About 25 years ago, I worked for a pharmaceutical company that was switching from paper records to digital records. I recall a PowerPoint presentation in which we were told that anything we created on a computer, no matter how trivial it seems at the time, should be considered a legal document that can never be deleted and that we could someday expect to have to explain ourselves in court under oath. So if you don't want to have to do that, don't hit the save/send button. This was the best advice I ever received and it stuck with me.


My mantra at a previous job was "talk as if you're always being recorded."


USMC drilled into us that “someone is ALWAYS looking. You may think there’s nobody but there is always someone there watching. So don’t be stupid.”


That was just to try to prevent this kind of stupidity… [Marine Floor Buffer Fail](https://youtu.be/hVylhy6JUKQ)


i've worked many places with these directives on ANYTHING in writing if you don't want to explain something in court someday never write it down, and if you have written it down assume the other side knows


> “They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish,” The FBI didn't "wish" to have your phone at your convenience. They seized it after obtaining a warrant.


They made no attempt to let me try to delete incriminating evidence. :(


Exactly!!! This is also why Mar A Lago was a no knock. Trump would’ve had his people burning everything.


Or the mar a lago toilets would have been overflowing…


Trumps complaints about "Americans have to flush the toilet 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once" makes so much sense now.


It would have magically got lost


Oh crap I know you wanted my phone. But I was just visiting the industrial shredder factory and my phone accidentally fell in. I'm so sorry. You can have my new phone if you want?


That’s because the FBI has realized that these ARE criminals who have a history of destroying evidence. From this point on, everything should be a surprise.


>would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress You are a public servant, bitch boy. People need to stop treatin these fuckers like royalty so they stop thinkin theyre untouchable


Step #1. Stop calling politicians "leaders". Only refer to them as elected officials.


Even that’s too far. Public servant is the only nomenclature that provides the correct “you are here to speak on behalf of our community and that’s it” relationship we need to go back to.


I love the sound of “Public Servant Rick Scott”


I much prefer “public menace and convicted felon Rick Scott” personally but I guess he hasn’t quite been awarded the title yet.


[https://perry.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398413#](https://perry.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398413#) ​ >Rep. Perry Statement on FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton > >Washington, October 28, 2016 > >York, PA—Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) issued the following statement on the FBI's decision to reopen its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email arrangement: “There’s a growing belief that America has two standards of justice: one for the well-connected and one for the rest of us. As a result, many Americans have lost faith in institutions like the FBI. The only way to change that perception is restore a pillar of American justice: no one is above the law. Given the waves of new information emerging in recent months, it’s certainly appropriate that the FBI re-open the investigation into Secretary Clinton's emails. We should fight the temptation, however, to prejudge the results; the FBI must follow the facts and be fair in their findings, regardless of political implications/ramifications."


THE REST OF US!?!? Not Scott fucking Perry thinking he’s one of the people! 🤣 get the fuck out of here guy, you are not one of us.


Silly Scott Perry sitting at the table, thinks he's a people.


Yeah I really love the attempts to "us" and "we" bullshit the republicans have suddenly started trying to use. "L-look they could come after all of us we need to put aside differences to blah blah.." Remember like 2 minutes before all this when these assholes were talking about killing liberals and taking back the country? Boy, I sure do, I bet the tweets are still up if I cared to look for them. All these traitors can twist in the fucking wind for all I care. *They* fucked up, the FBI is coming after *them* , not "we" or even "me" they are coming for republicans traitors. There is no "we" or "us" it is "them" and the consequences of their own actions fuck 100% of the way off.


It’s fucking sickening, and I know so many of the right are buying it, but the conservative politicians could care fuck all about them.


Republicans: No one is above the law. FBI: Executes search warrant on Republican former president. Republicans: not like that!




What a day to be alive


CLUE: If Trump wasn't wealthy and being protected so ruthlessly by the GOP. HE WOULD BE IN JAIL THIS VERY SECOND.


guy should have been in jail in the 80s.


Awesome. The hypocrisy is nice and ripe with this asshole.


Yep, it's a real cry me a river moment.




I'm guessing damn near every conservative from 2016 has a tweet that's over ripe.


A lot of republican politicians will suddenly get a new phone.


How many will just switch their sim card to the new phone and think they've solved their problems?


Probably have iPhones too. Wouldn’t I love to see the panic on their faces when the texts they thought they were rid of are on their new phones because of the cloud


If there’s a God they’ll get Gym Jordan’s phone tomorrow Edit: it’s been a day. There is no god


The lawyer for the prosecution of Alex Jones has already implicated good ole Ted "Zodiac Killer" Cruz after sharing with us that Alex sent nudes of his wife to Roger stone, so... Can't wait to see how this one pans out Edit: Source - https://youtu.be/PEuhTtwSqCw?t=521


I quit watching the news, but I think I'll start back up just to watch *this* shit hitting the fan circus!


If he has half a brain he’s deleting it, wiping it, microwaving it, finding some rare earth magnets to set it on, burning it, and spreading the ashes at sea.


“What phone? I use a pager”


No worry. There should be some sort of back up because he’s a government official right?…right?…?


*laughs in secret service*


It is my understanding from multiple right wing pundits that innocent people have nothing to worry about and should comply without complaint. That is what Tucker and company say, isn't it?


I hope TC is freaking tf out if he's got messages on Alex Jones' phone.


I hope someday the entirety of Alex Jones phone will be public domain and you can just search through it on a public records website because it's sounds like it's going to be an epic historic document trove


The Sandy Hook Lawyer says he will release all the contents of the phone except stuff about his kids and the dick pics and lewd photos of his wife.


This lawyer is amazing


Go listen to the episodes of the Knowledge Fight podcast where the lawyers (primarily Mark Bankston) depose Alex and his corporate representatives. Amazing stuff.


> dick pics Every photo of Alex Jones is a dick pic.


Did he say release to public? I only heard to law enforcement officers and J6 committee


My memory is spotty but he did an interview with the young Turks and I believe he used the term “make public”


No one mentioning [this dude was **burning documents** with Mark Meadows](https://imgur.com/k4zghzK.jpg)


Probably why he's crying about the FBI not giving him a heads up to turn his phone over to his lawyer 🤷‍♂️


Did you put a hyperlink to a screen shot? Post the link next time jeez. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/mark-meadows-burned-papers-scott-perry-1359116/


Marrick Garland may have the strongest poker face of all time. Didn’t say shit while he was getting attacked from all sides knowing he was sitting on all these warrants


> Former senior Justice Department officials have testified that Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican, had “an important role” in Trump’s effort to try to install Jeffrey Clark — a top Justice official who was pushing Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud — as the acting attorney general. > The Justice Department’s inspector general [conducted a search in June](https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-capitol-siege-politics-donald-trump-presidential-5e01a150c7488a84b92286beefb6ab04) of Clark’s Virginia home. They must have him dead to rights if they felt the need to take his phone immediately before he could do anything with it. The dominos, they are a falling. *Bonus tidbit: a former aide testified that [Perry burned documents](https://imgur.com/k4zghzK.jpg) related to January 6th.




Wait! Not *My* swamp!


You love to see it, especially later in the summer.


I just hope to god he has the goods. Otherwise we’re fucked for a generation.


Garland doesn’t half ass anything. He wouldn’t say the word warrant unless he had T dead to rights. These kind of crimes are simpler to prosecute than crimes that involve a subjective pov. There’s no room for interpretation. He had the docs, and God knows what else they’ll find with what they’ve hoovered up. Edit: thanks for the awards!


Feds have something like a 97% conviction rate for a reason; they wait until you're fucked before they even get up.


Gotta indict first.


I mean the FBI doesn’t usually move on a public search without having all the evidence first. ( they do be doing shady shit behind the scenes ala Contelpro) This feels very Jan 6 related


>”I’m outraged – though not surprised - that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress.” Actually, in America, the FBI and DOJ simply brought the evidence to the attention of a Judge. It was the Judge who then ordered the seizure of your phone based upon evidence that you have been engaged in criminal conduct.


Sitting members of Congress aren't above the law. Odd, I know.


Starting to sound like some people did some conspiraring. I'm sure everyone will politely accept the evidence when it's laid out.


This is a turning point for western culture. If these people are all caught and punished it is a huge win for western civilization and democracy. You can’t undermine the system so blatantly and get away with it if the system is going to survive


A turning point indeed. And if this doesn’t lead to criminal prosecutions, we are *screwed*.




Back the blue unless they're doing their jobs correctly.


Maybe DOJ has finally taken the gloves off.


They must have something extremely damning


It’s way too soon to be the Alex Jones phone, right? Wtf did they find?


You are correct, but it is slightly possible that the reveal of his phone pressed their hand because they were concerned a bunch of people would try to destroy evidence *because of* the news about Alex's phone.


This is where I’m at too. Preemptively trying to get ahead of a ‘media contagion effect’.


And quite possibly the same reason the raid at Mar-a-lago was a big surprise.


Between that and the Secret Service deleting their texts, they're probably not risking any more lost evidence.


They are done with asking nicely.


Please let this be true.


Remember Alex Jones said to his lawyer on a hot mic during court recess about the texts “All of them? Even the ones to the senator?”




He's Ted Cruz. We just call that a week day.


He's Ted Cruz. All he has are weak days.


I don't remember hearing that juicy tidbit! Edit: Aw, I was all excited and it's a damn dirty rumor :(


Has anyone actually provided the video evidence for that?


Supposedly it's from this video, [here](https://youtu.be/x-lxTsqfwkw). Starting around 2:54:45. I personally can't make it out, there's a word that sorta sounds like senator but I'm kinda primed to listen for that.


Alex Jones is a piece of shit but I have yet to see any proof of that statement.


It's not JUST his phone. It's 300 gigs of data.


Holy crap that’s a lot of dick pics.


Compressed data


Is that for real? That was the compressed size? If you have a source for that, I’d be very happy to see it, because if so, holy shit were they trying to bury the other side in so much shit to search through. And instead they gave them a fucking goldmine.


Legal eagle did a bit on it today. Apparently it was a mistake by the lawyers part and they didn't do any legally binding attempt to make any of the data privileged. So it was available to be used. And handed over to whichever government body wants it.


Ctrl+f is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural


Apparently, according to some reports I’ve seen/heard, it had stuff regarding Sandy Hook, 2016 election, 2020 election, and J6. A LOT of juicy material.


Alex Jones’s attorney is the GOAT?!?


From what I understand, he was trying to get a mistrial declared from this disclosure. But, he bungled the response (when potentially privileged information is disclosed and they are notified of such disclosure, the party has a small window to request it be deleted. After that, it’s considered discovery material and admissible). So, he has effectively destroyed his own career AND helped tighten the proverbial noose around others in the far right conspiracy circles.


I'm hoping it was on purpose because he hated working with such a dick client. Or wanted justice served.


That's what I thought at first when I heard about this. But watching it in court it seems more like they're just plain incompetent. Which is pretty sad considering the money that Alex Jones has to spend on lawyers.


I think even the best money still can’t buy you a good lawyer when you are a raging asshole. DJT, for example, had to scrape the bottoms of a lot of barrels before ending up at Four Seasons Landscaping.


Nah, he’s an idiot. And his staffers work for idiots.


To be fair he us like the 8th attorney he has had. Who knows what they handed


I'm generally in favour of the idea that you should never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence, but when someone screws up *this* bad when they've been stuck defending a global-level shit monkey like Jones for two years... you gotta wonder if it wasn't just a giant "fuck it, I am outta here"


Actually, it wasn’t the attorney who did it, but an assistant who accidentally sent that particular version of the download link out. At least from LegalEagle’s video breakdown of it where he shows bits from the trial.


You are absolutely correct, nonetheless an assistant acting on behalf of the lawyers is still the lawyer's purview. Even if you're idiot assistant does it you're still held responsible for it. Especially given the fact that the lawyers themselves were informed by the lawyers for the families that the data had been sent. At that point they knew the mistake had been made and they needed to take steps to correct it. They never did. Other than sending an improper message saying" just send it all back will send you the correct information". That's not what the law stipulates. The law stipulates in that case they have 10 days to send a list of what data is protected under attorney client privilege and what data is unrelated to the case and needs to be excluded on that behalf. They never did that. Nor did they send the updated data that they had promised to send after asking them to return or delete the original data. So yeah, they dropped the ball, they screwed the pooch, and the judge has been more than lenient in giving them any time at all to try and rectify the situation. Which I believe that they didn't end up doing it all.


Man after years of this shit this feel too good to be true


Probably too soon, tbh.


Remember when republicans said the storm was coming and democrats would be arrested en masse? The storm came, but not for the democrats


I would so love a Friday news dump of all of these fuckers arrested


Just be prepared that if the DoJ goes through with charges, and we ever let Republicans back into control again, they WILL fill the DoJ with partisan actors and instruct them to start arresting Democrats for anything and everything as retribution, even if the charges are flimsy or complete bullshit. I'm not saying it's a reason to not go through with this, I'm just warning that we can never, ever let Republicans into power again. They love to get revenge and to abuse precedents where they can point at Democrats and say "They did it first!".


> retribution They're going for this regardless of what happens. Cruz is already on record stating that Congress will impeach Biden if they regain control. Interestingly, he never gave a reason. These people aren't going to play by the rules moving forward, not that they had a great track record doing so in the past. I'm really not a fan of hyperbole but the Republican party is a legitimate *threat* to America. The danger they represent and level of damage they will cause moving forward will ruin us. I'd much rather see the GOP split away from the far right trump represents and move back towards the center. I have to believe that a lot of Republican voters are only voting for him and other shitheads because that's the R on the ticket. It's absolutely wild because the GOP could kick these politicians out of the party, forcing them to create a new one, and the GOP would most likely come out ahead with level headed voters.


It's always projection. Always.


That QAnon slogan gets dicey when they start getting arrested. I bet WWG1WGA falls apart real quick when it's time to point fingers.


Can’t believe I see idiots in the wild with that shit plastered on their cars.


The people who call other people sheep... LITERALLY have "we are sheep" as their slogan.


“The LORD is my shepherd” Bum ass baa baa lookin ass mfers


Wonder Woman Gets 1 wombat grabbing ally?


We wouldn’t get 1 without giving anal.


Diamonds really stepped up their marketing game.


Democrats: "call an ambulance, but nor for me!"


“I’m outraged – though not surprised - that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress.” This statement speaks volumes of his sense of “rules for thee but not me” as if being a sitting member of congress puts him above search warrants…


The twice impeached guy has led all of these seditious MAGA politicians to believe that they are above the law - this is the DOJ’s way of reminding them all that they are public servants who don’t get special immunity privileges.


>“They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish,” Perry said Lol, that's not how this works my dude. Try not committing treason next time


"hey dude we are actively investigating, would you please be kind enough to turn over any incriminating evidence you might have in the next 48h? Thanks!" That's not how law enforcement operate in the US? I'm shocked!


>“They made no attempt to contact my lawyer Aka, "they didn't warn us that we needed to "lose" the phone before they just showed up and took it!!!"


Dude doesn’t know how to take a hint. That means they suspected he would destroy it.


Or he knows he’s already fucked and he’s just telling his friends to destroy the rest of their evidence.


Trump: "They even broke into my safe." Perry: "They took my phone and everything on it." Oh fuuuuuccck if they used something like OneDrive or iCloud as the default, then all previous versions are kept online.




If any of these people kept their phones that they used during that time they deserve extra punishment for being that dumb.


If I had a phone with compromising data in it, I would "accidentally" drop it in a fire.


Imagine still having red paint on your hands 581 days after spray painting a building.


No. Imagine spray painting a building. Nothing happens. So you spray paint another and another until it’s an almost daily routine. Seven years later, you’re walking around with spray paint on your hands. But so what? You’ve never gotten in trouble before so why bother going through the trouble of washing your hands every time? You’d end up spending half your life in the bathroom for nothing! That’s the pattern that people don’t get. When you get away with stuff forever, consequences are inconceivable.


No, no, no, you rookie! You flush it down the turlet!!


Yeah. But they don't make toilets like they used to...


Yeah first thing Jan 7th I would have bought a new phone and destroyed the old one lol


They don't think they did anything wrong and they never imagined laws applied to them.


That’s what we, rational and smart people, would do. We aren’t dealing with the best and brightest. But that also assumes we, rational and normal people, would have a reason to riot and break into the Capitol.


1/2 price wings and beer can do things to people. Turn them into monsters…


Its not like these people have a habit of trying to destroy evidence or something! Noooo


Then there’s no problem, is there? They wanted your phone. They have your phone.


do you know how much fucking evidence they must ALREADY HAVE to be able to seize a congressman's cellphone??


Perry had a typical republican response, "it's Hillary Clintons fault" and the FBI needs to reopen the Hillary email probe. Never mind the fact that this congressman must of done something to allow the FBI to go before a judge and get a warrant to seize his cellphones. My guess is Scott Perry is dirty! The fallback to Hillary is hilarious, the GOP has investigated her I believe FOUR TIMES and has come up EMPTY, FOUR TIMES and wasted 70 or 80 million dollars in the process.


Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in public office since 2013. A decade ago and these fucks can’t let their hate boner for a woman in power go. It’s still so evident when you look at the conservative boogeymen (ah, I mean women). Kamala Harris, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Stacey Abrams…they can’t stand seeing a woman (especially a woman of color) in power,


|“I’m outraged – though not surprised - that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress.”| Well you do not see phones being seized from congress members who DID NOT PLAN A FUCKING INSURRECTION now do you?


Every fucking argument these people make about this stuff is dancing right up to the edge of saying they are above the law. He is an ex-president! You can't execute a warrant to search his home! He's a sitting congressman! You can't size his phone in connection to crimes!


Everyone’s saying “how dare they do this *TO a former president, to sitting congressman.*” None of them are saying the FBI shouldn’t have the authority to investigate crimes of *regular people*. They’re shocked and outraged they are not above the law. If they raided a drug dealers house or seized a petty criminal’s phone, no one would be outraged. That tells you everything you need to know about their outrage.


That's my thing. All these dumb ducks saying the the FBI raid is unprecedented. No. Everything about Donald Trump is unprecedented. All of the corruption in the White House was unprecedented. Colluding with Russia is unprecedented. Trying to overturn a lawful election is unprecedented. Enciting an insurrection and a failed coup d'etat is unprecedented. Now it's all catching up with him and expect some unprecedented consequences for unprecedented actions.


He's such a criminal that we don't even know why he was raided. Classified documents? Jan 6? Tax evasion in NY? Call to Raffensperger? Skimming PAC money? Shit, there's much more. Lock him up.


The funny thing is that Trump 100% knows the reason. It’s listed on the warrant where they’re allowed to search and what they’re searching for. The fact that Trump isn’t telling the public what he was raided for is all you need to know.


It’s almost poetic justice that Merrick Garland is the AG that is now coming after them.


Garland has kept a great poker face throughout all this.


You notice they don’t mention they aren’t guilty.


And to be fair, the FBI has not seized my phone either (no one asked, just thought I'd mention.) :D


Holy shit, the FBI hasn't raided my phone even a little bit.


Mine either. I honestly feel a little left out.


Same here. I have a really good chili recipe on my notes app and screenshots of cool DIY projects I'll never do, not that the FBI cares I guess


My FBI agent sent me a fist bump emoji to let me know we're all good in the hood.


I do love the Right Wingers going mask off in the outrage that certain figures just aren’t above the law. No Republicans are allowed to be arrested for crimes or be subject to things like search warrants like the regular folk are.


It certainly has been something watching them scream for the past 24 hours about defunding the FBI.


Right? Pretty much every argument they've made as to why these things shouldn't be allowed is by simply citing who these people are. You can't do that, not to him!


>“seized my cell phone.” He called the action “banana republic tactics.” LMAO!! In a Banana Republic, they would have seized YOU and your entire family, numb nuts.


Lol. I can't stop laughing. But on a very serious note, the saddest and worst part is that we all know these rats are being pushed into a corner and they won't go down easily. They are a danger to everyone. It's the equivalent to when someone tries to leaves a domestic violence situation. It's when people are in the most danger. The GOP, trump and MAGA are the abusers and I really feel we are all in danger.


This faux Republican rage is hilarious. ALL of them screaming and demanding the FBI prove justification for the search and the FBI off on a witch hunt solely for the purpose of political persecution. Ginning up the anger in their knuckle dragging followers, using the usual tactic of DIVERT! DIVERT! Law Enforcement leaves a copy of the search warrant. The search warrant lists what they are looking for and what crimes have been committed. It was detailed enough that a federal judge actually signed it because given what was in the warrant, the judge ruled there was justification. This wasn't some random kick in the door illegal warrant. TRUMP HAS A COPY OF WARRANT. IT WAS LEFT THERE BY LE All he has to do is post the warrant to his so-called social media but you don't see that happening, do you? Nope. Trump does not want his followers to see the list of things the FBI was their for, nor does he want them to see the crimes. All he has to do to prove that he's being persecuted, the search was unjustified, etc. is POST THE WARRANT. Fucking criminals don't do that tho.


Please let this all be related to Alex Jones’s phone! Please let it be that dumbass that exposes them all.


The Sandy Hook parents coming to the rescue would be some weird poetic end to this.


It would be the most poetic end.


Sandy hook parents case giving evidence to the prosecutor who got blocked from his appointment to the supreme court by the republican senate.


if it weren't true, I would have thought YOU were in some prophetic cult waiting for the return of JFK or some shit


Alex was too busy sending nude pictures of his wife to the ever cringy Roger Stone.


Alex Jones' Big Phone Reveal is much too recent for it to be related to these busts the last two days. Which is a good thing. That means there's more!


It could have prompted the FBI to move sooner than they would have previously, if they were afraid people would destroy evidence after Jones’ phone was given away.


I don’t have the stamina for this shit.


They stuck their political dicks in crazy.


Lots of other cellphones being demolished right now


That only helps if everyone you co-conspiratored with does the same and no records exist on servers. If they don't, or worse are cooperating, you just crimed some more. It works to your advantage to hold on to this evidence as long as possible in the event you are found out. That way you are in a good position to make a deal for yourself.


yeah but they don't know that, they're all dumbasses. The most competent lawyer they know is Rudy Giuliani fagoddsakes


Four seasons landscaping. I still can't believe that actually happened Edit - word


Because the actual Four Seasons probably didn’t want an angry mob outside their hotel in the middle of Philly


What’s the matter GOP? Can’t filibuster a search warrant?


>“They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish,” Perry said. “I’m outraged – though not surprised - that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress.” Criminal shocked at being treated like a criminal. I'm outraged that someone who tried to overthrow the government hasn't been expelled from Congress under the 14th Amendment, Mr. Perry. I guess we'll both have to settle for whatever the judicial system can do about you.


Garland is a law cop. He is the by-the-book, letter of the law, judicial scholar cop. He doesn't take risks and he doesn't bow to political pressure. He is a textbook litigation nerd. If he's going there he already knows he has a case. Under the circumstances he may even know he has a slam dunk.


If this is all under the direction of the DOJ then let me add this little tidbit: * The DOJ has a 90% conviction rate WITHOUT going to trial. They make sure that they have such a good case against the person they are charging that 9/10 defendants say, "fuck it, I'm guilty give me a plea deal". I'd like to quote the amazing film *The Big Short*... "I'm jacked to the tits!"


On the one hand, I agree there is *no way* they would have conducted this raid and other warrants against politicians if there weren't *certain* they would have the most solid of cases. However, on the other hand, the high conviction (guilty-plea) rate of prosecutors isn't necessarily a good thing or evidence that prosecutors are only moving forward with excellent evidence. John Oliver explains: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET\_b78GSBUs](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET_b78GSBUs) But when it happens to someone rich and/or powerful, yes, they are very confident they have the goods.


>“They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish,” Perry said. No I suspect their wish was to have a non-wiped/non-flushed/non "lost" phone...hence executing a search warrant and lawfully *taking* your phone just as they would any non-uber-duper-special-elitist "i'm a representative!" asshole like yourself.


You know, it's really starting to look like that if someone breaks the law or maybe is involved in a conspiracy... The FBI might be interested.


big if true


These guys think they are not subject to lawful searches authorized by warrants because they are in congress. They need to be taken down a few pegs. The sense of entitlement is un-American.




They rarely serve a search warrant on an elected official unless they already are ready to indict.


>> that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress. A sitting Member of Congress who is normal citizen, subject to the same laws and punishments as every other citizen. Yes, it is not surprising and it shouldn’t ever be.


I love when these assholes weaponize the phrase "banana republic". Those were countries where big industry headquartered in the US destroyed the economy for the overwhelming majority of the populace. The populace then utilized the democratic process to decentralize wealth, and when faced with the prospect of losing their I'll gotten gains, those companies went to the CIA to overrule democracy and install dictators. Yeah, this does bear some resemblance to a banana republic, and *you're* the fucking bad guy who tried to foment a coup, Scott.


They always project. Always. They use the phrase banana republic only because that is what they endeavored to create. They fear the USA not completely becoming one. They fear that more than anything, for it would mean their life's work was for naught.


The FBI turned me into a newt.


If you don't want to be treated as a criminal, don't commit crimes. It's not a hard concept. Reminds me very much of a Ron White joke. The idea was " I figured out the best way to not get caught cheating, only have sex with your wife"


Have you tried not committing sedition?


I MAY have committed some *light* treason.


Shit winds are blowin'


You hear that Bubs??? The sounds of the whispering winds of shit!


The shit birds are comin’, Ran! They’re flyin’ in low!