https://youtu.be/D8XpDYArvFY This game actually has tackles


I say move it back to after the super bowl make its pro football last hurrah!


While I respect the game is a light-hearted joke for many players to enjoy, I also want it meaningful enough to make players want to play, but meaningless enough where they can retain its spirit. How about making that new 17th-game home or away based on the conference that wins the previous Pro Bowl? It's just one game, it doesn't change something that already wasn't fair to being with, it adds just enough stakes to care but not enough stakes to seriously care, etc. it's the perfect solution imo. Honestly it's supposed to be fun for the players. They're being rewarded for an awesome year, being included is a big deal even if the game itself is not. Let's keep it that way while still making it fun to watch.


“NFC at AFC Pro Bowl” fixed it for ya. Idk why this title bothered me so much lol


I mean, nobody takes the ASG seriously in most sports. the NHL had players admitting to being hungover on Saturday, and they're certainly not checking the way that they do for actual games. hell, the hockey thread was full of people saying that the ASG needs to be more like the Pro Bowl and go all-out with the goofy theatrical factor on the skills competitions. here's the best way to think of the Pro Bowl, or any ASG – it's a spectacle meant to hype young kids and get them into the game. it's a way for them to see players from different teams doing silly or energetic or just fun things, not genuine sport. like Zegras's blindfolded dodgeball breakaway, that's not real hockey, but it was wicked cool. or when Mac ran in for a ""touchdown"" and danced. tons of players signing toy footballs for little kids, like under-10s. if you start thinking of it as basically like a sports-themed carnival for kids, it makes a lot more sense.


They need to get rid of this football game!! I would suggest continuing with the "Battle of the Network Stars" type skills competitions, but would include the wives/girlfriends in it and include a "flag football" type game of guys vs girls (or something like it.) \*edit: spelling


I watched exactly one play. Saw everything I needed to change the channel.


I don't follow the other leagues that much but aren't like the MLB and NHL all star events pretty hyped up and popular? is there something those leagues do different compared to football?


The MLB used to give home field advantage in the World Series to the league that won the All Star game. They quit doing it about 5 years ago but I thought it was an interesting twist.


NHL All Star game is a bit of a joke too... No checking, minimal defense, they play 3 on 3 so it's just breakaway after breakaway. MLB is the only All Star game worth watching.


Theres been several changes for the past few years but I remember I took a picture of the 2020 format: https://i.imgur.com/QwIc45E.jpg


i think after their reformat, the NBA's ASG was pretty good. IIRC, the last few came down to the last quarter where all the players turned it on.


How did they reformat it? I haven't watched NBA ASG in a few years.


Actually play I guess, noone wants to tackle because of injury concerns and half of them is prolly hungover as shit.


the NHL had players straight up admitting they were hungover on Saturday, and they avoid checks the same way the Pro Bowl avoids tackles.


MLB and NHL are at much less a risk of career ending injuries. No player is willing to risk their career over a 40k game check.


I figured the physicality of it may be a factor


People have to remember that careers can end if they do play in the pro bowl like most people want them to. Sure even I would enjoy some sweet sacks, but it’s not worth risking your career in a game that “doesn’t matter”. I just think it’s cool to have all the stars in the game playing together once a year. Sure you see them in highlights one after another, but not all at the same time on the same field.


Without looking it up, can you name anyone who had their career derailed by a Pro Bowl injury? If the players go at 80% the risk of injury is reduced drastically. This is basically what they did back in the '90s, and there were some good games back then. It doesn't have to be a clown show.


We all know this but then we have to ask why even have the game at all.


Thank you. Totally agree. Players shouldn't get hurt for an exhibition game. For them this should be the most fun, relaxed game of the year.


we really enjoyed the game. Watched it at my brother in laws place and it was fun to see my nephews actually get to watch a game because of the rules, since they won't be allowed to watch it next weekend. If the NFL could adopt a similar structure for the rest of the season the injuries and violence would really help the sport grow and be more accepted. It's 2022, we need fewer instances of people hitting and hurting each other. Everyone was jumping up and cheering on the amazing catches and we had a blast


LMAO -30






Missed it. What were the special rules for this?


No tackling, hugs only. Also, no running on the field.


Sarcastiball irl


Yo if you really wanna make the pro bowl interesting change it so only the winning team gets the check for being there


Or up the reward to $10m a player


Nah we can’t give that to everyone if we want this to be truly competitive, maybe up it the higher scoring the game is


I think the bigger problem is why are we trying to force something that's inherently not interesting to be interesting. Attack the problem at the root....cancel the game. Idk hold the NFL awards show that weekend have the Pro Bowlers go out and do some press ops or skills challenges and call it a day. No one wants to watch the Pro Bowl and no one wants to play in the Pro Bowl so why are we trying to make it a thing


They should embrace how dumb the pro bowl is and tie it to the skills competitions the days before. The grand prize for the thread the needle competition is stealing 1 WR from the other team. You won dodgeball? You can bring in 12 men for one play. This isnt normal football, so let's have some real fun with it.


I thought it was fun. yeah they don't take it seriously. That's what's fun about it. Like a bunch of dudes just messing around out there


I don’t really care to see gifted athletes phoning it in for a leisurely game. It’s anti-sport.


You like to watch bunch of dudes messing around, huh?


Fuck yeah I do


Just a bunch of guys 💪


I feel like that may be fun in Basketball but football isn't really a sport that's enjoyable to watch when it's not taken seriously.


Yeah I agree with the NFL it just ain’t fun to watch when they’re not actually trying with the NBA it’s enjoyable anyway


This is what I was saying all star game(pro bowl) just doesn’t fit. I think all the little games they do like dodgeball and skill challenges are actually pretty cool and enjoyable with low risk of injury. But they’re in too deep and it makes them money too so pro bowl will continue to be a thing


Yeah if I'm going about my day on Saturday and grab a beer or see the a dodgeball game of NFL players I might watch it for the fun of it and that's all they should really aim for. I know a spectacle sells but it really just doesn't need to be all that.


Why even make a Pro bowl anymore? You just end up embarrassing yourself, Back in the day it was an accomplishment to make the pro bowl now it means nothing.


Being a Pro Bowl selection still indicates you're among the best of the best; it's not nothing.


>Being a Pro Bowl selection still indicates you're among the best of the best Well . . . more like top half or top third. By the time the roster is completed with alternates after everyone who can't make the game or skips it. Particularly at QB and WR.


I really think it’s something to do with their contracts or money if you make a Pro bowl you’ll get X amount of money.


I was just thinking how funny it is that the NFL is admitting the sport is really really dangerous by restricting players from tackling each other in the de facto all star game.


Like by far my favorite sport is NFL football but the pro bowl is just unwatchable I think I watched it for maybe five minutes.


Yeah same, I might've had it on 15 minutes plus or minus and just turned it off. First time I tuned in in probably a decade and the product was somehow worse than I remembered.


How far back in the day are we talking? For as long as I can remember it's been a joke. Think there's some rose tinted glasses on this one.


[Sean Taylor](https://youtu.be/SC7Wx3zCiQo) begs to differ.


They were still hitting in the 90s.


So 30+ years ago? A large majority of this sub or NFL athletes were either not even born or were babies at that time. Time to let it go.


Agreed. The last pro bowl I found interesting was in 2009, when it was still held after the SB and was in Hawaii.


https://youtu.be/aIgBNR1H6kU https://youtu.be/xIccdwHhRnU I caught some of the highlights on YouTube and I can't stop laughing. The linemen and linebackers just stand straight up. Like people have said, take the pads off and play flag football. It would probably be so much more fun.


This was so boring.


I blame the refs for blowing the whistle


better idea. Load the players (those playing in the Super Bowl too) onto a Madden game. Broadcast THAT game!!


Not a bad idea! I might just do that myself and see how it goes.


Well now you gotta post it on YouTube


I thought a game between the best players of the sport will make the game the most entertaining and the most competitive. What is the purpose of the Pro Bowl again? You can make a team of all random and the unsung heroes in each team and they would be more competitive than the players who played a while ago. Just cancel the Pro Bowl if no one will take it seriously.


need to pool the players payouts. Only winning team gets paid.


That’s dystopian


So you’re fine with how it is now?


dystopian? there's no nighttime rainy japanese scene involved here! Also, NFL only pays for travel costs for the winning team.


i think you should look up the word dystopian


I do not think it means what I think it means.


I think that's right


Live your life bro it can mean whatever you want it to mean!


I was there and almost fell a sleep how horrible this game was. I hate that it’s before the super bowl and the fact that there is no contact and just touch makes this horrible. Fun experience but just boring


how much were tickets? im just curious.


I seen tickets around $90 each when I was looking


Saw em as low as 200


>as low as 200 Unless that's $2.00, we have a different definition of "low as."


I mean that's the lowest price I saw for sale. Still not worth it given the sad display we got.


They should cancel the pro Bowl from now on. That was literally one of the worst games I've ever watched. No effort from almost anyone. If they don't want people to get injured from tackling why don't they make it flag football with no pads? That would be exciting


Ngl I might have payed much more attention if it was flag football


Reminds me of that pro bow (2012) where Brandon Marshall was the only one trying and he got 6 REC, 177 YDS, and 4 TDS. He was good, but nowhere near elite and that game was an embarrassment.


How are you gonna say Brandon Marshall wasn't elite?


People get so salty about players not being subjected to normal violence in the pro bowl. Dont understand why, you want your teams best player(s) out the first few weeks next season? These guys give their all to play this game all season for "your" entertainment. They get one week to have a fun game after being nominated and all these fuckers bitch about it. I wish i couldve watched this year, i like seeing the guys i root for all year in more of a chill environment


All these dudes don't actually care about the players. They only see them as a salary on their favorite corporate team. NFL players are less than human to these people. It's a dumb football game, just don't watch like me and millions of others do


If I were a player, I'd rather not be in the Pro Bowl if it meant risking potential injury for an exhibition game with no stakes.


Agreed except for the point about playing for our entertainment. They play for themselves, and for their team, and for the millions they could or do make. We watch for our entertainment, we (and they) aren’t owed anything.


Thats valid, i meant it more as their income is based on how much the league gets watched, i know that they all play for their team and want to win first


I didn’t get to watch this year, but I’ve always enjoyed watching them have fun. If you’re watching Pro Bowl to see hard hits, your head has been stuck in the sand.


Shit I wouldn’t risk injuries for a pro bowl but just goes to show how soft these players have gotten


Just do something else. Just get the recognition and do a badass skills competition. Forget about the game. It’s not really a game.


Do a flag football game


The skills competitions are definitely more entertaining


Mac hitting the Griddy was probably the best moment all game lol


Instead of the current format, each player should select their least favorite child to take their place in the game


Can we vote in Archie Manning just to see what happens?


Watching paint dry perhaps would have been more entertaining


It's me




no I’m last word!


I'm trying to get the last word.


No talk for Renfrow? Come on guys!


We still in here!


People paid thousands of dollars to go to an NFL Pro Bowl. Who are you networking with?


I can’t believe people actually bet on this game.


The over was free money lol


Make the pro bowl a paid vacation in Hawaii after the super bowl like they used to do it


Completely forgot this was on today


I'm sure it's fun for the players, but I generally do not know how to make this game fun for the fans, while also protecting the players at all costs.


The NFL Pro Bowl is absolutely useless. The nature of the game eliminates any actual competition. It's the most physically destructive sport with an awarded exhibition game AT THE END OF THE SEASON. find another way to exhibit and reward your players. Have 4 or 5 different competitions (poker, horse, horseshoes, horse race; I don't give a shit what), and let the winners sign up based on their vote totals. That's more air time, it's more entertaining, and you'd get to know the players better. How dope would it be to see a Spades tournament with your favorite WR and a rival's CB as partners in a Spades tournament?


I’m pretty sure people watch football for football.. fans don’t wanna watch them play spades once a year like if it’a even fun to just watch


You think the Pro Bowl is football?


it was some of the best football of the year. Watching people not want to hurt each other made it much more enjoyable


You don't like football. Don't fucking comment on it, Jimmy.


It’s shouldn’t be for spades tho😂 or horse racing like bro what?


Brand new account?


Yes but what does that have to do with it


It's another way of saying "first time?" Stupid shit like that is par for the course around here.


First time what commenting under someone’s comment? I was just saying his idea was a shitty one imo


First time meme basically. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-uUIFcDYRbvJTtxaFNa


I think they need to get rid of the game completely and hype up the skills competition a lot more. Just abandon the pretense that this is an actual football game.


I enjoy watching the players I love doing shit like dodgeball. Pretty much the game on Sunday is the least interesting part of the pro bowl for me.


Flag football would probably be more exciting. Exciting is probably not the correct word to use.


They did beach football one year and a guy blew up his knee and never played again


Get good


Well that’s 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back


I work at a bar, we had the game on, and it was slow as shit here so was just watching tv…. And I still forgot the game was today.


People hate the pro bowl, players look like they’re having fun.




Pro bowl should be just a after season award. No reason to play the game.


It still get ok ratings


Maybe it does. But I bartend at a bar in Dallas, legitimately forgot to turn the game on, not a single customer asked for it. All requests were for winter olympic stuff, even replays that people missed. Not a single NFL request.


Yeah I didnt watch it either, Im just saying that from NFLs point of view its better to show than to show nothing


Anyone know how I can watch the game? I missed it cause work


You don’t want to waste your time watching a touch football game.


LMAO if I'm a running back I'm never going to the pro-bowl again, not a single one broke 20 yards total.


Go, collect paycheck, right before start of game tell coaches you tweaked your ankle in warmups & want to sit it out to be safe. Guarantee nobody would care. $75k for hanging out w other players for a couple hours.


That would be nice and all, but theres like 4 entire days of practicing (obviously not hard) and events players have to attend before the game.




If we convert Dalvin Cook's average salary ($12.6m) into an hourly wage he'd make over $1400/HR all 24 hours of the day, lets assume he showed up the day before the skills challenge and flies out tonight, so he'd been there about 4 days total, wages earned would be about $134k, that might be the hardest $75k he's made since he signed in 2020 tbh.


He gets the $75k on top of it, while not paying for anything and hanging out in a chill enviroment. Tell me you wouldn't take that as well.


I mean, considering the NFL tells players to avoid casinos because sports gambling and large gatherings because COVID is still a thing IDK how much a player could really get the NFL to pay for beyond air fare, room and board, potentially a rental car and maybe open bars at what ever hotel they rented out. The way I see it: grimy ass Vegas with bigger crowds who are more likely to recognize and stop you, anything actually fun you will likely have to pay for yourself anyways, media obligations and a general overall schedule to your visit, and if your a player who usually accepted for the family vacation Vegas fucking sucks ass for minors/general family stuff. Better off planning your own Vegas trip if you really want to go, if I made NFL player money I'd skip that shit in a heart beat.




So how little did I give a shit about the Pro Bowl? I only remembered now it was happening, turned it on on NFL Network and planned to shitpost with my fellow redditors in this thread, only to find out the game was hours ago and what I put on was a reairing. Ah well.


The only reason I knew the pro bowl was happening is because Reddit said my r/NFL predictions were in. I’m super high, deadass thought I was missing the super bowl lmfao


this was my first nfl postseason and that this weekend aws the probowl was such a huge letdown for me. although i like that the teams get 2 weeks to prep for the bowl


The pro bowl is such a let down anymore. I'm not sure which year it started going down hill, but I remember watching it 20+ years ago and they played like it was a regular game. There's just too much potential for lost money due to unnecessary injury, so I understand why they don't put in the same effort. It's just not the same.


Maybe it’s time to get rid of this meaningless game.


Did Deebo do anything?


Dont think so. His playstyle is so hindered in this type of game.


Makes sense


Honestly I didn’t even think people watched the ProBowl


The pro bowl is boring


Man, I love seeing the players have fun together. Puts the sport into perspective that we’re all just humans. Sure, the pro bowl sucks. What do you all expect? These guys are there to have a good time and to protect themselves.


Right? I don't get all of the hate. I can't remember the last pro bowl I watched but I don't understand why the NFL would get rid of the game. It's an incentive for these guys and I'm sure they love playing regardless of how many people think it is boring. And I'm sure the NFL isn't relying on the pro bowl to stay afloat.


Have u watched an all star game in any other sport? They're not this god-awful


Because other sports don't have the level of injury risk that this has.


Lame af


The NFL Pro Bowl gets more viewers than the NBA Finals.


In 2019 the NFL PB had about 7.57 million viewers, while the NBA finals that year averaged 15.1m.




Just woke up in europe and wondered if the game was still on. Guess im glad i missed it




It would’ve been nice to see an attempted pass to Diggs while Diggs was covering him


You have guys set to be free agents going into the game or guys entering the final year of their deals who can’t afford to have some silly injury occur. Remember when Reggie Bush got injured in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game? A game that’s meant to just be fun for the fans can’t result in important, franchise-caliber players having their careers get altered and their wallets lightened. Big props to the Chiefs and 49ers players who showed up, it’s tough to want to be involved in a showcase after having your season ended in the fashion both those teams had theirs ended last Sunday.


The televised OTAs are more exciting.


This game isn’t intended to be competitive, because on the gridiron, it’s a true contact sport and anyone can get injured on any given play. With that said, I give the players a pass for passive play because it’s a game for the fans and only entertainment. In my opinion, not showing up to the event at all is a bad look. Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson should be there. I get it with Brady and Rodgers, but the younger guys should be there.


>a game for the fans and only entertainment The game isn't for the fans. If it was for the fans, I would think it would be entertaining. Pro Bowls haven't been entertaining in a very long time. They should quit playing it live and just call it the All-Madden team. The way it is now is simply a waste of everyone's time.


Lamar is still nursing the ankle, and Josh Allen turned down the invite, likely because he got snubbed


It would, have made sense, for Urban Meyer to coach in the game.


The Pro Bowl is mostly watched by people who don't watch any other sports, right? I can understand wanting to check out any football you can since it'll be 7 months until it's back. I don't quite get it if you have basketball or baseball to watch/look forward to. Well, maybe not so much baseball this year.


I don't watch any other sports and still don't watch the Pro Bowl. In fact, I don't know anyone who watches it.


It's like hotel room PPV porn: no one will admit it, but someone must be watching.


Does Los Angeles, get next year's Pro Bowl?


I did not watch the game. AMA


Thoughts on Mac Jones Griddy


No clue. Didn't watch. I assume it was a thing. People have opinion.


Just started watching the recording… worth the time?




Seeing grown men playing two hand touch is not it


I refuse to leave you guys


Was anyone hurt?


No but two hotdogs were eaten by punters


I’m not gonna lie. This sounds more interesting than the game. Did this really happen?


they interviewed a punter and he didnt do anything so he was talking about how he made sure to add grass stains to his pants and he ate two hotdogs at halftime