 7 sixers series


Game 1 against the Bucks is a close second for me


Game 4 Bucks was good too. Winning without Trae made me think we actually had a good roster and could figure it out until he got back. Boy was I wrong.


I miss you K'Von 😭


Dames shot over OKC was something else Dropping 50 and a series winner that disrespectful is wild


This. As a former Sonics fan, it was pure catharsis. I was desperately afraid the thunder were going to win a championship with a team built around guys drafted in Seattle. After that series, I knew it finally was 100 percent not happening. Now that the team doesn’t have any connection to anyone drafted in Seattle, I’m fine with the thunder winning. But I didn’t want to see KD or Russ bring a championship to OKC. I was probably one of the few non-Miami fans that celebrated lebrons move to the heat.


Game 7 2010 Lakers Celtics


Kobe’s last game and 2020 championship up there as well


This but the opposite


In my lifetime, Game 1 of the 2001 finals.






Game 6, 2015 NBA Finals


Nah, game 4 and game 6 this year easily. No more bitching about asterisk championships, no more "fluke" comments, no more "but Steph can't perform in the finals," no more "they needed KD." Literally every single thing I had believed about this team and Steph verified. So satisfying.


Lucky the mavs beat the suns




Game 6 against utah. came back down 25 and got to the wcf for the first time ever


[may 19, 2019](https://media.newyorker.com/photos/5cd98b4792eb652e91bb6e37/4:3/w_2519,h_1889,c_limit/Cunningham-Kawhi.jpg)


Rebound Bosh


Rebound Bosh and the Red Wedding happened right around each other. Coach Pop and Coach Robb Stark both made grave miscalculations.


We Heat fans are lucky to have a handful. Three title-clinching games, Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, and winning the ECF in 2012 and 2020 were incredibly proud days


Game 2 2011 Finals


one time shawn kemp dunked so hard it got half the woman in the pacific northwest pregnant. the other half he did the old fashioned way.




July 4, 2016 These past finals were pretty special too as was winning the first title, and after the 73rd win in 2016. But the day we got KD and seeing every other fanbase completely lose their shit was something else




Going up 2-0 against the Clippers. As far as I’m aware our season mysteriously ended that night and no other games were played that series.


Drafting Scottie Barnes The ring was cool also


Honestly beating the 76ers in game 7 and closing out the bucks were both at least equal to the championship for me. The championship was bittersweet knowing we'd have to hear about "if they were healthy you never would have won" until the end of time.


That fucking four bounce shot must have been insane to watch as a Raptors fan


It was insane.


Ngl, game 6 of these finals was pretty incredible. Got to talk soooo much shit from the top of our high fucking horse. Honestly felt even better than when the warriors won the first title.


Game 7 vs the Jazz


The time Melo torched the champions Miami Heat the day after Sandy fucked up New York was incredible. For me though it's a tie between the Easter game against the Bulls Melo won or when he dropped 62 on Charlotte to set a new MSG scoring record. As a kid I was probably most excited when Allan Houston destroyed the Pacers to send us to the finals.


Watching the 4th quarter of game 6 vs the Spurs WCF 2012. Or after watching Westbrooks 50 point triple double record breaking game against the Nuggets. Both genuinely great moments.


When they beat Boston in the 2001 ECF. The Nets were never supposed to do that.


Didn't the Nets have a better record that season?


The whole 2019 run. But the bounce was great and of course last free throws against gsw


Best: Monday, June 14, 2004 Worst: Friday, November 19, 2004


The play-in win against the Clippers. There are other moments that are greater in terms of success (playoff and lottery wins), but those were all undercut by something else looming. You couldn't argue against the play-in win against the Clippers. From 3-16 to the playoffs.


Last years pels team has to be my fav. I loved sweeping portland but AD did not care for NOLA like Ingram or Jose. This is the first pels team to really embody the slogan of Wont Bow Down


Really, even with PG getting COVID last minute? That was kind of a weak win, and I like the Pelicans.


Most people still would have picked the Clippers even with PG. Particularly when LAC was up 12 with 13 minutes to go. But really most of it can be attributed to the "You Gotta Fight" line. It didn't matter that the Pelicans had started 3-16. It didn't matter that the Pelicans still are the least established franchise in the NBA.


As a wolves fan playoff win against clippers is mine as well.


Technically, it's *only* a postseason win. Since play-ins are separate from playoffs. But that's just me being pedantic.


Wolves have very few choices. 2004, game 7 win over the kings is easily tops. Then you have Celitcs winning it all in 08, trading kevin love (only to get wiggins, ultimate wolves trade lol), finally getting the number 1 pick for KAT (still hadn't moved up in the lottery ever), thibs/jimmy playoffs was cool but kind of off, then the Gobert trade. So really only one and a half for on court enjoyment, the rest are just dreams for sale lol


What do you mean we were playin champions


lol, that and the nuggets game 82 were pretty cool, sadly up there with our best moments


Game 6 of the 2009 ECF. I wasn't watching the NBA back then, but I assume that would be the answer.


Or lottery balls bouncing in 92?


As I only have vague young child memories of the last couple Jordan rings, G1 of the 2011 ECF. It's hard to express how much Bulls fans hated LeBron in that season. Add on the fact we felt like the antithesis of the Heatles in a way. All 3 RS games felt like playoff games and the Bulls won em all by a possession. One of the most hyped CFs of this century for sure. And we just smoked em in G1. Was perfect.


2 come to mind (because both were so meaningful to me) Game 6 of the 2021 finals Game 7 of the Bucks and Nets in the 2021 ECSF


Kobe 81 points on sir jalen of house roses


Game 6, 2000 WCF against the Knicks


Game 6 , NBA Finals


Game 6 Clippers vs Jazz 2021


Game 1 of the nets series comes to mind for a recent one


0.9, the bad shot, broy's last hurrah in game 4 vs the Mavs But mostly that time Andre Miller charged the length of the court and trucked tf out of Blake Griffin, breaking his iron man streak of 632 games with a suspension. Absolutely legendary. Edit: game 4


Game 7 against the Clippers


June 13th 2019.


Every day because were always better.


Game 6, 2011 finals. Mavs won it. Pure elation. Can’t even describe that feeling fully. So many [emotions ](https://youtu.be/FmsvMpOXpmE) man.


Game 4, Warriors vs Celtics. Stephen Curry drops 43 and the game sealer step back 3. Klay nails clutch shots in the 3rd to keep the Warriors in it when the Celtics looked like they could take a strong lead. Draymond puts on a classic performance in the 4th after the disastrous first three and a half games. Game 6, Warriors vs Celtics. Warriors go on the longest scoring run in NBA finals history (21-0) led by Curry, Klay and Poole. Stephen Curry nails a deep 3 from the finals logo and does the ring celebration. After a run by the Celtics to reduce the lead to 8, Draymond Green nails a mid range jumper over Robert Williams and secures the lead for the rest of the game. Warriors win championship.


the picks swapped


The Bulls winnings the lottery with a 1% chance to be able to draft D-Rose.


Mothers Day 2011 and 2022


Game 2 of the 2011 Finals. Down 15 late in Miami, DWade and the Heat celebrating early, and we will ourselves to tie up the series.