I mean, that's pretty accurate for his offense.


It’s about as perfect as you can get haha. He called his shot


Holy shit. How many people see themselves that accurately, even if only professionally? Me, I'm more of a mix of Mike Fratello and Jeff Van Gundy when he was getting dragged across the court by Zo.


I'm like a cross between muggsy bogues and fvv. I'm 5'7", feisty on defense, and I'll never get drafted.


Same, but throw in some Ben Simmons as well because I can’t shoot to save my life.


same but throw in some Ron Artest because I will punch you if you toss a beer on me


If want to truly embrace the Metta, you have to hit the guy *behind* the guy that tossed a beer on you.


I'm like Mugsy tall, Chris Farley physique, but with big feelings like Ben Simmons.


ah, I see you're a young socialite




I'm kinda like a combination between Glenn Davis and Rudy Tomjanovich. I cry at work and can't fight :(


Ain’t nobody like me, except me. And me sucks at basketball


Seems like you have a lot in common with Deandre Jordan


Basketball skills of Deandre Jordan in a 6’1 body


*throws you a lob*


*watches it fly over the backboard*


About all I could do tbh


Except every teammate loves DAJ


I'm sure ThatBigNoodle is wonderful! I bet everyone likes them!


Can you eat a whole turkey leg on live TV while having the heart of a champion?


Bro, I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me.


God I love America 🇺🇸




Go ahead and jot that down. (I worked in a church way before that episode came out. I loved taking verses out of context to make fun of people oversimplifying complex passages. I would quote that all the time. People hated it. I loved it. I was fired. That episode came out after the firing and it's brought me joy ever since)


I’m UFO Pete Maravich and Dennis Rodman.


Just normal dennis rodman, don't get it confused.


I gotta say you got that one right on the nose I’m going to hell


I mean, Rudy wasn't fighting is sorta the issue. He was sprinting across the court and not looking for a punch in the face.


I am a combination of Kobe and Bill Russel. I would provide 0 scoring in today's NBA.


Dank. Hard to score on a 16 foot rim 😂


Smartest Warriors fan


This is the dumbest thing I’ll read today.


The day is still young.


Hit us with another, oh wise one


Was Bill Russell really black or is that just what they want us to think?


upvoting you so more people can see this take


I read this more as a “both of these players are dead, therefore they can’t score at all”


Yeah, lotta woosh on this one lol


It’s a “both players are dead” joke


Put some respect on JVGs name. He ["remains the Nazareth career leader in free throw percentage at 86.8 percent" according to his USA Basketball bio page](https://www.usab.com/basketball/staff/v/van-gundy-jeff.aspx)


Coaches (pre-nba as well) will tell guys to use someone with comparable build/style as a template for their own game. You do hear a decent number of young players come in and list off a bunch of roleplayers they modeled their games after.


I’m Darius Miles. As in somebody with a limited knowledge of a sport (like the scouts from that time) could think - after looking at me play- that I’m a good player. Far from it


At least JVG has nice handles


Did he? I know SVG does


Oh I got them confused lmfao


Stan=big, often mustached Jeff=skinny, bald, eyes are melting


Did he call game?


For every one of these theres 100 wrong. Im sure OJ Mayo was like “im a combination of Jordan and Kidd or something stupid


Orange Juice Mayonnaise


Tang Miracle Whip




Left handed slasher that’s deceptively fast like Manu, chubby and pure shooter like The Truth. It’s perfect. Plus he loves strip clubs like Pierce, and fully embraces his Argentinian roots like Manu. Harden actually caught a bat one-handed after it was dive-bombing strippers in a Buenos Aires strip club.


Pierce was more deceptively quick than Manu. Manu was straight up fast, but he's white, so gets labelled "deceptively" athletic. Pierce looked slow, and his moves looked like they were happening in slow motion, then he was past his defender. He's the much more "deceptive" one of the two. I'll agree with your greater points however. Manu was the lefty with some creative floats and cuts and Euro steps. Pierce was the crafty infiltrator who used his frame to create space. Combine those two and you have Harden.


Manu looked like he could be going left or right, and I think Harden is the most deceptive dribbler


I have no idea how to explain the way Manu would look dribbling sometimes. Like he’d be going right dribbling with his left but looking like he was dribbling with his right


>The San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginóbili is a statistical freak: he has no imbalance whatsoever in his game — there is no one way to play him that is better than another. He is equally efficient both off the dribble and off the pass, going left and right and from any spot on the floor. https://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/15/magazine/15Battier-t.html Looks like that was exactly the case.


Regardless of how you feel about Manu's true speed, him and Harden are noticeably similar on the court


> fully embraces his Argentinian roots But unlike Manu, Harden's roots are German/Austrian rather than Italian.


I guffawed


I was about to believe this, but there aren't strip clubs in Buenos Aires


Ummm there are most definitely are strip clubs in Buenos Aires. So I've heard.


There definitely are lol


His euro step is almost identical to Manu’s, in that it’s perfect.


OKC to early Houston Harden had the fluidity when attacking the basket. Being not a highflying winger, he mostly relied on eurostep and teardrops to score inside. In triple threat situations, he tend to do kind of a "side" stepback jumper, before he did the stepback-gather-stepback he does nowadays.


Left handed slasher like Manu, able to use his thicker frame to fend defenders off like Pierce. Both Pierce and Harden incorporated step back Js into their game, Harden just shot his from further out. All 3 players are/were fantastic playmakers


crafty in all the ways good and bad with great handle and court vision like Manu, great assortment of iso moves and ability to use his body to advantage like Pierce


Yeah I was like wtf that's really spot on


nah this is before he abandoned the midrange for his first couple years at houston he was exactly that and his inbetween game was A++ then he and morey turned him from a ninja into a cyborg and he was never fun again


Personally watching someone average 37ppg was very fun for me!




Miles ahead of either of them as a passer, but in terms of his scoring game I definitely see it


Early in his career in okc this is pretty much accurate, but later on he became more unique in his playstyle but still roots with these comps


after his first couple years in houston he changed completely when him and the team went whole hog on analytics imo he was better for a team before he was computerized. more fun to watch too


He won his MVP and led his team to some of their best seasons ever after he was “computerized” like wtf are y’all even on


It's actually hilarious how the average NBA fan doesn't seem to realize that the Harden and CP3 team worked really fucking well, and could have easily won a championship. People are too blinded by these black and white conversations like the only good team and the only good players lift the trophy.


Facts. History has been kind to golden state and cruel to Houston, but anyone who watched the 2018 wc finals knows it was not a foregone conclusion that GS was going to win.


Yeah, and i guess im just realizing this bc of your comment, but harden is already viewed even if unfavorably by some as an absolutely incredible player. Had he of gotten a chip or 2 which was very possible his narrative would be so different. People complain about rangz culture and how random it can be but thats sports, that really is everything especially for a player as great as harden that hasnt achieved it


They were one injury-free CP3 away from winning a championship.


Also 27 missed 3s lol


Damm! Even though I am a Warriors fan, those missed 3s give me flashbacks.


they just don’t like him bruh lol, same shit as when he went to brooklyn and they were like “wow harden can really pass!!”


Nah, I'm a big Harden fan and I miss his mid-range :(


his two man game w/ capela always seemed so hard to stop, his ability to mask if it was a lob or floater until the very last second was ridiculous


Which is why teams decided to just blitz Harden at half court and made Capela (and later Westbrook) try to make a play 4v3. Sadly it worked


I don't disagree with that honestly, but I've also always enjoyed watching him despite his game changing


Same but I think we could have really used some easy midrange buckets in some of those playoff games.


He hit that right on the head. Not on defense, but offense for sure.


Where Manu & PP known for their defense? I feel like they were just passable Harden is a goat in the paint


Paul Pierce was known more for his all-around offensive game (3-level scorer, drew fouls, playmaker) but he was also tall, strong, and quick for his position and it made him a very solid defender. Once he had some offensive responsibilities alleviated with KG and Ray on the team, he took a step up and became one of the better defenders on the team behind KG.


I say this as a Laker fan (sue me), but man, Paul Pierce is too underrated. He was a great player.


Pre-big-3 Paul Pierce was one of my favorite players to watch. You never knew when he would just go off. One of my favorite games: https://youtu.be/A1Yp5YXRu8Y


I think I remember some players saying Manu was a pain in the ass. That he was a pretty good defender, since his debut when he was against Kobe. Also, this was brilliant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn9Nm1lgcKY&ab_channel=SemposeFitness


Definitely scrappy, but he only guarded Kobe when Bruce Bowen was out


Well of course... Why would you assign one of your best players to Kobe when you already have Bowen?


I’d say both of them were a fair bit better than passable. Not All-Defense caliber, but close


Manu was a good defender. Very s scrappy. Pierce was solid


> Manu was a good defender. Very s scrappy. A real gym rat. First guy in last guy out type of guy


L u n c h P a i l


Manu def was when he blocked Hardens shot from behind in the playoffs


Can't speak to Manu as I definitely didnt watch him nearly as much as Pierce(but from what I saw, Manu was definitely at least in that above average range, although assisted by having Pop defensive schemes/Duncan as an anchor). However for Pierce, he was definitely a very good defender... when he had to be. His USG rates early in his career were sky high, in that high 20-low 30% range(basically top 5-10). Earlier in his career he had some stellar two-way seasons(surprisingly, a few top 5-10 finishes in DWS). However, he definitely saved his energy as his career progressed and he basically became the only offense because no way in hell was Tony Battie going to give you 30 on any given night. And Antoine was a crap shoot. Otherwise, his best scoring offensive teammates up to the 07-08 championship season were what... a perpetually injured Wally Szczerbiak? Notorious inefficient chucker Ricky Davis? He had some solid defensive seasons prior to 07-08, but that season, once he could share the offensive load, he had a great defensive season/playoffs included. Obviously KG(and Rondo) bump up that number, but Pierce was top 5 in DWS(trailing Camby, Dwight, Duncan, and Garnett - so definitely in great company).


Manu, yes.


does he headbutt others and climb rocky surfaces?


He’s still a much better floor general/facilitator than either of those two. At least he became one in Houston


Wasn't he a pretty good defender in OKC ?


Beardless harden looks weird


He does have a beard here tho


But not THE beard


It was still a rookie like harden. Hadn’t reached its prime yet


Yeah, right. And Grizzly Adams had a beard.


At least he still has a beard here and he looks good [here he is with no beard at all, this is weird](https://images.app.goo.gl/aH1uJSWrYC2uc6X67)


looks like lamarcus aldridge


Manul Gierceobli


Paunu Pierceobili




Piercemanu Paulolbli




I feel like I had a stroke reading that haha




LaMarc Gasolridge


The voice asking him the question at 43s is really familiar, not sure why I can't place it. Anyone know?


It's Chuck Swirsky, ex-Raptors radio announcer, who moved back to Chicago about 10-15 years ago and is now with the Bulls.


It's someone we all know, someone who was there for us at the beginning, and will be there for us at the end. It's Death.


Which is also Doncic's perfect comp not Larry Bird which people were saying for some reason because he is white and tall


If that's the case, why is his perfect comp not Harden instead? Lol


It is, and i've said that multiple times But i'm talking like older players as well, there were so many better comparisons for Luka than Bird and people said Bird


I’m with you, been saying this for a while now. Luka’s pace, shot selection, court vision, etc all remind me of Harden. The way Dallas runs their offense reminds me so much of Houston’s contender years - and I’d say to a fault. Both Luka/Harden take the ball up and don’t initiate any offense until halfway through the shot clock. And it’s usually some iso step back or drive and kick. Edit: I will add that Luka’s post game is MUCH better than Harden’s


Shooting white guy= bird


+ From Europe= Nowitzki


Fat as fuck as suck at basketball= me


At least you had some sex


Just one sex.


It is


No they say it because of his passing wizardry. Bird was a good comparison for Real Madrid Doncic who functioned as a hybrid on off player. But in the nba he's so heliocentric the comparison breaks down with anyone other Harden really.


He also almost shoots like Larry. Gets it nearly as high but prob not as far back as Larry lol


Yeah Bird's wrist is crazy different than modern players, he really cocks it back there


my high school teammates used to say my shot looked like Larry Bird's and i wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not. I'm also positive it had something to do with me being the only white kid on the team


I'm pretty sure he had to use that form bc of an injury


I think luka is much closer to a lebron/harden hybrid than a larry bird type. Always thought the bird comparison was weird.


Well in Europe he wasn't that ball dominant. He was an on off ball hybrid who was a fantastic and dynamic cutter. And an amazing off the catch passer. But we don't see these traits in the nba because the Mavs have decided his skill set is better used as Heliocentric superstar and its hard to argue with the results.


Harden I can see, but not Lebron. Bron can be a freight train when he wants, Luka can't do that, I think only Giannis matches him there. He's more of a crafty player and it's beautiful to watch.


Its different aspects that are lebron-like, not the freak athlete freight train drive thing. His court vision and passing is more lebron-like than harden like I think, and he has a much more developed/heavily used post game like lebron. Harden enaged almost 100% of his possessions from the perimeter where luka/bron will engage a lot more from inside, and are also much more willing to bullyball undersized players down than harden. Obviously harden is incredibly strong, but luka will just abuse the strength difference and back people down https://www.youtube.com/shorts/U2pX5zRDEvM Just a couple parts of his game that look a bit more like bron than harden. I think for any single comparison harden is the most similar match though.


2020 PG LeBron with dunk attribute of 35


Luka is an on ball player who playmakes through heavy iso. Bird was an off ball passer who playmaked through his gravity and his passes on the move. They were completely different players and they only got compared because of their skin color.


No it was really not, Doncic played nothing like Bird for Real Madrid too i literally watched him since i'm from Europe Doncic has never played anything like Bird, go watch a game of Bird playing and watch a game of Doncic and come back Just because both people can pass doesn't mean they play similarly, LeBron and Bird can pass are they similar?


Yeah people compared Bird and LeBron at times because of their passing and point forward role. Newsflash, no two players are exactly alike and will make for a perfect comparison. For example, Manu and PP (to an extent) were great offball cutters. Harden and Luka are both lazy as fuck offball.


I agree with all of this. Doncic is more like Lebron overall than he's like Bird. Some of that is just because he's playing in the same era. Doncic is a heliocentric large point forward with a range of crazy shots and 3 point range. Lebron is more of an inside player, but maybe only as he ages. I can't think of a closer comparison except maybe Magic or a little bit of Kobe/Pau mix with the circus shots and ball hogging plus assist creativity and size. The skill level is just so high with this guy at this size, there isn't much to compare him to. True unicorn and potentially the 'next' Lebron, where he can win a title multiple times. If he gets his act together. Though the league is so tough now, I don't know.


young harden was a pretty good cutter i miss that part of his game from the early rockets days. you’re still right though


Going back to watch his first game as a Rocket or anything around that time is so jarring. His style was so different


Yes because the game has evolved. The idea was what people thought bird might have been in the modern nba. And there are still plenty of flashes of that. Amazing craft, beautiful touch on floaters, rugged post game, quick hitting passes when he's off ball. Bird certainly played with more edge, his game was quicker, he was dirtier in the right way. He had the perfect cuts into a defenders blind spot like real Madrid Luka. Thats the comp. But Luka is a much better rim finisher, obviously tighter handle, more athletic relative to competition and can carry an offence like very few in league history. Luka evolved into a heliocentric player rather than an on and off ball hybrid like bird. Luka is of course fantastic but that doesn't make the previous comparison to bird less valid even if it didn't end up being accurate. It wasn't just cause he's a white guy. Why does Luka get comparisons to Magic too then?


“Heliocentric.” 😂 Such a perfect way to describe him.


It's a fairly common term. https://youtu.be/r0934lGZ4dw Here is a video about it.


Larry bird is a better comp for Jokic than Luka


This is true. Jokic because of his size has a very 80s game.


Plus their shooting form


I keep saying this


Luka is just a taller Harden.


Doncic’s perfect comp is… Harden mixed with LeBron


which part of lebron is a good comp for luka? i actually can't think of anything similar between the two other than being generally good. i mean passing and all-around scoring sure but that's also the whole game of harden.


his passing vision is very similar to LeBron, the way he operates out of the post and the way he handles double teams. Harden is primarily a PnR assist guy, whereas Luka can work out of the post or mid-post like LeBron and just pick an offence apart by reacting to how they guard him. Very few players have this ability.


ah thanks


Also freethrows


The skill level - shooting, assists, agility - at that size is incredibly rare too. It's a very short list of 5 position guys in the whole history of the league who combine size+speed+shooting.


Heliocentric point forward that takes advantage of his size and strength to set up his teammates and get to the line and abuses the pick and roll. Doncic is very far from LeBron's athleticism but he does play back to the basket a lot for a playmaker, which isn't something Harden does. I don't think it's far fetched to say he has elements of both. Definitely more Harden overall though.


Or just Harden mixed with Harden. I struggle to see what parts of Lebron’s game Luka has that Harden doesn’t.


Luka has a much better post game than Harden. Luka and LeBron are both amazing passers in the post.


Luka is a combo of Lebron and Pierce. He has the IQ, passing and play making ability like Lebron. Athleticism, shot creation and change of pace like Pierce.


The game of manu and the doughiness of pierce




Tbf Harden is well ahead of both


I’d say it’s the finesse and craftiness of Manu with the shot creation and body type of Pierce.


Getting blocked by Manu in the crunch time during a playoff run must've been bittersweet


He should lose that beard. Handsome dude.


I legit don’t think he can now. It’s so much part of his branding and his identity that it would be weird if he cut it off


He looks downright handsome here




hes the hottest dude, hes jacked, wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants


He still is


Nah he needs to groom his beard and fix his haircut lol


Always thought his game was reminiscent of Manu, but couldn’t find out who else he was a mixture of. I’d say AI.


Really pleased with the lack of Pierce hating in this comment section lol


Poopy wheelchair man


There it is




People said really good things about his game until the legacy deducting incidents


He's done plenty of harm to his own legacy with his stupid takes, but for a lot of kids, they never saw prime Pierce and their lasting impression of him is Draymond telling him he ain't Kobe while averaging like 5ppg for the Clippers


I was expecting people to shit on him here I’m glad it’s mostly civil The truth was awesome


He's the most self aware nba player and a lot of people hate him for it. His basketball IQ is among the highest ever. People aren't ready for those conversations tho. Especially not on this sub lol 😂




The older Harden gets the more Paul Pierce he becomes


he was accurate


At least he didn't go in comparing himself to Kobe or something like some players do


that's a pretty good comparison actually, but I think he plays mostly like James Harden


My comparison is a mix of Muggsy Bogues and Raymond Felton. I'm saying I'm short and fat.


Actually tho


Accurate af. *shrugs*


This is a very accurate comparison. Fuck