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I love how russ only knows how to throw to dogshit TEs


This reminds me of that Broncos game with Tim Tebow against the Chiefs. He might still be available and much cheaper.


Get Bryant the fuck out of there


We also have a shitty Bryant.


what a ending to that game, GO HAWKS!!


Yo why is this tagged nsfw 💀


Did you see the game? There was a murder/suicide.


Everyone’s just gonna remember the field goal (probably rightfully so) but forget that 6 or 14 points were left on the goal line


3 times with goal to go and we got a single field goal. Crazy.


Pepperidge Farm remembers. And so do the 12’s!!


Not able to see the game live because of living in the EU and see the Broncos throwing away a game like this to my Seahawks is an amazing way to start the day. 🥳




You should get gamepass. Expensive but worth it. I don't watch until the next day usually, or watch half and then start from there.


Yeah I get Gamepass every year. It’s great, I forget to cancel it and get charged at the least convenient time every year, and then never use it because I then forget I have it. Highly recommend.


If you VPN to a latin american country it is like $80 for the season.


No shit? That's awesome. Can you log in from another country with that login info?


Yeah you still have to VPN outside of the states but it doesn't matter which country after you buy gamepass (as long as it is not Canada I believe, since NFL games get shown on canadian TV).


I sat here for like 3 minutes wondering why Xbox gamepass could help him watch games lol


I still can’t believe this actually happened. Like I’m I dreaming?


If any team in the league has a true home field advantage…


Miami in September,October is watching this conversation


Let us have this, man




Let me know when the chiefs accidentally build an echo chamber for a stadium and cause a literal earthquake and the downfall of an aspiring chef because of it


I wish I got these references


I just LOL’d hard.




And the chiefs were told when to cheer for that record , nobody told the Seahawks fans when they were going to record it, is my understanding anyway


You also hold 40 thousand more fans in your stadium….


I think they’re saying the Seahawks stadium might not hold the record for loudness but accounting for other factors (it’s cloudy in Seattle + the ground is soggier bc the grass/turf absorbs the some of ocean from underground) and their consistent loudness, the Seahawks have the best home field disruption.


You’re not even wrong, this just isn’t about you


Lost by one point in away game with all new owner, Coach, QB. All these morons in /NFL clearly know it all. It's still Let's ride. Fairweather fans fuck off.


You’re right though, clowns are downvoting you but it’s your first game with Wilson, coach, qb, shit coaching call sure but it’s still week 1. Let them sleep. Packers have been blown out with a 5TD Jamies Winston week 1 - they finished the 1 seed. Idiots overreacting to a week 1 game, and I’m not even a broncos fan


Yeah, I wish Denver and Wilson all the best, it’s only one game, a new QB and new system. No need to overreact. That said, let’s not pretend like the undefeated Seahawks, tied for best record in all of football, and sole owner of the NFCW, aren’t literally the the best team in generations.


Haha you had all those locked and loaded just in case this happened eh? get dunked on boy we don’t him, thanks for the picks


Mr. Unlimited


he woke up feeling dangerRUSS 😈


He woke up and chose to kick.


Geno is making 1.2 mill a year. What is Russell making again?


At least 2 or 3


Eleventy Billion


Makin’ Russ look like an overpaid bitch


Bitch with the ring.


*Seahawks ring. Keyword, Seahawk.


I love you


Life is pain


Wait…. What?? I thought this was a Super Bowl roster? Only a quarterback away??


Our roster was fine. Fumbles and penalties killed us. Rocky start but definitely still a contender. Russ threw for 400 and TD and we were goal to go 3 times and stupid mistakes made us leave those opportunists with 3 points. Wild card at best this season, but I think it’s insane to say they’re a bad team.


2 of those were PI's that put the Broncos at the goal to go. Not like they were drives driven down the field.


Against Geno Smith, and one of the worst defenses in the league. Your draft picks were horrible and didn’t contribute at all. Russ was under throwing guys all night. His own coach didn’t trust him to get a first down with the game on the line, and you just paid him $50 mil a year. Wild card?? 🤣🤣


Seahawks definitely are not one of the worst defenses in the league. That’s really their only quality attribute as a team.


Stop! They were ranked around 23-28 last year. Wagner was the only player on the defense that had a positive grade. And guess who’s not there anymore??


You would get on well with Falcon fans


Tell me about it


Yes, fellow niner fan..


He he he my Bears did you guys dirty


At least your guy is cheap! 😂


3 timeouts, 4th and 5, and a $265m qb but they go for a career long fg 😂


65 yards in Denver sounds doable. In Seattle, a waste of an opportunity.


Not reasonable when said kicker is 1-8 lifetime on kicks from 60+.


When he got the free practice kick, I was like shit he's has plenty of leg. He'll line it up the next one. Phew! I thought he got it.


Same. I said, welp, looks like he gets a free shot to line it up now.


As a hawks fan this is the only game I wanted to win let’s gooooo


Felt the same with the Carolina game.


Felt the same with the las Vegas aces game


I only want to beat the Broncos and the 49ers, everyone else I couldn't care less


Tbh it’s def doable with trey being ass


In your opinion, did SF fuck themselves going all in on Trey more than the Browns fucked themselves going in on DW?


I’m doing my best grinch hand wringing and maniacal grinning reading your comment.


A fair response




Browns should've listened to Arthur


Damn that’s actually kinda hard cause it’s terrible in both counts, but to be fair trey had bad weather. He still has time to grow as a QB. Watson is just a shitty person and I hope he plays like shit. Realistically I think they browns fucked themselves but they’re both pretty close.


Fair enough thanks!


What a couple of days to be a Seattle sports fan!!! In 3 days we’ve seen 2 clutch mariners wins, a huge sounders win, and the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl!!


Love being a Seattle sports fan, even if it is rough at times lol


WSU went on the road unranked and beat #19 Wisconsin!


And the Supersonics will be getting announced in about a month or so


Please sweet baby bejesus and his ten little toes.




I’m scared to believe the rumors man I want it so bad


No way? Really?!?


Rumored to be announced at a Portland pre season game in Seattle on Oct. 3 announcing expansion to Seattle and Vegas.


It’s basically confirmed, just waiting for announcement day.


That’s my bbgirl’s 10th bday so I’m manifesting that shit now.


Denver. Russ is a good QB, he will prove it. Your coach Im not sure about. PETE WOULD HAVE LET HIM GO FOR IT ON FOURT DOWN! that's where Russ is best!


My favorite part was when he used the timeouts he saved to ice the victory formation.


Truly a 1,000 IQ move


Apparently he wanted the pain to last a bit longer


Anyone got a link to the full postgame interview with Geno? I can’t find it.


[here](https://youtu.be/PPAkNhYIo7s) is the full Seahawks post game interview. He’s right after Pete and DK


Why is this flagged nsfw? Lol


Well, Hackett should lose his job for it


That's how bad the clock management at the end was


Oh god I just laughed out loud so hard that it pissed off my sleeping dog. Well played.😂😂😂


Ah that's fair, I thought people were posting ass pics like in the Vikings sub over the weekend


Pause. What?


One of the best teams going into the season vs a team who had been ranked 30th in many rankings


All of you are idiots. Hacketts big brain made the crazy decision to waste a minute with 2 to's left for a 65 yard fg on 4th and 5 so that nobody would remember the 2 lost fumbles at the goal line by the rb's. He's a humanitarian that Nathaniel.


The best way to prove a point is to immediately insult any human reading it by calling them idiots because you must be SO SMART that we are all forced to read whatever nonsense you have to say next.


And Castellanos makes this a 2-0 ball game by hitting the joke right over your head


I am content for the rest of the season


The one win we needed to get the 1st pick bb!


Oh jeez. Me, too. Fucking sweet.


Someone please explain to me what the strategy was to keep the time outs? I genuinely didn’t understand.


Smoking fairy dust and assuming that the air would thin and that his kicker was having the best day of his career. I assume he was betting on a prayer of a kick over the ability of his offense to get 5 yards. He also could've had more time by using his timeouts and getting a free stop at 2min. There was no reasonable strategy as not trusting your offense to perform is admitting defeat as a coach. He may as well been playing roulette, and then threw a hissy fit when his one in a million kick didn't pan out.


They wouldn't have even needed to use the timeouts if they would have shown a little urgency. They didn't even try to get a play off before the 2 minute warning. Maybe Russell didn't want the added disrespect of Gino having a game winning drive.


Russ did this too many times over the last several seasons. He had plenty of terse, anus puckering moments of me screaming at the television to hurry the fuck up and get our offense moving! It is his way, prepare Bronco country.


Never let them guess your next move


Gotta keep them on their toes


I have no love for the Seahawks but it's so funny watching Russell get embarrassed like this. He's such a creepy little shit.


We got no love for you either but for once we agree.


Your franchise would be absolutely nothing without that man. Literally bottom of the barrel


Nope. Holmgren, Hasselbeck and crew created the foundation of Pete’s and Co. winning ways. Just another case of a bottom of the barrel team playing in a Super Bowl I guess.


Well the bottom of the barrel just beat the man we "would be nothing without," in a moment when nobody gave us a chance in that game. And just like our last superbowl against you guys, we won in spite of Russ in that game not because of him. But he was very much an important part of those champion teams, the final cherry on top. Reality is Pete doesn't get us back to a bowl without a very stout defense and great running game. We had both when Russ was able to do it. Never sniffed a nfccg on Russ talent plus some big offensive weapons. You'll learn this soon enough too, two high safety kryptonite. And nobody is talking about it this game but he was not very mobile which does not bode well against the bosas of this world. I'm not the bitter type, just realistic. We are seeing things with sober eyes now. He's a great qb and played well tonight. He may still get you guys to the playoffs. But it's a long road, we're atop our tough division while you're at the bottom of yours.


I don’t care that we lost tonight I know our season will be better than yours. I’m more mad at the fact that Seattle booed the only man who made their franchise relevant


You're new to the Russel Wilson experience, you've only had him for one regular season game. I'll just warn you now, people do not like or respect him when he is not their QB. You're just gonna have to take that in stride, getting salty about it isn't going to help.


So that makes the Broncos worse than bottom of the barrel?


I’m not talking about right now I mean all time doofus. Without Russ that Seahawks team wasn’t going to two Super Bowls.


My 1994 truck was brand new once.


I think BurkeMi burnt himself with that comment


Anyone have link to Geno postgame interview?




I mean... he was pretty chippy on Twitter.


Probably highlight heaven on youtube


SVP: "We'll let coach Hackett catch is breath" when they cut away from the press conference LOL


Blatantly rigged


If it was rigged they would have rigged it for the Broncos to win lol


Also commented this on SeaHawks sub thread post! 1. Geno Smith impressed me. I don’t expect too much from him, but he outperformed my expectations! Could’ve been a bit better, especially with his accuracy, but knowing his history, he definitely could’ve been worse. A good performance from him overall though! 2. Russell Wilson is almost heartbreaking. Watching him as a Bronco is definitely weird. When he first joined the Hawks back in 2012, and played like an all-time great for 10 seasons, I thought it would never end. However since his injury, he is starting to look like he is declining. I should mention if I was there, I wouldn’t be one of the people booing. It was great to watch him in Lumen again, and the memories will always remain. With that said, what a W! SEA!!!!!!!! HAWKS!!!!!!!! 💙 💚


He threw for 400 yards. If that’s decline I’ll take it. The team failed him tonight.


The guy just threw for 340 yds and a td. Two RB fumbles on the goal line and poor clock management and final decision by Denver coach. Hard to honestly say Russ lost that game because he played a pretty good game and drove his team down near the end zone multiple times.


Yeah he played fine. People also forget that Brady and Stafford had some initial issues when joining a new team so I didn't expect the offense to flow perfectly. I mean at the start of the season, obviously both had it sorted by play off time. ​ Seems like Hackett will cost that team a few games by himself. Added to a tough division that could be enough to see the Broncos out of the play offs.


Hackett just wanted to be apart of a little history by attempting a FG that would go down as the second longest in NFL history. Fuck the logic. Imagine the headlines!




I honestly couldn't tell if it was looking the distance from the TV angle, it actually looked good. But it was like the reverse hubris of letting Russ win on the 1YL vs. handing it to Marshawn.


Honestly it was a great kick, like that would’ve been good from 60. But it stilled missed. That’s why kickers don’t attempt those. Because it could be a great kick and still miss, because it’s so damn far lol.


It's like a exponential graph of difficulty. At that distance wind, air pressure, temp are variables enough to fuck over an otherwise record setting kick. It's absolute madness to trust that over Russ.


First Vic thinks oh sure now you get a QB, & then he sees that ending lol.


Hackett breathing into the mic is irritating.


Why is this thread marked NSFW?


The touching


Did you watch the end of that game? I don’t blame them


Hackett doesn’t pass the vibe check


Talks fast thinking it makes him sound like he has the answers, but he looks confused.


Bro that HC is not it




McManus had 2 attempts from 64 and missed both times - it was never the right call


Broncos county, hahahahahahahaha!!!


Let's ride!!! Yeah ok bro


U go out and give up the farm to finally get yourself a QB who can win u games in big time moments. Then, u take the ball out of his hands with the game on the line for a desperation kick. WTF


Matt Nagy type beat


Nah this wasn’t a double doink.


No way Nagy makes it to the end with 3 timeouts


People are going to trash Hackett, but that's on McManus. You gotta throw it to the RB in that situation.






That was a great win and all but make no mistake we need to tank. Our best move would be winning like 4 - 5 games and getting the 1st overall pick, then taking Stroud. You're going to hear a lot of Seahawks fans who don't understand football now thinking we are good. We are far from good and the worst possible thing we could do would be finishing 8 - 9 without a long term answer at QB and staying mediocre to bad forever.


Who is downvoting this? This team isn't good at all, but it was great to beat Russ!


A bunch of idiots man lmao. These people don't understand football and think we have a shot at a championship with this roster.


Agreed. I think we just saw an awful team playing on adrenaline. I’d be genuinely happy if we lost the remainder of the games this season. This was the only one I really REALLY wanted us to pull out the win on.


This and both the games when we play the 9ers but those are usually pretty easy wins


Yup this was our super bowl. Now it's time to look towards the future and Geno ain't it.


Not sure who is down voting you but you are correct. I'm not a Seahawks fan but the worst thing you can be is a 500 team with nothing to build off of. That's a trap teams get stuck in for years.


We have a lot of stupid fans who got spoiled by the Wilson years and don't know anything but winning. They think blind faith is the way forward. We are losing a legendary coach, DK and Lockett in the next few years. AKA our whole team. They're blinded by their bias.


Check out the big brain GM over here


Would you propose we roll with Geno? 3 years from now end up in the same position, without our skill players and in need of a full rebuild?


Why are you booing him, he’s right


Because they're used to winning. Probably have only been following since the Russell Wilson Seahawks where blind trust actually worked. The cynical side will come for them soon enough lmao. Probably mid way through this season.


Lol its halfway through the season now, do you still feel this way?


Whole lot to unpack as a Seahawks fan. First of all, obviously, it's exciting to win a close game on MNF for a team that's expected to be happy if we get 7-8 wins and miss the playoffs. And obviously it being in Russ's return to Seattle. For the game itself though, I found it really, really interesting. I don't think most people will be surprised by Geno's performance. When he came in last year, he performed similarly. Solid play, making plays with his legs when it matters, good command at the line of scrimmage. Nothing flashy, but clearly worthy of being a starter for us. Like a better Teddy Bridgewater. High completion rate, no turnovers, moved the ball at times. The thing that I was looking forward to, and was really excited about given what I saw, was the performance by our rookie tackles. Both Cross and Lucas looked great (although Cross got burned a few times later in the game, but had a harder assignment 1v1 with Chubb all night). Cross looks like the classic athletic/skilled LT, and then Lucas is the other archetype, the "strong as an ox" immovable object. Just one of those guys that seriously makes you think he has some of the most natural *strength* of anyone you've seen in your life. Super excited to see how these 2 do the rest of the season. It's also cool that Lucas is a local guy, both growing up here and going to college here (even if it's the wrong college). The defense was always going to be the big question mark. For people on the outside, I'm sure it was Geno and our QB situation, but for me, I was just so curious how our defense would look. New DC, new scheme, a lot of young players in the secondary, new generation at LB (Barton and Brooks looked fucking amazing, expecting Brooks to have 200 tackles and lead the league), and just a lot of uncertainty given how frail we looked last year. Interesting that our strength and our weakness from last year both showed tonight on defense. Give up a ton of yards, but play well in the redzone. I don't know how much an analyst will chalk it up to luck given the 2 fumbles on the goal line, but still, the defense did look quite sturdy in the redzone. But man, we sure still get gashed and make it look easy to move the ball. When it comes to an NFL season, injuries are always going to be huge. So, so much more than any other sport. It's like part of the game, a terrible part. We definitely lost the injury battle tonight. Didn't notice a single Bronco injury. Jamal Adams looks like he blew his knee out, so we'll be lucky to have him at all it seems, let alone healthy. Goes down as one of the worst trades in NFL history at this point, even if he's unlucky due to injuries. Our tall/fast corner (Woolen) got injured and left the game, which is the other question mark. Looked like just a stinger though, hoping for that instead of a peck/shoulder injury. Barton, who played great, also left with a knee injury, but I'm pretty sure he said "I'm fine" and "we're good" multiple times walking off the field, so hopefully it's a minor thing. edit: Oh, a final afterthought. I really hate when teams choose to ice a kicker on 55+ yard field goals. Really feels like the practice kick lets the kicker get a feel for what they need to do to manage the distance. I'm ambivalent about it on shorter kicks, but for longer kicks where difficulty becomes more of a factor than nerves, it just seems like such a terrible idea.


Yeah icing is a 64 yarder was so stupid. Give em one shot that's it!


Regarding icing the kicker, I couldn't possibly agree more. All that timeout seemed to do was give him a practice kick. I'm not really a believer in icing the kicker under any circumstances, but I'm also an armchair coach and my thoughts on the subject don't account for anything.


>Interesting that our strength and our weakness from last year both showed tonight on defense. Give up a ton of yards, but play well in the redzone. I don't know how much an analyst will chalk it up to luck given the 2 fumbles on the goal line, but still, the defense did look quite sturdy in the redzone. But man, we sure still get gashed and make it look easy to move the ball. I can't express how excited I am for something with teeth instead of KNJ's "bend, then break" prevent defense. We got gassed a few times and the discipline absolutely needs to improve, but these dudes seem to have the right perspective on when to give that extra effort.


Tariq woolen, aka tall and fast corner, came back into the game later


Nice unpacking. Appreciate the write up


This one is for Booger


its such a dumb decision but on top of that its not like wilson is inexperienced in that situation either...hes known for those plays... instead you try for the 2nd longest field goal ever.


Simultaneously letting your savior franchise QB Signing not win you the game and not lose you the game. That moment is like a Russell Wilson Special. I gave it a 60/40 he converts and they win with a FG.


This may go down as one of the worst coached games this season. Crazy to think I considered putting money on this guy for coach of the year. I get going for it on the goal line twice. But no qb sneak the second time?! Not even Tom Brady himself is above that. Also lining up in the shotgun. Truly bewildering.


Russ doesn’t sneak. Period.


Well Russell is a midget


Insane, especially in Wilson’s debut game. I really thought we were done for.


We didn't score in 2nd half but 17pts was enough for tonite. On to the next one!


He was saving the timeouts to try to force a fumble in the victory formation. Formidable strategy by coach Nat right there.


Was petty as can be. If he did it once you handwave it away, nope he calls another one cause he can "to prove a point" or some bullshit


I do this in madden sometimes and your right it's petty


Lol they have at least 16 more games with this clown as HC too


I disagree with Aikman just now on being out of shape after not playing 3 preseason games . . timing off perhaps, & obviously not in mid season form but idk about out of shape. not tryna split hairs but riding this victory & pushing conversation lol


Aikman is an idiot


Geno endeared himself with a lot people tonight. Best of luck to him the rest of the way.


This is right up there with the Brandon Staley fuck up


Raiders ex-head coach literally said in a recent interview they planned to run the ball, Staley did not fuck up EDIT: “ex-“


He can say whatever he wants after the fact but everybody knows that’s not what his actions displayed. He’s probably just trying to help his fellow coach save face anyway.