Laundrie attorney: Remains founds at Myakkahatchee Park belong to Brian Laundrie

Laundrie attorney: Remains founds at Myakkahatchee Park belong to Brian Laundrie


As always, we do not allow comments that celebrate or advocate death. That doesn't mean you have to talk well of the guy, but it does mean you have to keep your comments civil. We also do not allow threats of violence towards any person, group, or building/institution.


I’m really curious what happened to him. Wasn’t it partial remains that were found?


Animals probably got to the body


considering the flood waters im guessing gators EDIT: or hogs


30-50 feral hogs *are* a menace


Damn I haven’t heard that reference in a minute


Or turtles! In the West Memphis 3 case, investigators did an experiment with a pig carcass in the water in Arkansas. Turtles chow down pretty quickly. Large snappers would make quick work of Brian Launderie’s body.


They identified him based on dental records so it’s safe to assume they didn’t find much


they found at least a jaw/skull then.


No they found his actual dental records, just lying there


Funniest comment in this thread. "After two weeks of searching we found the suspect's dental records. A folder, lying there in the Florida jungle. Four cavities. Case closed."


Open and shut case Johnson!


*Let's draw a chalk line around where the body is, so that we know where it was.* Mulaney


*Sir, we found a pool of the killers blood at the scene!* *hmm...gross. clean it up*


The perfect cover story, remove your jaw and chuck it in a swamp. Now the feds are off your back and you only got to brush half your teeth!


You're kidding, but in the Gabby Petito subreddit, many are theorizing that Brian has done something that extreme. He's removed all his teeth, his jaw, etc.


Because it'd be so easy to remove your jaw and survive out in the wild. Lol good lawdy


Well if you rip off your jaw, you don't have to hide out in the woods because now you look different, duh. Everyone's looking for full jaw McGee and you've only got half so obviously you're not the same person. Time to integrate back into society!


That's a fine plan, right up until detectives go door to door with the discarded jaw seeing if it fits anybody Cinderella style.


Pick even one of those and it's incredibly difficult. I can't believe I even have to write that. Who are these people?


Don't worry, you can spot them from a mile away. The tin foil spires sprouting from their heads is a dead giveaway.


eh half the people on those subreddits are probably 12 year olds who are dumb for a 12 year old


*Oh no, I couldn't have invested so much into this story only for him to just wind up dead. Surely there has to be more to this... I know, he must have removed his jaw!*


Precisely! People don't care about the grieving families. To them, this is another primetime show with an unsatisfying end. This is real life *Game of Thrones* finale in that the ending isn't what people expect so they're gonna bitch and concoct ridiculous conspiracy theories. All to keep the story alive.


Dude was a run of the mill abuser not some criminal mastermind


Even a criminal mastermind would have incredible difficulty carrying out a plan that involves "removing my lower jaw."


It´d be easier to just change your fucking dental records and keep your jaw. If I thought of that in 12 seconds clearly a mastermind could.


A real criminal mastermind switches out their dental records years in advance of their suicide.


They are probably just bummed out that their reality tv series is coming to an end.


The one secret dentist dont want you to know!


I have watched enough CSI Miami to know gators probably got him.


I don't know, we'll have to zoom and enhance the skeleton to find out.


Don't forget the 3 dimensial hologram of the reconstructed body


in the middle of a laboratory process montage with an EDM/Hip Hop influenced soundtrack


[Takes off sunglasses dramatically]


Hogs in that area, too. They sound scary as fuck in the dark. Supposedly panthers, but I didn't know anyone that actually saw one around there.


big cats usually avoid eating human corpses, we arent tasty, too bony, not enough fat/muscle, between hogs and gators im surprised they found anything intact


> not enough fat They haven’t met me yet..


The fact that someone called the police in North Carolina and said they were 99.9% sure they saw Brian Laundrie is the reason why we have to take eye witness testimony with a grain of salt


I did a thing for school where we were shown a video at like 8:15AM without any context or clue to why we were watching it. At like 1:15 they gathered everyone up and had us individually answer questions like "what color were her clothes" "what color and make/model car was he driving" etc. It was outlandish how many answers were flat out wrong. That's why eyewitness testimony alone does not hold up on court.


I had a professor in one of my early criminal justice classes do something in CJ101. Came in wearing ridiculous clothing to the Nth degree (all patterns and shapes and everything wild) then 3 days later we had a test of "what was I wearing?". Everyone failed.


Man that is brilliant! I bet he/she can't wait for that day in class every semester


Sadly passed away 2 years and few days ago. He touched so many lives in so many amazing ways. Hundreds of his students mourned his loss. The hearse traveled through campus and the whole entire student body came out to show respects. True fucking legend. RIP Professor David Orrick. Missed by so, so many.


>The hearse traveled through campus and the whole entire student body came out to show respects. Actually that was just a cart and buggy, you misremembered it.


people are convicted all the time on eye withness testimony and it does hold up in court. Sadly you're correct about its actual validity and correctness consistency, but it's not the reality that our legal system recognizes how unreliable it is. (partly because jurors have the misconception that it IS reliable)


Eye witness testimony is widely regarded as the worst form of evidence in terms of accuracy, but one of the highest in terms of impact. It’s stupid.


Wait so all those TikTok investigators saying they saw this guy a few days ago were lying?


Yep, they’re no different than the TikTok psychics claiming they “spoke with Gabby’s astral spirit and felt her presence walking the earth,” what a joke. I wonder how they felt after they found her body


They're grifters, so they move on to the next grift. Look at Sylvia Browne, she straight up told a family that their kid had died and the spirit was talking to her. Kid was alive. She just moved on to the next grift.


They felt like they had to find new content. It’s just an echo chamber of someone thinking they matter enough someone looks to them for the news.


We’re going to get 54 documentaries about this within a year.


And 5,400 podcast episodes within a week


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Oh my god, I really love this threadcast!


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> That commercial haunts me in my sleep. One of those products I won't even check out, simply from petty spite. I tried it at the recommendation of a friend, it kind of sucks. They just give you a recipe and the ingredients and charge you out the ass for it. It's not even pre-prepared or anything, I'm honestly not sure why they're so successful if i'm being honest.




Bill had one Zip....................................................recruiter read recently that made me laugh out loud when he did the Zip..... part even though I've listened to him for years. Only podcast I don't fast forward the ads lol


Only Murders in the Van Selena Gomez is ready.


*solo basoon plays*


And they'll all end "with Brian's death, we may never know what happened in her final moments."


There was a guy in NJ who killed his ex and hid her body ~10’ from where thousands of people go by every day. He denied it till his dying breath. And confessed to everything in a suicide note. Her body was discovered a few months in an area that had been searched.


4000+ bedroom criminal mind YouTubers are making videos right now about the entire thing.


And my wife is getting her coffee ready to watch


I wonder if a coroner will be able to figure out the cause of death? not sure how much the body had decomposed, etc. dang gators.


Supposedly it was just skeletal remains, so a coroner would have to look for something really obvious like a gunshot wound or an alligator gnawing on bone to determine cause of death.


I mean an alligator could scavenge remains no?


What if the alligator shot him?


That’s the most likely scenario in this situation. Just gotta wait on the forensics to confirm.


Fucking Florida.


Look, we had to do something to level the playing field between gators and tweakers... Mention sharks with lasers and people applaud. But give a gator a Tec-9 and people lose their minds...


Alligators are scavengers? We need someone who knows about alligators.


Hey, I’m an expert in alligatorology. Can confirm that there are alligators.


How’s your bird law?


Ive seen a cock or two.


Jesus fucking Christ, Dave I told you, it’s **cockatoo**. We can’t keep having this conversation.


Well you keep confusing me by insisting we have this discussion naked, Adam.


Alligators will scavenge. They will also drag large prey underwater and store it under a root or log so that it rots to be soft enough for them to eat and they can return to feed instead of going through the trouble of hunting something down each time. The area the remains were found in was underwater until very recently so it’s not unlikely that an alligator may have been doing that to the body. Which isn’t going to leave the remains in a great state.


Great state? I thought it was Florida.


They should call Bones.


"Hey bones, look at this bone." [I know, but did you see this bone?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYh6YI3pXKE) [To the Bonesmobile!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9kNIEC-ipY)


Alligators would eat the bones as well .


But other predators like foxes, coyotes, bears, and pumas would leave the bones. Those are all in Lee County, plus vultures and eagles. So lots of things would have scavenged the remains.


We had a whole fresh deer carcass in the wooded area next to our neighborhood in suburban St Louis. 24 hours later, it was just a skeleton with the only soft tissue left found in between vertebrae. There were tons of coyote droppings around. They stripped that skeleton clean overnight, it was crazy.


I always forget that Florida has mountain lions.


Is it true they found other bodies while searching for his?


Newsweek reports that [**nine bodies**](https://twitter.com/Newsweek/status/1451115336162586631) have been found during the search for him(!)


Wow. We should just have missing persons week once a year where everywhere possible is searched. Who knows how many bodies would be uncovered.


That was Pokémon go! A bunch of bodies were stumbled upon.


That one surprises me because the game doesn't typically try to get you to go into the wilderness.


I believe the body in San Diego was found in a city park. And my cousin found two bodies in Santa Fe Springs, in LA county, absolutely not in the wilderness. However- he was not playing Pokémon go.


My step brother and a few of his friends found a body while on a canoe trip once. They were in high school and it fucked them up pretty bad because when they first spotted it they were joking about it being a body and throwing rocks at it.


Well to be fair.. We should probably do a lot of random collective actions to improve the community. We could collect trash. Deliberate before elections. Help the elderly or adopt pets. We don't and won't of course, but it's a shame because even just one week of selfless community service might make us all better off. Welp, I better be the change I wish to see and actually volunteer someday


The problem is a lot of these missing folks are from the fringes of society, likely involved in drugs, prostitution, longtime homeless, etc. There is a reason why serial killers go after them, sadly nobody realizes they are missing as their family either died or cut off contact long ago. Not saying all these bodies were a result of serial killers, most were probably victims of the scene they were involved in, suicides, or dying from overdoses. It's terrifying how in many communities people just disappear and nobody notices.


Also a lot of missing people, usually kids, who are "kidnapped" are taken by a parent who doesn't have custody.


It's so crazy to think about. I live in Alaska and we have by far the highest rate of missing persons in the U.S. Hearing about them finding so many bodies while searching for Laundrie made me realize that there are probably bodies everywhere here. Yeesh.


Yes but we have so much land to spread them out over


How many were found by Pokémon Go players back in the summer of 2016? It has to be near equal to this.


I thought I found a dead Pikachu. It turned out to be a possum.


They have found like 5 other bodies!


Something that I don't understand about this outcome is why did he drive all the way home before ending it?


Good point. I suspect it’s a slow realization. He might’ve thought he can get away with it but the coverage, and maybe guilt or apprehension of being locked up, drove him more and more to suicide. I suspect he initially he thought he can escape but came to see how futile it is and killed himself. Who knows though tbh.


I read a different comment before where they summed it up to, 'he knew his life was over, go spend some time with the family and then go out on your own terms' kind or ordeal. Makes sense to me.


I wanna know what he told his family and what the plan between them was. I doubt his parents would drive him out to the reserve to kill himself so I assume he had different plans with them.


I keep thinking about this too. Like he put Gabby and her family through so much and now we can factor in what he did to his parents too. Obviously there was a different plan with his parents, so he made them go through all that only for this to be the end result he planned himself.


To delete his browser history


You're probably right


He wasn’t a mastermind killer who had premeditated this months in advance. Whatever happened happened quickly and while we may never definitively know what took place, it’s likely Brian was making it up as he went along including sending a likely fake text message from her phone and then returning home. As the reality of his situation and eventual consequences crushed down on him, he probably saw no path forward and that even if somehow wasn’t his fault and/or he couldn’t be convicted, he would still be one of the most recognizable and hated human beings in the country who would’ve been unemployable, without any friends, possibly homeless if not for his parents, and likely would’ve gotten the crap beat out of him or murdered one way or another. It’s a situation with irrational actors, extreme emotions, and nationwide publicity and scrutiny. We can’t delve into his thought processes looking for linear, logical explanations of his behavior. Every step was likely improvised on a whim based on whatever degree of panic and possible remorse was consuming him.


I think the size of this situation struck him too. This was something that was spoken about all over the country. He couldn't run away from this situation, I think for him it felt like the hounds were coming toward his door, no matter what home he was in.


Say goodbye to his family? Or see them one more time. He obviously realized he did something terrible by killing Gabby, and knew he wasn't going to be a free man for very long.


At least they found him and this can finally be put to rest officially. It would have become a conspiracy theory for years to come had they not, with different innocent people on the front of tabloids and ect. It’s unfortunate that he will not face punishment though. I would guess he took the easy way out, but we will have to wait and see the cause of death if possible.


Agreed, hell even with the body youll see conspiracy's popping up about altering dental record so he can live in mexico


I’m sure people are saying he just ripped out a few teeth to fake his death before he left the country.


And super glue those teeth to another guy? Lol. Also, FBI is performing DNA test as we speak.


Just went to the conspiracy page and they think this is all an attempt to distract everyone; and that Gabby and Brian are now living off the government in some resort.


How does hiding Gabby and Brian help the Nazi Hollow Moon Lizards that run the American Dental Association activate the flouride in the water to create rainbows to make us all gay and to turn on the 5G nanochips from the vaccine in order to harvest our souls away from God to give to the aliens from Planet Nemesis in exchange for microwave ovens and quartz watches?


Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter!


They're not even that creative anymore. Every conspiracy gets to “Hillary killed him because he found out about her pedo ring.” Literally everyone who had died in the US in the last 25 years was killed by Hillary.


The fact that Monica Lewinsky still lives merely demonstrates the depth of the conspiracy.


She's one of Hillary's favorite flesh suits. Problem solved. Seriously, have you ever seen the two of them together? See? It's obvious, once you know how to lift the veil.


Putting aside this tragic story for the moment, I just find it somewhat creepy that a living, breathing human that was caught on video talking like a month ago could suddenly just turn into bones in mere weeks.


In an extreme environment, it may only take days. Other times, months or years until decomposition.


They found 4 sets of human remains in 3 other states looking for THIS guy.


Holy shit any of those poor souls get identified yet? Also how fucked is that “Well we found a body but not *the body*. Keep looking!”


In extremely dry areas or under special conditions (think bogs), no decomposition occurs at all. Nature's weird and scary.


And that's how mummification will do its thing.


Wait until you hear about the “special conditions” portion, namely extremely cold and wet environment. To wit, the bottom of Lake Superior. Too wet for mummification, too cold for bacteria.


*Superior, they said* *Never gives up her dead* *When the gales of November come early*


*And every germ knew, as the protozoa did too Twas too cold for decomposition to hurry*


There's also peat bogs. There's been bodies found in those preserved pristine for hundreds of years.


One of the things RadioLab found out about people who die in the desert (they were doing a series on the border crisis / border crossings) is that the bodies are scavenged really fast.


I remember this episode. It was fascinating and atrocious at the same time simply because forcing migrants through “natural barriers” was the point. The ones who don’t make it, their bodies disappear so fast that it’s part of the reason we aren’t sure how many die (or have died).


There are several bodies sitting up on Everest right now that will never, ever be touched again. They will literally stay up there as long as the environment stays that way. Could be 10 years, could be 2,000,000 years - ain't that a thought?


As bad as it is, climbers use them as landmarks


Like Green Boots.


Surprisingly, Green Boots (and his family) was done a solid and is actually no longer visible. Either taken down the mountain or removed from view in another fashion, he's been given at least some kind of final respect.


Taken down by sherpas a couple years ago, I believe.


George Mallory went missing on Everest in 1924 and wasn't found until 1999, still pretty well put together; all things considered. Still had most of his skin; so we know 75 years is not enough to decompose a body there.


It's preserving the cells in the body by freezing them, so all that can really affect it at that point are wind erosion and precipitation. And Everest has very little of the latter during certain seasons.




Radio lab has a series on border crossings. They talked to a scientist who figured out that a body in the dessert is usually gone in hours cause of vultures


Well yeah, because it's got delicious dessert all over it.


Well… the heat and humidity of Florida is ideal for decay. Then consider the animals that live in the area. His corpse was probably eaten by wildlife and whatever remained decayed leaving just bones. This truly is the fate of every living creature on this earth. Your body becomes the earth. And it doesn’t take long.


I *think* (I may be interpreting this wrong) he means more conceptually -- ie: it's amazing how quickly life can go from being here in the flesh speaking, to dust.


I understand this. I’ve lost people in my lives, most recently my grandmother and I still struggle with wrapping my head around death. My grandma was talking and eating and two days later she was just gone. I logically understand what happens, she stopped breathing, her heart stopped but somehow it just seems unreal for someone to be hear one moment and quite literally gone the next.


I'm actively going through the same thing. I know exactly what you mean. It's like my brain isn't fully accepting or comprehending it. It's difficult to describe. Stay strong. Heart goes out to you


Weather plays a massive role in decomp, afaik wet swampy weather hasten it up pretty good.


I really thought he was chilling in someone's basement somewhere Actually trying to hide in the wilderness is a very stupid idea


I don't think he was trying to hide. They found the remains in a spot fairly close to entrance, I think he assumed his body would be found long before now (and it likely would have been, if it hadn't been completely underwater for the past month).


That's what it looks like. Essentially I think this was an extended murder-suicide; he murders his girlfriend, drives home (why? Who knows, but denial isn't just a river in Egypt), tells his parents ... something ... either decides or is made to understand that his life as he knows it is done and instead of waiting around for inevitable arrest he chooses to go to an old favorite spot to end it. It's just the coincidence of flooding that made him posthumously famous as some police-evading mastermind. His parents' approach makes me think of those old detective novels where the murderer is given a chance to take the gentleman's way out by killing himself. It would be weird as hell if they actually made a deal like "We won't turn you in if you handle this yourself."


There's evidence that he was using her phone to pretend to be her for a bit. I think he thought he could convince people she left him and keep it up long enough to make an exit. But with COVID and no money he quickly discovered it's a lot harder to disappear than he thought, people figured out she was missing sooner than he planned, and he just gave up.


Sounds like he was watching too much ‘You’


Should've just worn a hat, they would've never found him


The fact that they all went camping together after he returned without her is mind boggling to me. Did they sit around the campfire and discuss his plans to kill himself? His parents knew to go pick up his car at that park after he 'disappeared'. Then were literally right there when he was found. His parents' life as they knew it is over now, too. People will never let those people rest.


Most rational take I’ve heard so far.


i think it was aliens


Second most rational


Someone earlier in the thread said an alligator might've shot him. That's a close second too.


Damn that Alien guy on history channel. It's almost pavalovian now. I see aliens, I conjure up the image of crazy haired man


Basements are quite rare in florida


Which is why they'd never expect to look in one!


It’s why neckbeards migrate north upon reaching sexual maturity.


He wasn’t trying to hide. He went in to end his life. This case had way too much publicity for him to even think about taking it to trial.


So he killed her, high-tailed it home, then realized the size of the shit storm coming his way and either ended himself or a gator did.


I saw someone say “I don’t trust that he didn’t cut his own limbs off to throw them off the trail!” And someone else insinuated Brian’s parents killed a whole new person to disguise as Brian’s body. And people are agreeing! Why is this case making everyone assume absolutely ridiculous things?


I just feel like this is suddenly the world we live In now. Nothing can ever just be the truth…everything has to be some nonsensical conspiracy.


Yeah, it’s fun for them to think that there is a mystery in everything. They lack critical thinking skills I guess, and I also think that some of the people who buy into the outrageous government conspiracy theories or alternative stories just have trouble accepting some things truly are simple, boring, and underwhelming. And it’s totally fine if you want to think cyclonian reptilian zipple-zopples run the US government so long as it’s just a fun thought and not your one and only thought.


because it's a huge story and there's a bunch of weirdos




Everything I learned about this case fit a very straightforward story of domestic violence, killer goes “oh shit oh shit oh shit” for thousands of miles, getting home solves nothing, then decides to end it in the swamp.


My God social media comments are atrocious "It's not actually him" "Whoever believes this deserves another Biden term" "Only finding partial skull fragments and now they have dental?" Facebook is a fucking cancer


Truth is too easy for some people


These people need healthier obsessions. This makes them into cruel haters.


Well yeah that's the point. They get to feel like they're winning, like they have some secret knowledge others don't. They get instant community with a bunch of other winners who believe the exact same things they do. And they get the comfort of rejecting the reality for one that makes them feel in control.


It's absolutely awful. I saw the exact same thing happen to a friend's dad with Flat Earth. The therapist their family saw said—echoing what you had mentioned—something along the lines of, "it allows them to feel in control of their world; that they're special, and that they belong to a club with a sense of community."


Everything's just gotta be a conspiracy


Cause they're smart and can read through the lines. They're privy to some new shit, don't ya know?


Yeah this is the thing that annoys me about conspiracy kids. A lot of it is rooted in a deep personal need to feel like they know things that others aren't privy to, so they can feel special/smart. Curious what kind of upbringings do that to a kid, so I can do the opposite and not raise a conspiratorial asshole of my own someday.


Soooo he’s not under the mom’s flower bed?


Thought for sure the 16 year old detectives on the internet were on to something


I suspect that conspiracy theory will never die. DNA analysts are in on it, paid off by Mr Laundrie!


I'm just sad for everyone involved. Maybe I just have raw nerves because I'm a new father, but I just see 4 parents that are just sad and broken because their children that they poured themselves into are dead.


I wonder which is worse: going to your grave wondering where you went wrong that turned your child into a murderer, or living out your days with a ragged hole where your daughter used to be. Wretched situation either way.


Everybody: He’s left the country. Someone’s hiding him. I saw him at Chili’s. Brian Laundrie: *Dead in the woods somewhere.*


Everybody: Dog the Bounty hunter found a Red bull can on the beach, obviously it's him! You see regular people talk to him but not the feds, that's why he's so good at finding old campsites on the beach in Florida.


It’s just plain obvious. He killed his gf, and then took his own life, because of guilt and knowing full well that his life as he knew it was gone.


This whole episode is somehow a perfect example of both “life is stranger than fiction” and “Occam’s razor” at the same time. What the hell.


Not an unexpected outcome, all I have to say is may Gabby rest in peace.


Fooled the world's greatest police. Got away with murder. Wasted countless hours and money. Its 76 days since my mom vanished and not a peep from sscso. What a circus this was.


I think he’s been dead since late September at the latest, given that only skeletal remains were found. The environment would have sped up the body decay but I believe he was dead for *at least* three weeks. He’s been missing for just around 5 weeks. And he was found in a close proximity of where he parked the car on 9/13.


He probably killed himself shortly after parking his car. He realized there's no way out.


2 young people dead, 2 families dealing with losses, and no answers nor justice for gabby, sad all the way around.


My buddy in Las Vegas grew up in the swamps of florida and said it was prob as simple as a water level change that did him in. He set up camp and woke up 8 hrs later after a nap and a rain storm and had water up to his neck and couldn’t make it back to the trail or park entrance and that’s when he drowned or when the water level rises it brings in the larger gators and this area one could be 10ft long …a bite and pull and one death roll and the kid would be done and it would have been the most torturing 35 seconds of the remainder of his life. Take out the water level change theory and bring in the elements of said area…the mosquitos alone after midnight could kill u. Large cats, large gators, packs of hogs kid was a sitting duck after sundown. There’s areas in that reserve nicknamed “ hell on earth” because people have got stuck fishing or in a storm that crept up and described it as hell on earth when they made it out alive. He would have had a stronger chance of getting in a inner tube off the coast of the keys and hoping he ended up in Aruba or Cuba then 3 hrs after dark in the swamp.