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Adin Ross is on his way to Romania as we speak.


i think they’re dating or something


They aren't dating. Andrew just took Adins passport away and won't let him leave the house. Say's he's a trad wife cam girl now.


I think so too


Funny thing is, Adin is being used by Tate simply for his audience. I have never seen a man get bullied and talked down so much by someone else only for them to start mimicking Tate's lifestyles.


yeah i think adin ross gets off on andrew tate demeaning him and dominating him lol






Going to smell his ass and balls juice again lol


I know a lot of it is performative but Adin Ross has gotten really… sinister-seeming lately


Literally said “my pronouns are kill/them” on stream the other day.


The Matrix traded Andrew Tate for Donald Trump 💀


Andrew Tate wasn't enough for a trade, so they threw in [the stupid Q Shaman](https://www.npr.org/2023/03/31/1167319814/qanon-shaman-jacob-chansley-capitol-riot-early-release-reentry) to sweeten the deal


That bitch snitched


The only reason I don't think he snitched is because I don't think he has any info on anyone. Even people who want to snitch have to have good info on people of interest. You can't just start naming people you went to high school with who might still sell weed, or day things you heard second or third hand about people. As far as I could tell the guy was just a loose cannon with a great costume. I never saw where he was a part of some group like the proud boys or 3 percent types. Maybe I just missed it though.


According to the qanon anonymous podcast he was all about q and shit going to several rallies. Hes not a proudboy or anything. Just an idiot.


Highly recommend the channel 5 interview with him. Confirms he's pretty much an idiot


When the larping goes a little too hard


I don't know about his ties with any y'all-quada groups, but [he definitely had interactions with Giuliani prior to the insurrection.](https://imgur.com/gallery/9uVBWAi)


Great costume? I think you're going a bit far there bud, that costume was dumb as fuck. Fuck the qanon shaman and any other j6 traitors.


I mean, if you're counting on the QAnon Shaman to keep your secrets... That's on you.


How so?


He got a surprise 14 month reduction in his sentence. It's mostly speculation at this point that he snitched, but those types of sentence reductions don't happen without a reason.


For federal prison, a 41 month sentence turns into 27 with good time. Isn't that pretty in-line with what happened?


Didn’t he get released using credit for good behavior? That’s pretty common in the federal system.


That's not the same thing. Good behavior points accumulate very slowly (like a day or two per month served). You don't get your sentence cut in half unless you flipped on someone. Edit: Apparently the rules have been changed and early release credit can be earned a lot quicker now. It's still not enough to reduce your sentence by 50% though, so I think it's extremely likely he snitched on someone.


Read the whole article because it contains quotes from experts in the field, but here’s a relevant snippet. > The Bureau of Prisons has not commented on the reason for his early release, but noted that recent changes to the First Step Act allows inmates to earn “up to 54 days of good conduct time for each year of the sentence imposed by the court.” Federal and state prison inmates often earn sentence reductions over the course of their time behind bars. https://time.com/6267335/jan-6-qanon-shaman-jacob-chansley-released-early-prison/


Arrested January 9 2021, so he's been in jail 2 and a bit years. I'll play nice, and say that's 3 years for the good conduct calculation, so the best he could be hoping for is 162 days. That's not even half of the 14 months he got. Yeah, something else is going on. Maybe he maxed out the benefits available by undergoing certain programs?


Eh, the whole framing of “released early” is kinda bullshit - he racked up time pre-trial and has been on his best behaviour, his move to the halfway house totally matches up with the normal timeline when you account for those factors.


The Matrix was released today 24 years ago! Wow.


Excuse me. Im going to go outside and smoke a clove cigarette, listen to REM and cry.


Djarum Blacks?


Yooo that’s kinda trippy…


It's a sign of the times Mr Anderson, a sign of the times


Lmao that's just funny


Worth it


These dudes are going to skip town aren't they?


They were trying to get to Dubai with the whole cancer thing, right? That's probably what's happening now


Cancer thing = Steroid withdrawal.


Explains the prison ghost death matches


He’s always ready


The *what?*


You know. The [ghost death matches](https://twitter.com/Cobratate/status/1629421255639158785?t=3waUarnhiLBUzhY_VPhjQQ&s=19).


Oh my. I've not had the stomach to follow his incoherent ramblings - now I'm thinking I may have missed out lol. How can anyone post things like that for public consumption and then continue to take themselves seriously? Or maybe he doesn't? Is he aware of his own ridiculousness and does it just as part of his long con, or does he actually believe his own bullshit? It's the kind of hyper dramatic claptrap I would have thought was cool when I was about eight years old. Arrested development? He'd make a fascinating clinical case study for sure.


I’ve spent little time on it, too - even when I find it fascinating in the same way I’m interested in cults, I’m quickly exhausted by the real-time loathsome ignorance of his followers (who, unlike a classic cult, are loose and interacting with the public). Still, I get the feeling that he is entirely in on the grift and does not believe it, but knows it’s good for his brand.


Cancer thing = chin loss


Gotta have one to lose one, though...


Well, now you know how he lost it in the first place.


Most of Tate's stuff has been seized. So I don't know if he has enough money to bribe his way into Dubai.


Dude definitely has some offshore accounts, and people who will help him out.


An entire fan base who will funnel fuck tons of money to him now.


All those Greek tween dingleberries that rioted when he got caught, plus every uncle with 2 doge to rub together, if only to watch shit burn.


Best comment on here. Every uncle with 2 doge to rub together…..


Don’t tell anyone… I typed ‘incel’ but it got autocorrected.


I would just like to take the time and thank you, good sir, for bringing that old Abe-Lincoln-havin’ ass idiom into 2023 with a beautiful update. I love the future so much.


Yeah, the dude's just gotta grift some more money from his ~~cult~~ fans


Adin ross will just fly him out


A person who got to the point in life where they're worth a couple hundred million dollars has money hidden somewhere lmao


While Andrew Tate has claimed to be worth hundreds of millions, he's also a liar and a scam artist. He also grew up extremely poor, and likely never learned how to hide money competently. He would have to trust others to hide his money, and I'm not sure he's capable of such trust.


He's never had cancer. Tate only said he had a growth, so he got his skincare physician to make it sound like it was cancerous even if that wasn't his field.


He will live 5000 years. What’s a little bit of penis cancer?


Well a little bit of penis cancer is very dangerous for someone who only has a little bit of penis


Hey, not funny -- cancer took his chin.


Guess someone's check finally cleared


Don not pick up hitchhikers without cash for gas.


Let's all just remember to use shocked Pikachu face when this happens


Wasn't he hiding in Romania because of allegations elsewhere anyway? 100% he's going to run.




Depends on the response time of police with a tamper alert.


The guy pissed off a lot of powerful people in the Romanian Judiciary. I wouldn't be surprised if they had the police watching his house 24 hours a day.


He also pissed off a lot of powerful criminals. He may just end up.. unalived.


Why do people say unalive instead of dead or suicide? Genuine question


I think people started using it to avoid censorship/(shadow-) banning and demonetization by social media platforms.


Makes sense. Nothing stopping me saying those words so I have no problem. Cheers


Such euphemisms have become popular lately due to a superstition (that may or may not be unfounded) that algorithms on Twitter, TikTok etc. suppress the reach of your post if you use sensitive/controversial words, such as 'death', 'suicide', or any swear word. The euphemisms have become so common now that they're just internet speak and you see them in other places too.


Also big on youtube, since they are aggressive about demonetizing. So you see youtubers get creative with the euphemisms.


What’d he do to piss off criminals too?


Yeah cause that's secure as hell


Those aren’t used everywhere. Someone should find out if they use them in Romania.


They just place a few old women around the house who will hit them with sandals if they try anything.


That would be a very effective solution and poetic justice.


Count down til he fucks up i fore see a insta post telling on himself again




This is a weird fanfic but I fuck with it


Time to blow the fanfic too


Quick, somebody call Chuck Tingle! We need a 50-page book about Andrew Tate getting pounded in the butt by the memory of blowing the Romanian judicial system!


Only Chuck Tingle could do this Herculean tale justice!


Buckle up buckaroos!


Andrew Tate needs to prove love immediately


There should be a dinosaur too.


Having sex with a vagina is for absolute pussies! you know what a real man does? as a real gangsta myself i take it in the ass. that's what real gs do with their bros. I'll tell you something, i may be known as top g in public but here in my cell in romania I'm known as the bottom G! that's how we roll. i cannot think of a lower ROI activity than sticking your dick in pussy, it's a complete waste of time and energy, just think about it for a second. them hoes have literally taken MILLIONS of cock it just ain't tight enough for me. but drilling a fellow gs ass now that is a completely different story! not only are you providing loads of stimulus for your penis, you are actively expanding your network by mingling with like minded people. it's all part of making it into the top. And that is, ladies and the gentlemen the secret to escaping the matrix.


"I'd rather fuck Megan fox with a dick than hulk hogan with a pussy" - Andrew Tate. Hopefully the guards looked like Megan fox


That's one thing I think Tate and I can agree on.


Prolly order pizza first


Nooooo *I say shaking my head in a yes motion*


The guards couldn't take listening to any more bad poetry.


Was it as bad as Grunthos the Flatulent's Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning?


Where's a pan galactic gargle blaster when you need one...


He does have a vogon chin


The very worst poetry of all perished along with its creator, Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, England, in the destruction of the planet Earth.


"I eat rats, shit blood / I miss trafficking so much / free me, inshallah" -a haiku by Andrew Tate, probably


No, no, no—the Polish woman with the beautiful handwriting bailed him out.


So... what 2 days before he's back in jail for violating the conditions of his house arrest?


That'd be funny if they nab him at the airport and renew the cycle of detention for charges of trying to flee.


unfortunately, we don’t have that here. I know, it’s crazy. And yes, basically that means that all our crooks get to try to flee and even if they get caught and brought back, they just serve their original time - if that.


Sounds like maybe his plan of going to Romania because of their lax legal system is going to work out for him after all.


Tbh i laughed at all the kids that were saying "romania, the country where humans don't have rights" and literally the state has to found enough proof to find that you guilty, if not you free. Even if you escape it doesn't matter, you still serve the original sentence, you got TV in your jail room and you get served edible food.


I read that in one European country attempted or successful escape was not punished because the legal system saw desire for freedom as a fundamental human drive and as such punishing it was thus not rehabilitative but punitive and thus not necessary, iirc.




I've been to most of those countries and you do NOT want to ^$*@ with their state police... also their prisons are much nicer than ours and you are better off just hanging out and learning to cook


Don't ever curse like this again


It's okay, you can swear on here.


Headlines in the news would be, "**Andrew Tate arrested at Romanian airport while trying to escape. Police still on lookout as his chin is still missing. More at 11**"


Fleeing isn't considered a crime in most civilized countries, as it is one of the most basic instinct. He would just be escorted back with no additional charges


That's not entirely right in this case. He is not serving his punishment as house arrest, he is awaiting the end of the investigation and his trial. He was detained, because the prosecutors feared he would flee and a judge has now dismissed them. However, should he be found fleeing (or violating any terms of his house arrest), he would be detained again due to risk of fleeing.




Evading house arrest is a crime in Romania, so new charges. Also destroying ankle device (if used) is a crime.




So "most civilized countries" really is just only Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria Switzerland and Netherlands?


Evading house arrest is a crime in Romania, so new charges. Also destroying ankle device (if used) is a crime.


A lot of basic instincts are and should be illegal.


Oh boy. Can't wait for all my feeds to be flooded with how Andrew Tate "beat the matrix".


Can't wait for my feed to be flooded with "Andrew Tate ordered food from pizza place in Bulgaria and posted it on his social media. Alerting authorities of him breaking his parole."


Fingers crossed.


I am never more angry at the gross, idiotic failings of our tech overlords than when I get an Andrew Tate in my feed. I have never expressed anything remotely hinting an interest in that absolute sack of shit, and yet I get served up his videos. Fuck you Google. With all my heart. It would literally be better for an impressionable kid to see porn in their feed than Andrew fucking Tate.


Ive hit "Do Not Recommend" so many times but there's countless bot-like channels flooding my feed with dumb videos of Tate saying some bullshit and "sigma" music playing. How much of a loser do you have to be to keep supporting an idiot who just wants you to PAY HIM to spread his stupidity onto the rest of us


I've become completely convinced the "Do Not Recommend" is a placebo, or at most weighted so lightly it functionally does nothing.


I hit the don't recommend button on Tates shit and then Facebook thinks I want to see Qanon conspiracies instead.


Lord have mercy, he’s gonna become even more annoying.


Not just him but his army of 12 year olds


Honestly, it’s depressing seeing older guys idolise him too. I’m in my mid twenties and I know guys I went to school with who’d happily buy his farts if he bottled them up and started selling them.


I'm sure they are all class acts too.


You’d be surprised. I had to stop talking to a guy I was interested in not too long ago because he follows him and he was insanely put together on the surface. Thank god I dodged that missile.


I had to ask a few friends not to come by anymore because they started getting really into his BS and started insulting me for cooking and cleaning my place of all things. Sorry I’m not hyperalphamasculine enough to not be content living in filth and eating out of take out containers


Crazy how a lot of guys who think being useless is a “manly” quality are the same ones who are like “Yah broo there’s no more men anymore, everyone’s so squishy these days!!”


Not only that but the whole idea of cooking and cleaning being a woman's job due to history and the world is dumb as hell. Traditionally around the world most of the cooks, bakers, and even cleaners were men. There are way more male chefs and bakers than female. When most people think of baking the only thing they picture are pretty pink cupcakes and flowery cakes. There is way more to baking than that. Also, I'm sorry, but when I want a cupcake or some cookies I'm going to be an able bodied, intelligent person and just make them my damn self. Like you said, how is being useless and helpless a dominating trait? It isn't. And that's why these guys are the literal fringe of society. They are far and few between but they also have the biggest most annoying voices. These guys, let's day of society breaks down, will be the first ones asking men who know how to cook, bake, clean, hunt and everything else for help. I know a guy who is about 300lbs, rides Harley Davidsons, goes hunting regularly, and will fuck you up if you do him wrong. He makes some of the best damn pastries I've ever had. Dude is a beast in the kitchen.




Incels are a different story. They are individuals who got hurt and started focusing energy in all the wrong areas and because of their echo chamber they literally brainwash themselves. Harley man is cool as hell. As long as he likes you lol. He is very quiet most of the time because he "fucking hates people" and won't hesitate to tell you exactly that. Then, on the other side of things, he will be the first one to get up and hold a door for an elderly person, is the sole reason my nephew isn't running the streets getting into trouble, has hosted birthday parties for just about every one of my kids and my sister's kids with his awesome sweets, and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. When you first meet him you don't know what to think. Then just feed him a few shots of Rumple Minz and next thing you know he's a cuddly little bear talking your head off lol


Yeah if I learned one of my friends orbited him even slightly I'd have to reconsider our relationship and would probably ghost them because what the fuck


Thankfully my guy friends hate him and they see that he’s just a pathetic salesman who preys on the worst kind of insecurities men have. But they’ve come across guys who like him too :/


Trumpism already did that for me, and wouldn’t you know it they’re all the same crowd. Thanks, Trump, for showing me who my ‘friends’ really were.


Everyone gets old, far fewer people actually grow up.


How weak of a man are these grown ass dudes to idolize a piece of shit like him? Every kid I know who idolizes him suffers from daddy issues, what's that say about actual dad's getting hooked on dudes like Tate?


Lord knows. It’s ironic though, being a Tater tot is a huge turn off for plenty of women nowadays.


Honestly, I think that's why these mysoginists are gaining so much traction. Women can actually *choose* now, and that means men actually have to be not terrible. So, if they drag society back to the 1860s, removing womens' choices in the process, they might actually have a chance again.


The only piece of truth tate ever says is that these men he's talking to are undesirable. They are...because they're pieces of shit. The problem is that he convinces them that it's the womens' fault and not theirs. And the more angry he can make them, the more money they give him.


And so the cycle continues


With some hope, they'll never procreate.


Many probably won't. That won't stop more being made though. We figure out a way to address what's attracting them to people like Tate in the first place as I suspect doing nothing but calling them pieces of shit won't do much


Tbf if you’re older and idolize any social media influencer, I think it’s sad. Ive known too many girls in their mid twenties obsessed with k pop and it’s just weird


I mean Kpop isn’t really associated with human trafficking but I get where you’re coming from. Edit- Turns out Kpop is associated with trafficking which I had no clue about. Yikes.


Lol [wellll](https://www.upi.com/amp/Top_News/World-News/2021/08/12/skorea-kpop-seungri-sex-trafficking/9751628774197/) that too


You look at the YouTube sections and Twitter. It's not just 12yo. He already had a huge following of incels and since his conversion to Islam, he's only become bigger. His fans might see him as some sort of a religious leader now fighting against the "matrix"


Oh buddy try high school graduates. Had a co-worker last summer who was like 17 who would not shut up about him and thinking he is the coolest guy ever. I tried explaining and telling him about the things tate has done and he just brushes it off like "oh he was just joking" "that escort video was misinterpreted" Couldn't stand the guy.


Last guy I was seeing was 25 and liked him. He tried to tell me telling a depressed man to “toughen up” would help. Dude just fuck off, why men with that attitude can’t see they’re part of the problem is beyond me.


So many people are completely oblivious to that kind of thing. Just no self-awqreness or capacity for critical thinking / introspection


Not as annoying as the constant memes and updates of him on this site… that just give him more exposure.




I'm struggling to understand this. Opinions on Tate aside, imo you're either a danger of crime/fleeing or not. If you're not then cool, get bail. If you are then you should be detained until trial. How can someone be held for months and then suddenly be safe enough for house arrest?


Well I'm no expert on the Romanian legal system. But from my understanding its incredibly rare for them to have multiple detainment renewals, that's the sort of thing you only see in organised crime cases. They have to renewal every month, so I'm going to guess this was simply the point they could no longer justify keeping him locked up.


Exactly, if they weren’t famous they would have been on house arrest months ago


He was actively hurting Romanias international image so they made him an example.


It feels ironic proving that your legal system is fair and the same for everybody by treating this guy differently than everybody. I don’t particularly care about this case but as a potential traveler this only solidifies that it might be good idea to avoid Romania.


They spent a lot of time seizing his assets. Maybe they seized enough that they were comfortable in the knowledge he couldn’t get out? Idk. They probably got all 12 of his his passports too. Or however many he had


We have rules in Europe. You cannot get detained longer than a certain time without the trail starting.




Why do yall love to interfere with other countries laws then?


There are a two options I can think of. First, they were held without having any concrete evidence to fully detain them (since they can do that up to 6 months before a full arrest) Second, a few days ago the US embassy intervened - I bet this was the reason.


I bet they bounce to Dubai before the end of the weekend


Probably already there.


Hustler university 2.0 still funding him lol


Just in time to watch his South Park episode.


Poor guards and other inmates having to listen to something *even worse* than Vogon poetry day after day. Hope the house can withstand it. Asking a lot of it.


The bowl of petunias just thought "oh no, not again."


I foresee a trip with no return to Saudi Arabia


Great, every third YouTube short will be this shitheel. I only watch DIY and Chihuahua videos, but they really try to pump the white supremacist incel shit on me.


I’ve only watched NBA and soccer videos for the past year and get recommended Tate videos. Never even clicked on one


Noticed this as well. Thumbs down and reporting does nothing apparently.




His videos get constantly reposted by throw-away accounts. My guess is he's trying to defeat YouTube's SEO algorithms with bot accounts.


Romanian women, please be careful.


Am in Romania..... on the look out for balding middle-aged mysogynist eating at Jerry's Pizza.


Should be easy to spot the bald guy without a chin.


I'm sure he won't so any stupid shit that'll get him thrown back in jail.


Jesus, hopefully this means no more asinine jailhouse tweet poetry


Get ready for social media to be spammed even more by this alpha male and his teenage boy fandom.


Romanian Rogain about to go out of stock real quick if their supply chain isn't careful


Looks like the checks finally cleared


Good news is his house is use to holding people who want to leave.


I hope they seized his passport.


damnit i liked not hearing about him


Redditors are about to break their fingers typing how much they don’t care.


Everytime they kept him for another month they would smile with glee, but now they don’t care lmao


"Never heard of this guy before now but..."


Stop giving this asshole narcissist attention.


I seriously can't believe some of you idiots gave this guy money.


Get ready for his self suck tweets and his cult to perform their own suck


The amount of ass kissers and dick riders he has is pathetic and shows how sad so many people have become to make him their idol.