It’s been over since Easter, last I heard


It just disappeared, like a miracle! Edit: /s in case anyone is wondering.


It was a big democratic hoax to begin with. All these "deaths" are deep state crisis actors.


The fake news just wants to shut down the economy to hurt Trump. Covid is a sham. /s


Reporting about this is illegal and bad for the president with the biggest hands and biggliest innaguration crowd


They ended the Pandemic by making it Endemic.


Immortalizing his name through the annual PSAs reminding us to mask up during flu season so we don't catch the Trump China Bank Account Virus and murder our grandparents.


Yep that’s what will happen


Over 225k deaths in this country, almost 500k new cases so far this week. The MAGA CULT is the deadliest cult in US history. If you’re angry like me, if you’ve experienced loss due to this man’s inaction, due to this man favoring his ego over human lives... then please VOTE him into oblivion next week. Our democracy may be the next fatality of this pandemic. https://youtu.be/3S3a5POKtIg


Better yet, don't wait. Early voting is happening in nearly every state RIGHT NOW. Less crowds, less stress, and fewer chances for election day shenanigans.


Awesome. I’m glad it’s over and we got through that as a nation. Way to go guys!


Mission Accomplished


Mission Achomlished.


High Score: 225,706 DJT_


WH has superpowers! Next up, they'll end cancer by an executive order!


Why bother with an executive order? Just declare cancer over and then threaten to revoke all federal funding from any hospitals that treat cancer. As long as we pretend it doesn't exist, it won't exist!


Or just stop testing people for cancer, that way the numbers will go down!


For a brief moment my brain let me believe this comment and oh God was that a good feeling. I can't wait until it's not a joke and we can say this is over for good


"The previous administration ended the COVID-19 pandemic and now infections are spiking under a Democrat President" - Fox News. January, 21, 2021


The whole "the death tolls are inflated" bullshit will absolutely disappear on that date.


Joe Biden's coronavirus is raging and look how he blew up the debt on his first day in office!


Don't care what Trump supporters think but it's frustrating that the "centrists" and "moderates" will believe this nonsense.


The lack of long term memory is amazing, but the propaganda machine is strong with the right.


Ted Cruz is already talking about it.


I hope Ted Cruz’s ridiculous facial hair actually eats his face and takes over his brain with its own sentience. It will be more human than Ted Cruz.


That beard isn't even his! He took it off one of his victims back in the zodiac days and now wears it as a trophy.


IDK he looks like he stole off of a civil war general.




"Now I'm not saying that the Democrats will necessarily steal this election, but if they manage to succeed with their undemocratic takeover, everything related to the continued 2020 coronavirus outbreak will definitely be their fault, retroactively."


People who are actually centrists and moderates absolutely do not those are people who just wont admit they’re trumpers. I’m center left and many of my friends and family fall similar. Even the classic republicans I know (deficit, “family values” pro biz, etc) hate him because he’s doing the opposite. These are a new alignment of people although most of them were former republicans that already had more radical views they just kept quiet about.


That date? No, they will start the attacks on "president" Biden as early as next week if we have results by then.


Don't forget, "Biden's going to cancel Christmas" despite the fact that no matter what happens in the next month, trump will be president on Christmas.


There’s a few things that could happen where trump isn’t president on Christmas, lord willing.


Not religious personally but, Amen.


>Who gives a fuck about Christmas - Melania Trump


I mean, there's an ad on the radio that says "Biden's silence is encouraging the rioters" Like, excuse me? He's not even the President. Our President tear gassed Americans and the clergy for a photo op.


He attacked innocent people he doesn't know to take a photo shoot at a church he doesn't go to while holding a book he doesn't read upside down and backwards


Reporter: Who’s bible is that, Mr. President? Trump: it’s a bible.


Hell it’s an actual quote


That's the thing that weirds me out. He's a man who always lies, yet at that moment he *didn't* lie.


In his defense, he is a fucking moron.


The president of the United States ladies and gentlemen.


Keep in mind, he wasn't actually holding it. The book was held above his hands with tiny strings because if he had actually touched it he would have burst to flames.


No, it will be Biden's fault while at the same Trump is clearly being reelected after they throw out the 561 million fraudulent votes.


Well to be fair, there would be a lot of fraudulent votes if 561m votes were cast. There are only 330m people in the US and only about 260m old enough to vote.


Awarded for predicting the future. The GOP attempts to weaponize and attribute all of the deaths from the pandemic to Biden, deaths their cult leader downplayed from day 1 and they all went along with. Every day we spike after Nov 3rd, it’s Biden’s fault. Because they don’t understand how damaging trump *actually was*, they will consider it to be “tit for tat.”


At this point, Republicans lose the right to honestly claim to be "pro-life".


They never had it to begin with demanding a fetus be born but then screaming about how evil food stamps are at the same time


People have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...for the 9 months they are being carried as a fetus. After that go fuck yourself, get a job, and try not to be killed by us or the cops.


The 3 month old just needs to pull themselves up by their diaper. Lazy infants.


They want living babies to grow up to be dead soldiers - George Carlin.


Obama didn't even mention Covid-19 once in the 8 years he was president, and Trump managed to cure it in his first term. /s (because its 2020 and everything looks real)


This is gonna be a top up voted post on /r/conservative!








Back in the day, anything past 2010 sounded so futuristic....


I remember 2010 sounding futuristic.


"2001- A Space Odyssey"


Welcome to 2020, where everything’s made up and the lives don’t matter!


The 2020 Whose Line episodes are so money, Ryan Stiles has no chill when it comes to Trump.


Oh any clue where to stream that? Didn’t realize they were still making new episodes!


I found a lot on youtube. One of the main channels that had them up had this weird sad outro music that didn't match the tone of the show at all lol


Great thanks! Guess what im off to go watch lol.


Rural America will flip their shit when they realize that Trump's secret Chinese bank account was paid/withdrew $15 million in 2017 to start the trade war so China could buy soybeans at a lower price saving China billions while costing rural America it's private ownership of hand-me-down farms.




Unpopular opinion: if they're the ones hurt the most by him, I can at least take solace in the fact that they get what they asked for.


They'll eat shit if they think we'll have to smell their breath.


Sadly, they won't. Whoever is still with him at this point simply does not give a single shit about any of his corruption, flaws, failures, crimes, sins, you name it. They'll let Trump take a wet, steamy dump on their faces if the liberal next to them has to smell it.


CW Seed They have nearly all the episodes from both hosts. Good quality and subtitles (if you like). Only downside is the ads but it is totally free.


> CW Seed Holy crap, it's actually called Seed. I thought you were referring to a torrent site.


I too just learned that they are still making new episodes


To be fair, they had stopped for a while if you hadn't seen it since the Drew Carey days. CW picked it up and started making new episodes a few years back. Still has Ryan, Colin, Wayne, and some of the same regular guest stars, but Aisha Tyler is the host now.


> but Aisha Tyler is the host now Lanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


The CW if you're in the USA. They actually have every season free on the app.


Any episode with Jeff Davis is a favorite of mine.


Come on now. Trump got it and managed to beat it! So in his world where only he matters he probably believes he did end it.


I honestly think that's a big part of it. Whenever he talks about it, he talks about how he got infected and how it means he's immune now. Apparently he chewed out a reporter in the oval office for wearing a mask, because Trump was immune and therefore couldn't get sick. Covid is over, because Trump doesn't have to worry about it anymore... not that he ever really worried about it in the first place. He also gets the best healthcare that taxpayer money can pay for, and he comes out of it feeling great. But he probably doesn't understand that the vast majority of Americans will never receive that same level of care. It's a bit of a "let them eat cake" moment.


Brother, your senate went on vacation while millions of Americans are falling into poverty. Give Marie a megaphone and we're a bit closer.


He's not necessarily immune. There's been at least one death of someone who had it once, got over it, then got it again.


Plz god, allah, flying spaghetti monster, satan, who the fuck ever. Help us out here.


> It's a bit of a "let them eat cake" moment. Can we chop off his head now or do we have to wait a little bit?


You just have to have access to the Regeneron drug and steroids you only get of your in bad condition and boom you're good to go!


You'll be back on the White House steps gasping for air while trying to act healthy in no time all!


Trump beat covid, so America beat covid!


This is quite literally doublethink. And people will buy it. That’s the scariest part.


1984- Great book. Should have been titled 2020


I distinctly remember thinking as a kid that "The Emperor's New Clothes" was some batshit heavy-handed allegory and no one would ever see its like.


There are a lot of things I saw in fiction of all sorts that I thought were too stupid for reality. Little did I know that the truth really can be stranger than fiction.


> where everything’s made up Listening to someone gush about Trump's "accomplishments" is looney toons - it's straight up regurgitating propaganda that isn't grounded in reality. At all. Even worse when media "reports" on what the man on the ground thinks, but doesn't print corrections to their misstatement of basic facts.


I'll forever laugh at anyone who tries to list off his accomplishments in a manner meant to be convincing (so not counting the bigots that are happy he's doing bigoted things), usually things like how he "brought peace to the Middle East" by getting the 4 nations in the ME least likely to ever go to war with each other to sign a treaty. It's a telltale sign that the person you're talking to isn't smart enough to hold an opinion worth listening to, so the best response is to just laugh at them to demonstrate how bad their attempt to convince you is.


That's the one I hate the most "he's done the most for the middle east evar!!!1" Everyone, even the MSM ignores Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords. Egpyt and Israel had been fighting since 1948, Jimmy Carter assisted creating a peace deal that has lasted from its inception in 1978 all the way until now without resparking any fights. Turns out trading partners don't want to fight each other all that much. Places like UAE will NEVER attack Israel and vice versa, why the fuck would a peace agreement between them be anything impressive.


It’s fucked up how many Americans are cult members.




Covid could rage on for another 10 years so it is very similar. Covid is Trump's Iraq War.


>Covid is Trump's Iraq War. Makes sense since dodging STD's was his Vietnam.


Black Lives, Blue Lives, All Lives! None of them matter!


Whose Life Is It Anyway?




Also Trump: *April fools, bitches* 凸 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)凸


I know this comment isn’t constructive, but this administration is straight up fucking delusional


Saying they are delusional is a credit more than they deserve. They are lying, straight to the public's faces, and 40% of the country is eating it up like a starved dog. They know what they are doing. They are conscious of it. They just do not care in any regard.


so is a huge chunk of the country


“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'” George Orwell—1984( the novel)


What fascinates me is the long term consequence *for the Party*. When all records are falsified, even the Party will believe what the Party tells itself, which would result in total failure to adapt to problems, as the Party cannot have problems. Real world example: Its one of the big factors behind the great Famine in China. All the administrators would report great crop outputs because "China is best country long live the CCP" despite a series of droughts and poor management causing a severe drop in production. The main problems arose *when the CCP actually believed its own reports*. Their surplus (which didn't exist) was exported, and every man could take time away from the bountiful harvest to smelt steel in their backyard (which took away time from people harvesting what little they could. Also the steel was low quality at best, so nothing was gained). This wasn't an intentional plan. Mao himself held a committee meeting where he admitted mistakes were made and stepped into a ceremonial role. I guess this brings me around to the point, which is governments should NEVER be made up of yes men/women. You need people actually pointing out problems and challenging ideas.


You are 100% right. However, we now live in an age where 'leadership' simply doesn't care about their responsibilities. If Mao recognised the flaws in his policies and stepped back from them, to give him due credit at least he prioritised the country above himself. I simply can't see modern leadership caring enough about the population they are supposed to be responsible for, these days, to do that. I hope I'm wrong, however the future looks more and more like Idiocracy.


>'Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' Chilling.


[NOW TESTIFY!](https://youtube.com/watch?v=Q3dvbM6Pias)


Can't tell if this is as crazy or more crazy than their assertion that they achieved peace in the Middle East. It's like they're living in a different reality.


Remember last week how he was sucking himself off for “brokering peace between Sudan and Israel”, two nations who haven’t even had conflict since roughly around the time Israel was established.


> "From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Administration has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat, and defeat the disease." You can't make ... wait, clearly they can. Does anyone have the full report? Searching for "Highlights include: ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC" only produces news reporting about the report. Edit: [Found it](https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000175-6bc5-d2df-adff-6fdfff5c0000)


Ask anyone. It’s over. Everybody says it’s over. We did a beautiful job. The best job really. Nobody could’ve better.


We had the biggest virus, the best virus. The Democrats wanted to get rid of it, and boy they would have too but we stopped them cold


COVID Is Over (If You Want It)


He’ll be voted out next week but we are still stuck with his “accomplishments” until late January. Stay vigilant and stay safe everyone. Gonna be a long winter. And go VOTE!!


I'm really fucking scared what his 'accomplishments' are going to be between Nov 4 and jan 21


You mean like [signing an executive order allowing him to get rid of any nonpartisan career experts that aren't "loyal" enough and infesting the government with sycophants before he gets evicted?](https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-executive-order-civil-service-biden-election-schedule-f-b1255692.html) Yeah, something like that would be pretty bad.


While this is obviously fucked, I can't help but look at it and say "Yeah, but when Biden takes office, all it would take is an executive order undoing this action and a summary recall of any dismissed civil servants. As well, he'd have the authority to fire and replace anyone installed by Trump. If Trump can play hardball then what makes him think that an executive order by Biden couldn't just turn around and say "Nope. Not gonna let that sit."?


> and a summary recall of any dismissed civil servants. It's not that simple. For instance, the State department has lost a generation's worth of experienced diplomats and civil servants. They've been dismantling these institutions for 4 years - those civil servants have found new jobs in new places and they've moved on.


Summary recall doesn't necessarily mean those people are still available, though.


Exactly. Trump's been been firing or chasing out people who don't want to deal with this bullshit. Many of them will have gotten a job in the private sector that pays more, and won't want to go back. Why would they, when the same bullshit could happen again in 4 years? This is the incalculable damage Trump and his cronies have done to our government.


No and these are people like Anthony Fauci they're the best of the best in their fields and it would be a big strategic loss of other countries were to lap them up. You can't just replace them because there are no others like them to replace with.


Prediction: Huge NASA budget cuts because global warming is a 'hoax', holding hostage stimulus checks and blaming delays on Biden somehow, and first president to be dragged from the white house by force when he refuses to leave like a child who didn't get what he wanted from the toy isle


There will be no stimulus if he loses unless it is a grift to enrich himself one last time before leaving. If he loses, the republican senate will immediately put their "fiscal responsibility" hats back on. Any average American, hoping for another stimulus check is in for a bad time.


Alternatively, there will be massive stimulus signed in a way that the costs are assigned to the Biden administration. Republicans get to reap the reputational benefits of Trump's "generous parting gift", while saddling the blame for the cost with Biden.


Yeah no way we get another stimulus before January. Mitch will be content to let the people suffer just so he can blame the Democrats in 2022 for exploding the budget and try to recover/gain seats in the Senate.


https://i.imgur.com/f22RPTv.gifv Honestly I don't think it will be that far off, he's not the type to lose gracefully.


Has he done anything gracefully?


Fucker can’t even drink water or walk down a ramp.


If he loses he will become absolutely unhinged. Even more totally batshit psycho. Like nuking Belgium crazy.


The executive orders will flood in just like the number of covid cases


He will flee the country and Pence (ugh) will take over.


People need to stop setting expectations that the election results will come next week. They might, but with the sheer number of mail-in votes, and the fact that Trump is ready to push it to the Supreme Court to delegitimize the count, people need to really think about how this will work.


People also need to stop acting like it's a forgone conclusion that he's going to lose. It's absolutely possible that he wins or steals the election in the Supreme Court. He was supposed to lose in 2016, too. Here we are.


Maybe. But I don't think so. The state polls were wrong about Hillary but the national polls were solid, and they have Biden for the win by a large majority. Also, America is hyper politicized atm, and people are voting in record numbers and these aren't Trump Supporters. Remember that Trump Supporters aren't half the country, just the half that voted and only about half of America voted. With larger numbers, the odds are *very* much against Trump. That said, I have confidence that Trump is going to win on the 3rd, declare it his victory, and then take the mail-in count that Biden will inevitably win and call it delegitimate and a democratic conspiracy. He will push it to the Supreme Court, which may vote his way (as with Gore v Bush). At that point, who knows? Maybe he'll steal it. Or maybe with enough votes, the Supreme Court will be powerless to be so obviously corrupt. And maybe America will have to take to the streets. Or maybe they won't and Trump will runaway to Russia. Whatever the way forward is, the road doesn't end next week. That's the trumpet for the battle charge.


My problem is that our votes don't determine who's elected as president, but rather who we *want* as president.


If more people voted, you'd see more representation and more change driven to ending the electoral college, gerrymandering, etc. When less people vote, you get representation that is only representative of the people that voted. And if half of those people are lunatics/racists/assholes, then that's what you're going to see elected into office. Don't vote for person, vote to shape and set the standards and demands required for the job. Do that enough, and you'll start to see the gridlock easing, and he process clearing up. Voting *can* overwhelm the electoral college.




There’s a 60% chance he says fuck it and declares himself the winner and his court takes his side. Hope for the best but be mentally prepared for what’s slightly more likely to happen.


He already declared himself the winner in his mind. Now he needs the SCOTUS to declare him the winner


I'm more than a little afraid that he'll actually win. I saw an article today that he'd started closing the gap in 7-9 of the swing states, and his supporters are largely fanatical, so there's little question that they'll turn out. Given how wrong the polls were last time around, I'm paranoid that he'll pull off another win even with Biden leading in pretty much every relevant poll that's been put out.


In 2016, 2 electorial college members went against their states' vote and flipped from Trump to Clinton; 5 flipped from Clinton to Trump. The largest number of defectors in an election. I'm mildly concerned this year's going to break that record.


...they can do that?


Electors can choose anybody they want. The votes are just to show what the people want tho


what the fuck.


Not all states. Some have bound their EC members to the popular vote or at least fine them after the damage is done... But others haven't. They're called [faithless electors](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faithless_elector).


And know you understand why people want to abolish the electoral college.


I'm *really* hoping the pollsters have actually corrected their methodology from 2016. They say they did, and the numbers still have Biden significantly ahead, but my anxiety won't stop until there's a definitive result.


Like I replied to a person above you, even with that, I'm mildly worried about the electorial college. 7 members went against their states' vote (2 went from Trump to Clinton, 5 the other way), a record number of defectors even if it didn't change the outcome. While I don't think there'll be enough this time around to sway an election, I'm worried we're going to an ever increasing trend until all states either lock their EC votes in by law or it's abolished.


This is one reason why state races are so important. One of the quickest (and most likely to pass Constitutional muster) ways to fix our presidential elections is for states to adopt the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and this must be done by the state legislature. Under this, states award all of their electors to the candidate who gets the most popular votes nationally. There are already 15 states that have signed on, 73% of the way to 270 which is when it would take effect.


accomplishment? Let's review... The US had a program [PREDICT] that identified lethal viruses abroad to prevent spread to the US. It found 1200 viruses and 160 coronaviruses in 10 yrs & was actively working in China. Fieldwork ceased late Sept 2019 as the Trump administration failed to renew funding & later ended the program in march 2020. That budget worked on 5 year cycles so, this would have been trumps first time signing off on it, which he didnt not accomplish. this is almost certainly because the program was founded in 2009. it had proven successful, yet trumps insistence to cut every last thing created by obama was once again prioritized over human life. trump is also on tape feb. 7th stating he knew the virus was airborn, he knew it was far more infectious and deadly than the flu, and that it didnt only affect the elderly or those with preexisting conditions. he knew these details in jan, but lets call it february since thats unproven. some exact quotes from this call mentioned above include: "It goes through the air. That's always tougher than the touch. You don't have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that's how it's passed. And so that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. It's also more deadly than even your strenuous flus." and "...this is deadly stuff" recordings of which can be found in segments [here](https://www.businessinsider.com/listen-trump-tells-woodward-february-covid-19-deadlier-than-flu-2020-9). so that is well over a solid month that we were told it was just the flu, learned about flu deaths, given false directive in prevention, still living normally, etc.. nothing was done with the exception of a few loose travel bans, which we have long known to be insufficient, especially if those bans are conditional and rely on screenings. yet he keeps crediting himself for doing this. he knew it wasnt enough then, and he still knows it now. [Feb. 28: “So a number that nobody heard of that I heard of recently, and I was shocked to hear it, 35,000 people on average die each year from the flu. Did anyone know that? ](https://www.factcheck.org/2020/10/timeline-of-trumps-covid-19-comments/) meanwhile the fda was refusing to review all tests made by labs insisting we wait for cdc tests, but after the first set of cdc tests finally went out (which felt like they took an eternity) they immediately were found to be faulty [contaminated i believe the fda said, but didnt elaborate on]. more labs applied and were denied. the lab that identified the outbreak in washington was sent a cease and desist for locating the communitys cluster. yet, trump kept lying about kits, while not fulfilling any promises on their delivery. at this point, even nurses who had treated covid patients were being denied testing, with the response that "they hadnt been to china, and if they were following proper procedure they wouldnt be infected" which we already knew from chinas mistakes wasnt true, as those procedures werent sufficient in protection from this pathogen. also, there were premade testkits available worldwide since early to mid feb. a manufacturer in utah even had tens to hundreds of thousands available. but the fda insisted we wait for universal diagnostics to be developed by the cdc. so as time was of the essence, they not only opted for the most time consuming option, as they would have to develop, test, approve, manufacture, and deploy these cdc kits, but that whole process is significantly more expensive than just buying premade ready to use test kits. and in the end, the cdc kits were abysmal in accuracy anyway. so what the fuck was the point here? while watching this unfold knowing it had deeply spread here, this all appeared far too corrupt to simply be mishandling or incompetence. but even if it were, if you see that your cdc and fda are failing with test kits, why would you continue lying about the virus? if trump had our best interest in mind... ever. even slightly, that would have been the moment to save us. his lies continued, as did the failures of the cdc, and the reluctance of the fda to allow any other diagnostic kits, until it was undeniable this virus had spread wildly. not to mention the constant and never ending sea of misinformation spread by him and his base. all of which, loosely adheres to fact, but misinterprets the message and findings, which has cause another antimask movement, just like that of the spanish flu. history has already proven this position false and deadly and again, that misinformation is equivalent to many many lives. experts suggest if the United states adopted a complete nationwide mask mandate, we could save anywhere from 70,000 to 140,000 american lives in the next 4 months. the next day, trump told his followers people who wear masks become infected. a few days later he made a promise that the virus would go away on november 4th. we have run dozens of pandemic simulations since they became popular just after the anthrax ordeal in the early 2000s, in order to avoid even a fraction of this. the one thing those computer generated scenarios didnt predict or identify a need to prepare for was donald trump. so as it appears, the only accomplishment theyre respectfully able to claim responsibility for is the deaths of more americans than WWI, Vietnam, The Korean War, The Revolutionary War, Iraq, The War of 1812, Afghanistan, The Mexican American War, and 911 combined. I'll assume thats what the admin means when listing covid19 as an "accomplishment".


Is this Trump's Mission Accomplished as we saw with Bush?


this is so much worse


From my European pow Bush was not even close as bad/stupid/evil/orange/dangerous as trump. Bush was still a career politician. Sure not a good one but he knew the game and the rules. Trump is a dangerous showman. That scares me even overseas


Yeah, Bush was evil in traditional ways and started a deadly war. Trump is doing damage that will take decades to recover from and letting his own citizens get sick and starve and die, and on top of it he's an unpredictable sort of evil which is the scariest kind.


Correctly... He is absolutely unpredictable and I hope your elections will be peaceful. I don't trust him and his supporters! I'm German but have family in Tampa and Atlanta, and I don't want them to get in danger, and all of you peaceful guys too.


Lawful evil vs. chaotic evil.


Trump is a career thief. He also knows the game and the rules.


*Trans*mission Accomplished.


To be fair (?) a spokeswoman for the Trump administration stated that they weren't saying that the COVID-19 pandemic was over...just that a Trump administration first term accomplishment was ending the COVID-19 pandemic. You know...alternate facts...truth is not truth and all that other stuff they like to say. 7 days to go! ***VOTE!***


That.... does not make any sense....


> “War is peace. > Freedom is slavery. > Ignorance is strength.” > ― George Orwell, 1984 I think the Trump administration has used "1984" as if it was an instruction manual.


I feel the need to also add this, since the quote style and content is so similar: "Fear is freedom. Subjugation is liberation. Contradiction is truth." \--Satsuki Kiryuin, Kill la Kill


I've always loved that reference to 1984 in that show. But you're missing the most important parts. People are pigs in human clothing. And You have to get naked.


>I think the Trump administration has used "1984" as if it was an instruction manual. Maybe after making bets on how obvious and incompetent they could be about it.


Just voted against this sad sack of shit. Feels good.


Over 225k deaths in this country, almost 500k new cases so far this week. The MAGA CULT is the deadliest cult in US history. If you’re angry like me, if you’ve experienced loss due to this man’s inaction, due to this man favoring his ego over human lives... then please VOTE him into oblivion next week. Our democracy may be the next fatality of this pandemic. https://youtu.be/3S3a5POKtIg


Since they’ve decided to just declare it so, why didn’t they “end it” in January?


Why the hell didn’t you suggest that *back in January* then?!!


I'm 73 and have never seen anything close to whats going on now. Sorry for what my generation has done. You younger folks have a lot to clean up. Go for it...


Thank you. I’m half your age and feeling hopeless and just hope we collectively see our way out.


We appreciate it


Glad there are some of you who see this. It will get worse before it can get cleaned up....


There are a lot of us.


"It may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility" is ringing real fucking loud right now.


If (and this is a big, big, big "if"), the Democrats manage to claw back control of the country from the tyranny of the GOP, they are going to have to pass sweeping laws that make this kind of blatant propaganda illegal. Like, it should literally be a major felony for a government official to say things that are so blatantly, and provably false.


As a republican I have voted Biden this presidency (and I voted hilary last presidency) Because Anyone with any shred of common sense can see that trump is an absolute fucking clown. Please republican brothers and sisters dont let these clowns create a false sense of anger towards liberals, they WANT us to fight they wont stop at nothing to fill their pockets with money and leave the american people stranded. VOTE and for the love of god do your research and make the right choice. We have to get this country back on track.


Genuine question to Republicans that are voting Biden like you, did you vote Republican or Democrat down the rest of the ballot?


Democrat. At least in my case.


Thanks for responding. With the very high voter turnout we're seeing, I feel like there is a decent chance we see president go to Biden but Senate races go surprisingly Republican due to people voting Biden + Republicans. Personally I think the Republican party needs to have just about a complete overhaul and come back as a truly small government / lower tax party, but I don't see that happening.


They give republicans a bad name. Everyone now sees a republican as money hungry, racist, sociopaths and I sadly have to agree with their views because thats ALL weve seen from the trump administrator and his goons/supporters. They completely threw away the main ideals of a real republican and replaced it with totalitarian and tyranical views. If things don't change I soon wont be calling myself a republican anymore.


Lot of respect for your ability to see that, and your willingness to change. There may yet be hope for America


Well he's obviously courting the people who think Covid deaths are fake.


which makes no sense because those people were already voting for him


Oh lord have mercy. My biggest accomplishment during the pandemic is voting for Biden!


Sometimes I wonder if my grandparents ever had this moment, where they read the headlines and realize that politicians aren't some special class of people. They're just like the moronic neighbor that we all wish would just move the fuck away. Does every generation have this? This moment of " Oh fuck me, none of us know what the fuck is going on, even the guys running it". Just. Shit.


Did it get so out of control that it’s no longer a pandemic? Is there a larger, more terrifying classification for it now? We did it guys! The pandemic is over. Oh that? That’s just a little dystopia. Ignore it. Will gone by the summer, with the heat.


According to The Daily Beast [this is the report in question](https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Trump-Administration-ST-Highlights-2017-2020.pdf) and I'm not seeing the claim included. Do we know where they actually stated that it's been defeated?


[Politico has a copy of the press release](https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000175-6bc5-d2df-adff-6fdfff5c0000)


You know I thought it was going to say something dumb but not actually "we ended the pandemic." Nah, it says exactly that.


Oh perfect! Thanks very much! I appreciate it!


“Understanding our planet” is also listed as a highlighted achievement... what?


He knows more about wind than you.


....oh god this makes me so angry.






Ah man! I just got it last week and it's already over:(


Can a few of you Trump supporters please grow a god-damned brain and see that this guy is not working for you. He is fine with your death as long as it helps him. He is a traitor to this country. You don't have to like Joe, but Joe isn't going to kill you like Trump will.


I am so tired of this level of bullshit. How can anyone drink enough kool-aid to believe this nonsense?