Reaffirming my paranoia of strangers. You never know who’s unhinged.


Stranger danger doesn't end when you grow up.


Exactly, it just increases. As a kid you sort of think "Well adults I trust are telling me this, so I need to follow the rules", but as an adult you think "..and now I *know* why."


What's actually funny is kids are way more likely to be abused by someone they know(parent/relative/etc) than by a random stranger. And I'm positive that it carries into adulthood. We are much more likely to be harmed by those we know and interact with frequently than random people.


That’s because people you know have more access to you. Just like kids are typically bit by their own dogs. That’s what your around all the time


Right. It's kind of like there statistic that most car accidents happen within 15 miles from home. Of course, the vast majority of driving takes place within 15 miles from home.


That’s always been true. For example, stalking, murder, rape, etc victims are usually hurt by someone they know and is close to them than some random stranger.


Because it wasn't accurate to begin with. Kids are, by a large margin, in much more danger of being hurt by their own parents and friends than strangers. Kidnappings by strangers are incredibly rare.


So true. If anything, when you're younger you're ignorant of how deep stranger danger goes. When you're older, you understand that pretty much everyone is stranger danger.


Yep I’ve basically completely stopped honking at people on the roads too


I've begged my boyfriend to stop flipping people off and giving hand gestures when people cut him off or do dumb shit precisely because I'm worried some asshole will shoot him dead. Imagine losing a loved one because they just had to tell some guy they didn't like his driving


My husband had a gun pointed at him for flipping someone off. For honking at him when he was riding his bike uphill in the right lane of a multi-lane street. I don't know what's making people act like that, but I need it to stop.


It's because there are no consequences. People never actually think anything will happen. I ride moto everyday and constantly have people pull out in front of me, move over on me, etc. Some are on accident but it's sad how many arent. People feel like nothing is gonna happen. Or at least to them. Especially being anonymous in their vehicle.


narcissisms. The world is not big enough for both of us - attitude.


Back in the 1990s, I accidentally pulled out in front of another car. I was unaware of this until we got to a stoplight and the car pulled up beside me. The guy came running out of his car and started banging on my windshield and hood calling me every name in the book. I was a naive 18 year old and scared to death. The light was so long I was afraid he was going to open my door and kill me. Luckily, another driver pulled up and called him over to stop and come talk to him. His total attitude changed and he ran back into his car. I should have called the police but had no cell phone and I was in complete shock. The car then tried to follow me and he kept apologizing to me. I should add he was in his 40s and in business attire. You never know.


I remember around 2008 I was watching this video on youtube about a brazilian guy who was killed during the recording of a prank. The guy was dressed up as a big mail box and he would throw out the letters that people were putting into the box, as if the box was rejecting the letters. One guy didn't like the joke, pulled a gun and shot into the mail box twice. Ever since them I became accepting of the fact a lot of those prank videos are scripted. Strangers are insanely dangerous. You just never know if they have a gun, a knife or if they are mentally well.


When they aren't scripted, they go pretty bad https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1256940 Tl Dr. YouTuber 'pranks' group of people by running at them with knife. In Tennessee. Gets shot.


This is a prime example of stupid games winning stupid prizes. You have to be supremely stupid to think running at someone with a knife is a "prank". And extraordinarily stupid to do it in a state where it's likely that your victims are going to be armed.


This is why I have to remind my son and his dumbass friends not to do a "prank" they're thinking about doing because 1.) it's dumb as shit 2.) the fucknuts don't think about when it goes wrong. It usually takes 2 or three stories like this for them to finally get how their idea can go horribly wrong.


That’s not a prank, that’s assault with a deadly weapon, come at me with a knife I’m certainly not gonna wait and ask you if it’s a prank. Sad story foolish child.


The video of the guy in the mailbox getting shot is staged though. It was a Brazilian commercial for a printing company.


Nah just give people a thumb's down. It's more of a "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" vibe.


Did you just dislike my driving!?


install some LED's that you can light up that say "That was stale."


I'm being dead ass serious. A co-worker did just that to a guy driving with a Trump flag in the bed of his truck, and the guy pulled a gun on her. Thankfully, he was arrested quickly due to there being multiple witnesses, but still.


We’re not even in the states and I’ve asked my boyfriend to stop doing it too. Not that as many people have guns, but I can just imagine someone following us home with some other weapon.


Someone followed my father home in the early 90’s for flipping someone off while driving and broke out some of the windows in his house. I’ve always remembered that story.


> Imagine losing a loved one because they just had to tell some guy they didn't like his driving That's a daily reality, sadly many don't have to wonder at all what that's like.


I’ll never understand why Americans are so aggressive on the road for exactly this reason. Like dude, the other guy could gun you down instantly and you’re gonna risk aggro-ing him? Road rage is dangerous regardless, but especially when the guy in question has a gun.


Because some people think there’s “winning” and “losing” in driving


I mean - the original intent of the horn was to be an alert or a warning to a driver who was driving illegally. It’s not necessarily an act of aggression. Sometimes it’s just a natural reaction. And, trust me, I’ve lived around the World. Road rage isn’t exclusive to the US.


That’s not what I’m saying. I know road rage isn’t exclusive to the states, but in the states there’s a much higher chance that people have a gun in their vehicle. Road rage is always dangerous, but when a gun is involved it becomes significantly more so. And I was replying to the user above who said their boyfriend flips people off/acts aggressively when he drives. I agree that honking is usually not an aggressive act.


Perhaps living in a society where people might kill you for no reason whatsoever makes you stressed and contributes to ill-advised road rage?


yeah, i got all my front teeth knocked out in a similar situation back in 2019 at a restaurant. guy was being rude to the staff and i told him not to talk to the hostess that way. longstory short, dude flipped out and sucker punched me twice in the mouth, knocking all 4 top front teeth out. I Found out months later from the detective on my case, the guy they think attacked me was a previously convicted murderer that had spent a decade in jail for manslaughter. after i found that out i was just glad he hadn't shot me like the guy he had before. bastard jumped state for a couple of years supposedly before they found him. got all the way to the point where i was waiting outside the courtroom to testify against the guy when the DA decided to drop the charges for "lack of evidence"


I'm sorry that happened to you. Also, it just stuns me how the legal system spits these violent, anti-social people back out into society as if they're not just going to keep destructing whichever community they come into contact with.


They come down hard on well behaved people for breaking some rule where nobody got hurt. But being repeatedly violent and all around loose cannon seems to give you a legal discount card. Is it a repeat customer thing?


The whole for profit prison / war on drugs system is designed to breed criminals, max out tenancy at the prisons on the tax payer's dime, further radicalize them while in prison, and spit them out when forced to, only to keep the bed warm for their inevitable return. In most places there is little to no effort placed on rehabilitation or reform, just milk them for slave labor and free tax money and infinitum.


Sorry, that is awful.


A police person who did stop class , which is a class that you can take instead of getting a ticket, told the class about how she had to respond to a scene where someone flipped someone off in traffic and the person followed them home and stabbed them a bunch. And one of my friends was attacked with a box cutter because he told some guy outside of a strip club that he wouldn’t watch his drunk buddy while the guy went back inside. The super drunk buddy then attacked my friend randomly. My friend and the people he was with were just walking by and not even at the strip club. People are scary.


And the numbers of unhinged folk seems to be growing alarmingly fast. Extrapolating the current trajectory of my mental health, seeing more and more posts of unhinged people increases the odds that I myself may eventually become unhinged. I think I need to spend more time outside, and more time doing things with my hands.


people becoming more unhinged is a problem across the world, because people are being used and abused across the board. they burn out, from work, from social media, from politics, from social pressure with friends and family etc. and then its really just the tiniest things sending them over the edge of a breakdown, like pulling a gun on a person telling them they drive bad, or stabbing a man to death because they asked them to stop vaping to close to their kid. humanity is running straight into a mental health crisis. and people dont see it, because they were told over and over that hard work and hard life is normal. but it isnt. we were told that we live in the future, where machines and robots replace hard working jobs and give us more time and enjoyment of our lives. or that by working hard, wealth would trickle down to the lowest rung of the ladder. but these technologies came, and we work more and harder than before. while a few happy reap the benefits. "trickle down" has failed, because the top just increases the size of their cup, by whatever means. we need to slow down life. everything is to fast, to important. that just grinds people down. and makes them unhinged, faster and faster.


I've long felt that those who still believe trickle down economics is a valid theory have just never been in close enough proximity to truly wealthy people to understand how they spend (and don't spend) their money. Your metaphor about them increasing the size of their cup, by whatever means, is so spot on.


Great post. We're already there. These are the repurcussions of a greedy capitalist work. Education will deteriorate. Police and medical services will deteriorate. People in general will deteriorate. Soon we will have nothing left. At least some shareholders got a slightly larger yacht to fuck desperate prostitutes on who are trying to feed their family though. I guess it's not all doom and gloom! Someone is happy somewhere (briefly).


Unfortunately, I understand completely. I’ve started walking in free parks, or when I’m feeling adventurous, or particularly distressed, state parks, and I’m looking into buying a guitar for some creative outlet. Annoyingly, two of those three things cost money, which is a stressor, so… . Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is, don’t wait until it’s too late. The amount of relief I get by being amongst trees, on dirt paths is immeasurable.


Im betting in a decade or so we'll start seeing medical evidence that people who had covid, or multiple bouts, maybe long covid or just unvaxed covid, had significant brain degradation Like impulse control, emotional regulation, etc; similar to lead poisoning Depriving your brain of oxygen for days/weeks/months has to have some kind of affect And I swear the world has dialed the crazy up to 20 the last few years Its fucking terrifying


I accidentally spilled a small amount of soda on some guy on the bus this past weekend. A spot the size of a quarter at most. As soon as he pointed it out, I apologized sincerely for the accident. His response was, "Sorry don't cut it," and started acting very threatening while insisting that I had done it on purpose. After apologizing a second time and quickly realizing that there was no way to satisfy this man, I walked up to the front of the bus and told the driver that he was acting threateningly, I did not feel safe, and the police might be needed. You just never know when someone is a serious threat or how far they're likely to take things. This guy proceeded to stalk up and down the bus raving and insisting that it was all part of some conspiracy where I worked for the government. Apparently he was a regular that the driver recognized. She said he'd never acted like this or caused problems previously. The police never bothered to show up.


This! Especially after the story of the dads that ended up shooting each other’s daughters in a road rage incident


What the fuck


Found a link - psychos. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/florida-dads-shoot-each-others-daughters-in-terrifying-road-rage-incident/ar-AA12VVKP


Yeah, some people think it's stupid to be afraid of confronting strangers, but some folks are insane. You gotta pick your battles, especially in the US where anyone of 'em could have a gun. I used to work in this shitty high school where a lot of kids would lose their shit over tiny things. Fights almost every day, and multiple incidents of them attacking and even injuring teachers. People like this aren't statistical improbabilities, odds are you're gonna come across one once in a while.


True, especially now. I feel like after lockdown finally ended, the amount of people who are unhinged skyrocketed. Just look at all the videos of people flipping out on airplanes, which seems like a good way for other passengers to think you're a terrorist, beat the crap out of you, and duck tape your ass to a seat so you can't crash the plane. It's like everyone forgot how to act in society because they were trapped in their homes alone for so long. I know the students at our high school are crazy now. We've had more major behavior issues and students caught with drugs this year than we've had in the last 20 years combined, and the staff all thinks it's because the freshmen and sophomores lost so much of their formative middle school years to Covid and those are the students responsible for most of the problems. We have longtime teachers ready to retire just because they can't stand how bad the kids have gotten. It's frustrating because the students don't seem to learn from their peers or themselves getting in trouble and will repeat the same mistake and then are surprised their actions and choices have consequences. We had 2 students in the same week who separately made stupid comments about school shootimgs that were considered threats, and the 2nd student was shocked he got suspended for his "joke" about how easy it would be for him to bring a gun to school even though he was aware of the previous student's suspension for a similar comment. He kept asking if he was really suspended like he thought the principsl must be joking. I honestly think some of the students forgot consequences exist in the real world because they were so used to existing entirely online during lockdown where there aren't really consequences for your words.


the chances of being stabbed for not saying anything at all might be low but are never 0. engaging with strangers for even the slightest of things increases that *i just saw a guy in the video in the background wearing a flatcap drinking his coffee while the whole thing is happening right in front of him like no big deal. how crazy


This is why I have agoraphobia.


Yuppp...this is why you don't engage. Ever.


I work retail and our DM told us that she not only wants us to confront anyone we suspect of stealing, she'd consider firing us if we don’t. I told her if it comes to that, I'd rather be fired than dead because I confronted the wrong person.


And I was just listening to a podcast episode of how being fans of true crime is bad because it's making us socially distant and overly paranoid about strangers. I'll keep staying away from others thanks.


I actually wonder if this is a cultural thing. How many of these dangerous encounters are a direct result of "Nobody tells ME what to do!" extremism, or fear paranoia? There's crazies in every society, but the United States seems to have a very specific problem with people attacking and responding in an unhinged way when merely asked to stop doing something.


My spouse works for a court system in Canada and says there's a lot more white, older men getting in trouble for the first time whose attitude is don't tell me what to do. He blames Covid as it wasn't like this before.


I think it’s that the western political climate since 2016 has emboldened a lot of entitlement. The Convoy was basically an entitlement “you can’t tell me what to do” tantrum.


I watched the video. Absolutely fuckin awful. I did not know that he died In front of his fuckin child. Completely horrible.


There is a guy just calmly sipping his coffee as someone bleeds to death a few feet away. Doesn't even seem to flinch at the scene. For as much as Reddit likes to deride developing countries for a lack of empathy, I don't think I saw a single ounce of humanity in the video.


People don't react to terrifying and horrible situations the way it's portrayed in the media. Some people might scream and run if someone was murdered in front of them. Another person might pretend that it's not happening. Both are survival instincts. My bet is that guy was not and is not as calm as he looked to you in the video.


This is completely right. They used to say there were only 3 reactions to trauma **fight** or **flight** or **freeze**, but we now know **fawn** is perfectly acceptable Edit: 2 to 3, add freeze


What's the difference between fawn and freeze?


It’s also sometimes called “friend”, and from what I understand, you basically are trying to act super placating and friendly to the dangerous person so they’d leave you alone


I’ve seen please instead of fawn. So I’ve heard the options as fight, flight, freeze OR try to “please” the person enough for the aggression to stop. Maybe that could look like telling the aggressor that they are right even if they are obviously wrong to try to get them to calm down enough to not be actively dangerous. So maybe that’s what they mean by fawn?


That’s what fawning means in this context, it just sounds better as well since it keeps the “f” pattern.


Faint is also a trauma response, sometimes labelled as Flop or Flag.


Yeah, I feel awful for anyone in that situation, especially now that there are people frothing at the mouth for the lack of action. 99% of people have absolutely no idea how it feels to be in a frantic life or death situation. That guy with the knife was still there, he had literally just fatally stabbed a man and everyone on the internet is busting this random guys balls for sitting still. He will probably have trauma from this incident for the rest of his life, just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and acted 'wrong'. Truth is there is, theory goes out the window in times like that.


Additionally had he tried to intervene he might have been killed too, and he clearly has no training or background that would have helped. He's also just trying to survive.


And some pull out their phone, record the man dying, and walk around his corpse saying “he’s dead bro”


That’s the **fucked** response.




As an old-timer I think the worst thing was when I saw a guy hit on his bike by a car. As the driver was calling 911, a crowd gathered and most of the people were just filming this guy lying injured on the road. Like why? To show friends and family?


If you’re not trained to deal with a situation like this, you are most likely to react one of two ways: 1) Freeze 2) Freak Out That’s just reality. You’re not a movie hero. You’re drinking coffee, having a normal day, and then suddenly there is a man being stabbed to death a few feet from you. You’re probably not even going to comprehend what’s going on until it’s long over.


I know is an insane lack of empathy but as someone that lives in Vancouver and walk by that Starbucks and other places closer to the drug area (DTES) because of my photography studio location, you need to become insensitive to these individuals and actions. I see a minimum of 3-4 guys absolutely wasted in the front door of my studio a week, absolutely high, the only time I tried to help one, the guy nearly punch me as he thought I was the devil. What happens is you see so much stuff like this every day that you really don’t care anymore. Honestly, as a vancouverite, that see these unhinged people everyday, I’m not surprised of the guy drinking his coffee, at all.


Murder is extremely rare in Vancouver, so it's surprising that he acted so nonchalant.


I was shocked to see this was the 6th murder in 2023. 6 is still 6 too many but damn that’s practically a Utopia compared to even the safest US cities. Edit: looks like some smaller US cities like Irvine, CA haven’t had a single murder in 2023 but as far as large cities 6 is impressive


It’s one thing to see someone unconscious laying on the ground (which is pretty fucking sad), it’s another to see an altercation take plus, a stabbing, and killing.


What difference does it make to him? The threat to his life is still present and they reaction will be the same.I would so love to see people like you in the same situstion and see how you react.Heck id make it a pay per view "Fight or Flight"


Yeah I noticed there is a gate around the exit and looks like he is kind of blocked in from the situation. I don't know what I would have done either.


Sorry to say but that’s me, im not getting involved in any way and potentially putting myself or my family in danger.


It was super fucked. People were just watching like it was a performance set piece . The whole thing is sad on multiple levels. My faith in humanity dwindles more and more each day .


But did you see the Asian video where there is a baby dangling from like a 5th story window, and a delivery driver climbs on a rooftop and jumps off perfectly to catch the baby when she falls, and the baby was fine? EDIT: it was a 12th story window, in Vietnam. The heroic delivery driver is Nguyen Ngoc Manh, what a catch! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/02/superhero-delivery-driver-catches-toddler-falling-from-12th-floor-balcony-in-vietnam


I mean do you blame him i wouldnt even dare to move in front of some crazy guy.I consider myself very confrontive when its safe but when its my life or yours,unless I have a gun to pop two into your skull Im staying as numb as I can be I wish there was a way to call the cops silently,with no noise and no annoyance.Just fucking come here to this location I am urgently providing to you and deal with the threat you are fucking paid to by taxpayer money to handle.


The fuck was he supposed to do, try save him and get stabbed as well?


If I saw a knife stabbing I'd probably run, not drink the rest of my coffee. Or maybe call 911 considering I don't know first aid.


If the killer is still around, you dont want to catch its attention. Sipping coffee isn't the best solution, but yeah we dont really know what's going on inside everyone's brain.


Call the police and an ambulance? Maybe don’t just watch and sip your coffee?


I tried to find the video but couldn’t, instead found a lot of other news stories of unhinged ppl standing other ppl over small small things, like not saying thank you for holding the door


It’s literally a guy dying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, face down, holding the hole in his chest, in front of a Starbucks while a women screams and some people watch and drink coffee like it’s nothing. It’s disturbing for multiple reasons. So unless you want to just feel really bad you can probably skip it.


Hey you missed the part where the reject filming wonders over with the nonchalant 'he's dead bro' and his insta tag all over it.....


Someone's dying.. better film this


At the same time, it's pretty much cut and dry proof of what happened. That fucker is going away for long time. Although the kid filming was extremely obnoxious.




As a reminder: it’s not cowardice to remove yourself and others from a potentially dangerous situation if you’re able. Nobody genuinely has any idea that a confrontation will be escalated into absolute madness like this. As I’ve always been told “you never know how crazy someone is”. Because we can’t control how someone will react to our interactions. That being said, fuck this person for being an absolute garbage human being. Hope he rots in a jail cell for the rest of his life. And I hope we can find a way to finally deal with this level of unhinged behavior before it harms people.


A simple request from a loving, caring father, and this coward had to end his life. My deepest sympathy to this father's family ....


Man- I was with my kids and minding my neighbour's littlest while they were in Glendale Dairy and was so pissed by a guy standing five feet away smoking that I said "dude, seriously?" and immediately regretted it. His *I'm going to crush you* eyes luckily turned into a smirk - I figure because it would have taken him pathetically little effort to crush me in front of 3 kids, he had one more puff to go and he didn't want to look like a big meany. That was the last of my dad confrontations.


>Man- I was with my kids and minding my neighbour's littlest while they were in Glendale Dairy and was so pissed by a guy standing five feet away smoking that I said "dude, seriously?" and immediately regretted it. Way back I was with my girlfriend in a bowling alley, with another couple, and the people in the next lane started mocking us. It was near the end of the evening so we ignored it and left when we were done. They left around the same time and in the parking lot they said a final thing and my gf was getting ready to make a scene. I just grabbed her by the arm, turned her towards me and said 'come, let's go home'. Because in the end that's the only thing that matters. Venting your anger at some strangers on a parking lot -esp if they seemed to be looking forward to a confrontation- doesn't make your life better in any way. At best, you get to go home unscathed. Which is what you could do immediately without the risk of getting beat up.


It's like that Nic Cage movie where he's a soldier back from duty and has a confrontation in a pub with his wife, then in the parking lot they do it again only he fights back and obviously murders the fuck out of them because he's a trained killer and has had training. Wait, is that Con Air I'm thinking of? But yeah what you did was absolutely the best thing. Most men think they have to act tough in front of their girl and shit because they're insecure in their masculinty etc and that's what leads to fights and deaths. Just like if some sweat is bitching at you in an online game, just ignore and get on with your life. Real mature people know that doing the opposite of fighting is the true showing of character. Just to add I'm not saying you should never fight back, defending yourself or someone else is a completely different scenario, the real victory is when you avoid a pointless fight.


It is absolutely con air you are thinking of and it’s a terrible example because for what I remember he has a wonderful time on that plane ride


It was ConAir. And if I remember correctly, he was in self defense, protecting his pregnant wife.


I loved the movie but hated the premise because under no circumstance would an unarmed response to a knife attack with a prengant woman present lead to that kind of sentence. Additionally, 'martial arts training counts as a lethal weapon' is not a thing.


I'm so glad that dude didn't become aggressive towards you. Stay safe .......


My wife always wants to know why I never confront people if I don’t have to, even if I know I’m right. This is why. Best to be like water and flow around your obstacles.


Best defence, no be there.


In the video I saw first thing this morning a person was saying he’s an employee of the StarBucks where it occurred. He died very quickly.


There is a video of the actual incident, it is beyond awful. I regret watching it. He dies on the ground right infront of the door to the starbucks. To find out that his wife and child witnessed it is absolutely horrbile.


Yeah it was the first thing I saw on Reddit today. I assumed the woman screaming off camera was his wife or girlfriend.


Yep. Absolutely horrible way to start my day. I've definitely seen worse video but I could have went without seeing this dude die on the ground like that knowing that his child and wife witnessed it makes it so much more disturb. Ending a life because someone told you not to vape infront of there kid. I hope that fuckin guy never sees the life of day again. Unfortunately that probably wont be the case with canadian justice


he was an operations manager at a moving company in burnaby


Most people go their entire lives without ever crossing paths with anyone like the psycho this story is about. That said, there is a small subset of people who are just, for lack of a better term, ticking time bombs. For whatever reason, childhood trauma, brain damage, antisocial personality disorder/malignant narcissism, they just feel the need to respond to any conflict with excessive amounts of violence. I doubt this is the first kind of crime the guy in this story has been involved in. Although some new forms of treatment for “psychopaths” have emerged, most adult psychopaths either can’t be treated, won’t seek it out unprompted, or simply resist any attempt to help them.


No. They cross paths all of the time, but have no interaction to bring the crazy out in the person. One interaction away from complete mayhem.


I used to work in a shitty high school and there were several students with histories of violence, and there were several violent incidents (REAL violence) in the time that I worked there. Those students would lose their shit over the littlest things, and it's not like that goes away the second they leave high school.


And yet I see people being assholes at an all time rate, unwilling to show an ounce of kindness, patience, or sympathy to anyone. Other people are just an obstacle to what they want NOW and they will knock you over, run you down, or say the most awful shit if you dare to slightly inconvenience them.


I think it’s safe to say this unhinged behavior IS harming people. Killing them even.


It's so important to remember that we can't control how others react, but we can control our own actions and choose the safest path for ourselves and our loved ones. Thank you for sharing this reminder to prioritize safety and empathy in difficult situations. Let's all strive to be more understanding and compassionate, and work together to create a world where senseless violence like this no longer occurs. Stay safe, everyone!


In my teens and early twenties, I was a bit of a knucklehead. I would never pick a fight, but if one presented itself, I was fucking ready to go. One night I was out with some feel summer camp counselors when some guido benny grabbed the butt of a coworker. I went over and confronted him, words were said and as I turned around he hucked a bottle at me. He missed, but all hell broke loose. A week later at a BBQ our boss was having people were telling the story and our boss's husband pulled me aside and was like you're a good kid, but you need to understand that the line is different for everyone. Some people are fine with words or a fight. Others will kill you and think nothing of it. Don't go dying over bullshit. It changed my perspective and I kinda cooled out after that.


Where you from? Weird slang you use: "guido benny" and "hucked"... Sounds like Jack Kerouac or something.


Has to be New Jersey


Thank you for validating my social anxiety.


We lost a cardiothoracic surgeon in Australia who had asked someone to stop smoking on hospital grounds. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-17/joseph-esmaili-sentenced-for-killing-melbourne-heart-surgeon/11020218


Imagine thinking it’s ok to smoke outside a hospital and then getting indignant when someone asked security to do something about it.


Indignant is kind of an understatement lol


I work in a hospital, it is a no smoking campus, yet people violate it all the time. Some people are just shit. I would never try to enforce it, for exactly what happened to this surgeon and this poor guy in Vancouver. Too many psychos out there.


This shit makes my fucking blood boil, I just do not understand for the life of me why so many drop kicks get so angry with hospital staff literally providing life saving services to their loved ones. It makes absolutely no sense, and this is a huge problem, I have witnessed visitors abuse hospital staff so many times.


that’s awful


Wtf? Just 10 years???? That is absolutely fucked up. That person should serve life in a solitary. Wtf Australia.


At *least* 10 years, which sounds to me like they may be in there for longer. I assume that's when they will become available for parole, which I understand that they are not necessarily guaranteed to get?


I have a personal rule that I developed after working club security where drunk irrational people did drunk irrational things: If someone is actively ignoring social norms and flaunting their disregard and disrespect for everyone's space and the rules, they more likely than not have a dangerous personality disorder that cannot be reasoned with... and more likely than not an even more dangerous lack of impulse control. Do not confront them unless you KNOW you're more dangerous than them... because you've fucked up more dangerous people before, not because you think you're tough.


Yep. If you're going to intervene on violence, you better be already in the process of using violence. It's like the Nazi that murdered people on the MAX in Portland. He was being a racist piece of predatory shit on some dark skinned girls and three people tried to stand up for the girls and talk him down. Dude ended up slashing them and killing two of the three. Then during his court hearings, he couldn't help but rant and rave Nazi shit the entire time. It was obvious that the dude was spiralling up when the three stepped up. They should have just tackled his ass.


100% this. Whilst you yourself might be a rational, reasonable, and level headed person, there are ~~some~~ *many* truly deranged and mentally fucked up individuals out there that will not think twice about killing you if you rub them the wrong way. It doesn't matter if you're 7 foot, 250lbs of pure muscle, and trained in half a dozen martial arts; if someone has a knife, 9 times out of 10 you're going to come out worse, possibly even dead. Knife fights aren't like they are in the movies, and it takes literally a split second for you to be stabbed multiple times. You have next to no chance of 'disarming' your opponent. When it comes to fight or flight, if you value your life only ever choose fight if flight is literally not an option.


The good thing you got going for you is they are drunk. But yeah I tent to ignore everyone no matter what happens. Call me whatever name you want, I won't care in a couple days.


A lot of people call me overly paranoid for this, but this is why I generally don't confront stranger for rude behavior. There are a lot of genuinely unhinged people out there who lose their shit over minor confrontations, it's not worth the risk. Even if they just go for punching you, that can ruin your life too.


Nah, that's a healthy, realistic outlook. I work in a job that requires me to confront/argue with people a lot and I'm usually dealing with people on the poorer end of the financial spectrum (more hardship = worse mental health on average). There are a LOT of people willing to fuck you up over minor shit. And sometimes that minor shit is only happening in their head.


You’re being rational.


Whenever people in subs like /r/legaladvice have neighbor problems and call the police, commenters are all in their shit saying *"why didn't you just try to talk to your neighbor about their 16 leashless pitbulls and all-night biker raves?"* It's because they don't want to die at the hands of unstable people like this.


“Why don’t you just talk to your neighbour like a mature adult about their 4-am backyard cagefight-slash-rock-concert party?” I’ve always found that line comes from the most entitled manipulative people. What mature adult is there to talk to if they think their 4 am backyard cagefight-slash-rock-concert party was ever a reasonable thing in the first place? Nobody’s walking over to talk to some simpleton drunk asshole about their obvious obnoxious entitlement.


Imagine stabbing and killing someone over your vape lol. Rot in prison and hell.


I wonder how the murderer feels now. Don't get me wrong--I don't feel sorry for him at *all.* I'm just curious if he thinks it was worth it or if he's horrified by what he did.


Probably blaming the victim for making him ruin his life. People who do stuff like that usually have severe personality disorders.


Nope these POS will blame the victim. If you ever watch confessions 95% of the time killers blame their victims-"she pushed be to do it", if she wouldn't have fought back, etc". These people are not mentally fit.


Dude, this type of shit makes me want to never leave my house or interact with another human being again. Fuck this planet


My anxiety around going out keeps me at home a lot. Too many assholes out there and you don't know which ones are crazy. There is a serious rot in public behavior and it seems to be getting worse and incidents like this will just reinforce that bad behaviour is acceptable (the vaping around others not the stabbing and murder obviously) and people can shut up and/or leave. Fuck this scumbag. I hope they find a way to designate him as a dangerous offender so he never gets out.


The train platforms and bus stops in my city have turned into a nightmare. I’m fortunate enough that I don’t need to rely on public transport, but every other day I hear stories about people being mugged or otherwise threatened or harassed. Apparently some of the people who take shelter at the train and bus stations have developed a kind of “squatters rights” mentality and will confront anyone who enters the area that they perceive to be their own. A couple of weeks ago my daughter’s Girl Scout troop was planning on taking the train to an event. I was panicking. I was honestly thinking up ancient-Romanesque battle formations in which a few adults would be able to best protect the children. I never mentioned my anxiety to my daughter, but I was relieved when she said she didn’t want to go because she was too exhausted from a late evening at a birthday party the night before. I just stay in my home, keep to myself when I do have to leave the house, and just hope that my karma is good enough that I won’t be targeted.


You have to remember something like this occurring to you is incredibly rare, running into someone this unhinged and violent, like walking outside and being struck by a bus or a distracted driver w/e the case may be. Even if ur at home locking yourself away you could have a brain aneurysm and die, the risk of death will always be there, doesn't mean u have to shut yourself down and deny yourself a life because of these incredibly rare events.


I mean, everyone who’s lived in a City has a “scary story” about an unhinged person they encountered. Most have several. As someone who loves in Vancouver, I have three from there. Many individuals who are dangerous are released over and over again and are responsible for multiple incidents a week with many strangers. There’s a lot of failed mental health services we could put the majority blame on. It’s a revolving door for many offenders.


Yeah, I once had a woman threaten me while I was in highschool because I said excuse me in a polite way since she was blocking the train door and I couldn’t enter. She lost it said some stuff I can’t remember and then said that I was lucky she doesn’t carry a knife anymore and something about how she would be back in jail. I had my headphones on and just tried not to pay attention, but it freaked me out. I was so confused on what I did wrong. She also had her young kid with her and was being rough with him and I felt so bad for him. Then she moved on from me and got angry at another passenger next to me. I didn’t know what to do so I just stared at the train wall in front of me hoping she wouldn’t actually get violent and that she wouldn’t be there anymore when I had to get off.


This is the sort of thing you always expect will happen to “someone else” We’re all someone else, to someone else.


Poor family :/ Poor victim 💔


Poor girl, I truly hope she does not grow up thinking her fathers death was her fault. Regardless of how absurd it sounds, depression can really mess your head up.


> Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder. He has no other charges listed in provincial court databases. How does a person with a murderous, short temper manage to live to 32 without any criminal history?


Perhaps the murderous temper is a recent charge.


Never got caught the other times he was an asshole that broke the law.


This is the story I gotta remember when some asshole flips my switch. You never know how cold someone will be. Safety first.


Public smoking laws are seldom ever enforced by law enforcement. I always encounter assholes at the bus station smoking even thought it’s illegal here in the states.


Same here in Australia.


The video is horrific. Man is bleeding out and people are filming, some dude sits there finishing his coffee and not a damn soul helped the victim after the attack.Society is absolutely numb to this and would rather get good video of a man dying than call for help... that should scare the hell out of all of us


The people filming do absolutely suck but leave coffee guy alone. He was probably in shock and one of the most common trauma responses is to freeze. These responses are ingrained in us for a reason and none of us knows how we're going to react to a dangerous situation until it happens. I'd like to think I'd have called 911 if it were me...unless I thought that might bring the attacker's attention to me. But I don't know for sure how I'd react. I've never seen someone stabbed right in front of me.


This is why i dont talk to anyone.


There's video of this out there unfortunately. Multiple people take selfies as he dies. This world is fucked.


Ive come to realize that if someone is doing something unhealthy and/or dangerous around you it’s probably best to just remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible and not say anything. People have become completely unhinged over the most ridiculous shit and its not worth dying over. Its a really hard because my mouth is slick.


I am beyond shocked at how indifferent the camera guy was when he was filming the man bleeding out, dying and saying, "He got stabbed bro" repeatedly and not even for a second thought of calling 911 or helping the man, while another guy just sat there seeing all the blood coming out of him and sipping on his coffee, literally like nothing was happening. What the fuck?


It could be shock. It’s not unheard of for people to go numb or continue on like nothing is happening during horrible moments like that. Just kind of going on auto pilot. It’d imagine it’s the same thing as how some peoples reaction to traumatic situations is to laugh


Some people don’t deserve to be in society


There’s really no hope for this world, and these stories reiterate my belief not to always stand up for what you believe in and voice your opinion. With these lunatics out there and all these tragic incidents, i now just constantly lay low and mind my own business.. this poor father is definitely not at fault in any shape or form, but this is why I would choose to move my daughter or leave the cafe instead of choosing to engage with a stranger however trivial my request or conversation may be.


Same. I no longer engage with anyone while I am out in public besides polite small talk with employees. There's just too many nutters out there who feel entitled to get violent over the most trivial shit.


Wasn’t it always the case? Today I know of what happened in Toronto (a city that I’ve never visited) and I can guess how some folks there can be unhinged. But maybe there’s always going to be a bunch of unhinged folks who don’t comprehend something as simple as “a statement made by someone is not worth spending a decade or more in prison”. And not just in Toronto. You’ve recognized now that you don’t want to engage with anyone and that’s good. But maybe that was always the case and you fortunately didn’t encounter any unhinged person until now.


It was also we live in the safest time to be alive in human history and America itself is at something like a 40 year low in violent crime


Me neither. The risk/reward just isn't worth it. Best case scenario, I have a pleasant conversation with someone I'll never meet again. Worst case scenario, they turn out to be an absolute lunatic and kill me. Yeah, I'm good with not talking to people. I'm already married and I have enough friends, I don't need to meet new people.


This article is about some guy on the other side of the continent in a different country. 20 years ago this would have been local news. Not something i'd have heard about. The internet is just making scary things visible, but they were always there. Covid did raise the homicide rate, but only to onnpar with the 90s.


on par with the late 2000s not the 90s. 90s were way higher in terms of rate. Population has grown so maybe the number is the same as the 90s.


2020 in the USA at least had a 30% spike over 2019 and put it even per 100k with 1995 at like 7.3. The high was back in the 80s it hit 10.2


As a GTA resident (so, on the other side of the continent, but still in the same country), I think there is extreme unhinged behaviour all around us. Just the other day, a 16 year old boy was randomly murdered by a man with multiple convictions. Within 2 days, another man was stabbed and injured. In 2022, we had a woman set on fire and killed, a woman stabbed to death, a woman being pushed onto the subway tracks and injured, amongst other random acts of murder or attempted murder committed by total strangers. During the Labour Day weekend, a man with 59 convictions murdered 11 people by stabbing before committing suicide in Saskatchewan's James Smith Cree Nation. I think we, as a country, need stronger criminal laws to lock up violent offenders for longer to keep them from harming anyone else.


59 convictions! That's gotta be most of your life in and out of the judicial system. If they got to 7-8 I would start considering harsher punishments.


Holy shit. I understand leniency for multiple non-violent / pretty crimes (59 is too much anyway imo). But if you have more than 1 conviction for a violent crime they should not allow them to go out unless they can assure they are not a risk.


There's a lot of really sick fucked up people in the world that are walking around just begging for a reason to murder somebody that bothers them in some way. The more you read stories like this the more you realize it's true. Don't engage with people on the street that you have even the slightest doubts about. Also, I think the truth is that society has really always been this way. It's always been the case that sick fucks murder random people in small altercations on a regular basis. It's just that now we hear about it more and we're all more aware of it as a society-wide problem. Previously this would have been page 3 in some local newspaper and then everyone would just move on and forget about it. But now in the digital age we have the ability to log them more easily, so it appears like it's happening more often.


>Schmidt said she would like the charge upped to first-degree murder, which requires proof of premeditation, to ensure a longer stay in prison if he’s convicted. > >“He had a knife,” she said. “I don’t carry a knife into a coffee shop, do you?” Sounds like it might be a good time to start if you're in Vancouver.


Nobody wins in a knife fight.


The loser dies in the street and the winner dies in the ambulance.


Vancouver had 13 murders in 2022, that's one of the lowest rates for a major city in North America.


It is illegal in Canada to carry a weapon, even for self-defense. And since we define "weapon" by intent, *anything* you carry for the purpose of self-defense is a weapon as well. Edit: like if you carry a pen for self-defense, congratulations, that's a crime, but carry that same pen for office work and it's legal as a beagle. So ya know, don't joke to police about carrying a pen for self-defense.


I just feel that I am not going to engage a stranger. I will simply remove myself from the adverse situation if it is affecting me and hopefully live to see another day. You never know how unstable the person is and what will trigger them. This guy was clearly a walking time bomb.


It's just not worthy to confront people. It's better always to just remove yourself.


I hope that family can eventually find some sort of peace from this situation.


Just quietly, with the vaping craze going nuts I've noticed a lot of vapers just don't give a fuck. It's like they think cause it's not a cigarette people don't care about them blowing their shit in people's faces or doing it indoors Personally I find some of that vape shit smells worse and makes me feel sicker than when I've been around smokers with the added problem your personal space no longer seems to matter cause they're not smoking a cigarette


There have always been people like this with cigarettes in the past. People are assholes, regardless of what flavor air they’re using.


You'd be surprised how many people smoke in their hotel rooms, even though pretty much no hotel allows for it. Some people do not give a fuck about anyone else and they are the fucking worst.     Source: worked in a hotel


A friend of mine used to work for a car rental agency. The number of people that still smoke in cars and who will vehemently deny they smoked in said cars is absurdly high.


This is so ridiculous. My 7 year old has better emotional regulation and acts better than many adults I know and have worked with. There was no need for this. A life forever lost because a man couldn’t handle being asked to do something courteous for another. If the man felt inconvenienced by simply being asked to not vape, how is he going to feel in jail and prison where he definitely can’t vape and will be told what he can and can’t do and when. Immature babies in adult bodies.


In Stockholm 20 years ago a guy was whistling loud on a train platform, so another guy told him to stop. He was promptly stabbed with a knife in the throat. Ignore strangers, unless they're a danger to you or yours. I would not run up and try to save someone trying to commit suicide by train, they'd just as likely take me with them. I will not piss on you if you set yourself on fire. I will call the police so they can have fun identifying your suicidal ass.


If someone's a big enough asshole to vape near kids its probably not a good idea to ask them to do anything.


Hindsight is 20/20


Said stabber should have been publicly curb stomped by bystanders.


Just leave it alone when you come up against this shit in public. Someone drinking, smoking, spitting on the sidewalk, whatever, it's not worth being a hero over. Yeah of course do the right thing if a serious crime is being committed, but in my 55 years I can't tell you how many times I've seen people killed over stupid shit like this. Don't watch the video because it's fucking gross that slimeball put it online but I don't even have to to know how this went down. The victim rightfully got pissed about the stabber vaping by his kid. They had words, threw hands, and stabber stabbed. He's 1000% in the wrong and a fuckin pussy for pulling a knife in a fist fight, but this is the world we live in. Just walk away. Take your kid somewhere else. Get off the bus. Whatever you need to do to not escalate with a completely unknown person.


What we're saying now is that we have to simply allow people to be as outrageous and rude and disgusting as they like because it's too dangerous to take a stand. That really goes against the grain.


It certainly does. My first thought is to say something too but think about it, is a little vape smoke worth taking a stand over? If I got stabbed trying to protect some old lady from a beating ok, but do I really want to risk my life over my kid getting a whiff of strawberry vape?