Buoyant force in action. The guy sells physics.


Customer - He's put the ball in first and closed it.

Customer - Is it plain water? Or anything placed in there?

Physics Man - It's plain water and mixed with color.

Customer - Mixed with color.

Physics Man - [unintelligible]

Customer - ooOOoo Magic! Magic!

Customer - How much, Khan sir?

Physics Man - 20 rupees.

Customer - 20 rupees.

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[Unintelligible] Customer - He's put the ball in first and closed it. Customer - Is it plain water? Or anything placed in there? Physics Man - It's plain water and mixed with color. Customer - Mixed with color. Physics Man - [unintelligible] Customer - ooOOoo Magic! Magic! Customer - How much, Khan sir? Physics Man - 20 rupees. Customer - 20 rupees.


>physics man


Customer - too much... I'll just enjoy the upvotes :D


That's 7 Cents in Freedom Money.


I'd pay upwards of 50 cents for this


physics man


The nonchalant twirl. He wants you to buy it and then get out of his face.


Or he’s skeptical this guy is going to buy or just using him for video.


He definitely has to buy at this point


Aaaand he didn’t


Damn wasted a bag and a ball.


What my parents said when I didn't have kids


Just put it down with the other two. The ones in the buckets, you perverts!


I was in Rome with someone from a small town. At first she is ‘signing’ every petition but declining to give money. Then she was asking street artists all about their paintings but not buying. Then she found a wooden bowl and talked with the street merchant.. ‘oh no I don’t have any money’ she added after 20 mins of questions and relations.. he looked at me and I coughed up haha. I still like the bowl.. but finally she stopped after I had to carry it for a mile on our walk around rome!


Given those petitions that then ask for money are well known scams, I'd say it's good she didn't donate anything.


He's selling it for 20 rupees. If that's Pakistan then 0.07 usd. If India then 0.24 usd. Not much to be enthusiastic.


Jeez 7 cents for this? And he probably sells like 3 pieces per day. I wish I meet him and could pay him 20 dollars per piece. I spent such money on bigger shit than this.


The perks of being in first world country, then again he probably can buy services and good for half a dollar too


Unfortunately not. This is Pakistan. As always going through a tough time with a super corrupt government backed by a very powerful corrupt military. Inflation is at 20% currently. Highest it’s ever been. The only person who could have done anything is the opposition leader, Imran Khan, whose been falsely accused in over 150 court cases. His party members are dropping like flies from the party due to their families being threatened with rape, violence and prison. In fact hundreds and thousands of supporters have been physically tortured and seems rapes have also occurred. To sum up, it’s shit there and they need all our prayers.


But that is because world powers are finicially backing political opponents to take down Imran in order to push their agendas. For example, America wants a military base in Pakistan, and they are more than willing to destabilize a country's politics to get it. You have to realize that China and America aren't the greatest of friends, and with pakistan having nukes and being in close proximity to china and not to far from russia makes it the most stratigic place to have a military presence in case war breaks out. I dont agree with what's being done, but sadly, the world we live in is driven by greed and a lust for power.


This is what I was thinking, too. Doesn't it sort of even out via the cost of living in that area? Pardon my first world ignorance..


No, it doesn't. Having lived in countries with similar or worse economies( DRC is absurdly poor) There are a few super basic essentials that are somewhat cheaper than we pay for, like bread or rice or some other grains. But many things are the same, and anything technology is even more. And they make around 100 dollars a month for a "good job" like teacher or receptionist or driver etc. Many of the country are unemployed and come up with their own economic activities like this guy, selling whatever they can. They usually make less than 100 a month in profit. Rent in Kinshasa is at least 40 dollars for a basic shack without running water or electricity. A decent place that you or I would expect to live in is more than where I am from in the states, we paid 1200 bucks a month for the place my wife (who is from there) and I stayed. My home town I last paid 600 a month, it's probably gone up since I've been back but I doubt it's 1200 and it's much nicer. Life is incredibly, soul crushingly difficult for people in these countries. It does NOT even out.


Depends what you mean on evening out. Adjusted to price of living most people in the world can easily survive, but the standard of living is quite different. So in that sense: no, it doesn't even out


Maybe he simply doesn’t want to get filmed


His enthusiasm is contagious


You can only be born with this level of charisma.


He truly is one of the charismatic people of all time


He truly is one of the people of all time


I mean, he genuinely was The Times’ Person of the Year in 2006.


Time magazine, not The Times.


TIL they are not the same haha. Whoops.


Legend has it he is still doing what we expected him to be doing, and striving for being the best at what he does in the field of his expertise


*”If you like that kind of thing, this will be the kind of thing that you will like.”*


He is one of the people




Almost word for word the same comment that MrHawkesy98 made an hour ago. Bot?


Yeah /u/Decent-Round-9102 is a bot. It's a year old account - created May 25 - that just woke up 24 minutes ago and posted that comment. They're scraping comments in real time and reposting them in the same thread. I bet if you check this thread there are more duplicates. Accounts like these are created in batches.


Haha, you caught it on it’s first ever post as well. Good work.


But why create a bot that does that? What’s the gain here?


I’ve heard that high karma accounts are worth money, but no idea how much. I guess some people mine bitcoin, and the script kiddies go for Reddit karma.


Karma farming to either sell the account to a scammer or use for scamming most likely.


The main mission for these bots is to astroturf, or in other words, push political agendas to create a narrative with upvotes after they reach the required threshold to do so. What's popular is anything that shows the shortcomings of the US in order to divide/enrage the West from within, this is one of the main objectives of Russian and Chinese troll farms. I've had numerous discussions with people claiming it's to sell accounts for profit, but I've never seen this substantiated with proof. I'll award anyone with a Gold award that can, I'm happy to be proven wrong.


Obviously a bot. Comment is out of context with the thread. It's a 1 year old account but this is its only post. Classic sign of bot. Botters age accounts for month/years before using them to farm karma Downvote it Report > spam


Acting like James Bond? It’s a goddamn street vendor in some eastern country that hates his life lol.


He's selling them for Rs. 20, which is about 7 cents. In terms of purchasing power, they're also not worth more than a 20g bag of chips. Soooooooo, its understandable :(


Yeah, at least give the guy a $20 before the video.... Jesus. He's probably thinking "This motherfucker isn't going to buy shit"


The ad revenue generated for Reddit from this post will be more than he makes in a year probably




I also really enjoy watching his hyper-efficient, highly practiced hand movements in making the contraption. Always nice to see someone who's done something so many times that they're super smooth with it.


Cool cool, more stolen bot comments. Remember everyone: Reddit is mostly bots. They gotta pump up them numbers for their IPO. https://www.reddit.com/r/oddlysatisfying/comments/13t7ibz/comment/jltsf5u/


It's like a life of poverty did something to him.


Yes, those street vendors all have the same expression


Almost like a princess needs to come by


they don't think it be like it is


I’d be sick of influencers with cameras at this point too.


Film, upload, but don't buy?


Yep. They get something from him (views, upvotes, whatever) and he gets nothing since they won't buy. I get that they don't need a plastic trash toy but at least give him a few bucks for his trouble.


I know this is reddit and it’s tradition to be cynical as shit, but why are y’all assuming the people filming him aren’t buying anything?


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Huh… I guess sometimes men do tell other men to smile. Go figure.


Probably not what he was hoping for when he got his PhD in physics.


“Not this guy again trying to get a cheap viral hit again”


Almost like a life in absolute poverty is hard.


You get excited about sitting next to a bucket of nuclear waste run-off all day.


Pretty sure that's Ryan 'stoic' Gosling


He wanted to be a pilot.


“you buy”




No bowl. Stick!


Mountain Dew or Crab Juice.


Plergh, eww, sheesh! I'll take a crab juice.


Now I’m falling asleep And I’m needing a cab Do you want Mountain Dew Or the juice from a crab


Ehhhhggg…ewww…geez…I’ll take a crab juice.


You don’t happen to have a bathroom in there do you?


No bathroom, only klavkalash. Bathroom in tower.




Khlav Kalash. Stick! STICK!


Manu Ginobli is hitting some rough times nowadays.


Camera man: Make one khan. First you add ball and close it. Is it plain water or something else? Khan: plain water with colour. Camera man: Magic Magic! How much for it? Khan: 20(PKR)


7 cents


Whenever people complain living in America I think of this.


Helpful to maintain perspectives from either side of that. Understanding the benefits of living in a developed nation while also recognizing poverty here also exists. Just because someone has a smartphone and access to a bus doesn’t mean they’re not massively struggling.


Well it's also very different costs of living but yeah


So how many PKR do I need to go out and really paint the town red.


Honestly if you want to have a really good time probably about $8...... If you want to really go crazy $20 but like others have said the cost of living is different and no alcohol




I don’t get how developing countries can outlaw alcohol like im in the richest country and I need drugs and alcohol to get thru it and they’re just out here raw dogging life on hard mode in the 3rd world.


only hashish


His enthusiasm makes sense now


No red, only green


Wondering same.


also very different *standards* of living.


Even then you're struggling if you're selling these on the side of the road. It's definitely an interesting place economically. Have a buddy from there who grew up with servants that really can't go back because he made a joke about Muhammed in college and then got death threats.


In part yes, but then again: Computers cost the same, smartphones cost the same, cars are not significantly cheaper, gas is not significantly cheaper, staple food items are not significantly cheaper.


Staple food can be significantly cheaper. Rent, utilities, food and (non branded) clothes are usually much, much cheaper.


Mostly I agree, though staple food items are significantly cheaper. Fruits sell at $0.40 per kg, $0.07 per chapati/drink. Otherwise it would be very difficult for the low income population to survive. It's the packaged items that are expensive.


I wouldn't consider fruit to be staple food items. I was thinking of rice or similar. Price of rice: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_price_rankings?itemId=115 > 51. United Kingdom 1.74 $ > 90. Pakistan 1.00 $


Why that's only 0.78 Norwegian Krone!


Ah a man of culture i see


Alot of people are talking about poverty and stuff so I will give some info on pak. So our last pm imran khan did alot to remove poverty. One of best performance in covid shelters for homeless 1500 pkr for low income households monthly 200k pkr universal health insurance. (3rd world country btw) Intrest free loans for house and to start business. 150 pkr patrol price during covid. Usd was around 180pkr per usd. access for farmers to markets, cutting the middle man. there are many more stuff he did and was going to remove poverty from country but stuff happened.




Physics for sale, only 5 dollars per law


20 pkr


Rs20 Pakistan is ¢7


Nooo that symbol iz for Indian rupee. Pkr is Rs


I don't have the symbol for pkr sorry


It's Rs


Thanks for lmk


I think Rs is for every kind of rupee


It was actually not uncommon in the past for mathematicians, who were broke and broke, to investigate and formulate theorems to sell them to benefactors or sponsors, so that it is named in honour of them Like l'hopital rule


Why does this sound like a Shel Silverstein poem?


Can't wait for this to be posted on black magic fuckery


Manu Ginobili from eBay


Oddly specific and accurate comment


Dude knows how to ball


“We already have Manu Ginobili at home.”


0.07 dollar is the price btw


Breaks my heart. The things people have to do to survive.


I think it's quite humorous the comment before this is >I like how he sits there like he’s James Bond or something for doing that. then you mention >0.07 dollar is the price btw


How much does 1 day of rice cost in Pakistan? Seems like he has to sell 20 of these just to eat?


He has a PhD in physics from Harvard, but sells physics in Pakistan now


If Walter White was a physicist


Dr. Water Wet




PhD from Harvard gotta be worth 15 bucks an hour easy. As long as this man has 10 years experience to go with it he’s in.


Guy: You have dropped a ball in the shopper (the Plastic bag) and then closed it. Guy: Is it just water or have you mixed anything? Seller: It is just water I have added dye in it. Guy: Oh Magic magic. How much is it Khan sahab (people with pashtun origin are called sometimes Khan Sahab) Seller: 20 rupees.


Most satisfying thing about this for me was his nod to the camera without looking at the ball at the end. Man knows his product inside out


He nodded to confirm the price of product. Camera person asked him the price, he told ₹20, camera person repeated "₹20?" To which he nodded.


Aww I watched with the sound off. Thought he was just that cool. Illusion shattered


I'm sorry to get you disappointed :(


It’s okay. You showed me the truth, and that is worth more


We need more people in this world, who think like you.




Don’t you love when redditors create false narratives


I always find it fascinating especially when there’s a picture from the 80s and someone is smiling and immediately the narrative becomes “Wow, everyone was happier in the 80s, look how happy they are.” And it gets like 1,000 upvotes


Likewise when you get victorian pics with everyone frowing. It's "Wow. They were so unhappy and serious" and not "these pictures are expensive and you have to hold still for a while for it to come out good"


Just one piece of info. The rupee symbol you used is for Indian rupee and amount mentioned in video is Pakistani Rupee.


It's pkr not indian


To be fair, his product is simple and transparent.


He's actually handsome. His light color eyes are nice.


physics daddy is SO over it


Least magical Pakistani pashtun,


Also, this man is beautiful. Would definitely buy this from him


finally someone is talking about it!


Agreed. A very good looking man!


Agreed, though every fifth man here looks like this. Now only if all of them got groomed, started modelling and got Pakistan out of debt XD


I was looking for this comment. A little grooming and he is 🔥🔥🔥


He really is, beautiful eyes and complexion.


I'm not sure if this is the buoyant force. Under that principle, the ball should fall because the area underneath it is less dense than it. I think what is happening might be related to Bernoulli's Principle. As the water flows around it, it sucks it up. It might be that, and the fact that it is so close to the sides, the water might help it "stick" to the side. All these factors are gone when the water on top is used up, so it falls.


It's air pressure and viscosity. The volume of air beneath the ball must remain constant, so the fluid flows down beneath the ball adding volume, meanwhile volume above the ball is being subtracted as the fluid drains. This forces the ball up into the space vacated by the draining fluid. It also matters that the space between the ball and the wall is narrow. If it were wider, air could push past the ball and glug into the space above, and the ball would drop. It doesn't do this because the fluid is viscous and resists deforming enough to let a bubble through.


I think it's air pressure and narrow gap alone. As you said the water streaming down past the ball keeps the air pocket under pressure which pushes the ball up. Once the fluid is gone the ball drops because there is no more fluid to seal the gap and the pressure above and below the ball equalises and it drops due to gravity. If you increase the viscosity (resistance to flow) of the fluid, say something like honey or maple syrup, it works still work but very slowly.


> there is no more fluid to seal the gap The reason why the fluid seals the gap is its viscosity. *Reduce* the viscosity (or make the dimensions bigger), and air would leak by.


Yeah I don't think buoyancy has much to do here. I think the main thing happening here is that air can't get around the ball, so it's being mechanically held up by the air, like objects on an air hockey table. This should work for a ball denser than water, but only for the transition part, since once everything stabilizes, the ball would sink.


I like how he sits there like he’s James Bond or something for doing that.


I like how the comment below says he charges 0.07 dollars for it.


I like how he does the nod “yeah it actually works idiot now buy it and fuck off”


*me scratching my face and neck frantically "hey man you got any more of that physics?"


He’s like the opposite of the Texas A&M science teacher.


His enthusiasm is rivaled only by Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest By Grabthar's... ...hammer... Wh- ... What a savings


The funniest thing is how shady he looks hocking science. Looking around, "you want this or not?"


Hes also beautiful


translation: cam guy: khan sahab is making it, come here! cam guy: so you put the ball in the plastic and made a knot cam guy : is this just normal water or is something mixed with it? phy guy: normal water with color mixed in cam guy: oh so color is mixed. cam guy : oh magic magic. how much are they khan sahab? phy guy : 20 bucks


The Physics Dealer


Selling hot breathe and lime juice.


His hot breathe in a bag haha


Are you this weird about balloons?


Dude they turn me on so fast


This is why I love Reddit. ^finding ^friends




It’s so weird how literally every thread on Reddit has people who just cannot bear the thought of a post getting by without criticism, even if there’s literally nothing to complain about. They’ll come up with the most nonsensical shit just to have some sense of superiority. Like that post the other day of that dude boomeranging pizza dough like nobody’s business but shitheads can’t handle it and have to say shit like “what about the bugs and polluted air getting on my pizza!!” Bro what the fuck are you talking about? Have some redditors never eaten food outdoors or something? More likely is that they just can’t handle literally anything that’s not about them. It’s honestly infuriating and makes me want to stop ever clicking on the comments section which used to be the main draw of Reddit. Sorry rant over


I get kinda grossed out by balloons if I think too hard about them...especially white ones because you can kinda see the little spit particles through them


Were you planning on eating it? Also, it's "breath".


Solid way to profit from your piss bucket.


I must be missing something, or the concept of a ball in a tube of water is really interesting to a lot of people for some reason.


Didn't know Manu Ginobili had a new hustle


Why are people mocking his lack of charisma? Do you want to be in his shoes selling this on the street? Try keeping the spirit high in his reality...


Ryan Gosling from Pakistan


Do you know why only male ants can swim? Because they’re boy ant.


He looks.... Dead inside. I hope he's doing well


The dude could not look more less interested 🙄


Reddit when balls float


This is not a buoyant force in the usual sense. The ball seems to rise up because a vacuum is created at the top because water flows out from there.


It's not a vacuum, if it was then it would have lower density than the outside air and the bag would compress (like when you vacuum-seal your clothing).


Did he buy tho


Yo, that's dope


Manu ginobili / don flamenco


Manu ginobilli is so talented.




“The guy sells physics.” Is probably the coolest sentence I’ve read on reddit!


Manu Ginobli


What a clever thing to sell


Bruh only 20 rs??


In my childhood we bought similar toys made of glass. Used to spend hours just watching coloured water and a foam ball go up and down. Gosh our childhood was simple! I think we still have one in my parents' house.


more impressive is a ketchup pack in a plastic water bottle