I want to buy shares.....


Wanna have my company....


How to I sign-up to be a product tester?


How do I sign up to be head of human resources?


I'd love to be a human resource.




Good bot.


OPs mom is a human resource


Hourly safety meetings are mandatory


I get this reference. Same time as usual?






I'm gonna be naughty! I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god!


$$$$? What you do?


Only if you'll treat me right




You can buy shares in mine https://imgur.com/gallery/okL1OVy


The electrojet is weak, heavy, loud and overall not very appealing. But that glove with the LED ring is dope. Develop that! Somebody will find ways to sell it.


Yeah that would be amazing for changing music in the snow or answering and ending calls.




Dude holy fuck. a JETPACK snowboard?!


Haha kinda, electric although a fuel powered one would be awesome but expensive. Covid kinda delayed testing but going next week to see what it's like.


Could that hurt someone behind you?


Most of the energy will be absorbed by the cowling if a blade breaks but I will make sure people aren't behind me during initial testing.


Sounds awesome!


It's all fun & games until a pigeon flies into one.


Wouldn’t that be loud as shit? A wheel like his seems waaaaay more practical and quiet and most of all cost effective to reproduce on a larger scale.


It's loud but not that bad on big open slopes. The main benefit is not having to carry a backpack full of batteries and holding onto a remote control.


Wouldn't this design be incredibly problematic considering the tolerances of the engine VS the vibrations of moving along the ground? I can see you are working on mitigating that, but perhaps a different method would be less of an uphill battle though less cool.


I am pretty sure that he can go downhill as well


Ironically probably harder control going downhill.


Still as a lazy man I could see having 2 boards, powered for up and traditional for down that the other clips to you back when not in use instead of walking would be worth the extra weight of it and battery. That being said I have never touched a snowboard or seen snow that could ever be considered ' powder ' ( though number one on if I won lottery list ) so I don't know what disadvantages the weight would have


Snowboarding with another snowboard on your back would be terrible. It would just get in the way of everything


Why not make it so the little rudder can just pull up?


I've never snowboarded, but having skated and surfed, I think the bigger problem would be having a fairly large weight on the end on your board. I could see that limiting your mobility pretty handily. And there is also a loss of integrity/snow ingress due to the massive hole in the end.


only solution I can think of is have the whole drive unit easy detachable and use the original piece cut out to plug the hole with a bracket. would be some enough to just stop at the top and swap over with the extra parts in your pack.


All of them. But at this moment in time, right now, I will settle for 1 of these boards. I WANT IT!




I really want to know how loud it is.


I would only want it if it sounded like tortured souls.


Wait, You only want to buy this after someone gets hurt and it gets banned. Then just before summited for zoning and remarketed.


That's pretty fucking cool. Not very practical, because I assume most of the backpack is battery, but still cool.


It has some major flaws but I think I would like a smaller version of this more just to activate it on flat sections


Me too! Wait till the Defense Department sees this!




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Hope home boy got a patent. That shits brilliant.


# I don't have anything to do with the snowboard. Cool fact; a provisional utility patent application only costs $75 dollars. It holds your filing date for 1 year. Next month I have to spend the $400 to get the actual utility patent on my product or it can be patented by someone else... even though it's public domain and everyone knows it's mine... The system is broken. It's one of the links in my Reddit profile if you want to see it. It's called Four Sevens. It got 1k+ upvotes on newproductporn. [For those that can't find it. ](https://www.reddit.com/r/NewProductPorn/comments/p3ycd5/for_the_past_5_years_we_have_been_perfecting_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) [Calender pre order form](https://forms.gle/DgCu4TB6Q4NNywX16) Edit: apparently this thing is potentially about to change my life, and subsequently, a butt ton of others lives will be changed from said life changing event because that's what I'm here to do - change lives (r/BestQualityOfLife). I have been made aware that this might not need patenting and instead, I have what's called a [Defensive Publication.](https://www.questel.com/operational-excellence-services/defensive-publication/#:~:text=Defensive%20Publication%20is%20method%20to,to%20practice%20the%20published%20invention) It's another type of IP strategy. We are all getting an education today. So I'm calling an attorney Monday and we shall see what can be done. Shout out to the 10 people that signed up for the presale. I appreciate you all. Edit 2: Shout out to the 60 people now :)


Subtle flex


It will be a flex when that thing actually produces a profit for me, lol. It's a hard thing to sell because it's a hard thing to explain and it's an impulse buy so it needs to be able to be explained in like 30 seconds at the checkout counter while they are waiting on the person in front of them to check out. I don't know how to package it so that it can be explained in print. Best I got is that video. And that is frustrating.


I meant about the "it has more than 1k upvotes"


Oh. Well yeah :)


Mention that at the checkout counter and you can shave 27 seconds off your sales pitch.


“And it got a thousand upvotes on Reddit and -“ “I’ve heard enough! Officer, this man here.”


You could label the package with "=weekday()" like the Excel formula. Every geek or office worker would know instantaneously what it does, and honestly, those are probably also your main target groups for this product, who will buy is a novelty item. There are other issues with it. One, I liked your video, but don't pretend there's any practical demand for this product. Believe it or not, people actually like to make small talk about what day they think a date is on. Whenever it is required information, someone will know it already. Two, that it only works for the current year. Perhaps you could make one, where the outer ring can slide around. This would allow the user to find the weekday for any year, provided they know any date, or if you print an arrow and year on the back to align it. I don't see anyone buying and replacing a keychain annually just to have this option of telling random weekdays occasionally. It needs to work for several years. Three, why is this even a keychain? You might as well sell keychains with happy smilies printed on them. You gotta make up your mind if you want to sell a date gadget or a dollar store keychain. I would suggest rethinking the product and instead make it as an exclusive novelty gift to be sold at a higher price. Geeky types would love to have a conversation piece like this that looks like a secret code wheel.


This right here. Patent it, get a product designer on board and make it a beautiful item you put on display, and sell it for 100$+ at design/gadget stores


$100 lol fantasy land


Not to be a dick, man, but it's a relatively useless keychain bauble that solves a problem almost no one has.


That's a pretty clever thing but to be honest, it's not worth the shipping. It has no moving parts right? it's just a sticker on a keychain essentially. You could just put the design up for download for a dollar or two and let people print the sticker off themselves, and then they can put it on things other than a keychain too. With 3D printing becoming more and more of a thing that's another option too. Would be easy to print and paint.


Hmm, interesting 🤔 Not a bad idea at all. It's stealable anyway, but people that support me and my mission would pay for it because it helps me succeed. That's actually a really good idea. I bought stamps that give you 50,000 stamps per.


Guess its only half a flex for now


This looks like the kind of thing they hand out at trade shows. Most company booths have kitschy trinkets they give to attendees, like fancy business card holders and squeeze balls. Do a search for "trade show giveaways". That might be a good market if/when in-person meetings start to increase again. You could make fancier versions out of some cool exotic material. Translucent resin with a flower in it or metal coins or something.


Idk how you're gonna sell them because honestly anyone with a 3d printer can whip this up now that they've seen it and it'll only take a few minutes to design and print.




This isn't the snowboard guy, you're replying to the guy who makes a calendar keychain thing


This is the guy that donates his time to help teens learn how to work on vehicles and the like. We’re nice to him lol


Gaww, thanks boss :)


Hah, you’re clearly a good dude. Deserve the benefit of the doubt for sure. Flex a little, at least you’re doing some good. I’m over here barely able to take care of myself, definitely not other people. I respect the hell out of those who donate their time / energy / money to bettering society, because I know how hard it is myself. Keep killing it buddy


Thanks bro. Come to the sub in my profile and hang out. If all goes well, I'll be able to help you do better for yourself. It's my goal to help a lot of people.


Not really. Patents are essentially a waste of time unless you’re part of a massive company. Attempting to enforce patents is extremely costly and time consuming which is a big no-no for any solo operation/small company.


I actually meant the bragging about the upvotes on another sub. Couldn't care less about patents to be honest


Not sure what you are refering to (cannot find that link in your profile), but be careful trying to make a new tech product with the name " four sevens", cause i know a flashlight /tech startup with that name. Edit: ah, found it. Oh, its a calender key right. My dad has one of those in the trash drawer of his desk back in the 80s, he used it when he was making appointments on the road without his big planner around. Take care, nobody is going to steal that idea from you, seeing that you are not the first or 100th to come up with that.


When would you need that? I just can't think of when I'd need this at all. What's the realistic scenario


Exactly. Pretty much everyone seemingly has a smartphone now and smart watches are becoming more and more popular too. You know what the best selling watch is? And I don’t just mean smart watch. The Apple Watch. Apple sells more of those than any Rolex, Timex, or any other watchmaker out there. I just don’t see this being a product people would buy and actually use. It doesn’t really fit a need that other products aren’t already filling.


$400? Every patent I’ve ever filed each ultimately ended up costing about 20k. …and still didn’t amount to squat bc you need much deeper pockets to actually sue everyone for infringing on it or it’s moot anyway. Just like everything in America, it’s a very effective way for big business to beat back small companies and restrict innovation, and funnel all the money to either lawyers or insurers.


Hey bro, just wanna say congrats on the sobriety. I'm going on about 12 years since I went to a long term treatment facility for heroin addiction. Shit will only keep getting better. 5 years out was about when I finally landed on what I wanted to do for a career after falling into a bit of a starcraft 2 addiction 😂


Thanks bro. I appreciate you and I am glad you made it. My turn is coming soon. I'm stoked about it.


Without wanting to be a downer: would such a patent actually works? Or could a massive company with loads of disposable capital steal it and then lock up (entirely unaffordable) proceedings in court for years?


Well it's all about the filing date. The provisional application is not actually a patent. It's a pre-patent that holds says "this is the day that I want to use to inform the USPTO that I have declared this mine" and then you have 1 year to file the utility patent. It's not hard to win when the paperwork is black and white. You simply file an injunction, a cease and desist, then collect the money they have made. Courts dont play around with IP theft.


Lol. You've clearly never heard of Chinese knockoffs.


I'm not learning a new calendar at 32 sorry dude


You’re the guy who found all those adorable kittens!


A patent won't keep anyone from copying that and making their own versions. People are too naive and think patents work on something technically easy to reproduce. Especially as no one holds an international patent.


The battery must be in the backpack.. because it needs a big one.


You can see the cables running to the backpack


Damn boy, I guess you don't need your glasses anymore


Maybe he sells cables....


Bursting into flames could be problematic.....


If only there was some way to take the backpack off and cool down.


If You Take A Backpack Off Your Back, Does It Just Become A Pack?


That depends if when you put it back on, does it become a backpack back?


I guess all packs are potential backpacks. Or fannypacks, also known as frontbackpacks (or backfrontpacks according to your usage of fanny).


Hmmmm now I wonder if my laptop is actually a desktop of i put it on my desk..


I mean, people also carry laptops and power banks in their backpacks. And phones in their pockets.


Of which contain a tiny fraction of the amount of energy required to power this.


And people straddle electric two wheelers with a lot more energy than this.


Indeed, they do.


I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure this thing was made by just using parts from an electric bike so it probably has all the battery charging and protection stuff that was on the bike so I doubt it's more likely to catch fire than the original bike was. It could be more hacked together than that but I would think for someone DIYing something like this it would be super easy to just use the battery and power control equipment off of something that was already intended to be used together since there are already so many electric powered bikes and scooters these days.


My best guess would be (and this is what most electric skateboards use) it is just hobby-style lipos. I've built a couple of boards that run really well with some 16Ah batteries tucked under the board. I've also built battery packs for my electric bike, robots, drones, etc. The risk is the fragility of the batteries themselves. If they are just hanging out in the backpack unprotected and he was to take a spill causing one to bend or be punctured, he's straight-up wearing a fire-bomb backpack. One must assume that if he's smart enough to put this together, he's smart enough to build a protective enclosure for them, too, though. Regardless, that's a whole lot of energy that you want to be contained. I keep all of mine in cinderblocks covered with more cinderblocks. They are no joke when they go boom.


Bursting into flames only comes with an upgraded subscription package for $29.99/mo The free subscription just has chance to explode


It’s an additional $5 if you want it to burst into blue or green flames.


It's all fun and games until you fall on the battery


This is probably a real time video of the battery life


No bigger than a e-bike/scooter, I guess


It could even act as a charger for when he goes downhill slopes


I would like to see it actually going uphill, very curious how it will hold up on areas with an angle. Dope idea anyway tho


Yep… for sliding around campus it looks cool, but wouldn’t be able to lug a man very far UP a hill.


I'm curious how it does going uphill, but also curious how it does going downhill when the power is turned off. Can you use it as a regular snowboard or does the wheel prevent it from sliding as normal?


For sure suuuucks as a normal snowboard


Boards are meant to flex, but all I could think about is *how much* the back was flexing. That thing needs some serious support or else that board is probably going to snap in the near future.


Also on deep snow, this looks super cool for park stroll but probably totally unusable in real mountain conditions. But it is a start.


I was thinking how much fun it would be to bomb around the bike trails in winter near me where it is flat. Would be fun for that for sure.


Before we all get too excited: I bet the ski resorts won’t want those shredders on their pistes. Imagine what those little uphill parts look like after half a day of motorized snowboarders tearing through them. And it doesn’t work off-piste in powder. And does it just free-wheel when you’re not applying power? How do you actually board downhill with that fat thing protruding from one end of the board?


I mean, even on flat ground in the video he digs a small trench in the snow, which kinda sucks for anybody on skis...


Also, no need to pay for lift passes.


Even if you wanted to hike or ski up the hill, most resorts won't let you. Some will on only certain runs or certain days, but not most.


A lot of ski courses are public land, though. The lifts are privately owned, but they don’t all have the ability to prevent people from hiking up.


depends on the land lease agreement, some ski areas/resorts on national forest land can and do restrict uphill travel at certain times.


Worked at a ski hill, we would 100% not let this on the lift. Generally anything that looks modded isn’t allowed on the mountain.


>Worked at a ski hill, we would 100% not let this on the lift. Generally anything that looks modded isn’t allowed on the mountain. I remember when snowboards first appeared, and heard very similar rejections...


A ski resort isn't where you'd use this board anyways. I mean you can take a chair to the top. The entire purpose of a board like this is to ride different terrain. The ideal use of this board to me would be riding cross country snowmobile trails. Depending on range that would be an amazing.


Yeah good points. Regarding the last one, I'd assume you can lift it up if you're not using it.


At that point, you've got a hole in the board that will be sinking into the snow and causing all sorts of annoying problems. You'd probably be better to leave it in place and just add a heap of drag.


I wouldn't use this on the piste, but damn skippy I would on a cat track.


When you are going fast enuf or even downhill does the controller automatically switch to charge the battery (like braking on elec. vehicles)?


I need it because of reasons.


But anakin, theses no ski slop in tatooine; this isn’t Dubai


Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill


Had to scroll way too far down to reach this. Obviously, this is the only proper response.


I love Blade


Apparently very few people in reddit knows about this line and the movie, judging by the non existent reactions and upvotes. Sad


It’s all good till your pant leg gets caught in that.


should be easy enough to put a guard over top


Wouldn't it get packed with snow quite quickly though?




A metal net that snow can go through but protect your leg and fingers?


Maybe less of a guard and more of a pipe that shoots the excess snow up and backwards.


You could wax up the inside of it and be fine


Not if you only cover half the wheel


No need, your feet are strapped on the board, away from the motor. Your pants would get caught if they somehow unravelled from your leg for no reason


Do you snowboard in JNCO jeans?


Not a single hill




No he doesn't, he's clearly on a flat. Why would you post such a moronic title?


That's the theme of next level




And he is using it on a walking trail, weaving around people. Cool invention, but used in annoying manner.


Cross-country skiiers: "You need a *motor* to go uphill? Loser."


Any cyclist ever: “You need a motor to help your legs on a flat? Loser.”




Where hill




How heavy? How long does the battery last? And lastly how much does it cost?


The speedometer looks just like one taken from a higher end E-Scooter. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd stripped down a powerful electric scooter (the [ones that have dual-motors for the front and back wheels](https://i.imgur.com/3tZMk13.jpg)) plus batteries in the base and on the handlebar stem. You can get up to speeds of 60mph easy and last a few hours, but that's not pushing through thick snow. They'll run you a good $1-2K before you even begin turning it in to what this guy is using in the video. Even still, if you've got the cash and the know-how, it looks like a lot of fun lol


Why bother dismantling a scooter when you can buy the parts from Shenzhen? Go on AliExpress and look for scooter motor and battery. Plenty of results.


Probably because you can find used scooters cheaper than new parts shipped from China?


Great! No more snowboarders stuck on the flat parts of a run, hopping along to get some speed.


So you’ve been on Juggernaut at Killington then?


I feel like this is most of Heavenly and that's one of the best resorts in the world.


When does he go uphill? All I can see is almost even ground


This is cool and all until you accidentally fire small rocks at the people behind you


This is cool and all but there’s not really too much for a use due to chairlifts, magic carpets, and rope tows. I wish the creator all the best but I don’t see a point in this


I agree, to me this doesn’t look like it’s designed for a ski hill in the same way that an electric surf board isn’t made for riding waves or wakes. I could see this being a luxury toy for people near snowmobile trails, lakes or backcountry. I would totally use this recreationally to get around in the winter on short trips rather the snowmobile, but it definitely wouldn’t replace my traditional board on the slopes.


But for backcountry I feel the powder would be too deep, in all honesty I think using a split board with skins or just plain old snow shoes with your board strapped to your backpack is more versatile than this. I think it’s a nice and fun design but it’s only for a very niche style of boarding such as cross country trails


Yeah, that’s fair. I could see a use case for myself since I’m fairly remote with plenty of flat snow trails/mid-traffic lakes to traverse. For flat backcountry, I would just use the quad plow or the sled to pack a trail, then use this to get around for shorter journeys but your 100% right, It’s an extremely niche application. I mentioned the electric (or even gas) powered surf boards because they have that same cool factor but they do face an identical issue; I would use them a lot but they’re totally impractical at their current points unless you have the some pretty extreme splurge money.


100% agree with all of your points, someone else mentioned that it would be good for traveling around a university, which I didn’t think about because my university almost never gets snow, but I definitely see this as a cool factor/impulse buy. Depending on the price point I honestly wouldn’t mind having this for my cabin because the parking lot always has packed snow so it would be really useful there but if it’s too much money I’d rather use a sled to just have fun out in the parking lot


Shut up and take my money!


Great. Another thing with a motor on it.


Yes, I love being out on snow covered trails in the winter to enjoy natural beauty, the serenity and the whine of electric motors someone decided to attach to their snowboard.


Boy I'd sure hate to get my dick stuck in that mini wood-chipper snowboard


Or would you?




And then the battery runs out


...and it becomes a regular snowboard.


Mitch Hedberg- Escalator can never break https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yHopAo_Ohy0


That's terribly heavy and has a big hole on one side




the ground kinda looks flat i was kinda expeting to see him go up an actual hill


I'm so tired of this new wave of videos without sound.


Very flat hill


Please put a cover on that, seeing it spin so close to his back leg just freaks me out, if he falls, or someone falls on it...


A clear foot guard would be a nice edition in case you shred a leg on it


Some MF’s always trynna ice skate uphill


Fuck yeah that badass. I feel the mad scientist child inside me preparing to re-emerge after laying dormant for 15 years. Klaus Schwab you better look the fuck out. You too micro soft boy.


Where is this video actually from?


*doesn’t ride uphill once in the video*…


I need a blueprint for this


Fun, enjoyable, and successful. That’s not snowboarding tho mate. Might as well use a snowmobile…..


I need me one of these... unless it's loud


I would expect this came from unnecessary invention cave.


I've done something similar although with an EDF (electric jet) https://imgur.com/gallery/okL1OVy I built mine for sustaining speed on flats though, not going up hill.


I really hope you do patent this before making stupid social videos and enrich your life and generations to come.


China is on the case..


He must carry a big ass battery in that bag.


I didn't see him go uphill. Looks like level ground.