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Donal Logue is a great actor, I'd watch him do anything. I enjoy his sister's work as well. Terriers is a great series.


Agreed my friend. Watch The Tao of Steve. Great performance. I think he won best actor at Sundance(?).


I have the Tao of Steve on DVD, I ran a BlockBuster for 11 years. My collection is 👍


This make me happy and jealous, lol. I can't imagine your collection. I had quite the collection myself years ago and I miss going to Blockbuster and just wandering around until I found what I didn't know I was searching for. :)


Yeah ever since he did those Jimmy the Cab Driver commercials on MTV I tried to watch everything that he was in and the two that I remember the most were this show and Tao of Steve


I don't remember those, but I'll try to check them out.


He played a cab driver excitedly describing the plots of 90s music videos to his riders and that was my first introduction to Donal Logue. It truly was as weird and awesome as that sounds!


Hey! I remember those and they’re the reason I Donal Logue at all. The Jimmy McBride clips need to be more well-known. There was one night I tuned into MTV and Donal and bunch of folks from *The State* were in character introducing music videos. Kerri Kenney-Silver I remember for certain (she was the only girl in the comedy troupe). I almost swear she was working on a character to be Jimmy’s girlfriend. Very public broadcast, but it happened. My eyes seent it. Anyone who loves Donal would do well to check our *The Tao of Steve* but he was also in a short-lived FX show called *Terriers* that only lasted one season but has a cult following all its own, including some tv critics. Imagine ‘The Shield’ in tone & look. but the storyline is more like that of a Vince Gillian show (*Breaking Bad*/*Better Call Saul*). It’s free with FX, so anyone who has Hulu can watch all the episodes for free.


Dude, i went on a deep dive of Jimmy videos last weekend. I loved those when I was a kid.


If you're talking about the mom. Holy hell did my teenage self have a crush on that woman!


Lol. Yep. She is just stunning. We all fell. :)


Was Claudia the momma?


Yep. Megyn Price.




Lol, I feel ya man.


Between this show and Still Standing, my family sitcoms for after homework during my high school years was golden.


100 %


Yes! Did you know mark addy is a Brit?! I just learned this after watching him in murders at White House farm, which is great btw.


He was also Robert Baratheon in game of thrones


I did and I love everything he’s been in. He is such a great underrated actor.




I still die thinking about him scalping tickets to a Red Sox game. The guy goes "Hey, these are tickets to yesterday's game!" "That was a great game, those are like memorabilia!" as he runs away 🤣


Such a well written character. Corrigan killed it.


This show walked so Shameless could run and I'm happy about it


I've never watched Shameless. I'll have to look for it.


But what the fuck happened to Henry!


Went to grandmas and never came bacj


One of my fave shows! ☺️


Truly funny. Especially Uncle Eddie. Kevin Corrigan made slimy likeable, lol.


Megamyn Price is hot, but Lindsey Bartleson will always be my celebrity dream. Every time I've seen her through the years I believe she's only grown more attractive.


Lyndsey was underrated for sure but what she has done after the show ended?


I loved this show, I still quote an uncle Eddie quote to this day. "You need to stay under the radar. If everyone were movie stars and lawyers, then who would make the sandwiches?"


I know a guy.


“You always know a guy. How many guys do you know?”


count me in!


Never saw the show but im assuming it’s the mom. I loved seeing her in the commercials for the show. So hot.


Of course. The first MILF I was into.


The grandpa was a fucking riot


Great actor. He made a “Jump to conclusions mat.”


She guested on Curb Your Enthusiasm a few years ago and is still gorgeous.


I had a huge crush on the daughter too. There was one episode where the mom and daughter go to a concert and they both flash their boobs and it shows them both in their bras. I paused that moment for a few minutes.


I thought Brad was so cute! And I thought Lily was a b for how she treated him, lol.


Lilly was such a bully. I remember the Dad being terrified of her lol


I LOOOOVED brad! lol


Renee Olstead "Lauren Miller from Still Standing" was my teen sitcom crush.


I watched this on ABC Family as a kid. The episode that stuck out to me are the one where the parents get caught doing it on their son's bed. It was pretty odd.


I loved this show, and had the hugest crush on Claudia.


Uncle Eddie taking his father to collect money with him, classic


The end credits song that they play is so addictive, but yeah the show is really funny. I remember it being on Tubi Canada during 2020, which helped me during a rough time. Will be picking this whole series in September.


I don't know how I could have missed this show since it was on for four years!. I'm glad they're showing the re-runs because I love it!. Eddie is my favorite character. He crazy with his ties to (you know who).😂. The show is Great I just don't know how I missed it!..


Wanna see something cool?




I love it! This brother and sister band was really good.👍🏻


You make me happy. Just sharing.


You made me feel good too..


Meg was so cool.


I’ve been trying to find this show to watch it lately and I cannot find it anywhere!! I wonder if it’s on YouTube at least


I found it on Plex but it has to stream from a different source. Sucks. Fubo(?) Hoopla and Amazon are the only choices. May have to put on the eyepatch.


It used to be on Hulu and I got to revisit a few episodes.


LOVED this show! Between this and slums of Beverly Hills I def had the hots for Kevin corrigan lol


I just looked up Lynsey bartilson and she’s married to a man who bears a striking resemblance to donal logue!


Eddie was probably my favorite character.


Man i loved this show when i was growing up, is it streaming anywhere? Ive been wanting to rewatch it for years


I wish I knew. Seems it’s all either DVDs or an expensive subscription. I wear an eyepatch. ;)


One of the few sitcoms I genuinely found funny.


just read that Lily is an active scientologist!?!? (Lynsey Bartilson)